Rin x Len song fic. Joker. Len is Joker, Rin is the person taken victum.


Let's start a new showtime

Rin was pulled into a dark area, a single spot light was placed on her.

Invite a woman in her prime

She stood there, alone, feeling a scared feeling. Suddenly a red velvet curtain appeared a young man in an outfit just like her's, but in a male version. He was wearing a mask as dark as night. He pulled out a deck of cards.

Why don't we play a card game?

Len walked over to a round table that was in the middle of the stage. He shuffled the cards and started to line them up by rows. He motioned Rin over and she looked at the cards.

No need to know the others' name

She opened her mouth but Len glared at her, causing her to close her mouth.

Do you understand the rules?

She nodded and picked a card. It was a joker, it was Len. She gasped and backed away.

True love is only for fools

He walked over to her and she gasped, he placed his hand on her shoulder and then kissed her cheek.

If you want a pretty favour

She blushed and then pushed Len off her. She started yelling and cursing him

Consequences cannot waver

He grew angry and then stuck his hand out and placed it just above her chest and ripped her spirit from her body. She yelled in pain

If you make a choice, you will not be able to take it back because...

He grabbed her hand and dragged her across the stage and lifted up the joker card. She didn't make a face, her expression was blank. Len smiled.

I have already put my card into play!

He placed the card in his sleeve and then picked Rin up and sat her on the table.

JOKER a boy on the verge of tears

He took out a knife and stabbed her in the leg.

JOKER a burl of created fears

He stabbed her again in her side

JOKER a second of great pleasure

He countinued stabbing her in her arm

JOKER a beckoned run away leisure

He accidentally stabbed himself in the leg.

This is a new world to you

He screamed out in pain

The forest melting into blue

He threw her spirit at her and she gasped when she returned to her body

My need's at a fever pitch

She screamed, blood streaming down her body and plummiting to the ground

I hope your isn't a kistch [I've no idea what that's meant to be..?]

She yelled at him and then saw his wounds. She started to feel faint.

If I make a choice, will not be able to take it back because...

She fell of the table and landed onto the ground

You have already put your card into play

He looked at her and smiled. His card was in play.


Her last words were

joker..JOKER your light dimming into a glow

Her skin went pale

JOKER your sight brimming with a mad flow

She closed her eyes and she lost the light blush that skimmed her cheeks

JOKER your body taught all the wrong things

He started feeling tears fill his eyes

YOUR shaddy thoughts on a strong string

He picked up the knife that was covered in blood. Her blood. He gulped.

JOKER a boy ont he verge of tears

He looked over to her body and felt tears fall down his face.

JOKER a dead star for what was year

He threw the knife into his heart.

JOKER a second year of pleasure

He opened his eyes and saw Rin next to him in his bed. He shook her awake and she gave him a look. He kissed her lips.

JOKER a beckoned run away leisure

She smiled and returned the kiss. It was all just a bad dream