Bela's Return

Chapter Three: The Morning After.

A Dean/Bela Supernatural Story

This story is set somewhere after episode 8 of season four of Supernatural. There is no female love interest in angel form from episodes 9 and 10 although I did really like that story line! Kripke once said the chances of the character Bela returning from hell were nil and that he felt bad her character wasn't developed to its fullest. I guess this is my crack at it.

Disclaimer: This author is in no way associated with the writers and/or producers of the Supernatural show and all characters belong to the awesome Eric Kripke and his talented associates. No copyright infringement is intended.

When Bela awakes in the morning, she finds herself alone. Well I guess Dean managed to run away first before she had a chance too. She sighs recalling the events of last night. She feels...well satisfied doesn't really cover it. He woke her in the night to take her again this time from behind. Their second time was more sensual, a slow build to completion that returned them both to slumber as soon as it was over. It's ironic she thinks that they were both pulled from hell by an angel because sex with Dean Winchester is most definitely a heavenly experience. Her thoughts are interrupted by the sudden opening of the door.

"Hey! You're awake," Dean states.

"I am," she confirms.

"I brought coffee. Wasn't sure how you take yours so I got everything on the side."

"Just black," she tells him grabbing the closest shirt on the floor and putting it on. Dean is suddenly staring at her, an almost predatory look in his eyes as Bela realizes that it's his shirt she's wearing.

"Sorry," she says obviously not sorry at all. "Did you want this back?" Bela asks him with a coy smile.

"Nah..." he clears his throat. "It looks much better on you." He hands her the coffee and a brown paper bag containing a donut.


"Sam called. He and Ruby won't be back until tomorrow. I guess the job's taking longer than they expected," he frowns.

"Ok. So why aren't YOU with them?" Bela inquires.

"They didn't need me," he replies matter-a-factly.

"Ok. Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why didn't they need you?" Bela persists.

"Because I'm a whiney bitch I guess."

"Well that goes without saying but still..."

"Look Bela," Dean interrupts her. "Sam and I aren't on the best of terms right now. He spent a lot time with Ruby while I was...gone. She taught him how to use his psychic powers or what not to exorcise demons and let's just say I'm not really on board with that. Either is Castiel for that matter. So we've agreed to disagree...for now."

Bela is silent for a moment taking in this new information.

"Since when does Sam have psychic powers?" she asks.

"It's a long story," Dean states.

"It's seems we've got time," she reminds him. He's not sure why but he tells her everything that's happened since they last saw each other. Bela is patient as she listens. She doesn't interrupt with questions or comments, simply lets him finish the entire tale before responding.

"Well, you boys have certainly been busy. What do you say we go get some real breakfast Dean? I don't know about you but I'm not some dainty girl who can exist on a single donut and one cup of coffee."

"I think I may have finally met my match," Dean chuckles, moving towards her to sit on the bed. He takes the half empty coffee cup from her hand and smiles.

"Ah but you see my little snarky British belle, this little snack, is only meant to refuel you a little for our second, wait make that third round," Dean announces before moving to kiss her neck and then take her mouth in a long sensual kiss. He tastes like sugar and coffee.

"Bela," he says as he moves his hands up to cup her breasts over the fabric of his shirt.

"Hmm," she murmurs unable to keep her eyes from fluttering closed.

"You know I changed my mind."

Bela opens her eyes to look at him uncertain about what he means.

"I do want my shirt back. Take it off."

She smiles. "Say please."

He does, his voice a pleasant breathy whisper as he returns his lips to her neck. Bela can't think of one good reason not to comply so she does. They don't make it out of the motel room for a very long time.

End Chapter Three.

Sorry it's a rather short one this time. I didn't want to get into writing a bunch of dialogue about what happened last season. You've all seen the show and certainly don't need me to tell you what happened. Reviews as always are welcome.