E/O Drabble Challenge of the Week

Word: 'alert'

Word Count: 100 on the button

Sorry for posting late I had major writer's block!

Summary: Teenchester! Dean worries when Sam isn't in the motel. Enjoy!

Drunken Teen Nights

Alert. That's what he was. His eyes open and his heart races. Sitting up slowly he turns his head. The bed was empty. Silence. Pure silence.

How did he fall asleep? Sam's curfew was ten and it's now twelve.

Aching pain. Dean worries. He stands slowly and heads for the door, keys in hand.

Ring. Ring. It's his phone.



"Where are you?"

"Saloon." He slurs. "Downtown."

"How'd you end up there?"

"Dad's never here." Sam pauses, "He misses lot's of things."

"Yeah he does." Dean comments, "How ya feeling?"


" Stay there, kid. I'm on my way."