She sat there frozen. Her mind was in another place. We all sat there worried. This was the longest she had been under since- well I'm not sure how long. It has been half an hour. Jasper wouldn't leave her side and all of us worried. I couldn't stand the feelings Jasper was giving off. So I got up and left. Emmett was close behind. We walked in silence to the creek in the back yard. We sat there depressed by Jasper.

"You said the guy you feel for right?" I sighed. I had hoped they didn't catch that.

"Yes. I feel in love twice. Once as a human. He I don't remember much. Once as a Vampire. He I do. He was the one who took me to them in the first place. His name is Peter. He was the first of them that excepted me. He was born in Italy and never left it. He is also the one who usually comes after me. Always claiming me it's because he loves me." Emmett looked deep into my eyes. I did the same to him. Those eyes, his hair, his face they looked so familiar.

Softly under his breathe he asked, "How do I know you?" I gave him a questioning look. "Shit. I said that aloud didn't I?" I nodded and he sighed. "Well I guess I should explain. Ever since I saw you there was something in your eyes. When I saw you in your vampire form I just knew there was some thing there. That I knew you at some point in life. Now you say you had six brothers and sisters, as did I. I also had a sister as the youngest." We stared at each other understanding what he was trying to get to. "That day we first met. When you left Rose and I at the office you were humming. What song was that?"

"A lullaby my mother sung to us kids. One her mother sang to her and so on. Her great something Grandma made it up. For a while after I changed it was the only thing that gave me any comfort." I started humming the oh so familiar tune that put me to sleep some many nights of my human life. After a couple of seconds he joined with me. We started singing. His deep voice intertwining with my soprano one perfectly.

Sleep my little ones
Close those tired eyes
The sun is setting
The stars are shining
Sleep my little ones

Sleep my smiling children
Tomorrow is a new day
The sun will rise
The roster will crow
Sleep my smiling children

Everyone stood at the house listening to the song as we sang it. Our eyes never left each others. I stopped singing as I was enveloped into a memory. I could hear Emmett singing. Mothers voice joining his.

I was a small five year old girl. Running after my big brother as he walked up the dirt road. "Em! Em!" I yelled he turned around, set the rifle down, and swooped me up. Giving him a pitiful look, "Em don't leave me." I was on the verge of tears. He hugged me tight.

"Jenny I gotta. Momma needs me to go hunt." He set me down and got down to my eye level. "Now you be a good girl and go back on home. I'll see you when I get back with a nice big buck." I nodded gave him another hug and watched him walk away. I went home once he was out of sight. He never walked on that road again. Never came back home.

He stopped singing and we stared at each other. Softly he wishpered, "Genevieve could that really be you?" I squealed and tackled him in a hug.

"Emmett frikin' McCarty!" We laughed and stood back up tears in both our eyes. I the punched him in the chest he doubled over with an umpft. "What the hell Em! You just left us! How could you leave us like that? Momma and us all alone! The oldest boy was Teddy and he was only ten! Do you know what you put Momma through? What you put every one of us through! You were my big brother and you abandoned us!" I was screaming angry as hell. The family was gathered around us confused. Alice, whom had awaken only moments before, was smiling ear to ear. Emmett looked angry too.

"How could you think that? I didn't mean to! I was attacked by a bear on my hunt and then they changed me! I couldn't go back! I was a newborn I would have killed you all!" I then turned into that lost little five year old who had just learned her big brother was gone. My face fell from the pissed look to the lost sad dog look.

"You promised you would come back. You promised me." He gathered me in the hug.

"I know Jenny, I know." We stood there like that for a while. I cried. For all the grief I felt for losing him for my family. I soon felt more bodies in our hug. After a while my sobs went quite and we all let go.

"So your my sister-in-law?" Rose asked a smile on her face.

"I guess so!" She squealed in hugged me. I started laughing. Once we broke away Alice cleared her throat.

"Well this is wonderful and all, but we may have a slight problem. My vision showed the Vulturi coming. They don't look happy." We all became stressed. So now I found my brother. I found these wonderful people. I found a family. Now they were coming. Now they were coming to ruin it all. So much for being happy.