Bela's Return.

A Dean/Bela Supernatural Story

This story is set somewhere after episode 8 of season four of Supernatural. There is no female love interest in angel form from episodes 9 and 10 although I did really like that story line! Kripke once said the chances of the character Bela returning from hell were nil and that he felt bad her character wasn't developed to its fullest. I guess this is my crack at it.

Disclaimer: This author is in no way associated with the writers and/or producers of the Supernatural show and all characters belong to the awesome Eric Kripke and his talented associates. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter One: Back From Hell

Dean slips the key into the worn lock of the old motel room door and enters the dark room quickly.

He is immediately alerted to another presence in the room. Before he can draw a weapon however, a shockingly familiar voice speaks.

"Hello Dean. Did you miss me?"

He pauses and grips tight the handle of the demon knife he's unsheathed. Unknowing the true state of the being who greets him, Dean prepares himself for any and everything.

There's an impatient sigh whilst awaiting his response followed by the comment, "I'm not a demon for god's sake...or a bloody ghost for that matter!"

Dean finally speaks but he can only get out one word. "Bela?"

"In the flesh and before you ask, I have no idea how I'm back. All I know is that a very serious and not at all chatty fellow greeted me at the foot of my grave and told me only that I was to find Dean Winchester. He said the reason I was pulled from hell is to help you. Kind of ironic huh," Bela laughs.

"I'm surprised you didn't run," Dean replies wary of her sudden return.

"Oh I ran alright. But the bloody bastard caught up with me right before boarding a very fancy private plane to Europe. He warned me that if I refused to do as he asked, I'd be sent right back to the pit. Now I know you're not the best of company, but you hardly compare to actual hell Dean. But then I gather you would know this wouldn't you?" Bela chides him.

"How the hell did you have the money to procure a private plane when you've been dead Bela?" Dean questions her in disbelief.

"You think I didn't have a contingency plan in place for after my demise. One must keep one's options open Dean," she informs him. "Even fresh out of hell I still have my connections."

Dean continues to stare at her awaiting the further details he expects her to share.

Bela sighs for a second time and resigns herself to telling him the truth...well most of it anyway.

"You Winchesters aren't the only ones with really good fake IDs. I had a few made before my...deadline. Some of my other identities...who are not dead by the way...have access to a variety of safety deposit boxes."

"Good. We could really use the extra cash around here," Dean informs her.

"If you think for one minute that I'm sharing any of my hard earned cash with you and your sad little puppy-eyed brother, you're crazier than I thought."

"The world is coming to an end Bela," Dean announces with a serious and sombre expression on his face.

"Isn't it always? One only has to turn on the news to know that! Not that I've watched any television lately. I'm not sure if you noticed but the reception downstairs was not all that good," she quips.

It's Dean's turn to sigh before he continues his questioning. "This "Chatty Cathy" who forced you to come here...he give you a name?"


At this, Dean approaches her carefully knowing that both of them are still extremely cautious of each other right now. Not that they haven't always been. He pushes Bela's coat gently from her shoulders and it falls to the floor. His finger tips lightly graze her left arm as he lifts up the sleeve of her delicate blouse. Damn! How did she manage to look so elegant and womanly so shortly after returning from the pit? Once her shoulder's exposed, Dean sees the hand print burned into her flawless skin, a perfect match to his own.

"How did you..." Bela starts but Dean interrupts her by reciprocating their show and tell moment. Bela says nothing. She stares at the scar on his shoulder, briefly touching the mark he has there. Her feelings of confusion and frustration are escalating even more.

"Let me guess..." Dean begins, "he told you his name was Castiel?"

Bela continues to stare blankly at Dean for a moment before nodding her confirmation. The silence between them is deafening. Finally, her already limited patience breaks as her rant begins.

"For heaven's sake Dean! Do you even know who this supposed Castiel is?" She's pacing the room back and forth, her composure all but broken.

"Funny you should use that expression," he quips in return laughing to himself.

"What's so damn funny?" She's hollering at him now, stopping in front of his body with a scowl firmly planted on her face.

"Bela, Castiel is an angel."

"An angel?! Like with wings and a bloody harp singing Coombiyah," she guffaws, a disbelieving look on her face.

"Not quite. More like an "I'll make your ears bleed, burn your eyes out and turn you to dust if you don't do God's will" kind of angel."

"Well that's just great isn't it? I don't know about you but I think I'd prefer it if we were dealing with a demon. At least they're somewhat predictable."

"Well you're in luck because we're dealing with one of those too," he continues.

"Lilith," Bela responds while feeling the breath suddenly expel from her body.

"She's been a busy little demon girl since we've been gone, trying to break all of these holy seals or whatever to open the gates of hell. It seems Lilith wants to break her mentor free from his prison so that he can walk the earth again."

"Do I want to know who Lilith's mentor is?" Bela asks him.

"Probably not."

"Well are you going to tell me anyway? Dean..."

"Lucifer," he announces.



"The bloody Devil!?"


"Are you yanking my chain Dean?" Bela asks him.

"Nope! But hey that sounds kinda kinky!" he says.

Bela is silent again, dumbfounded by the news she's just discovered. Finally, a single word escapes her mouth...


"Yeah...that about sums it up."

End Chapter One.

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