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Twenty one – run rabbit, run

Ichigo inhaled slowly, he knew what he had to do and he knew he had little time to do what he needed to do. Night had come over the compound quickly and set the area in near perfect darkness. He sat up in his bed, breathing slowly...way too composed for the task, or rather tasks ahead of him. He breathed in again slowly and steady before swinging his legs over the side and pushing himself off the bed.

He opened the door and slipped past, following the path he knew so well. It was about two AM in the Las Noches headquarters and everyone who wasn't on patrol or out was fast asleep in their beds, recouping for another day of 'work'.

He stopped at a door and twiddled the doorknob and knocked on it gently. He waited, nearing sounds from the other side telling him the occupant was aware he was there before it creaked open. A blue eye stared at him lazily before the door opened further revealing a tall, toned body, dishevelled hair and sleepy eyes.

"Hey" Grimmjow said gruffly too sleepy and too hung up on the orange –haired cop to scowl him away.

"Hey" Ichigo stepped forward as Grimmjow stepped aside to let him in.

The blue-haired man closed the door and watched softly as Ichigo went to the bed and sat down. Ichigo pulled his legs up and crossed them meditation style and looked at Grimmjow and smiled crookedly.

"Y'know...I really do love you"

Grimmjow sighed and ran a hand through his already messy hair and walked towards the bed and sat down in front of Ichigo and simply stared at him through blue eyes.

"I know" he answered.

Ichigo looked at him and smiled but his eyes were slightly sad, longing and seeking...they were definitely asking 'do you love me as much as I love you?'

Grimmjow nodded and gave a slow smile. Ichigo blinked in confusion before it hit him and a smile spread across his face as he leaned forward to claim Grimmjow's lips.

He pushed his hands into the thick blue hair, massaging, rubbing at the scalp as he devoured the lips. Ichigo pushed his tongue into Grimmjow's moist cavern, probing, rubbing and flicking everything in its path. He pushed back on Grimmjow until he was lying on top of him, his mouth his dominating the blue haired man. Grimmjow's hands were travelling up and down Ichigo's back, up and down the taut, toned flesh occasionally nails digging in as Ichigo sucked on his bottom lips.

Grimmjow didn't feel the slight intensity, desperation at which Ichigo was clawing at him and just took it that the orange haired man was as horny as he was.

Ichigo pulled away from sore lips, trailing kisses all over his jaw, his teeth regularly nipping at smooth skin. Ichigo moved to Grimmjow's Adam's apple leeching onto it and causing a groan to escape from Grimmjow's mouth. Ichigo continued the soft attack on Grimmjow's skin moving to his collar bones, alternating between biting and using his tongue to soothe the area which he had assaulted.

Grimmjow stared into the ceiling as Ichigo worked his way down his broad chest, moans and grunts escaping his mouth as Ichigo's own chest rubbed against his erect dick. Finally Ichigo came to the band of his bottoms which were sitting low allowing Ichigo to nip at hip bones. He pulled the bottoms down slowly until little tufts of blue hair began to spring up, finally Grimmjow's manhood sprang before him and in no time Ichigo had taken it into his mouth.

"Fuck...Ichigo" Grimmjow panted as Ichigo deep throated him.

The only sounds that soon filled the room was Grimmjow's little moans of pleasure and the sound of Ichigo's little pants as he continued to suck Grimmjow off. He reached up and cupped the balls this time eliciting a proper gasp from Grimmjow. He sucked a little harder, and ran his teeth along the shaft slowly.

"Ichigo...Ichigo..." Grimmjow warned.

Ichigo braced himself and squeezed on the sacs causing Grimmjow to erupt in his mouth. Grimmjow's grip on his hair tightened only serving to excite Ichigo more, not hurt him. He swallowed it all without fail before pulling himself back up along Grimmjow and staring at him.

"Just...make love to me" he whispered "just do it"

"What?" Grimmjow propped himself up the orgasm messing up his thoughts.

"Just do it please" Ichigo breathed softly, chocolate eyes pleading to blue ones.

Grimmjow slowly pumped himself, while looking at Ichigo. He just wanted him to fuck him? To push into him with nothing before hand.

"Do you want this?" Grimmjow frowned lightly as Ichigo began to straddle him, the sight before him only serving to bring his manhood back into action. The sight of Ichigo above him, the thin layer of sweat providing a glorious sheen to him over the lean, firm muscles and making the orange hair stick to his head in a totally sexy way.

"Yes" Ichigo reached back and felt for Grimmjow's dick and quickly impaled himself on it.

Both let out cries, Grimmjow felt a rush of pleasure seize through him and Ichigo felt pain as he was invaded, totally unprepared.

"Ichigo, just let me-"

Ichigo started moving up and down, he would lift himself so Grimmjow dick was almost fully out of him before bringing himself back down on it hard. He bit his lip to stop the spasms of pain from taking over his face. Grimmjow sat up, pulling Ichigo closer to him.

"Ichigo, relax" he commanded softly.

Ichigo slowed and rested his chin on Grimmjow's head, breathing heavily.

Grimmjow took a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the hard nub. He was fighting hard to keep it under control as Ichigo's tight ass was still clamped around his dick. He switched to the other nipple, this time biting it slightly and causing Ichigo to moan and wrap his arms around Grimmjow even more tightly.

Ichigo began to move again, this time slower, as he moved down, Grimmjow moved up, matching him with rhythm a horrible mix of part blood and pre-cum serving as a lubricant. Ichigo didn't care as Grimmjow seemed to hit his prostate every time, it wasn't a constant in and out thing where Grimmjow would move away only to hit gold on his way out it seemed he was constantly against it just rubbing it and holding Ichigo closely.

"Grimmjow" Ichigo said into his hair holding him, his breathing becoming more ragged.

Grimmjow pulled his face to his and kissed him hard, he knew something was bothering him and he hoped some of his kisses could at least dull the pain Ichigo was going through. He wished he could work harder, faster to relieve him from the pain but there were so many things working against him...stopping him from doing so.

Ichigo came first, biting hard into Grimmjow's lip as he did so. A few minutes later Grimmjow followed breathing hard into Ichigo's chest.

They held each other tightly for a few minutes, just resting against each other, feeling each other's heartbeat, their chests as they raised and fell.

"Kurosaki, what have you done to me?" Grimmjow whispered breaking the silence.

"I've done nothing" Ichigo croaked.

"You've done nothing and everything at the same time" Grimmjow whispered and pulled Ichigo down for a soul-healing kiss.


Ichigo holstered several guns and sheathed a knife. He took one last look at himself in the bathroom mirror. He looked grim, puffy eyes, a slightly gaunt face and his trademark scowl even more deep-set on his face. He nodded and turned off the light setting the room and its en-suite it darkness.

He closed the door, checking he had his keys in his pocket and set across the hallways of the main house. He came to a door he had rarely visited in a while and gave one single knock.

The door opened instantly and Starrk opened it, his face void of emotion and it's usual laid back smile. The older man simply nodded and closed the door and set off next to Ichigo. They stepped through the house quieter and smoothly, down the side steps and out the side door before going round the back of the house. The move around the house seemed to never end to Ichigo's opinion. Only when they saw the shack a few metres from the main building did Ichigo's panic begin to subside a little.

Starrk was first to raise a gun, he lifted up a gun with a silencer barrel and aimed, a perfect shot in the dark the sentry, falling quite gracefully to his death to the floor.

Ichigo sprinted across while Starrk provided near invisible cover. Ichigo opened the door and dragged the body in. He frowned, it was a pathetic little thing...nothing seemed to be inside but gardening tools, the fact it was next to the main house was an insult to the main house.

When Starrk appeared, he pointed down revealing a slightly propped up trapdoor.

"When you get down, don't do anything till I'm next to you" Starrk warned.

Ichigo nodded and opened the door, a measly light creating shadows on his face. He walked down, the shoddily made stairs and looked around while Starrk descended behind him. It was a simple, empty room. It couldn't have been more than seven by seven metres and it seemed extremely cramped with two guards...and Yammy.

Ichigo swallowed his hand automatically went for his holster but he waited till Starrk stepped down beside him.

Yammy grunted as the two numbers poked him.

"What? This better be good bastards, I was napping I don't why Ulquiorra sent me-" he froze and looked like the gormless idiot he was at Ichigo and Starrk.

Starrk took the first action two 'phuts' sounding as he took down the two guards.

"Shoot him Ichigo" Starrk said smoothly as he shot Yammy but the giant of a man let out a roar, as bullets drove into his chest and shoulders "SHOOT him!"

Ichigo whipped his gun out and fired off more bullets after what seemed like an eternity of showering bullets into Yammy and cries, the giant man finally fell to the floor with a large thud.

Ichigo stared as the blood of the three men pooled and them slowly seemed to creep to his feet. He swallowed and stepped back slowly.

"Lily, Lily it's me" Starrk knelt down, pulling off the blindfold off the shaking young woman.

Ichigo wasn't even sure it was Lily, her face had lost its usual cheerfulness. Ugly bruises settled across her cheeks and foreheads and she seemed to have a forming black eye. She stared at Starrk dazed before blinking.



Her face crumpled even more as tears flowed down her face, quickly and silently, she shook but no sounds came from her.

"It's okay, Ichigo and I are doing to get you out? Okay?" he pulled at her bindings and picked her up bridal style and held her close "Thank goodness" he breathed.

Ichigo watched as Starrk simply held her and Lily feebly wrapped her skinny arms around him and sobbed silently into his shirt. He felt a small pang of joy that they were reunited. He jerked out of his small moment of glee as a groan escaped from one of the three dead men.


Yammy's fingers were jerking slightly

"It takes a fuckin' nuclear weapon to bring that guy down" Starrk spat, disgusted "let's go, no doubt they heard his screams" Starrk waited for Ichigo to go first and turned back to Yammy before lifting up a foot and slamming it into Yammy's face with a resounding crunch.

"I parked the car there" Ichigo gestured as he shut the trapdoor gently ad creaked the door open. He peered out "I hear movement"

"We need to move fast" Starrk hissed.

He really was number one, the way he moved, the way he thought and acted was that of a highly trained killer...in fact it was one of a person that seemed to be born to do this kind of thing.

He and Ichigo ran across, down the side of the house.

"Hide!" Starrk rushed forward behind the car and waited as two sentries wandered past.

"You hear something?"

"I thought so...could be my mind making shit up, I'm so fuckin' bored" one commented in a drawling tone.

"Yeah, you're fuckin' right"

Ichigo and Starrk waited in excruciating silence as the sentries walked away.

"Sorry Lil" Starrk brushed a piece of matted hair out of her eyes before opening the door and putting her in gently.

He and Ichigo got in.

Ichigo pulled out slowly and drove to the gates in a casual matter.

"Open the damn gates" Starrk leaned out.

The guard didn't hesitate, it wasn't his job to question why two top ten, especially the first, where leaving the compound at this night in the morning. Ichigo pulled out and went down the lane slowly, waiting before he pulled onto the expressway to finally put his foot on the gas.

"Where do we go?" Ichigo asked, in slightly disbelief that that had gone relatively smoothly.

"I have a safe house somewhere, just keep driving" Starrk commanded.

Ichigo turned and was glad even though his face was calm, his body entirely too relaxed that Starrk's hands were shaking.


"Where is he?" Ulquiorra not one for mood swings blew into the room like a wicked whirlwind.

Grimmjow bolted upright and scrambled for his gun only to find about five trained on him. He slowly uncurled his fingers letting the heavy instrument drop to the bed beside him. He snarled and glared at Ulquiorra "What the fuck are you on about Ulquiorra?"

"Kurosaki, where is he?" Ulquiorra pulled out his own gun.

"Because shooting me will get an answer" Grimmjow sneered "I don't know...I'm not his mother" and he really didn't know...in fact he was surprised that Ichigo wasn't beside him.

"I know but you knew him in other ways..."

"So he's gone, big fuckin' whoop" Grimmjow stared down the barrel of the gun with amazing defiance "he could he out doing fuck all"

Ulquiorra snarled and...BANG!

"!" Grimmjow clutched his left hand, blood spurting out profusely, he clutched the hand to his chest, sending blood over his naked body (not that that was on the top of his priorities). He grimaced and lay back, not caring that he seemed more vulnerable...fuck, he had forgotten what it was like to be shot...fuck.

"Next time I'll go for a major artery or your fuckin' head...now WHERE IS HE?"

"I DON'T FUCKIN' KNOW!" Grimmjow screamed "why do you fuckin' care?"

"Well...the place we were holding the Starrk girl now holds three dead guards, one dead top ten and no Lily Starrk...now" Ulquiorra cocked the gun again "where is he?"

"What's going on?" Aaron appeared and frowned at the scene and Grimmjow clutching a bleeding hand "Ulquiorra calm d-"

"I don't know where he is Ulquiorra...I can fuckin' guarantee you that" Grimmjow forced through gritted teeth.

"Grimmjow? GRIMMJOW!" Nel screamed and lunged for him, only to be tackled down by Aaron "Grimmjow! Grimmjow! Ulquiorra you bastard!" she struggled on the floor as Aaron held her down.

Ulquiorra stared, his face stoic but distrust, disgust and irritation raging in his wide green eyes.

"Stop him Aaron! Stop him!" Nel screamed.

"Ulquiorra please" a smooth voice breezed in "I've already lost three of my top ten. Anymore and I'll be really at a disadvantage"

Ulquiorra relaxed as Sousuke Aizen glided through the room in a careless manner, he simply raised an eyebrow at Aaron and Nel on the floor before moving to the bed.

"Now Grimmjow, you will tell me. Do you know where either Starrk or Kurosaki are"

Grimmjow managed to stare at him in defiance, though now pains were shooting up and down his injured arm. Aizen scared him. He could barely manage to look him in the face, even at their so called 'dinners' but Grimmjow had nothing to lose now...it was probably better that Ichigo hadn't told him what was going on because he couldn't lie to the bastard.

"I honestly don't know" he said through gritted teeth, gripping his hand, his eyes staring directly into Aizen's plain brown ones.

Aizen stared at him for what seemed like an eternity before stepping back and sighing "fine...he doesn't know...clean up" he turned to Ulquiorra and Harribel who had just walked in, somehow calm at the whole scene before her.

"Tell Barragan our priority is finding Ichigo Kurosaki and Coyote Starrk" Aizen announced coolly "clearly they want to die...and send Gin to my office" he commanded to Ulquiorra, who bowed stiffly before sending Grimmjow a look and leaving.

Harribel stared at Grimmjow and Nel and Aaron on the floor before moving off to find the number two, who had probably heard the gunshots but decided he was too important and way above everyone to come and find out for himself what was happening.

Aizen walked out comfortably and the remaining numbers marched after him.

Aaron waited till they were cleared before letting Nel go.

"Grimmjow!" she cried and leapt onto the bed. She was crying, tears erupting from her eyes but she managed to rip some sheets, force Grimmjow's hand's apart and start wrapping the wound.

"I'll get a doctor" Aaron announced quietly.

"Oh Grimmjow, I'm so sorry...I couldn't protect you"

"Nel...shut up" Grimmjow lay back, tired and dizzy "It's not your fault"

"Why did Ulquiorra shoot you?" she asked through hiccups.

"Ichigo's gone and Starrk and Lily Starrk"

"Lily Starrk?" Nel whispered.

"They were holding her captive" he explained in a monotone, his eyes drooping shut.

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