I know, I know, I'm like two weeks behind on this challenge. I just haven't found the time to actually sit down and write until now. Anyways, here's my take on Verkisto's Chuck Me Mondays challenge. Hopefully I can catch up to Tango by this week!

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Crystal Versus the Chuck Me Mondays Challenge

Episode drabbles by crystalelements

Chuck Versus the Pilot

The two agents stood side by side, the tension between them noticeable even on the fuzzy screen. She wouldn't blame them, of course; from the looks of it, Larkin was proving to be a pain in the ass even after getting himself shot.

The Director of the NSA glanced disdainfully at her CIA counterpart before focusing her attention to the agents on screen. "So you're telling me that the computer that held all of our secrets has been downloaded into the brain of a…" her eyes narrowed in disbelief, "…civilian?"

The blonde CIA agent nodded curtly. "He opened the e-mail sent by Agent Larkin two nights ago. Apparently the two were roommates in college, but the civilian mentioned that they hadn't had any contact in years. We're not sure why he was the one to receive the e-mail."

Major Casey clasped his hands behind his back, a look of obvious annoyance written on his face. "Either way, the kid's proving to be a pain already. Won't cooperate with us unless his family and friends are left out of it. He won't go easily into the bunker."

Beckman raised a skeptical brow. "So what exactly do you propose we do, Major Casey? Let a human computer run around Burbank spouting government secrets wherever and whenever he chooses?"

"General, if I may cut in," The blonde said quickly, eyes flickering between her superior and Beckman, "I've been interacting with the civilian ever since he saw that e-mail. He seems to be a normal guy who most likely wants nothing more than to get his normal life back. I think that if we can promise him that, without causing any harm to his family and friends, he'll agree to our terms temporarily, at least until we have more of an idea of what we're dealing with."

Beckman stared at the CIA agent, who seemed to shrink back a bit at the hard look. "Agent Walker, am I correct?" Walker nodded once, expression unreadable. "I understand your perspective. However, we still have no idea what this man is capable of, nor do we have any idea of how the Intersect process works in that brain of his. We'll have to bring him in for testing, and if he has to be bunkered, then so be it."

Walker opened her mouth to protest, but Graham held up a hand before the words tumbled out. He turned to Beckman. "This is unlike anything we've ever dealt with before, Beckman. We can't make the same decisions as we would in any other situation. I suggest we ride this out, see what happens as time progresses." He picked up the report in front of him and handed it to the NSA Director. "Not only did Chuck Bartowski utilize the Intersect's information to find that bomb, he used his own…" He hesitated for a moment – "…methods…to defuse it. Maybe he'll be of more help to us than we think."

Beckman pursed her lips. After a long beat, the hard look returned, and she turned to the screen with a new air of certainty. "Major Casey, you've just been given a reassignment. Operation Chuck is officially in effect starting today. Watch over him, and make sure he doesn't do anything that will harm himself or that damn computer in his head."

Graham leaned towards the screen. "Sarah, you're on this assignment as well. I hope you're ready for a new partner, because Major Casey is who you'll be stuck with for as long as Operation Chuck lasts." The two agents bristled, apparently not happy with the arrangements, but nodded in affirmation. "Good luck."

Beckman fixed them both with a penetrating stare. "Use that information in Chuck's head, agents. Your covers will be set up before morning. We'll check in daily for updates, but for now, be ready for your next debriefing at 0900 sharp."

The last thing she saw before ending the conference feed was the looks on both Casey's and Walker's faces. The feelings behind those expressions were not lost on her, either. She spun to face Graham, composure cracking slightly. "I hope your agent's assumptions are correct, Graham," she hissed. "We can't afford to screw this up."

Graham made his way over to the window overlooking the bustling streets of DC. "There are risks no matter which way we turn. Right now, given the circumstances, this is our best option."

"Let's hope you're right," Beckman muttered, pressing the intercom button to her right. "I want video feeds set up in all the locations that Bartowski regularly visits, as well as any footage you can find from the past two days! Patch me into the Department of Internal Affairs, we need covers set up as soon as possible!" Her eyes flickered over to the Director of the CIA, who was barking out his own commands into the cellphone at his ear. Their gazes connected, and she was almost positive that, for once, they were thinking the exact same thing:

'Damn you, Bryce Larkin, you rogue son of a bitch.'

Ahaha. I love you, Bryce. xD