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Haven't you had enough?

Chapter 1

Fate or Accident?

It wasn't so long ago that a girl named Serena fell in love with the idea of being in love. She used to spend long hours dreaming about what it would feel like being actually in love, and she also used to dream about that magnificent man that would make her feel like falling head over heels.

She wondered if perhaps her Prince Charming could be one of her classmates or close friends. She also wondered how it would feel to kiss them or even feel just the innocent act of holding their hands. In all her 14 years of life, the girl would always fantasize of that genuine idea; love.

During school, she would also spend that time daydreaming of having someone to love. All of her notebooks books would collect a series of drawings that showed exactly what she wanted, a relationship; not to her father content of course, since he was a very jealous man of his younger daughter.

He would also worry of the day a boy would notice her beauty inherited of one perfect woman, his wife. Oh yes! Ken Tsukino worried a lot of the day her beautiful Serena would turn into a woman and another man would take her away from his care.

Time passed and Serena started losing her patience on the fact that no one had asked her out. What could she possibly be doing wrong? She always had her hair and teeth brushed. She always wore ironed clothes and perfume. What was she doing wrong?

The thing she was doing wrong had nothing to do with her in fact.

Our story begins on that terrible thing Serena didn't meant to do that set her dating life for good, or at least until one boy had the courage to ask her out.

No! She is not freighting at all! Just hear me out and you will understand why.

It was a Friday morning when Serena met her friends in the nearby park to go to school. She was running late as usual, so her running was a little justified. Then a very short breath Serena greeted her friends.

"Hhhhhi gggguys! " said Serena.

"Did you oversleep again? " said a very angry Rei, one of Serena's close friends who was the only child of a very celebrated politician, but because of his busy schedule sent her to be raised by his own father, an old priest from an old temple.

"I'm sorry you guys, seems like I may have to get another alarm clock" Serena said, blushing a bit out of embarrassment.

"I don't think that what you need is an alarm clock" said Rei a little bit angrier.

"What do you mean by that?" Serena asked, hurt by the comment.

"Whatever, let's just get going or we are never gonna get to school in time" said Lita, another of Serena's friends, a very tall, brunette girl that had a certain glint in her green eyes.

"Yes, I cannot afford another red mark on my attendance record!" said Amy, a genius girl that was an expert in chess and swimming that became friends with Serena not so long ago.

"Oh come on Amy that happened once!" said Mina, the last one of the group, a transferred student from England who always had a bright smile on her face and a very bubbly personality but that at times could be even clumsier that Serena herself.

"I don't care let's go, hurry up guys!" said Amy pulling both Serena and Rei from a staring match that had being going on like forever.

Fortunately, especially for Amy, they got to class just in time. They took separate ways as soon as they reached the school. During Friday mornings they had their elective class. So, Serena and Mina went to their Drama class, Lita went to her Cooking class; Rei went to her Music class, while Amy went to her Advanced Calculus class. It all looked like a very normal day until Serena crashed with a very tall looking wall. It was her habit not to look where she was going, so the casualty was inevitable.

Serena was walking backwards while talking to Mina about a guy she saw the day before at the bus stop and thought was really cute. Then, when she was starting to turn around, the unexpected wall came to her. She lost all of her balanced and decided that it would be more convenient to grab something, anything to avoid her fall. She then took the wall's arm to maintain her balance but by doing this the wall lost its. The wall then fell over poor Serena who was just recognizing the fact that the wall was in fact a person; and no ordinary person by any chance. Serena knew from long ago this person. They both looked straight into each others eyes…the person recognized her from somewhere and smiled. That was when Mina realized her friend's condition. So, something had to be done...she couldn't possibly leave her like, not that Serena was complaining.

"Serena, are you ok?" said Mina looking at them both and starting to kneel down and help her friend.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry" said Serena coming back to Earth just a little bit more flushed than before she arrived to meet her friends. Of course the color of her cheeks only intensified when she realized completely who she had crashed into. The person stood up from above her, while she was being helped by Mina to get up as well. Not looking into the person's eyes she tried to gather her things with Mina's help, who was trying with all of her will not to laugh her brains out at seeing Serena's reaction.

"Don't worry; just be a little bit more careful next time you decide to crash into someone." said Serena's crash victim with a bit of a harsh tone, the person looked really pissed too. But Serena did not take the comment all too well, to say the least.

"I said I'm sorry you great jerk! Seriously I already apologized, but nooooo. You think you can actually walk through the school's hallways without actually recognizing the fact that there are other people walking here too? Do you actually think you are some kind of king in the school that people have to move their way to give pass to you? You know what? Whatever! Come on Mina!" shouted a very pissed Serena graving Mina's arm who was almost crying from her reframe to laugh.

Steps later Mina decided to talk again.

"Serena, come on! That poor guy didn't do anything! Well... almost nothing. Why are you so angry? You look like you are about to have a panic attack, well no wonder…after that meltdown you had … what happened?" said Mina who now was laughing really hard. Yes, Serena's victim was indeed a young man.

"What are you laughing about? That guy was a real ass!" said Serena, now trying to contain herself from crying.

"First, the guy was Darien Shields" said Mina.

"I know who he was! Yes… I just committed social suicide" said Serena just realizing what just happened.

"No, I don't think he is like that at all." said Mina.

"Then what?" said Serena really confused.

"I think he likes you!" said Mina really cheery and happy about Serena's little accident.

"And you say I have a problem with my daydreaming, come on Mina! We are late!" said Serena hurrying Mina up to the school theater.

"I still think he likes you. He was smiling when you met eyes with him. Serena, are you listening to me?" said Mina, who actually taught of herself as a goddess of love delegate on Earth… … … and yes she thought that Serena had a problem with daydreaming.

"No just shut up! We are late!" said Serena just as they arrive to their drama class.

Crashing into some popular guy doesn't sound as much when you think about it. Yelling at him… maybe. The whole school watching while yelling at him… now we are getting somewhere, but Mina was actually right, Serena not only had a problem with daydreaming: Darien wasn't a real jerk like Serena said, well maybe a little, but not completely.

Although that crash made Darien Shields realize something. The eyes of that girl! They were full of life; they had a shine that he hadn't seen in a very long time. He had dreamed of those eyes every single night when he was younger. He swore to himself to find those eyes. That girl, that peculiar girl, that snappish girl had those eyes. He needed to meet her, to know her name. He needed to know that girl!

"Darien!" called Darien's friend.

"What?" said Darien coming out of his thoughts.

"Welcome back!" said Darien's friend.

"What the hell is your problem Andrew?" said Darien.

"You just seemed a little distracted and in the middle of the school's corridor looking at nothing, that's all." said Andrew closing his locker as he talked to Darien.

"Do you know that girl from… well I don't know which grade she's in, but she was heading to drama… she was blonde, had blue eyes…" said Darien still thinking only of that beautiful blonde girl.

"What the hell are you talking about? Half the girls on our school are blonde!" said Andrew giving Darien a weird look on his face.

"Yeah but she had really long hair." said Dairen. "Do you know her?"

"Why do you immediately assume that I know her?" said Andrew starting to head to the soccer field.

"Well because you know everyone since you work at The Crown. Come on Andrew, I know you know." said Darien catching up to him.

"I know, but I'm not gonna tell you." said Andrew.

"Give me one perfectly good reason why not!" said Darien starting to get pissed.

"You have a girlfriend you idiot!" said Andrew.

"Damn it! You are right." said Darien.

"Of course I'm right. Did you forget about her while being all over another school girl?" said Andrew

"You saw that?" asked Darien.

"Of course I saw that! Probably everyone at school saw that!" said Andrew.

"Will you shut up Andrew? I just wanted to… … … well just shut up!" said Darien very frustrated and pulling back his hair.

"Sorry man, but I don't wanna see you hurt Serena's feelings, she is my friend." said Andrew.

Then a glint in Darien's eyes showed. Bingo! He thought. "Well, I guess I understand that Andrew." said Darien realizing Andrew's innocent mistake. "Just let me tell you that you my friend are a great idiot."

"What are you talking about?" said a very confused Andrew.

"Nothing man, nothing at all." finished Darien with a smirk on his face. Andrew being who he was didn't realize his mistake, and Darien wasn't going to let him know just yet.

So I guess you all know by now that Serena's mistake was crashing into the school's most popular guy, Darien Shields. But how was crashing into him social suicide? Well it wasn't, not really. The social suicide came moments after the crash.

"Where are you going?" asked Andrew to Darien who out of the blue was staring to go in the opposite direction from his class.

"Tell Mr. Collins that I will talk to him later; I have something to do" yelled Darien to Andrew as he started to run through the school corridor.

"Darien! Dairen, wait!" yelled Andrew back at his friend who couldn't possibly hear him now. "Where, could Darien be heading? Wait. That way is the school theater" said Andrew to himself, but why; was all he thought.

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