E/O Drabble Challenge of the Week

Word: control

Word Count: 100 words

Age: Sam: 16 Dean: 20

A/N: Okay guys this is it! The last chapter of this little story. Thank you too all my readers! I'm sorry for posting late I once again forgot the date and that it had been Sunday. These last one hundred words truly sum up all the emotion.

Chapter 10

Bags were packed and the beds were made and the motel key was returned too the front desk.

Sam and John still hadn't spoken since their argument the day before. Dean wanted too help them both but he had no control over the situation even though he felt a large amount of guilt.

"Car packed?" John asked.

"Yes sir." Dean stated as he entered the car.

"Sam you ready?" John asked flatly.

Sam paused, having learned a lot from his drunken teen night and hangover he nodded,

"Yeah I'm ready."

The impala then drove off towards a new hunt.