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When the Wind Blows


Life's Like The Horizon - It Just Keeps On Going


"So you got that mailed off?"


"Great, so remember to update the main info boa—"

"Poot! I know! I got this!" I laughed as Poot frowned at me from his end of our Skype date. Behind him I could see out the open kitchen doors to where the palm trees were swaying in the breeze. For the briefest of seconds I had the smallest sense of homesickness until he snorted in disbelief, effectively jerking me back into business.

"Yeah, Cee, you really got this; did you just hear anything I said?"

"Nope," I smiled, just because I knew it'd get him, "not a word!" He sighed in exasperation and immediately set to work typing out something; I could his keys clacking annoyingly through the speakers. I didn't need to ask to know what he was doing; typing up a summary of everything we'd just discussed so as he could mail it to me when I frantically called him at 3 am wondering what the hell I was supposed to do in four hours.

God save the gays of the world.

I was about to make some witty retort only to have it die on my tongue as I heard the front door click open and closed. I smiled to myself and told Poot I'd be right back even though he wasn't even listening. I navigated through the connected living room and popped around the corner just as Seth was slipping off his shoes. I smiled as he pulled a beanie from his head and hung his coat on the wall, his backpack falling unceremoniously to the floor.

It was moments like these when I knew he wasn't watching that I loved the most; there was just something so personal about them. I think it was because of the fact that I could call them mine; no one else ever could or would get to experience life with Seth Clearwater like I have. Ever since that day on the beach a year ago when he had finally come clean about everything – and I do mean everything – life had never been so blissfully simple.

The days following had, of course, been slightly awkward and clumsy, but after some serious talking and working through of things, it was as though nothing had even happened. The Cullens and Quileutes seemed to be on better terms than they had in the past century and Poot and Kev got their honeymoon. I spent the rest of the summer hanging around the reservation with Seth and the others and found out (much to my surprise) that I had a musician on my hands.

That's right.

Seth could play the guitar.

And sing…not very good, but still.

It was pretty damn hot.

What was an even bigger surprise than this, however, was when I found the University of Washington letter in my mailbox, the opening lines simply reading 'Congratulations!'. Later I was told that I had screamed so loud that Carlisle could hear me up at the hospital, but I digress. From the mailbox I had sprinted straight through La Push to the Clearwater residence where an overly excited Seth practically threw me into the air; a UW letter fisted in his hand.

Yup: we were going to college together.

Seth had been granted a scholarship from the government for being a minority and my very own scholarship reeked of Poot's doing; actually the whole thing did.

I never even filled out an application.

We celebrated for a week straight before cracking down on business and getting our game plan. We had decided to house together in Seattle and to keep the car I had apparently adopted, leaving dad with some old piece of crap Billy had hooked him up. He wasn't too cut up about his loss; he actually seemed willing enough to do anything to get me out of the house.

Two weeks before classes started Seth and I made the move to the big city where we set up home in an apartment overlooking the bay. It was nice in one of those indie-hipster kind of ways (especially after you looked past all the rusted pipes and cracked tiles in the flooring) and we loved it to death.

Nothing had ever felt so right.

Classes soon started and we fell into the routine of balancing school and personal time, and then the inevitable working hours. Seth found an on-campus job helping out the history teachers during their office hours while I was recruited into the online world of P.K.C International as website manager and organizer (a fancy way of saying I answered people's questions and designed the site's graphics).

Yeah, you heard right: Poot's clothing now dresses the people of the world.

If that cat sweater he sent me was anything to go by then God help us all.

"Earth to space cadet." Seth smiled as he poked me square in the forehead, seemingly knowing I was completely lost in thought. I sent a mock glare at him smacked his hand away as he tried to land another jab to my face.

"I wasn't in space," I clarified haughtily, "I just in very far out left field." He laughed at this and took my hand to spin me around so as to squeeze me into a hug from the behind. His chin rested on my shoulder and I had to bite back a smile as his breath tickled at my cheek.

"Left field is still pretty far out for you, Cee." He reminded me cheekily as he gave me a light peck to the temple.

"You know you love it." I smirked, causing another puff of air to skitter across my skin.

"Don't I know it!" He laughed, the underlying message clear as he moved us forwards in an awkward waddle-shuffle towards the kitchen. I could hear Poot yelling from where he sat in pixilated glory on our dinky little kitchen table.

"Yes your majesty?" I asked as we eventually made it into view, our limbs still hopelessly tangled. Poot stopped mid-rant and just looked at us, a shit eating grin covering every inch of his face.

"You two are just too cute for words!" He gushed as Seth and I both laughed and swayed back and forth where we stood. "I mean how is it that we all haven't died from the amount of love radiating out of your little fantasy world?" We laughed even harder at this and I shook my head as Poot began to get flustered.

"One day you'll know everything, young grasshopper, so just get to your point already." I quirked an eyebrow as Poot flipped me the bird before proceeding to tell me that yes, he had sent me a summarized version of our two hour long conference and that yes, he loved the new layout of the site and that no, 'just Google it' was not an acceptable answer for the woman in Singapore inquiring about his sexuality.

"So does this mean we're done?"

"Yes, Caroline, this means we're done."

"Yes!" I cried triumphantly as I leaned from Seth's grasp to exit off Skype, Poot's knowing look piercing me through the screen.

"Today's Friday, isn't it?" He asked oh-so innocently with a smirk. I heard a cough from behind me and didn't have to look over my shoulder to know my boyfriend was blushing. I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at Poot.

"Toodles, bitch!"

"Hey, that's m—" Yeah, I knew it was his catchphrase, but did I really care? Nope, not really.

I had more important things to do.

Turning back to Seth I found him waiting expectantly with arms crossed, an irresistibly sexy smirk on his face.

"You're so going down." He stated with a faux glare.

"Pfft! As if!" I mocked as I brushed past him and into the sardine can we called a living room. He laughed as he followed behind and helped pull out the controllers as a steady rain pelted relaxingly at the windows.

Fridays were Grand Theft Auto nights.

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