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Summary: Ichigo, a cop, fed up with his clean cut, semi-perfect life decides to stir things up a bit. Maybe getting involved with an ex-con or doing business with one of the biggest crime lords in the world should wake him up? Will this satisfy Ichigo or will it be the wake-up call Ichigo just needs?

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A Cure for The Itch

One – Grimmjow

"I think you should go now" Grimmjow flattened his lips and his eyes at the young police officer sitting on the other side of the bar.

"Oh come on" Ichigo slurred "just one, little fuckin' kiss!"

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques was used to all sorts hitting on him, men or women, it didn't faze him. But what fazed STUNNED him was tall, built, young police officers who were far too drunk for their own liking.

He didn't know much about Ichigo Kurosaki, just that the guy was around his age. A successful, brilliant young cop who seemed to have everything going for him in his life...and hated it. It probably explained why he was here three nights a week hammering his liver and brain with litre upon litre of alcohol.

It wasn't that Grimmjow didn't find him unattractive, he found him very attractive. He just hated the whiney personality and the fact he was a cop. What pissed him off was Ichigo only started taking notice of him when Starrk, the bar owner and manager, announced jovially Grimmjow was an ex-convict.

Yeah, he had done unsavoury things in the past...he had done time and now was looking forward to getting to what life he could salvage.

"Fine, but I will see you soon" Ichigo pointed cockily and swayed on the spot.

"Oh, I don't doubt that" Grimmjow rolled his eyes and made sure the guy got out without a fuss.

Ichigo Kurosaki hit the cold air as he walked outside; he took out a cigarette and lit it. Maybe he smoked because of the several health warnings, or he genuinely need constant calming down but either way he was hooked.

He flagged a taxi and clambered in shutting his soft brown eyes.

Ichigo Kurosaki WAS attractive, a strong jaw and lovely eyes, and soft orange hair which drew even more attention to him. He was tall, blessed with long, muscled limbs and broad shoulders.

He was pretty popular with the ladies and some guys...mostly ladies because guys don't go around admitting they were gay and they worked in the police force.

The taxi dropped him off in front of the fairly upscale building and zoomed off. He stumbled into the building, fumbling with the keypad. After many failed attempts, he was let in and he slid down to the floor of the elevator as it took him to the floor where his flat was. The walls began to shift and spin and his stomach began to twist and turn violently.

He ended up crawling out of the elevator on all fours all the way to the end of the hallway; he stood up and tripped over his feet and into his door. The pain didn't register now but it would tomorrow.

He fumbled with the keys and finally go into his flat and slammed the door. He simply kicked off his shoes and fell into the sofa.


Ichigo Kurosaki was bored. Truly bored.

He got up from his desk, his gun in his holster hitting his side gently as he walked along. Despite sporting a raw stomach and a banging head, he looked ready. The usual determination on his face, present and accounted for. His walk as usual was proud, with his strides wide.

He was admired in the headquarters. Normally someone as young as him who had already risen to the position of Lieutenant would have been looked down on but not him. He knew how to move people, to get them on his side.

Which drove him mad.

No-one opposed him or fought with him, no-one tried to piss him off...everyone tried to get along with him.

He didn't like the way his life was so seemed too perfect. It made him...edgy.

Maybe that's why he was after Grimmjow.

Yeah, it was a completely shallow reason; so he could boast the chance he was dating an ex-con but also there was something about him which just made Ichigo intrigued. Maybe it was the natural teal hair or the blunt attitude but Ichigo had been noticing him...a lot.

He knocked on the door in front of him.

"Chief Ukitake" he said as he walked in.

The chief of this division was the white-haired, good natured Jushiro Ukitake. He always had a smile on his face (unless there was a time to be serious) and dealt with everyone, fairly and respectfully. The guy underneath it all was a hard ass, so his kindness for wasn't taken for granted. This guy had experience that even the most keen of cops couldn't think of.

"Lieutenant" the man leaned back.

"Your report on the Lee case" Ichigo held it up before setting it down in front of him and stood back.

"Great, on time as usual" Ukitake looked up and smiled "anything else?"

"Sir, the Aizen case" Ichigo said firmly. If there was one thing Ichigo wanted right now it was the Aizen case.

Sousuke Aizen had first risen to the scene as a cop, in fact. Rumours were he and the chief were colleagues but no-one dared ask the chief to confirm this. He infiltrated the underworld in the best way: through the security service...he could wheedle, threaten, punish...with the protection of the law. Finally one day, he left, leaving the division he was in, in utter chaos and now was one of the biggest criminal minds in the world.

Ichigo wanted this case bad, it felt like this would be the only challenge he could have...infiltrating Aizen's organisation...getting in with him, making something for himself...then pulling the bastard down.

Ukitake sighed "Sorry Ichigo..."

Ichigo could feel his face twitch.

"I gave it to Fon and Omaeda"

"Permission to ask a question, Sir"

"Granted, go on"

"Why sir? Why?" Ichigo argued "I can crack this case sir, I know I can. My credentials show I'm good with infiltration and deciphering-"

"That's all very well Ichigo, but I put Captain Fon on this because she has some history with the major suspect. Although Lieutenant, if you go and ask them...I'm sure they could use you on the team...I gave complete rein to the Captain" he said before Ichigo could argue more "Captain Fon has experience...a lot more than you, again, especially with it comes to Sousuke Aizen"

"Okay, thank you sir" Ichigo kept cool and shut the door calmly behind him.

He marched along...Fon...yeah, she was a good cop...slightly brittle and stand-offish but she did what needed to be done. Omaeda...the guy was kind of an idiot, but there were we go.

Ichigo marched through the department and knocked on the door of one of the small offices along the wall.

"Come in"

Shaolin 'Soi Fon' Fon was a small, almost petite woman. She had black cropped hair with serious eyes. Everything about her was serious, her stance, her attire and her look right now.

"Lieutenant Kurosaki, can I help you?"

"Captain Fon" Ichigo cleared his throat "I was told you were working on the Aizen case"

She waited "That's right" and went back to writing a report.

"I was wondering if you had chosen a team"

"I have chosen a team Kurosaki...why are you here?" she asked straight out.

"I was wondering if I can get on the team Captain, I can-"

"I said, I've chosen my team Kurosaki...if I need you, I will come to you. Is that all?"

"Yeah...yes" he nodded, no point to arguing with her.

"Well then" she went back to her work, ignoring him completely this time.

Ichigo simply walked out and sighed.

"Hey Lieutenant Ichigo" Hanataro, an officer still in uniform came up to him, carrying a stack of papers.

"Hey..." he eyed the man "what's that?"

"Just stuff for the Aizen case" Hanataro shifted so the papers wouldn't fall.

"You're on the case?" Ichigo, tried to hide the surprise in his tone.

"Nope, I wish, apparently no-one less than a Lieutenant is one the case and from what I hear, there are very few lieutenants"

"So they are all Captains?"

Hanataro nodded "It seems so, it seems Captain Fon really wants to bring Aizen down"

"It seems so" Ichigo muttered "...hey you need help?" he eyed Hanataro who was wavering dangerously.

"Oh no, thanks Lieutenant, I'll see you round"

"See you" Ichigo walked back to his small office and sat down.

He linked his fingers and sighed, he glanced at the reports that had been stacked on his desk. He needed a big case, if he had to write MORE reports he might end up chopping off his fingers, just to get out of writing them.

He stared at them and scowled, before pulling them over and beginning to write.

He worked at them solid, even going through his lunch hour, luckily it was four PM and that meant he could clock off early.

He knew where he wanted to go.

He dropped off the reports, smiling, saying good bye. He got into his car this time.

He was going to stay sober this time and do it right.

He drove through the city, the traffic still pretty light. It was a warm day and the sun still in the sky put Ichigo in a relatively better frame of mind.

He pulled up to the bar and shut the door after he climbed out. He knew right now it wouldn't be full at all, it would be fairly empty. He stepped down and into the bar.

True enough, only two people sat at a booth and they seemed more concerned with each other's faces than their drinks or anyone or anything else inside.

"Hey Lily" he said hello to Stark's younger sister.

"Hey" she grinned mischievously, her blonde hair swinging as she turned "How are you Lieutenant Kurosaki?"

"Ha-ha" he looked up and down the bar before turning to her "how's your brother? And yourself?"

"Oh, he's fine...he's meant to be doing the accounts. Twenty bucks says he's sleeping" she smiled flirtatiously "I'm okay, thank you for asking"

"Is...uh, Grimmjow here...yet?" he asked coolly.

"Oh yeah, he's out the back probably smoking his usual obligatory 'before work' packs of better hurry..." she winked "...he'd have gotten to his second pack by now"

Ichigo grinned back at her "Thanks" he got down and walked towards the toilets but pushed open the exit door.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques was a little taller than him. His blue eyes were constantly narrowed and conveyed severe 'pissed-off-ness'. He was built, with a rangy predatory look to him. His hair was a gorgeous light blue and his face was more gorgeous.

He looked more annoyed as he heard the door shut and then blinked in surprise at Ichigo Kurosaki standing a few feet away from him.

Grimmjow looked away "What do you want?"

"Hello to you too, Grimmjow" Ichigo stepped down and walked towards him. He dug his pockets into his shorter-length trench coat, the alley was much cooler than it had been at the front "how are you?"

"Fine" Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at him and looked away.

They both said nothing.

"...Seriously" Grimmjow chose to break the silence "...what do you want?"

"I think you know" Ichigo was getting a kick at how uncomfortable Grimmjow was, and how he battled to hide it.

"I'm flattered but, you know, I don't do cop"

"Shame" Ichigo advanced "I don't think being an ex-con would stop me fr-"

"You know what, in your case...I don't care if you're a are like bait" Grimmjow interjected.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo frowned.

Grimmjow pinched the bridge of his nose and stubbed out the cigarette under his scuffed Converses "You are simply a bored little boy, who wants some adventure in his life"

"That's not true" Ichigo blinked "I-"

"Come on you were only interested in me when you discovered I was an ex-con, you just want danger in your life"

"You don't know anything-"

"Oh I do" he lit another one "you come in here at least three times a week, get pissed off your face and complain about how your fuckin' perfect life, isn't fuckin' working out for you" Grimmjow snarled "excuse when I say I don't feel your pain"

"Of course you wouldn't" Ichigo was angry "Nothing happens in my life! Nothing, it goes smoothly, swiftly-"

"And that's a bad thing?" Grimmjow let out a roaring laugh "shit man, don't complain...from what I hear you're on your way up to the top of the police force! Look how young you've got everything going for you...I heard you were dating the Tatsuki Arisawa chick...isn't her dad like a boxing legend? What the fuck is the matter with you?"

"You don't know shit about me!" Ichigo held up a finger "I live my life and you live yours"

"That's all I want to do lieutenant, live my life! I can't do that when I have you constantly crawling all over me can I?"

"What, so you want me to leave you alone?"

"Bingo, give the guy a prize!" Grimmjow snapped and turned.

"Hey Grimmjow" Ichigo barked "wait, what did you get done for?"

"That's really none of your business...besides, can't you just type it into your computer at your office?"

"I wanted to give you privacy and hoped you'd tell me...I was hoping you'd have opened up to me by now"

"No luck Lieutenant" Grimmjow smirked "see you around, try not to get too drunk...actually do, you give me good tips"

Ichigo's face burned...he growled and walked through the alleyway and onto the road next to the bar. He had been told an ex-con too.

Was he being ridiculous? A small part of him said was all...too boring! He just wanted something that made his life actually worth living for. His dad was still back at home, his sisters had gone to colleges in different countries...he spoke to them a few times a month at the most.

Tatsuki was great, she really was but something fizzled out there...

He shrugged, he didn't have any regrets when he broke up with her and he didn't have any now.

He opened the car door, removed his jacket and got in and took a deep breath before pulling out.

Traffic had began to build up now, so Ichigo had to wait to perform a U-turn.

He saw a chance and did so and...WHAM! A gasp only escaped his mouth as something hit the passenger side of the car, the car skidded along before hitting something and it flipped.

Ichigo closed his eyes and let out a large grunt as the car made impact with what he assumed was the ground. His ear were ringing and blood rushed to his head as he was pinned to the seat by the seatbelt but he was upside was his car. He used one hand to support himself and the other to unclip the belt. He could hear the cries of people and car alarms as he pressed himself to the floor covered in glass.

Only when he started to crawl out of his car, did he hear the gunshots ring loud and clear.

He crawled out and stayed low. Blood was now dripping down his ear. He simply removed his gun from the holster and cocked it.

Sirens rang in his ear, his division naturally, he smiled crooked...their response time was brilliant.

He craned his neck to see where the gun shots were coming from.

He frowned as he viewed what seemed like two groups behind two cars shooting each other.

He looked around, no civilians seemed to be in the line of fire. He couldn't go charging in, they could turn all their energies on him, taking him out and shooting exposed gas tanks on upturned cars.

He could hear the sirens they were so close...he waited until the screeching of patrol cars filled the air.

Doors slammed.

"Guys, I'm Lieu-"


"What?" Ichigo groaned, Newbies "Do you know who I am? DO YOU?" It was probably the hair, it's bright orange colour didn't scream police officer, it screamed 'no-good punk'.


"Wait!" Ichigo searched his pockets.


Shit his jacket was in the car, his ID was too.


"LOOK!" he tapped to his chest.

Ichigo simply gritted his teeth as the bullet hit this right shoulder. He couldn't describe the pain. But it was enough to blur his vision and cause his knees to buckle. He fell to the ground and everything went black

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