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Crystal Versus the Chuck Me Mondays Challenge

Episode drabbles by crystalelements

Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

Sarah heaves a frustrated sigh as she slams the door of her Porsche and makes her way across the parking lot. As much as she loves her profession, working undercover at a fast food frying pit is not how she had envisioned spending her days in L.A. Oh, no - instead of finishing up her report and getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation in her hotel room, she gets to waste her afternoon with yet another shift at the Weinerlicious. She spares a glace at her ridiculous uniform and sighs again.

Oh, the joys of being a secret agent…

Sarah's almost at the entrance when she stops short, immediately recognizing the brunette hesitating outside the door. She blinks in surprise.


The elder Bartowski spins around, and for a split second Sarah catches a flicker of emotion in her eyes. But then Ellie breaks out into a smile, and the look is gone.

"Sarah, hey! Thank god, for a moment I thought you might've taken off work today."

Sarah shifts awkwardly. "Um, no, I'm just running a bit late. Sorry, were you…waiting for me?"

"Oh, no," Ellie says quickly, shaking her head, "I just got here. It's completely fine."

Sarah offers a small smile before the two lapse into silence, unsure what to do next. To say that the moment is uncomfortable is an understatement; it's the first time Sarah has ever been alone with Chuck's sister, and for some odd reason it's a bit unnerving. She chews on her lip for a moment, racking her brain for something to say.

Ellie beats her to it. "So, um, I actually came here because I wanted to invite you to our apartment for dinner tonight. There's this annual Mother's Day thing that Chuck and I celebrate this time of year –" She notices the confused look that appears on Sarah face, and her eyes widen again. "Oh, Chuck didn't tell you?"

Sarah shakes her head, and Ellie smiles. "Well, he can tell you about it tonight…that is, if you can make it. I know it would really mean a lot to him." Her expression softens. "To us."

Sarah blinks in surprise at the kind gesture before slowly matching Ellie's smile with one of her own. "Um…yeah, sure! I'd be more than happy to come. Thank you…y'know, for the invitation."

"Of course," Ellie says warmly. "You are Chuck's girlfriend, after all."

The pang of guilt hits her harder than she expects, but Sarah manages not to let her smile falter. Ellie, on the other hand, isn't as lucky – or maybe it's because Sarah's observational skills are a force to be reckoned with. Either way, she catches yet another flicker of emotion in the brunette's hazel eyes before it disappears again. Sarah pretends not to have noticed, instead motioning towards the door. "Okay…well, I should get going, Scooter tends to be a little anal when it comes to tardiness –"

Ellie jumps and hastily steps away from the door. "Oh! Right! I'm sorry about that, I should've known –"

"No, no, it's alright. Thanks again, Ellie…I'll see you tonight?"

"Yes, tonight. Is seven okay?"

"Seven sounds great."

Just before she steps through the doorway: "Wait."

Sarah stops and turns around, a questioning look in her eyes. "Hm?"

Ellie fidgets uncertainly. "Listen, about Chuck…" She bites her lip for a long moment before shaking her head. Fixing Sarah with an intense gaze, she says instead, "Thank you. For being with him, I mean. He's gone through a lot these past few years, and just…" She shakes her head again and clasps her hands in front of her. "Nevermind. I'll see you tonight, Sarah."

The guilt suddenly increases tenfold, and Sarah can only nod, the smile forcefully plastered on her face. With one last beam Ellie turns and leaves.

Pulling the door closed behind her, Sarah closes her eyes in confusion. It isn't supposed to happen this way. She's never had trouble dealing with the lies before now. There's something about the Bartowski clan that's turning her into –

A human being, maybe? The voice whispers dryly in her head. Is it really so shocking?

No, this is not how she had envisioned spending her days in L.A. at all.

"Walker!" A nasally voice barks, and Sarah's eyes fly open, a hand instinctively twitching for the knife hidden in her waistband. Scooter glares at her from the counter.

"Late and daydreaming, it's a new record! I swear you surprise me more and more everyday. Now, can you please get to work on these corndogs? That is the reason I hired you, you know."

Now her hand does inch towards her waistband. No, can't kill the manager, wouldn't bode well with the cover. Reluctantly, she drops her hand to her side as Scooter retreats into the back room, muttering under his breath the entire way.

With a huff, Sarah strides to the fryer and stares at it in disgust. She can do this. Only a few more hours until dinner at Chuck's –

"I don't hear oil bubbling, Walker!"

On second thought, my knife throwing could use a little practice right about now…

The whole Ellie/Sarah dynamic has always intrigued me. Everyone loves a little awkward tension, right? Also, it took me ages to figure out Scooter's name. Damn Weinerlicious manager is a pain even outside of the show.

By the way, if anyone was counting, there were 5 "oh"s, 7 "no"s, and 3 "um"s. Hooray for useless conversational filler words!

I just realized that I've written both the Sarah PoV chapters in present tense. I don't know why. Maybe it's because Sarah makes present-tense sound so much better.