AUTHOR'S NOTE FROM X-BURNER 27: Well there I've gone and done it. I let the anime end before my fanfic. Well, the Sub at least. 4Kids is still butchering it. On a side note, I thought that Kiryu sounded like he couldn't play the harmonica to save his life. Then again, best I shut up about the dub. If I don't now, I'll never stop ranting... (Not that I can even watch it. I got a Summer job.)

Chapter Ten

"Jack, are you sure you don't want to come? It'll be lots of fun!"

The student's council was in their clubhouse, a few of them organising bags.

"A trip with a bunch of girls, just so that I can carry the bags? As much as the readers may want it, I'll pass," he rested back in his chair as he spoke.

Milly pouted, looking at him, "Come on! If you don't come, they'll only be girls on the trip!"

"All the better. Now you can talk about boys without hearing me vomit," he replied.

Most of the members of the Student's council laughed, with Shirley just sitting and blushing.

The blonde sighed, folding her arms. "With Yusei and Suzaku working, Lelouch having to take care of his sister and Kallen's sickly body, I was hoping we'd have someone to protect us."

"Pr-Protect us?" Nina shrieked, already starting to clutch her shirt with her trembling hands.

"Now now, Madam President! Don't scare Nina like that!" she scowled at the busty girl, turning to the one with glasses and holding her hand. "Don't worry. We're going somewhere safe, not the ghettos. Nothing will happen to us."


"Yes. Lake Kawaguchi is always filled with Britannian Tourists, so they'll have good security," Rivalz said, nodding for the girl.

She looked up at the smiling faces of her friends, before letting go of her shirt.


"Alright now!" the president stood up, pointing across the table. "Now don't think just because we're going to be gone means that you can slack off! Someone has to keep the school in check while I'm gone!"

Jack chuckled. "Keep the school in check? We'd need someone to fix it."

"That's why Jack is going to act as President on behalf of me."


The blond fell out of his chair, the rest of the student council staring at him. "What? Me?"

"Well, we can't let Rivalz do it."


"Plus Lelouch is probably going to leave and go gamble."

"Lulu! You wouldn't dare!"

He raised his hands in defense. "Hey, you don't have to say it like that…"

"And we don't want to put unnecessary strain on Kallen."

"Th-Thank you."

"So you're the only one!"

Yusei shook his head, knowing what something like this could mean. "We're going to end up even more broke…"

"Yusei? Even you doubt me!"

"Not doubt. You could handle the school, but you know your tastes."

"True, there aren't any good coffee shops around here…"

"What are you talking about? There are lots of places which sell coffee around here," Rivalz asked, a bit confused.

"What? That coffee tasted like cardboard flavoured dirt!" was the blunt response he got.

I like the coffee shops… the blue haired boy thought, hanging his head a bit.

"Oh well! Nothing more we can do about it!" she got up and clapped her hands. "We've got to finish getting ready anyway!"

"So, what's your plan?"

"My plan? My plan has nothing to do with you."

The two were walking through the corridors along the way to Nunnally's room. The rest of the council was nowhere near and an almost eerie silence filled the hallway they walked through.


"You're a liability. It'd probably be best if I could just make you forget it all, but that mark on your arm prevents me," the boy said with a scowl on his face, the fact still burning his soul.

"So, you plan on doing this all by yourself of with the help of some random Japanese?"

"I still can't risk using you."

This time, the blond caught the phrasing of the sentence. "Risk?"

"Do you know who you are?" he stopped, turning to look at him. "You're Jack Atlas. People all over the world look up to you and know you. Your face could probably be found somewhere in every town in the world. There's no way you could get affiliated with me and not get us in trouble."

"You wear masks don't you?"

Touché. You're not going to make this easy are you? he sighed, pointing at the side of his head. "Your extensions. If even one falls out it could be all over. True, I could get a mask and suit made for you, but it would have to be something overly concealing. Also, you must learn to completely hide your identity. Even if your duelling skill came into use, you would have to use a new deck. You couldn't even use your own Duel Runner."

The man grinded his teeth. It was true, and he knew full well that outside of Neo Domino City things wouldn't always be resolved with duels. In fact, most people didn't even have decks. Some even considered it stupid to see two people 'play children's card games'. Nonsense!

"There must be something I can do to help! You can't expect me to just sit around and watch everyone else fight for what they believe in!" His hand tightened to a fist. "That's not my style!"

"But, your style doesn't matter," Lelouch said firmly, looking the man down dead in his eyes. "This is bigger than you. Bigger than me. I have started a revolution. A new future for everyone! I can't let you do anything selfish to stop this."

Jack just stood, silent as he spoke.

"So, for the sake of your country. For the sake of your friends. For the sake of the entire world. Take good care of the school."

"My my Lelouch, aren't you the firm hand of authority."

"What needs to be done, needs to be done."

He was packing his disguise, making sure that nothing was missing or nothing could suddenly go missing. The last thing he needed was a repeat of 'The Great Cat Incident' as C.C. decided to call it. With everything in the case, he picked it up and looked at the green haired woman.

"Don't do anything."

"Oh please. I am fully capable of taking care of myself," she replied.

"It's not you I'm worried about. Just don't drag anyone else into this," he said, moving towards the door.

"Are you questioning my choice of associates?"

No response came, as he was already opening the door.

"Very well then. We shall see."

The day was a rather uneventful one. Being completely untrained in any form of Nightmare use, repair or even maintenance, Yusei had nothing else to do but homework. Occasionally, he'd cast and eye and try to learn a thing or two about the technicians but this was a bit advanced for him. Plus, unlike a Duel Runner these things seemed impossible to make out of scrap parts. So many things seemed custom made on Lancelot that he himself wondered how his own was made from wreckage and cables.

"Another eventful day at the office, eh Mr. Fudo?"

"You could say that," he responded.

"So then, why not smile and come join us down here for some fun?"

The voice belonged to the scientist with glasses. Lloyd. He was a very lively man who seemed to enjoy his work more than life itself. He was referring to the lower level, where they work on the Nightmare's and tests. It also had 'The Junkyard' as some of the workers liked to call it, since a large pile of scrap and parts were there for Yusei's Dagonet.

"This all seems a bit advanced. I'm not really keeping up and most times I feel like I'm holding you back from doing your job," he admitted, looking down at the man from his desk above.

Lloyd waved his arms, shaking his head. "Nonsense! After all, we're doing this only for the love of machinery. Since we're an irregular unit, we don't get as much work as other units and don't need to do so much maintenance. But! Genius never sleeps and you never know when you may discover something new!"


"Now come down here boy! Talking so loud really strains your throat."

Closing the book, he climbed down and looked at what they were doing. "You're really hooked on getting me into Knightmare construction."

"But I should be!" his eyes sparkled as he said that, assuring Yusei more than he wasn't escaping easily. "You created your own Duel Runner out of scrap, even more to have one with such great functionality! You combined old parts, creating something better, stronger than the conventional! If you were to put that in Knightmares, who knows what you could accomplish!"

The man was right. Although he wasn't too keen on creating weapons, he could help better everyone.

"And you have enough free time to teach me?"

"All the time in the world," he said, before beginning to walk over to one of the computers. "We could go through all the basics, history and what not. But why not get into the meat first?"

As soon as he was about to touch the computer, the screen turned bright red.

/Alert! Important Notice! All units report to Lake Kawaguchi immediately!/

The man's eyebrow rose, while Yusei's eyes widened. "Oh my, this can't be good."

"What's all this about?" Suzaku asked.

They were in the mobile lab, on their way to Lake Kawaguchi. The two pilots were not told anything but it seemed like a big deal. On their way helicopters and other military machinery could be seen headed in the same direction.

A cold sweat ran down both boys' neck as they remembered Milly mentioning the Lake.

"It seems we have a hostage situation," Lloyd responded bluntly. "And not a very favourable one at that."


"There's an important meeting going on at the hotel. The Sakuradite Allocation Meeting."

Suzaku gasped and Yusei's eyes narrowed.

"That means that this will be no easy negotiation."

A chuckle came from the front. "Wrong. Viceroy Cornelia won't have anything of the sort. She's not the kind to deal with Terrorists except in executions."

"Which means rescue is the only option." Suzaka said. "I only hope we can help finish this before anyone gets hurt.

The better part of a day had passed. All that happened was death. By the time the Special Core got there, rescue operations were already on their way. However, all those ended in failure. Helicopters were blasted out of the sky, divers were shot once they got to the hotel and boats were sunk.

Despite all that, there was nothing Suzaku and Yusei could do but watch. Eventually it turned more into a picnic than a hostage rescue operation, with the scientist sitting on the grass and Yusei resting on the vehicle looking at the hotel.

"Isn't there anything the Special Core can do?"

"I agree. It doesn't seem right just watching people die," the duelist agreed.

"I already asked. We're an irregular unit so they don't recognize our chain of command. Besides…" He threw a stone, making it skip on the water's surface.

"It's too risky to entrust the operation to an Eleven." The brown haired boy looked at the man, a serious look on his face. "Am I right?"

"You know Princess Cornelia is very discriminating about the Japanese and Numbers."

"That means this 'Honorary Britannian' is a joke then. If we're not getting accepted into the military, why bother?"

A fist slammed onto a table as the news played.


/I know, right? And Lelouch won't even answer his phone!/

Jack sat with the television on, looking at the whole fiasco take place. The Japan Liberation Front taking innocents as well as important people as hostage. Shutting down any rescue attempt. To make it worse, the Britannians didn't seem to have any intentions of negotiating, only trying more failed rescue attempts.

"And they're just holding everyone?"

/Yes!/ Rivalz answered from the other end of the phone. /Man, I wish there was something I could do!/

You're not the only one… Jack thought, his mind going back to his conversation with Lelouch. "And this isn't just starting. What's stopping them from getting impatient and sacrificing hostages."

/Don't even joke about that!/ His voice was already worried and scared. /I can't imagine losing any of them!/

A groan came from the duellist, his fist clenching tighter. I don't like asking for help, but you better do something Lelouch.

It was a risk. A big risk. Something which probably shouldn't even be done yet but war was never fully planned. For the amount of brain it took, it should work. However, there was always a certain degree of uncertainty to take into account…

No. It will work.

"Thank you," Zero said, his helmet covering his left eye again. He turned to the trees behind him. "Come. Get into the truck. The plan's about to begin."

Slowly, the bushes moved and a good number of people, all dressed in back with visors covering their faces came out. The first entered the truck rather reluctantly. After she did, the other followed. Zero on the other hand went on top of the truck.

"Are you sure about this?" one of the men said, poking his head out of the window. "You know, there's no going back after this…"

"I'm fully aware," was the simple yet firm response he got. "Let's go."

Nodding slowly, the man put his head back inside the news truck and began to drive to the hotel.

"You can't be serious!"

"I'm afraid they are."

Lloyd and Yusei were watching the scene from his Duel Runner's screen. At first, it was just talk about machines but once his screen came on, the conversation ended. It showed a man along with a small group of Japanese. The man was tied, already catching the duellist's attention. At first, he just stood there before getting nudged by one of the terrorists. It was then he noticed the gun. In a matter of seconds, the man went from safely on top a building to plummeting to his death.

"Killing the hostages…!" Yusei muttered, his fist tightening. "What's wrong with them!"

"Their demands aren't being met apparently. However, this is a bit rash…" the man with the spectacles commented, holding his chin.

"So what are they going to do, throw them all off?" Yusei yelled, looking at building.

"Well, they're probably hoping that there's somebody who we consider to be worth keeping alive."

"Is there?"

"I have no clue. What I do know is–"

Again, they were cut off. This time, it wasn't the terrorists, but the terrorist.

/And Zero seems to have made an appearance!/ the announcer said, footage changing what seemed to be a stolen News Truck. On top of the truck was said terrorist. He stood as if he wasn't driving straight towards the highest concentration of people who wanted him dead at the moment.

"Oh my, it seems we'll have a show tonight," the man narrowed his eyes on the screen. "The question is which kind of show."

/He seems to be approaching the Hotel, does he want to side with the Terrorists?/

As the truck drove, three Knightmares drove across and cut him off. Each held a lance and had a bit of purple on them. The one in the lead had a cape and wider shoulder blades than the rest.

/Princess Cornelia has arrived! Will she stop him and finally catch this menace!/

The cockpit opened, with a woman with long, purple hair coming out. She seemed to talk, but there wasn't a microphone to catch her voice. At the end, she pulled out a long gun, pointing it at the masked man. He failed to budge, but rather spoke. He seemed to choose the News Truck especially, since the microphone in it was working perfectly.

/Cornelia, which would you choose? Clovis who is dead, or Euphemia who is alive?/

The woman cringed, apparently one of her nerves getting hit.

/It is within my power to save Euphemia for you./

Some words came from the woman, before Zero spoke again.

/I said, that am I able to rescue her./

And so, it seemed like his words had some meaning to the woman. It wasn't long before the Knightmares moved and the announcer came in.

/They're… they're letting him go! What plans could this masked man have?/

"Hm?" Lloyd stood up straight, reaching into his pocket. He then took off, disappearing.

"He's going in? I wonder what will happen…" Yusei said to no one in particular.

"Yes… Yes… Wonderful! I want to thank you for the lovely order!" Lloyd voice came through the area, all eyes turning to him. "We've got the green light Lancelot! You've got orders to charge right in to that linear cannon!"

"Wait, they're using him as a decoy to make an opening for them?" Cecile yelled.

"Seems like it. They'll be sending in the royal guard!" the excitement in the man's voice seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the other Knightmare send against the Linear Cannon got obliterated.


"Madam Cecile!" Suzaku cut in. "I'm ready. Please let me do it!"

"And let me help, too," Yusei added, causing a gasp to come from the lady.

"You're going too far! You haven't even been able to assemble your Knightmare again!"

"Well… that's true, but-"

"Brilliant idea!" Lloyd's voice broke through.

"You can't seriously be considering this?"

"Oh, but I am!" He spun around, his eyes almost glittering as he explained, "Maybe he hasn't had the right encouragement until now! Maybe he hasn't had a reason! Maybe the faulty Sakuradite may be in a good mood? There's only one way to find out!"

"Let's get Dagonet out!"

The crew quickly got to work, bringing out the wreckage known as the Dagonet.

"Okay, here's a briefing…" Cecile began talking, but the duelist tuned some of it out as he thought.

Crimson Dragon… I don't know how you did it the first time, but I need your help. I can't just stand here and watch my friends in trouble. I need to do something. I need your help. Resurrect Dagonet! I need my Knightmare!

The man walked over to his Runner, slowly reaching out with his hand.



"Nothing…? This can't be it…!"

Slowly, red began to pierce through the brown of the uniform. The Duel Runner's engine began to rev, the screen lighting brightly.

"Let the show begin!"

Slowly, the parts began to drag towards the runner. Cables began to attach themselves to it and then to the parts. They began to come together, gathering around the runner.

"Everyone clear the area and cover your eyes! Last thing we want is someone going blind watching a miracle."

The light got brighter and sounds of bending metal came.

"Here it goes!" Yusei said, sitting in his Runner as the sound of moving metal came closer.

The sounds were harsh and loud but didn't take long. Once the light died out, he opened his eyes to see himself in the cockpit once more.

/Dagonet, activating./

"I'm ready," he said, revving the engine.

/Not quite./

A card appeared on screen. A racetrack included in a Skyscraper 2 – Hero City, shrouded by rainbow-coloured energy. The Satellite's eyes widened as he read it, quickly memorizing it.

"This is…!"

/I got it made just for this./ The scientist said. /Now quickly get ready for launch./

"Right away!"

/Countdown! T minus 10!/

I've got to win, so that my friends are safe.


It's now or never!


This feeling… no wonder he got a new one made.


Let's go!


"Speed World EX, activate!"

/Dagonet, Launch!/

Instead of the usual blue hue of regular Speed World, this one was red. Yusei heart raced with excitement as he recited the famous words.

"Riding Duel! Acceleration!"

Yusei LP: 4000

/Searching for Opponents./

He grasped the accelerator firmly, revving the engine to set the Knightmare in motion. It kicked off, keeping slightly behind Lancelot.

/Yusei! We need to hurry! Release your landspinners!/

"If I could, I would."

/Opponent Found./

Opponent LP: 2000


F.D.G., Level 12, 5000/5000

Dragon's Rage, Imperial Custom

Three face-down cards.

The duelist's eyes widened as he looked at the screen.

"F.D.G? That monster's almost legendary! One clean hit and I'm gone." He cast a quickly glance at the Continuous Trap Cards. His eyes only widened more as he saw it. "This means I can't play defensively… Nor can I try to destroy the Dragon's Rage…"

/Turn Countdown! 10!/

"A countdown too, huh? Time to get moving! Draw!" He quickly drew his five cards plus one extra.

Yusei SPC: 1

/Turn Countdown! 6!/

"I summon Zero Gardna in attack mode and play two cards face-down!"

Zero Gardna, Level 4, 0/0

The Knightmare's right arm began to bend and change, turning into a large 0.

/3! 2! 1!/

/Battle Phase!/

Like I thought, it's not even entering the draw phase. However, I'm not getting speed counters like this…

Battle: F.D.G. – Zero Gardna

"I activate Zero Gardna's ability! By releasing it, I take no battle Damage for this turn!"

/Movement control, activate! Calculating path to success…/

"Path to success? That means… I have to drive my way out!"

The screen quickly came alive, zooming in and showing the incoming objects. At first glance, they looked like small hacky-sacks being thrown through the air. However, after listening to Cecile, he knew it was more. Too many hits and he would be down. One hit and three would hit. Three hits and nine would hit. End of story.

The screen began flicking, arrows appearing all along it. However, the bullets were incoming at an alarming rate.

/Path found!/

He grabbed the accelerator, thrusting as hard as he could.


The legs contracted, the sakuradite inside spinning rapidly as it supplied more power throughout the machine. It shot forward, blasting at a pace that almost caught up to Lancelot.

This speed…!

The arrow turned right, the duellist quickly following. Shots blasted right next to him, the bullets barely missing the arms. The right arm suddenly swung forward, knocking down the rest of the shots which were aimed at it.

/Lancelot Turn./

Yusei SPC: 2

"Wait… Lancelot? This is a Tag Duel?" Yusei cried, a bit on concern in his voice. "I didn't calculate for this… Wait, he's not duelling… How does this work?"

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Level 3, 1000/1000

Effect – Discard Card, special summon Lightsworn Monster.

Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid, level 3, 1200/1800

Card Face down.

"Lightsworns? That's a risky arch type." A scowl then came on the man's face. "What's he doing? Any attack hits and we're doomed. Unless…"

End Phase. Lightsworn Effects activate. Send 3 cards due to Lumina and 2 cards due to Aurkus from deck to graveyard.

"Six cards in one turn…"

/Battle Phase./

Trap Card, Activate! Limit Reverse. Special Summon Zero Gardna.

"He's using my cards!"

Lancelot dashed forward, speeding dangerously close to the next batch of bullets.

Trap Card Activate! Needle ceiling. Destroys all monsters on field when there are Four or more monsters on the field.

"With this, the real threat will be gone!"

Opponent Trap Card Activate! Ring of Destruction! Destroy one monster and deal damage to both players equal to its attack.

Opponent Trap Card Activate! Trap of Board Eraser! Can only be activated when damage to life points is going to be done. Damage is negated and opponent sends one card from their hand to the graveyard.

Trap activate! Shining Silver Force! Negate trap card which does effect damage and destroy all face up magic and trap cards.

He skid to an almost stop, before boosting off into a spiral across the pipe. He sped over the ceiling, dodging even more of the bullets.

"This play style… this movement… He's not being a decoy, he's going for it!" Yusei revved the engine, ploughing through the path send for him by the screen. "Suzaku, I'm with you all the way!"

Yusei's Turn.

Yusei SPC : 4

"Let's go! I summon Rockstone Warrior in attack mode!"

Opponent Trap activate. Call of the Haunted.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Level 12, 4500/3800

"To have something like that lurking in its graveyard… The opponent must be pulling out all the stops now…"

/Battle Phase!/

"It's faster than before!"

Battle – Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Rockstone Warrior.

"I receive no battle damage from battles involving Rockstone Warrior."

Cables shot out of the arms of Dagonet, piercing the walls of the pipeline. Metal was sucked in. Crunching and bending sounds came before a shield shot out. It only had five points which were made of metal. The four corners were white, with a small orb in the centre. The sheild itself was red, flashing yellow as it blocked some on the bullets.

"I never had something like this…"

"Wait, it's mimicking the Lancelot's shields?" Lloyd said in shock. "Wonderful! But how? I must know!"

"There are much more pressing issues at hand! Suzaku, what do you think you are doing?"

/Lancelot turn./

Yusei SPC: 5

/Ms. Cecile, It's time I use the VARIS./ the brown haired Japanese said, rushing closer to the cannon. The Knightmare Reached back, pulling out the large gun on its back.

Judgement Dragon, Level 8, 3000/2600

Summoned Due to four different Lightsworns being in graveyard.

/There's no room to evade! I'll risk getting blasted to take the first shot!/

Effect Activate. Pay 1000 Lifepoints, destroy all other cards on the field.

Yusei LP: 3000

The boy aimed, the gun charging. The Cannon did the same, changing everything it had for its final attack.

/Battle Phase!/

Judgement Dragon - Directly

Opponent LP : 0

The VARIS was fired, the blast shooting down the pipe. The Cannon fired as well, more shots than before going out.

However, it was useless. The VARIS destroyed the bullets, also taking out the cannon as well.


The cannon exploded, destroying that part of the pipe and launching the two Knightmares into the air.

"We've got to move!" Yusei said through the intercom.

/I know! But… Zero?/

He didn't know?

Boom! Boom!

Explosions went off in the hotel, engulfing the top floor in flames. The rest of the building began to crumble into flames as well.

/My friends!/ was all Yusei heard before seeing the white Knightmare rush off into the darkness and smoke.

However, his Runner failed to move. All it did was land on the bridge.

He revved the engine.


He pushed his foot.


"No… No!" the Satellite yelled, slamming his hand down. "Move! I can't let my friends die like this!"

The smoke cleared, with the white Knightmare standing. Alone.

"Suzaku… we couldn't… I'm…" He hung his head, clenching his fist as he slammed it again.

/My dear Britannians, have no fear./

The man looked up, seeing Zero's mask completely take over the screens of the cockpit.

/All of the hostages return to you safe and sound. I, Zero, return them to you unharmed./

His eyes widened and his fist loosened. "They're… they're alright!" Relief washed over the satellite as he heard those words. His relief was supported by one of the side screens zooming out from Zero and showing small inflatable boats, each filled with people.

Apart from a few scratches gotten from the explosions and seasickness, they all seemed alright. His eyes scanned the mass of boats, looking for a head of blonde or orange. It wasn't long before he saw the girls, sitting down in a dingy as they floated to shore.

The camera refocused on him. This time, it was further out, showing the darkness behind him. That didn't last for long though. Lights went off, showing a group of people behind him, each wearing black and black visors.

/We… are the Black Knights!/ he said loudly, catching everyone's attention. /We of the Black Knights stand with all those without weapons to wield. Regardless of whether they be Eleven or Britannian. The Japan Liberation Front cowardly took innocent Britannians hostage and mercilessly executed them. It was a wrong and meaningless act and therefore, they have been punished./

Yusei nodded his head slightly. "He sounds more like a revolutionary than a terrorist. The people of the satellite could use someone like him."

/Just as the former Viceroy Clovis was punished for the slaughter of countless Elevens, we could not stand by and let such cruelty be carried out, so he paid for he actions./

Suddenly, the screen cut off.

"…What?" Yusei said, checking the screen on his Runner. "I lost the signal? That can't be right."

Static covered the screens and sound, making a loud mush of noise.


The man swerved to the side, reflex working on its own.

The screens flickered on and off, working erratically.

Vorse Raider

The man's eye widened, his hand dropping the accelerator. "V…Vorse Raider…?"

And the end of another chapter. About time I start kicking this fic in gear, I don't want Zexal to end on me too before I finish.

Speed World EX
Each player can have a copy of this card on the field simultaneously. This card is automatically activated at the start of the Duel. If you activate a non-"Speed Spell" Spell Card, take 2000 damage. During each Standby Phase, starting on the 2nd turn of the Duel, place 1 Speed Counter on this card (max. 12 for each player). Reduce your number of Speed Counters by 1 for each multiple of 1000 damage you take from a single source. During your Main Phase, you can activate 1 of these effects:
● Select 1 face-up monster you control. Reduce your number of Speed Counters by 1 to increase the selected monster's Level by 1, until the End Phase.
● Select 1 face-up monster you control. Reduce your number of Speed Counters by 1 to decrease the selected monster's Level by 1, until the End Phase.
● Once per turn, select 1 face-up monster you control whose Level is equal to or lower than your number of Speed Counters. Reduce your number of Speed Counters by the selected monster's Level, and treat it as a Tuner monster while it is face-up on the field.
● Once per turn, select 1 monster in your Graveyard whose Level is equal to or lower than your number of Speed Counters. Reduce your number of Speed Counters by the selected monster's Level, and Special Summon it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE FROM X-BURNER 27: Thanks to my beta-reader for making this card and, well… doing his job.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE FROM PSYCHID: Wow, this went better than I thought! :D