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Nightmare Runners

Turn 1: The Prologue

Imperial Calendar, year 2011 summer. The Holy Britannia Empire declared war on Japan. The country was known for its neutrality. Rights to the country's resources were a hot topic for the country's conquest. The deciding battle was won by Britannia thanks to the introduction of the Humanoid war machines called Nightmare Frames, technology unknown by Japan at the time. Within one month, the utterly defeated Japan was stripped of its freedom, rights and even name. The new name for Japan became… Area 11. This number became the name of Japan. Ten years before that, another event rocked Japan, changing it forever, especially one particular city.

That city is… Domino city, that event, the Zero Reverse.

The Zero Reverse incident split the city into two parts, the main city renamed New Domino city and the other part called, Satellite. This caused great class division between the residents of the two, and even ten years later when Britannia attacked, the residents of New Domino city left to Satellites to die at the hands of the Britannians. The Satellites quickly surrendered, not wanting too many casualties. The Satellite then became a wasteland, acting as a dump for the mainland New Domino City.

Seventeen years after the Zero Reverse incident, a 17 year old Satellite became the New Duel King of New Domino city. His name is,

Yusei Fudo.

He was a tall man, with tan skin. He had black, spiky hair which the upper part point up with yellow/gold streaks going along the sides and the lower part pointing downward. He has blue eyes and a yellow criminal marker on the left side of his face. His usual attire consists of a long-sleeved blue jacket with a high collar and amber gems over a sleeveless black shirt with a red symbol, jeans, a belt with two deck boxes hidden under his jacket, knee guards, and calf-high motorcycle boots.

During the Fortune Cup, his destiny as a Signer was realised. So were three of the other Signers, Jack Atlas, Akiza Izinski and Luna. Rex Goodwin, gathered the Signers together to stop a new evil coming to the Earth, but this evil was no longer in New Domino nor Satellite. The Britannia Empire constructed a new Momentum, but just like the first one, spun backwards as well. This one however, failed to cause the devastation caused by the first one. The First Momentum was only a distraction from the second one. This required the Signers to move to the new location, and take up a new base, under false identities, waiting for the day when their time comes.

"Alright Goodwin. What did you call me here for?" Yusei said standing in Goodwin's office.

The walls were a bare metal gray, but there was a large screen behind the Director. The Director, as usual, was sitting at his desk, but his back was facing Yusei at this time.

"I'm sending you somewhere… On a 'trip' as you could say." He answered turning around and resting his elbows on the desk.

"Enough games Goodwin, what do you want?"

"Are you familiar with Ashford Academy?" Goodwin said, handing Yusei a paper with the Ashford Foundation's symbol on it. "It's in the Tokyo Settlement."

He opened it to see a brochure about the Ashford Academy. It showed a picture of the large school compounds and the golden symbol of the Ashford Family. His eyes flashed across the words on the brochure. They focused on one word. School.

"School? You want me to go to a school? Goodwin what's the meaning of this?"

"Do you remember the talk we had about the Zero Reverse?"

"What about it?"

"I said it was caused by the Old Momentum in Satellite." Rex started.

"Get on with it, Goodwin." Yusei almost snapped.

"Patience Yusei." Goodwin assured. "The Britannian Empire has made another Momentum."

"!?!" Yusei gasped. His eyes widened at Goodwin's statement. "Are you telling me another Zero Reverse is going to happen?!"

"This time, no. But, the same effect as the original is taking place. It is spinning backwards, making negative energy."

"So, now there are more doors leading to the underworld?" Yusei asked.

"No. They are no longer in Satellite." Goodwin corrected. "That's why you are going to Ashford Academy. It is said that the New Momentum Project is located closer to there than here."

"So why me? Why a School?!" Yusei asked. "Isn't there another way?"

"At the time, no. However, you are not going alone. The Signers must not part, so I'm sending Jack along with you."

"What about Akiza, Luna and Leo?"

"Despite that fact that the boy is not a Signer, he needs to be with Luna so they shall all be in the area, but I can not make arrangements for them to go to the Academy." Goodwin said. "Ashford Academy is a prestigious school and it wasn't easy getting you or Jack in. Especially you." He said as he looked particularly at Yusei's criminal mark.

"Hey, I didn't ask for this mark."

"But it's permanent so there's nothing I can do at the moment."

"Alright Goodwin I'll play along. If you're telling the truth thousands of innocent people could get hurt in the process." Yusei then pushed his hands in his pocket and began to exit the office. "By the way, I want my Runner back."

"You'll get it back as soon as you go outside. I'm made a few adjustments and repairs to it." Goodwin assured.

Yusei just sighed and continued to walk.

"Oh yes, before I forget…" Goodwin said. "You're leaving for the Tokyo settlement today."

"What!?" Yusei's body turned around to Goodwin on impulse. "And you're telling me this now Goodwin?!"

"Flight leaves in one hour Yusei. You'll meet Jack on the airport."


And with that, Yusei left for his new life, at Ashford Academy. He was able to bring his Duel Runner along, and apparently so did Jack.


Yusei opened his eyes in his first class seat to see Leo and Luna racing to him. The seats in first class were spacious, leaving a lot of leg room and very few other passengers around you. Where Yusei sat consisted of four distanced chairs, surrounding one central table. Under this table was where the complementary drinks were held. The chairs were made of a soft material, which almost compelled you to sit in them and never get up. The twins raced over to Yusei's chair as his eyes slowly opened.

"Leo, Luna! What are you two doing here?"

"There's no way I'd let you take on the bad guys all along!!" Leo boasted.

"Our parents paid for our and Akiza's ticket." Luna said timidly.

"Yeah!! But we weren't able to into the same school as you and Jack…"

"Leo failed the exam…"

"No I didn't!? I just… didn't finish!" Leo yelled.

"Liar! You boasted afterwards saying, 'I finished so quickly, I did it twice!'!"


Yusei smiled as laughs began to escape his mouth. The twins then started to quarrel, but it was short-lived.

"So," Yusei said interrupting their quarrel. "What are you two going to do?"

"Mom and Dad said that they had a house near the School. We might just stay there." Luna answered. Leo was still upset over the quarrel.

"Won't they mind?"

"Not really. They might just ask someone to look after us."

"But we were hoping Akiza would look after us, that way we could be together." Luna then added.

"Where is Akiza anyway?" Yusei asked.

"She's still in her seat." Leo said. "I think she may be asleep! Can you believe her!? Falling asleep on a cool plane like this!"

A growl came from behind Yusei. Short, spiked blonde hair then rose and turned revealing violet eyes.

"Can't a guy get any sleep around here?" The British/Aussy accent said.

"J-J-Jack!? You were sleeping!?!" Leo yelled.

"What about it."

"How could someone as cool as you sleep on a plane!?" Leo asked.

"Leo, maybe you shouldn't talk so loud…"

"Anyway, it doesn't matter, cause I'm gonna be even cooler than you!!" He pointed and placed his hand on his hip as he said that.

"What!? A brat like you!? Think again." Jack responded.

"I told you, I'm gonna be the coolest person ever!!" Leo boasted.

"No you won't."

"Yes I will."

"A brat like you can never be cool."

"I'll prove you wrong!!"

"No you won't! You'll never be cool you brat!"

"Yes I will!! Yes I will!!"

"Shut up you brat! You're not cool and you never will be!"

The Duo, Yusei and Jack stopped the taxi in front of the Academy. A feeling of prestige almost radiated off the compound as Jack and Yusei stood in front of the gates, looking upon the school. Its gates stayed closed as they looked on the massive school grounds. It opened with a long walkway with arches leading up to a large, elevated area. On this elevated area, were the actual school buildings and compounds. Lawns, trees and lampposts decorated the pathways leading from each building to another and around the school. The mid morning sun shun down as Jack pushed open the gates.

"Seems a bit over the top." Yusei said as he and Jack walked towards the main building.

"…" Jack didn't respond. He looked around at the school compound.

Yusei's head then tilted to the ground. I've never attended school or anything like this. The closest I've had was Dueling 101 with Crow, Jack and Kalin (Kiryu in Japanese version).

"Oh yes, you two are the new students!" A teacher said. "Jack Atlas and… Yusei Fudo…"

The teacher sat at a desk. She quickly opened a draw and rampaged through it. "Here are your timetables, and…" She opened another drawer and wrecked through that one as well. She then placed two stacks of clothes on the desk. One was properly folded and the other was a messy pile. "Here are your uniforms. Jack, yours is on the left, Yusei, yours is on the right."

Figures I'd get the messed up pile.

"Have a good time at Ashford Academy!!" She smiled and waved. "King Jack!!"

"King?" Yusei said to himself.

Jack flinched at the comment. King?! "I am not King." He said as he walked to the doors.

"Oh yeah…" The lady said in a not-so-happy tone. "I have a package for Fudo."

A box then slid across the floor and hit Yusei's feet.


"You better say 'thank you' damn eleven." She growled underneath her breath."

"They sure know how to make you feel at home here." Yusei said as he and Jack walked out the doors. "It's worse here than in New Domino."


The sound came out of the box. Yusei pushed his hand in a box and pulled out a cell phone.


//I see you made it Yusei.//

"Goodwin? What's going on here? Why the sudden call?" Yusei said as he adjusted the volume so that both he and Jack could hear.

//Just wanted to make sure you and Jack made it alright.//

"Goodwin, what's with all the hostility here?" Yusei asked. He took notice to how... friendly the receptionist was to him.

//The discrimination towards Japanese or 'Elevens' there is much more than in New Domino. You'll have to get used to it.// Yusei growled at the thought. It was bad enough in New Domino, and just the thought that it was worse here wasn't a fond one.

"But it only seems to be targeted to Yusei. What gives?" Jack cut in.

//You see, the Fortune Cup was broadcasted even there, but the stations would not settle for an 'Eleven' King, so Jack's story was changed. In these people's eyes, he is a Britannian.//

"What?!" Jack said. "A Britannian!?

//Yes Jack, so you'll have to play along for now.//

Jack growled at the comment, but didn't object.

//Well, I'll let you two get back to class. I'll contact you later if I need to.// Goodwin said.

"Goodwin! Wait."

Too late. He hung up.

"Damn Goodwin. Always up to something and never says what it is to the ones involved til it's too late." Jack said.

"Not much we can do now except head to class." Yusei said pulling out his timetable. "First is, math in room 3B."

"Same here."

"I wonder if I'll get any trouble if I try to drive my Runner around campus." Yusei said as he and Jack walked to building 3.

"Even if you can't, that's not stopping me." Jack then looked at the clothes they handed him. "And it seems we have a uniform to change into as well. Doesn't look too bad I suppose."

Yusei quickly removed his jacket and began to put on the shirt.

"OK Class, we have two new students today." The teacher announced.

"My name is Yusei Fudo,"

"Jack Atlas."

Murmurs filled the classroom as the students looked upon the two new students standing in front of the class. The class was Lecture Gallery themed, with rows of desks, each row having two long desks, going to the back of the class.

"That Fudo kid, look at his face, he's an eleven."

"What's an eleven doing here?"

"Wasn't that Yusei guy in the Fortune Cup?"

"Wait, Fortune Cup…"

Then, chaos broke loose.

"AHHH!!!" A girl squealed. "It's Jack Atlas!!! THE Jack Atlas!!!"

"Really!?" Another one yelled.

"Yes!! Look at those dazzling violet eyes, that intense, captivating, short blonde hair… It has to be him!!!"

Noise filled through the class and corridor as girls from other classes came to see the once Duel King.


"I love you Jack!!!"

"Jack will you go out with me!?"

"Looks like you're still popular Jack." Yusei said as he pushed his hands in his pocket.

"What the hell!? Don't they know who's the Duel King now?!" Jack said softly to Yusei.

"Looks like they don't care."

"Is it really Jack Atlas!?!" A female voice called.

"Miss Yuuki?! You too?" The teacher said. "You're not serious… Even the teachers…?"

Jack sighed. "Goodwin, I'm going to kill you…" He growled under his breath.

"Ok Ok!! Back to your classes!!" The teacher yelled as she pushed the students in the doorways out of the doorway. "I have a class now!! Get, out!!"

"Hey!! Hey!! What's all the commotion about?" A boy then squeezed his way through the crowd. He was tall with black hair and fair skin. He had purple eyes and a bored look on his face.

"So, you finally come to your first period class… Mr. Lelouch Lamperouge!!" The teacher yelled.

"Sorry miss…" He said. His eyes then switched to Yusei and Jack. "Who are these two?"

"These two are our new students. Yusei Fudo, and Jack Atlas."

I thought that's who they are. So, the Duel King and runner up are attending our school now. I wonder why they're here…

"Nice to meet you." Lelouch smiled.

"Likewise." Jack said.

"Ok Mr Lamperouge, get to your seat." The teacher pointed to a seat in the back. "Mr Fudo!! Fix your shirt immediately!! This school has a strict dress code!!"

Yusei had is shirt open like how his jacket normally was and the bottom was standing/floating as usual. He quickly buttoned it up.

"And you!!"

The classed gasped as she pointed to Jack.

"You DO have the school shirt under that trench coat!? Right!?"


"Then you can wear the jacket, but take it off when you enter a class with a teacher!!"

"You're n-!!" Yusei stopped Jack from finishing.

"Remember what Goodwin said. Play along." Yusei whispered to Jack.

"Do you two have anything to share with the class!?!"


"Good, now take off the coat!!!"

Jack reluctantly took off the coat and folded it over his shoulder.

"Good. Now, take your seat. You may sit…"

Hands immediately flew into the air.

"Oh!! Oo!! Oo!! Jack, you can sit here!!"

"Jack, sit by me!!!"

"Jack, there's an empty chair by me!!" A girl yelled.

"No there isn't. I'm sitting next to you!!" A boy then replied.

"Move over!!" The girl yelled again as she pushed him off his seat.

The teacher sighed. "You two can sit at the back, by mister Lamperouge…"

The two walked to the back of the class. As Jack passed, hearts and warm smiles greeted him, but cold glares and whispers came to Yusei.

"Now, let's start today's class!" The teacher announced.

"So, what brings you two here?" Lelouch asked as he whispered at the back of the class.

"Shouldn't you be paying attention or something?" Jack said.

"I was going to ditch this class anyway." Lelouch replied.

"We heard that here was a good school and decided to enroll." Yusei cut in. "Jack's publicist thought it would be good exposure."

"Oh," Lelouch then said. Something tells me that he's not telling the truth.

"Ok class, you are dismissed." The teacher finally finished. "Yusei, Jack, I want to have a word with you before you leave.


"Hey Jack, the teacher's calling you." Lelouch said as he got up.

"What is it now?" Jack said as he rose from the table.

"Ok, now, there's only one more thing you two need to know. It's mediatory that you are in at least one school club, so make your choice." The teacher reminded them. "They're many clubs, chess, swimming, football, hockey, and there's also the students council… So by next week, I want you two to be in at least one club." She then left the room.

"Damn it, these classes are boring!!" Jack yelled to himself in the middle of his last class. It was Science. He was sitting next to a giggling girl with a beaker in front of him.

The teacher just seemed to ramble on and on to him. Something about pouring chemical C into beaker with chemical BAH!! He didn't care now, and he wasn't going to care later.

I don't want to be a brain surgeon Goodwin!! Why the hell am I here!?


BRIIING!! (Pardon if it sounds nothing like it's supposed to)

The bell rang.

"YES!!!" Jack yelled springing from his seat.

The teacher sweatdropped and stared for a few seconds, while…

"Ah!!! Jack is so cool!!"

You get the picture.

"Ok mister Atlas." The teacher finally said. "You're free to go. Classes are over for today."

Before his sentence was even finished Jack had grabbed his jacket and was out the door.

"Jack, wait!!" A girl yelled as he left.

"Yeah, please!!" Another said as she got up and followed after him.

Jack looked back to see the girls following him. He growled as he picked up his pace. Get a life!!

"Jack wait up!!" More girls began the chase.

"Damn…" Jack growled under his breath.

Yusei had just left his last class and was walking towards the school gates. Someone then caught his eye. It was a blue haired boy wearing the Ashford Academy uniform but that didn't catch his eye. He was sitting in a motorcycle, as if he was waiting for someone. He was by a large extension on the school. There was also a busty blonde girl with blue eyes standing by the wall near him. She wore the Ashford Female uniform, which consisted of a beige shirt, green tie and short black skirt.

"Man, where is he…?" The boy asked the girl.

"You know Lelouch, Rivalz, he works on his own time."

"Hey!" Yusei called as he ran over to them.

The girl's eyes went over to him immediately.

So this is the 'Yusei' I've heard about. He's actually kinda… cute.

"Hey," Yusei said to Rivalz. "I need a ride somewhere, would you mind taking me there?"

"Well… I…"

"He'd love to!" Milly answered.

"Wha!? But Milly, he's an eleven!! And…!?" Milly cut him off.

"As Student council President, It's my duty to help the students. So Rivalz, why don't you give Yusei a ride?"

"Ok Prez," Rivalz finally said. "Ok Yusei, where to?" He didn't sound to enthusiastic.

"Tokyo Settlement Customs department." Yusei answered. "I won't need a ride back though."

"Why not?" Milly asked.

"You'll see when I come back."

The wind blew through Yusei's hair as he made his way back to the Academy. Well, was hung out from his helmet. He rode along side Rivalz on his Red Duel Runner. The white lines on it shun in the afternoon sun.

"So, that's a Duel Runner…" Rivalz started. "I've never actually seen one in real life."

"Oddly, I don't think I've seen a normal motorcycle before."

"Wait, what about Jack? Isn't he coming for his runner?" Rivalz asked.

"He's getting it delivered." Yusei answered.

Jack made the biggest mistake anyone being chased made. He began to run up stairs. Flight after flight of stairs were almost instantly left behind him as fangirls of all classes and even ages chased him.

"Why the hell did I even start running up these stairs in the first place!?!" He yelled as he ran to the light at the end of the stairs. I'll lose them on the roof. I can't get mauled by fangirls!! It's only the first chapter.

He burst through the semi-closed door. The light blinded him for a few moments but his eyes adjusted quickly. His feet guided him to the centre of the roof. He looked around quickly but, to no avail.

Jack growled. "No ladder or anything."

Girls swarmed out of the door and created a semi-circle facing Jack.


"There's no running now!! You ARE going on a date with me!!"

"Me too!!"

"Yes Jack!!!"

Out of nowhere, a male voice emerged from the crowd. "Get me out of here!!!!"

Jack sighed and shook his head.

A sound then rushed to everyone's ears. It started softly but then gradually got louder.

Fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap!!!

Heads turned to see a helicopter rushing to the scene.

What now!?! A helicopter!?! Jack growled in his head.

The helicopter raced to the rooftop.

"Mr. Atlas!!" A figure in the helicopter yelled.

The copter flew over the roof and towards a clearing nearby. Jack's feet bolted towards the edge of the roof.


"Where are you going my love?!"

Jack blasted off the roof and stretched out his arm. He bragged on to the bottom of the copter. His feet flipped over and he landed inside the helicopter. The pilot and figure stared in awe at the feat the (Former) Duel King performed.

"Looks like just being able to Duel isn't enough these days." The pilot laughed as he continued to fly.

"What's the meaning of this?" Jack asked.

"Your Runner sir."

The figure removed a cloth to show the Famous Wheel of Fortune. The large white mono-wheel glistened with a new shine.

"So, where should we land?"

"No need to." Jack said as he removed his jacket. He opened the back compartment of the Runner, pulled out his helmet and put his trench coat in.

"Just bring it a little lower and I'll take it from there."

The pilot chuckled. "Whatever you say. Just know, if anything happens to you,"

"Nothing will happen." Jack assured.


The helicopter lowered and Jack started his engine.

"You're actually going to do that?!" The figure said.

Vreee!!! Vroom!!!

The Runner blasted out of the helicopter.

"Now, that's an entertainer." The figure said as he watched Jack drive out of the copter.

The Runner swerved a bit before becoming stable. Jack quickly drove off on the Runner, though truthfully, he didn't know where he was going.

"Vehicle pass."


"Vehicle pass? Where's yours?" A guard asked.

"I didn't know you needed a vehicle pass." Yusei answered.

"Yes. If not, I'll have to confiscate the vehicle."

"You're kidding me…" Yusei mumbled. He looked at his hand. It gripped the holder (I have no idea what that thing is called. You know, the thing they rotate). He looked up at the guard again.

"Sorry but I'll have to-."

"Stop!" A female voice said.

All eyes turned to see the same blonde from before.

"Let him go. I'll arrange the pass later." She said.

"Yes miss." The guard then turned back to Yusei. "You can go."

Yusei nodded before driving through the gates. "Thanks. Your name's Milly, right?"

"Yes, Milly Ashford." She smiled as she extended a hand to Yusei. They shook hands,

"Yusei Fudo."

"Well, see you around!" Milly winked as she began to walk away.

"Wha!?!" Rivalz yelled. "Did you!? I!?"

"I'm off." Yusei then said.

The Turbo Duellist rode off on his runner towards the boys dorms.

As Yusei made his way there, he noticed Jack's Duel Runner. That and the swarm of fangirls outside the doors. He pulled up near the building and parked his Runner. There were loud shouts about and and they all seemed to be concentrated on a particular window. Yusei began to walk to the dorm, and as soon as he approached, all of the commotion stopped.

"Look at him… That eleven…" One whispered to another.

"Can you believe him? Going into the same dorm as Jack Atlas. An Eleven like him doesn't deserve to go there. He might as well be out on the streets!"

Yusei ignored the comments and made his way through the door. He was used to it by now. After all, having a criminal mark doesn't suddenly make you popular.

Yusei reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

Room 5h

Yusei took a jog up the stairs and to room h on the fifth floor. As soon as he opened the door,

"Looks like we're sharing a room."

Jack was facing the window, looking out at the crowd below.

"Why won't they go home!?"

"They're there for you Jack." Yusei answered, throwing his bag on his bed. "I thought you liked the roar of the crowd?"

"This isn't the roar I want!! They still think it's the old me. If tomorrow I lose, they won't give a flying Blackwing about me. They don't even know I'm Japanese! A Satellite even!" Jack's fists clenched as he continued. "That's not the kind of fame I want. Fame based on lies and deceit..."

Yusei only smiled at the comment. Jack's changed. He's becoming a true Duelist.

"They only thing is this school is so damn weird."

"Yeah." Yusei said. "But until we find out about the New Momentum, we'll be stuck here for a while, so we'd better get used to it."

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