Emmett's POV

"GO! GO! COME ON SHE'S PASSING YOU! PEDAL TO THE METAL MAN!" I screamed from the back seat of the Porsche. Alice had the brilliant idea to have a race to school. Jasper was driving the Porsche and Bella was driving the Volvo. I didn't why we agreed. We obviously knew she knew the outcome to the race, but I guess we will always try to surprise her. Now Bella was passing Jasper on the narrow curve. We could see all the girls laughing. Alice must have told them that they would win.

We raced as fast as we could, and like I'm sure Alice knew the girls won screeching into the parking lot making every human look up. We all got out ignoring into pairs and started walking towards the buildings. We walked only a few feet before Rose stopped dead in her tracks. I followed her line of sight and saw some car, I waved the others on knowing how long this could take. She pulled me towards it.

A young girl, about 16, climbed out of the car and started rifling around the trunk. She looked up as we came to a halt, and smiled kindly at us. "A beauty isn't she." She said looking towards Rose, "Shelby Gt 500." Rose nodded wordlessly and I looked at the car paying attention to it for the first time. It was a bright red wit the usual white stripes. A nice car all the way. "Want to look under the hood?" Rose looked up surprised then found her voice.

"Of course!" She popped the hood up and for a few minutes the two girls talked and I just sat there listening to their jabber. I studied the girl. There was something about her. Something in her eyes that made me just think, 'I know her.' She had raven hair with red highlight, and blue tips, and hazel eyes. Her face wasn't very familiar but her eyes just screamed out to me that somewhere at some point I knew her. I scanned through my memory quickly and tried to find someone that remotely looked like her, but there was nothing.

The two girls straightened up and smiled at each other, "I'm Jenny." The girl stuck out her hand, and with out hesitation Rose took it and smiled.

"I'm Rosalie, but call me Rose, and this is my boyfriend Emmett." I waved and she gave me a short hi.

"Would you guys like some help. I know how it is to be the new kid in a small town." She smiled at both of us. Rose agreed and we started walking to what I was sure was the front office. Getting curious I asked her,

"How so?" She looked up at me and sighed.

"I'm an emancipation minor, you know the minors who legally are aloud to live on their own, I moved here in 7th. By then everyone knew everyone, and there were those tight circles that let no one in." She paused, "But don't get me wrong I get along with most people here, I just never got as close to anyone as they are to each other." We walked in silence the rest of the way, "Well this is the front office. I have to leave now because if I'm late again I'll get a detention. I'll see you guys later." She started to walked off.

"Wait," Rose stopped her, "Could we eat lunch with you." She smiled.

"Sure, I'll meet you guys there." She walked off humming a familiar tune. I looked at Rose confused. Why was she being nice to a human?

With some smiling and smooth talking I convinced the secretary to make all of Rose's and my classes together, so the first three periods weren't so bad. We were on our way to lunch like everyone else. With such a small school they only had one lunch period and it was a full hour. We walked into the cafeteria and looked around. In the corner were Edward, Bella, and Jenny laughing at something Jenny had said had said.

We got our food and walked over to the table. Sitting down Rose said, "I see you have met Jenny."

"She is in my math." Bella said and we launched into a conversation about random things. Not long after that Alice and Jasper joined at the table.

"Hey!" Alice said beaming at Jenny, "I'm Alice. What's your name?" She was her normal hyper self but Jenny didn't seem to mind all she did was take her hand and answered the question. Alice got a confused look on her face when she heard her name, "Jenny?" The girl nodded giving Alice a weird, your from mars look. "What's your last name?"

"Taylor," she answered slowly unsure. Alice remained quiet and confused. No one spoke for a second and it was very awkward. Then Rose broke it by starting a conversation about cars with Jenny. Soon everyone else had either joined in or started their own conversation. Except for the most talkative person in the group. Alice had stayed quiet for the rest of lunch.

When we walked to our cars everyone else was gone. Walking toward them everyone looked at Alice for an explanation. She didn't give one. She walked at the same pace as everyone but she looked at the ground and seemed to be in a totally different place. No one talked, no one tried to get her to talk, we just simply realized that she was not ready to talk and we respected that. I wonder why she acted so weird when she met Jenny. I wonder what was so important about her name that made Alice, so un-Alice.

PLEASE READ THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! OK, so if you didn't notice I am rewriting this story. I have taken a break from it and when I came back I realised this wasn't the best it could be. So it is the same idea. The events will happen in different order, some events won't happen at all, and some events in this one wasn't in the old one. I hope you like this one, and if you don't well to bad all my notes on the old one is gone. The only thing left is what's in my head. So tell me how much you like it. I hope to have longer chapters, but with marching band and everything I may not be able to update often.