Chapter 30

The show must go on

Her parents, Birdie, Darien's parents, Diamond's parents, Annaleigh and her parents where already there.

"Thank you all for coming in such short notice. I am aware that the school's play had to be cancelled and I am sorry for the inconvenience" Headmaster Carter said taking his seat. "Now Ms. Tsukino" he said to Birdie "If you please". Birdie stood up from her seat and moved in between what seem a very crowded room, to the Headmaster's desk to connect her laptop to a projector. She typed in some commands and then an image came to a larger screen in the Headmaster's desk as well.

It was Birdie and the seal of her school was in it. Serena had seen it a thousand times before since she had to watch every single documentary she did. Her father was so proud she had inherited something good from him.

Music instructed that the documentary was about to begin and so she began to speak "Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Beatrix Tsukino and I am a reporter for the East Boston High Post. Today will have an interesting topic. Today, unlike any other day we'll take part on a story that most of us know is happening, but we do little to stop. What is really going on in teen relationships? Are they advisable and what do the parents really know about them? We'll have the very high and the very low of them today" Images of schools kids went on as the documentary followed. "I talked to a large number of people when I did this project. During these interviews I found several boys and girls that at early ages they already had boyfriends or girlfriends and they hadn't even told their parents"

Interview #1

"Would your parents approve?" Birdie asked a girl

"Not at all" the girl said

"How old are you?" Birdie asked

"I've just turned twelve" the girl said.

"Don't you think that's a little young to have a boyfriend?" Birdie asked.

"All my friends have boyfriends. I don't want to be the only one without one, 'cause then, who will I hang out with?" the girl said.

Documentary follows

"But this really isn't the only thing happening. Kids are entering their puberty having boyfriends and girlfriends just because it's in. What happens with the older kids?" Birdie said.

Interview #2

"How old are you?" Birdie asked and Serena recognized the girl, it was a classmate of Darien's, her name was Michiru Kaioh.

"I'm eighteen" she said pulling away her beautiful hair off of her face.

"And do your parents know you are gay?" Birdie asked.

"They do" she answered.

"How long have they known?" Birdie asked.

"I came out to my parents when I was about sixteen. I was fortunate enough that they had an open mind and they understood. I mean, it wasn't a total shocker for them" she said.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Birdie asked.

"I do, actually"

"How you two met? Or how long have you two being a couple"

"We are in the same class and I guess we both knew at some point that we were into each other but never had actually said anything I think for fear of rejection, which is pretty common, much more when you are gay and in high school. And I have flirted with guys; I am not going to lie. You know? At our age we do a lot of stuff and sometimes we feel confused about who we are, but that doesn't change the fact that you like girls a certain way, you know?" Michiru said.

"Care to explain about the stuff we teens do?" Birdie asked.

"We go to parties" Michiru started "Things happen, and they sometimes get totally out of control, you know? There's booze everywhere, lots of it. It's like so easy in the kind of world we live, you know? Our parents are freaking CEO's of every single company in Wall Street, of course there's alcohol, of course there's partying… and things get totally out of control. Kids grow up thinking they own the damn world and so they think they are entitled to a lot of stuff they aren't" Michiru said.

Documentary follows

"Even though she was drifting off topic, I felt intrigued and wanted to ask. Which seemed like the right thing to do? Something told me that a story was wielding up here" Birdie said

Interview continues

"Like what?" Birdie asked.

"At a party, a year back. This guy… he started kissing me and when I wanted to stop, he went completely nuts. I mean, like he threw me against this wall because he felt that we had started something and he wanted to finish. I was in luck, my girlfriend found me and so he stopped. But then I realized that he started a rumor about me" Michiru said

"What was the rumor about?" Birdie said

"That I had slept with him, which is such a lie, I would never" Michiru said.

"Oh my God! What dirt bag! Whose they guy?" Birdie asked.

"Diamond Blackmoon" Michiru said.

Birdie had to stop the documentary because Diamond had started such chaos in the room. His parents had to stop him from making a complete disaster. After he calmed down the documentary continued.

"After listening about this Diamond character, I had to find out more. And more was what I found" Birdie continued with interviews to girls from all grades from Serena's school telling stories about Diamond. How he always started nice but then, always forced them to kiss him or even have sex with him. Then, a shocking interview came.

"What's your story with him" Birdie asked

"I think I was about sixteen, maybe younger. We were at a party in his place. I was in a very bad place. I didn't have that many friends, and I was lost, I still felt lots of guilt and bad feeling towards my sister's death. I started making very bad choices" it was Annaleigh who was talking, they were talking via Skype.

"What happened at the party?" Birdie asked, she was in Serena's room making the interview. She couldn't believe the extend of the project her sister, Darien and Annaleigh were in.

"I had a lot to drink in the party and he took me to this room and we started kissing. I didn't want to do it, but I didn't know how to stop it either. Every time I tried to leave or stop he would force me back to bed until we finally had sex. I hated every second of it" Annaleigh said looking sad. "He got me pregnant"

The room came completely silent and everybody looked at Annaleigh.

The documentary continued.

"I lost the baby… I had a miscarriage; I was like, maybe three or four months? He told me to get rid of the problem. He gave me money to go to an appointment in New York, but I didn't, I had already lost the baby. I went to New York anyway to do a modeling competition, he never found out I lost the baby. I guess he wouldn't even have cared".

Birdie stopped the documentary.

"You can't prove any of that" Diamond said.

"Oh son!" his mother said disappointed.

"The other Ms. Tsukino here present, very kindly gave us a recorded conversation you two had yesterday" Headmaster Carter said. "In this video you agreed having impregnated Ms. Roberts, Diamond" he said. Diamond paled at this revelation and looked over at Serena. "She also showed us some bruises on her arms from an altercation you had with her on your house three days ago. Your brother confirmed what happened. Your parents witnessed this"

"The Roberts's and Tsukino's lawyers have cut a deal with your family" Headmaster Carter announced.

"No one in this room will take this matter public or press charges in exchange of you going to a rehab facility for sexual addictions. After this, you are going away" Annaleigh said.

"Where to?" Diamond asked

Annaleigh smiled. "Far, far away" she said. "It's over". Annaleigh stepped closer to him and whispered just high enough for him to hear. "I found him, and you will never see him in your life" she stepped back and walked beside her parents and left the room.

"Mr. Blackmoon, you are excused as well. And I am afraid you are not welcome anymore in the school's grounds" Headmaster Carter said signaling the door, Diamond's parents ushered him to it and he left as well.

"So, Mr. Shields? Care to share anything with us?" Headmaster Carter asked.

Darien said nothing. "Anything Harvard, Yale or Columbia might be interested in knowing?" Headmaster Carter asked again.

"It was my idea, the video. I knew we needed enough evidence to make a point, to make a stand. I know it was sneaky, but I just couldn't aloud knowing what was happening and doing nothing. I convinced Annaleigh of going forward, I knew it was her testimony our whole case, and Serena's video just proved it" Darien said defending his actions.

"Very well" Headmaster Carter said.

"Are you going to call the schools?" Darien asked.

"Mr. Shields you are in luck, this matter is sealed, as far all we know, Mr. Blackmoon's expulsion was due to another subject entirely. You should know that it was in your luck Ms. Roberts parents wanted to cut the deal, if they hadn't and all the facts of the case have come to light, I would have expelled you as well…for misused of power and unethical behavior. You may go" Headmaster Carter commanded, he had his "I am disappointed in all of you" look in his eyes, but Darien didn't want to push the subject further … but he did anyway "What is going to happen to Annaleigh?"

"Ms. Roberts already graduated. She has her degree and she is leaving for Oxford this fall. Looks like everybody planned the timing perfectly" Headmaster Carter said. Darien definitely didn't want to push the subject any further after that comment so he left the room in the company of his aunt and uncle who patted gently his back.

After they left, Serena's family was the only one left.

"Ms. Beatrix Tsukino, is this going to be the last documentary done in my school?" Headmaster Carter asked.

"Yes sir" Birdie said.

"Good, you may go" Headmaster Carter commanded. Serena stood from her chair as well, but was stopped by the headmaster.

"A word with the youngest Ms. Tsukino if I may, please?" Serena looked at her parents and both of them nodded.

Serena sat down again and felt the heavy look of her headmaster coming upon her.

"Serena, I believe you have quiet the record of failed attendances, sleeping in class, not paying attention and you even came to have detention on your very first day in school!" Headmaster Carter recounted.

"I'm not proud sir" Serena whispered.

"Good…" and he let a breath out "Serena, if you ever find yourself in the position you were in, please notify to a professor, your parents to me personally… Annaleigh should have and because she didn't you could have being hurt. For Goodness, it's not enough to be brave and try to hide your feelings when something wrong is happening. Promise me that you will be smatter from now on, that you will report any incident you are not comfortable with, even if that doesn't make you cool" Serena didn't mean to giggle at that but she did.

"I promise" she said to the Headmaster.

"Thank God. Now… Mr. and Mrs. Lambert did praise your theatrical abilities, I am sorry you were not able to showcase them in full. Perhaps the play should be postponed to say… the beginning of next year? Give you time to learn properly every line?" Headmaster offered.

"A summer drama club?" Serena asked.

"That would be lovely indeed" Headmaster Carlton agreed and let her go.

Serena finally left the Headmaster's office. She was free of Diamond, her nightmare was over.

The veil of fear was lifted from her body. Diamond was going away; she would never have to see him again. All the pain she felt keeping secrets was gone. She was fear free because the man that threatened her, that stalked her, was gone. She opened the door from the Headmaster's office and stepped outside feeling happy, feeling finally able to breathe, to laugh, to love her friends, her family and Darien without any repercussion. Her nightmare was over.

She saw Darien talking to his uncles; he turned to look at her and gave a look, wanting to ask if everything was alright? She answered him with a smile. Everything was alright.

She started to walk towards him but was abruptly stopped by a strange force.

The feeling of being trapped against a wall? Had she just being pushed to a wall and her senses failed for a second? She felt a bump in her head.

"It's because of you!" Diamond yelled at her. By this minute Darien, her father and Diamond's father were trying to get him away from her.

"It's all because of you! You are going to pay for this Serena! Listen to me! You are going to pay for this!" He continued to yell.

"Walk away, son" Kenshin said menacingly and Diamond left her and walked away.

"Serena, are you alright?" Darien asked her.

"Yeah, I am fine" Serena said hugging Darien.

"Why don't we all go for a meal, I think we could all use the opportunity to rewind and think about something else" Ikuko offered going to her daughter, holding her arms open so Serena would hug her as well.

"P.F. Chang's?" said Ken.

"Dad, no offense but I am in no mood to celebrate" Serena said now hugging her mother.

"Serena, you shouldn't let a bad memory define your whole life" Darien said to her. Wasn't that exactly what she had let happen?

"Well, I am dying to eat those lettuce wraps again" Serena said shyly.

"See Bunny? Everything is going to be alright" Serena's dad assured her.

"Tell you what, why don't you and Darien take my car and John and I will take a ride with your parents. That will give us all a chance to catch up" Sylvia said giving her keys to Darien.

"Sounds great" Darien and Serena said. He took her hand and let her to the school's parking lot where, hand in hand they walk looking for Sylvia's black Prius.

Suddenly, as Darien was about to open the passenger's door, he pushed a startled Serena to the side of the car.

"What are you doing?" she asked seeing how Darien was rapidly approaching to her.

"I am going to kiss you. Long, hard, with tongue. Trust me" he whispered to her ear. Serena felt a thrill going down her spine. She felt his lips on hers just as the same time he moved his hands to her head to make the kiss even more intense. It was amazing.

"Thank you" she said after the delicious kiss was over.

"I hope this is not going to be the last one" Serena said.

"Not if I have a say in that, I want to spend the rest of my life kissing you" Darien said, kissing her forehead. "Come on Buns" he said and they got in the car.

Soon, they were driving along the highway that was supposed to lead them where the nearest P. 's was. They were supposed to meet their parents there. Nevertheless, when they were in the highway, a black sedan was approaching them quickly.

"Darien, that car is being following us for a while" Serena said, concern in both her eyes and voice.

"Yeah, since the last five miles I think" Darien said, concerned as well, watching the car on the rearview mirror. "What the hell!" Darien yelled as the car behind them crashed against them. Darien didn't stop the car, if anything; he was going even faster, trying desperately to lose the crazy guy behind them. "Are you alright Serena?" Darien yelled.

"Darien, what is going on?! Why is that guy trying to hurt us?" Serena cried; she was scared.

Darien didn't answer, he just changed lanes, but every time he did, the guy did as well.

Darien then made a sudden U turn, looking once more to lose the guy. But as he did the turn, the black sedan did as well, hitting their car once more. The hit was so strong that they felt how the force was sending them through the sky. Serena couldn't believe her eyes; the car was making a turn in the sky. The only thing she thought was protect his head. Darien reacted in the same instant as she remembered five years ago; he undid his security belt to hug her, trying to protect him from the fall.

When he made contact with her in that semi-second, as in slow motion, she covered his head with her hand.

She did not remember the crash, just the pain, excruciating pain in her arm.

"Sweetheart, my name is Doctor Scott. You were in a car crash. Can you hear me? If you can, please say something" a voice said, Serena didn't open her eyes, but her brain told her that she must ask something. Where is he? Where is Darien? She tried to say his name but her mouth was making much sense.

"What was that sweetheart?" the voice said again.

"Darien!" she cried more clearly.

"That must be the other boy we found in the car" the voice hush, probably to someone else. "He is going to the hospital; we need to take you there now"

Serena felt movement around her and strong noises she couldn't distinguish. Where am I? What happened? Where is Darien? She kept asking herself.

Lots of liquid she felt going down her face. Blood perhaps? But the pain… the strongest pain was coming from her hand. The hand she draw with, she felt a large wound, acid falling through her arm, like fire, consuming her.

"Did you found it?" The voice hushed again. "Yes, maybe they will be able to attached it again, was a clean cut" the other voice answered. In that moment she opened her eyes. She knew what they were talking about. She saw it for herself. When she did, she moved her head and threw up.

Serena didn't remember much after that, she tried to stay awake, but couldn't.

Beeps, Peeps, tubes, sounds, screams, light, and pain.

She did answer when she was awake: My name is Serena Tsukino. I am from 10th City. My mom's number is: 555-09-87-56. Where is Darien? Is he alive? And please try to save my arm!

Twenty three hours past.

She opened again her eyes, still groggy from the medication.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty. How are you feeling?" Annaleigh asked her.

"Leigh? What happened?" Serena asked in hoarse voice.

"Don't try to say too much. You had an accident"

"Why are you dressed in black? Where is Darien?!" Serena cried.

"Hush, Serena! You are going to wake him up. He is the room right next to you; he came back from his surgery two hours ago. The ambulance brought him in, soon after that they took him for an MRI: a scan of his brain. They found a tumor, and they got it out. He is going to recover… You saved his life" Annaleigh said.

"He is fine? He is going to live?" Serena asked again.

"Yes" Annaleigh answered.

"Does he remember? Does he remember me?" Serena asked.

"I don't know" Annaleigh answered.

"And why are you dressed like this? Where are my parents? Is your sister alright? She didn't die, did she? Serena demanded quickly.

"Slow down! Your parents are in your house for a change of clothes, I said I could babysit you before the funeral. My sister if fine, she is recovering, from her seizure, she hasn't had anything else since that episode. Thank God the cancer didn't spread. She is going to need more quimo though, but she is strong, she will take it. Serena, the reason I am going to a funeral, it's because the person that crashed their car with yours is dead. That person was a student in the Academy and since Darien can't go, I am filling in for him"

"Who was it?" Serena asked.

"Emerald Green" Annaleigh said in a hush voice.

"Oh my God! I can't believe it; I thought it was Diamond, that he hated us so much that he wanted to kill us. But I can't believe Emerald is dead"

"Diamond is Montana by now, he won't hurt any of us anymore. Emerald… I can't imagine why she did, what she did. What I do know is that she was complety blinded by Diamond... I suspect he, somehow had something to do with all of this, but I just can't prove it. It's just a hunch. Emerald had being saving so much hatred in her heart that she couldn't see clearly. She was jealous of many things, including you. I hope that now she finds peace whereever she is" Annaleigh finished. After their conversation, a nurse came in to check on Serena's vitals and she asked when she could see Darien.

"They are in love" Annaleigh said to the nurse.

They told Serena that right now, she couldn't, she needed to focus in her recovery. That's when she noticed her arm. She didn't feel much pain, perhaps because of the heavy dosage of morphine she felt in her organism. Her arm was attached to a whole series of bandages and wires.

The nurse explained her that during her accident she suffered an amputation. Since it was a clean cut, the surgeons got a change to re-attach it.

After this, the attending in charge of her case got in her room to make rounds with his interns. They presented her case.

Serena Tsukino, 14 years old. Car crash victim, trauma in her right arm. Got an amputation from below her elbow. Surgery was performed to re-attach it. Pinkness in her arm showed that blood supply was restored and that probably the recovery could take about six months. Due to some complications with the nerves, she was probably going to present numbness and involuntary movements from time to time.

Serena let a tear fall. She probably wasn't going to be able to draw like she did before.

The next day, she got a visitor. His head has completely bandaged. His eyes remained the same shade of midnight blue and his mouth was asking how was she feeling.

"You are alive, that's all I care about"

"You saved my life Buns"

"You saved mine first"

"I remember…" Serena looked in his eyes again. "I remember everything" and he smiled.

Love above all.

The end.

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