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Warnings: SEX! This chapter is basically one giant sex scene. Not that I think most of my readers will mind.

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They stood that way for a moment, eyes locked and fingers intertwined. Chris shook his head, still thinking that maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. There was no way that Matt, his Matty was standing by his bed looking down right sinful. He sucked in a breath when Matt crawled onto the bed, straddling his waist and pushing him back until he was stretched out.

"Chrissy, I'm sorry." Matt breathed as he bent down and captured Chris's lips, prodding them apart with his tongue.

Matt's hands were splayed on Chris's chest, his fingertips just brushing Chris's nipples. The simple touch sent shock waves through Chris's body and he moaned into Matt's mouth. He brought his hands up and threaded them in Matt's hair, loving the way it slipped effortlessly through his fingers. When Chris's lungs burned for air, he pulled away, his eyes touching every point on Matt's face as if he was trying to commit it to memory. Matt cupped Chris's cheek and ran the pad of his thumb over Chris's bottom lip.

Chris flicked his tongue out and licked at Matt's thumb, his eyes now wandered down to what Matt was wearing. He felt himself hardening as he took in the black shirt and black pants, it was his fantasy come true. Before he lost himself in the fiery desire that was licking at him, he scowled up at Matt; anger taking control for a few moments.

"Now you believe me?" He barked, albeit there was really no heat behind it. "Why now?"

"Chris I'm sorry. I should have waited and let you tell your side of the story instead of jumping to conclusions." Matt hung his head and Chris felt tears plop down onto his chest. "You were right, I shouldn't have given up on us so quickly. I'm so sorry Chrissy and if you don't forgive me I-I'll understand."

"I shouldn't. After all you've been nothing but a giant tease, and you know how I hate teases." Chris smiled as he ran his hand up Matt's leg to his inner thigh. "What do you think I should do to you?"

"Nothing." Matt said quickly, making Chris look at him like he was insane.


"Nothing. You're hurt Chris." Matt said, holding up a hand to silence Chris before he could speak. "Just let me do all the work."

Matt climbed off of Chris, kissing him to quell the words that were on his lips. When he pulled away he slowly peeled the shirt off, making sure that he didn't rip it and tossed it over to the other side of the room. Then he hooked his thumbs inside the pants and after unbuttoning them shimmied until they slid down his legs. He kept his eyes locked with Chris as he then crawled back on top. Chris's eyes were burning as Matt bent his head again and licked at his neck, nipping lightly to make him groan. Matt then licked his way to Chris's nipples, nipping at them until they were hard pebbles.

Lovingly Matt kissed his way down Chris's chest to his abdomen, dipping his tongue into Chris's navel, making him shiver and moan aloud. Gently Matt slipped Chris's boxers down over his legs then skimmed his hands back up to Chris's inner thighs. Gripping Chris's thighs tightly he took as much of Chris's length in his mouth as he could. Chris's hands were back in his hair, guiding Matt slowly up and down as he panted and whimpered above him.

"Touch me Matty…I wanna feel your hands." Chris pleaded.

Obediently Matt slid his hand up as he was going down, scraping his teeth lightly along the shaft. He laved the straining member with his tongue, cleaning the head of it's sticky treat. Chris started to buck into Matt's mouth and Matt knew that he was getting close. As much as Matt wanted to taste his lover after all the time apart he wanted Chris buried inside of him much, much more. Matt stopped moving and gripped the base tightly, staving off Chris's release. Matt then slithered up Chris's body, kissing him deeply as he positioned himself then pushed himself slowly down on Chris's shaft.

Chris gripped his biceps, his fingers biting into the muscles as he thrust up; filling Matt completely. Chris's blood ran sluggishly through his veins as Matt started to move, his moans and whimpers making Chris even harder than before. He moved his hands from Matt's biceps to Matt's hips, gripping them and holding him as he started to thrust up hard into him.

"C-Chris….you're not supposed to…." Matt didn't finish his sentence; Chris had hit his prostate and he growled as he ground himself against Chris.

Matt reached down and unlocked Chris's hands from his hips, pinning them above his head as he reset the pace. Slowly he raised up til only the tip was inside him and tightened his muscles on each downwards thrust. Matt's hair was stuck to his face and he could see the sweat dotting Chris's face. Matt kissed Chris, thrusting his tongue in and out of Chris's mouth like Chris was thrusting in out of his quivering body. He knew Chris was getting close, Chris's eyes were closed and he began chewing his bottom lip when Matt pulled away.

"Cum for me Chrissy." Matt breathed as licked at Chris's pulse.

The low husky sound of his voice triggered Chris's release and he thrust into Matt a couple more times before shooting his load deep inside Matt. The feeling of Chris's hot, thick seed splashing inside of him pushed Matt over and he groaned into Chris's neck, biting down as he rode out the after shocks. Matt sighed and moved off of Chris, stretching out next to him and pulling Chris into his arms. Matt ran his fingers through Chris's sweaty hair, breathing deep the smell of Chris's cologne. Even though his body was completely exhausted, Matt's mind was still firing and was sending semi panicked messages to his body.

"Do you forgive me Chris?" He whispered, his body rigid as he waited for Chris's response.

"I once was lost but now I'm found." Was all Chris murmured as he fell asleep on Matt's chest.

"You'll never be lost again. I'll always find you. I promise." Matt whispered as he kissed the top of Chris's head before he pulled Chris closer; falling a sleep with smile on his face.