Edward follows his girlfriend, Victoria, from Forks to New York City where she works as a high-profile ad exec. There he meets Bella Swan, a bartender in the East Village who without even knowing it, forces Edward to pursue and admit what is really important to him, and vice versa. Rated M for drama, language, sex, etc. All human.

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Someone has their hand on the crack of my ass and is rocking me back and forth gently yet firmly enough so that my hipbones are being pushed deeper into the memory foam mattress. I hug the feather pillow that cradles my head like a newborn baby and dig my face into it, refusing to face reality.

"Fuck offfffffffff."

"Is that how you talk to your girlfriend?" Warm breath blows across my earlobe and the hand on my ass proceeds to crawl its fingernails up the line of my spine, deftly tracing intricate designs along my bare back.

"Huhhhh?" Ok, that's it. Where the fuck am I? I can hear the faint indications of traffic honking outside the window. Oh. Right. New York City. How'd I get here? I feel the hand begin to massage the base of my aching neck. Oh. Right. Victoria.

"Wake up, Eddy." French vanilla soap and body spray. Cinnamon breath. And a nickname that nobody who didn't want a black eye would ever dare utter, let alone live to say it again. Except....yep, it's definitely Victoria. I groan and roll onto my back, wrapped only in a crisp, white sheet from the waist down. I peel my eyelids away from my dry eyeballs to find her leaning over me looking absolutely stunning in a fitted black skirt-suit, her brilliant red hair pulled into a tight, yet intricate bun and wearing just enough makeup to accentuate her flawless features without making it look like she's trying too hard. She oozes the sexy, polished air of a successful advertising exec, which is ironic since that's precisely what she came to New York City from Forks, Washington to become.

"Hey, baby," she whispers, kissing my forehead damp with alcohol sweat from last night's celebration welcoming my arrival. "Did you enjoy your first night in the big city?" Ummm, as soon as I can get my brain to work, I'll tell you. Let me think.

- - Ah, yes, last night. I think it went something like this: A man holding a placard with my name scrawled across it was waiting for me at the airport and ushered me into a limo, whisking me and my one piece of luggage straight into Midtown where Victoria and several of her work colleagues were waiting for me at an uber-trendy eatery of some kind that served...um, I have no fucking idea what it served. Not that it mattered. I was drunk by the time the food hit the table. A very pleasant, very complimentary, very well-dressed, very openly gay and extremely attractive man flirted with me the entire night and from the moment the appetizers were served was no doubt picturing fucking me up against the bathroom stall of the men's room. Part of me wasn't entirely opposed to the notion. ---

I nod sleepily and stretch my arms up and over my head, realizing that I'm completely naked. I watch her eyes slowly snake down my body, taking me all in, down my long torso until they reach the sharp jut of my hipbones where the sheet of no doubt awesome thread count starts. She sighs in disappointment that her peep show is cut short and shrugs. "I'm going to be late." She picks up her briefcase and I check out her tight-ass. Hmm, I do remember that I enjoyed fucking her last night. I don't remember much else after the tenth sake, I have no clue how we got back to her apartment, but I do remember what it felt like to be back inside her after eight months, since she left Forks to take a position at a top advertising agency in NYC and leaving me back home to fend for myself against my father, Dr. Carlisle "non-supportive of his son's lack of enthusiasm for higher-education" Cullen" and my mother, Esme "unable to hide the disappointment in her eyes".

"So, what are you going to do today while I'm at work?" I hadn't made a move to get out of bed to hug or kiss her.

"Dunno. Haven't really thought about it." I can tell by the look on her face that's not the correct answer. Great. She's already disappointed. That didn't take long. She sighs and moves to get off the bed. I reach out and grab her wrist, pulling her back down to my chest.

"Vic, don't start, ok. I just got here last night. You proceeded to get me drunk and fuck my brains out. Now it's morning and I haven't been awake for more than thirty seconds. Do you expect me to already have job interviews lined up?" I give her a "lighten-up" grin and attempt to slide my hands up her extremely tight fitted blazer.

"You were going to to meet with an advisor at the law school. Remember? I already called the registrar's office and explained the situation."

"Yeah? And what, exactly, is the situation?" She was turning into my fucking mom.

"Oh Christ, Edward. Are we really going to go through this again? I thought we decided that law was the best route for you to pursue. My father and uncle are both practicing attorney's in Manhattan and they see great potential in you. And your father is 110% in favor of it. He knows you're a bit behind but he's confident that if he puts the right calls in to the right people, he should have no trouble getting you back on track. And then we can really start to build a life together."

Ahh. And there it was. The daily dig about my "wasted years" at community college. I roll my eyes and flip back onto my stomach. I feel her get off the bed and this time I let her.

"Fine. Be a child. I don't have time to argue about this now." Oh and I suppose I do, what with me not having a job or money or prospects. I'm just here to leech off you until I win the lottery. Hm, maybe I'll go by some scratch-offs while you're at your big important, life-saving job of greatness.

"Why don't you come by the office and have lunch with me this afternoon. I'll show you around." She forces a fake smile and opens the front door to HER apartment that I know I'll never be able to call home.

I return the fakeness and try to sound enthusiastic about my brand new life.

"Sure, babe. Sounds great."