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Chapter Four

By: Akemi


Cuddy blinked her eyes open and the smell of eggs assailed her nose with the speed and force of a freight train. She sat up in bed and groaned as a wave of nausea hit her. She smiled and threw on her panties and a shirt of House's before walking down the hall. House was in his kitchen, taking out his scrambled eggs from the frying pan as he watched her walk into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Sunshine. Any chance my breakfast makes you want to puke?" He asked, waving his plate of eggs under her nose. She grinned,

"How did you know?" She asked as she fought another mild wave of nausea.

"Are you serious?" He asked as he set his plate down on the counter.

"Yes." She said and walked a few more steps to stand toe to toe with him and wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him down for a kiss. He folded her into his arms as he returned her kiss, crushing her body against him. After a moment he broke the kiss and she smiled up at him. "I woke up nauseous." She said, her eyes bright with excitement.

"Well, you're either pregnant, or you have the flu." House said as his hands dropped to settle around her waist. She gaped at him.

"Way to kill the mood." She accused. "It's June, not flu season, the chances of me having the flu are slim to none." She reasoned.

"All too true, Cuddy." He said as he bent to press another kiss to her lips. "You know, I really like to way you look when you're wearing my clothes." He stated as his fingers wound their way to the front of his light blue shirt and began to undo the few buttons she had done before walking into the kitchen. She stopped him as his fingers reached a crucial button.

"Breakfast." She reminded him.

"Or…. We can make extra doubly sure that you are pregnant." He said as he began to walk backwards down the hall, lightly pulling her along.

"We can't be late for work again." She said, following him.


"Where have I heard that before?" She asked playfully and kissed him.


House held Cuddy's hair out of her face as she threw up her breakfast into the toilet. When it seemed she had finally threw up all she possibly could he flushed as he helped her up. She made her way shakily to the sink and rinsed her mouth.

"I should have known a child of yours would make me have morning sickness galore."

"I'm wounded."

"Honestly, I couldn't care less about the puking. I'm actually happy I am." She said as she brushed her teeth.

"Because it means you're pregnant." He said. She rinsed and spat in the sink.


"That pregnancy test you took is proof too."

"With the injections full of hormones I took in the beginning, it could be misread, this is proof." She said.

"I'm the most brilliant diagnostician you've ever known. I can say without a doubt, you are pregnant." He said and wrapped an arm around her waist, placing a kiss in her hair. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly.


House was in Cuddy's office. He had just successfully diagnosed his patient with a squamous cell carcinoma in the lungs and was now idly tossing his cane from one hand to the other from her couch as he studied her.

"You know, I could ultrasound you," he offered suddenly.

"I have an appointment with my OB in a few days." Cuddy said from her desk.

"It would put your mind at ease."

"And why does that matter to you?"

"I like messing with you. I still plan on continuing to mess with you. But it's no fun when you're too stressed out about the baby to fully appreciate my brilliance." He said in a matter of fact manner. She couldn't help but grin, shaking her head ruefully. "Come on, I'll be happy and you'll be happier once I ultrasound you." He said, standing. A few moments later she nodded and walked with him out of her office.


They were in an empty hospital room. Cuddy was lying on the bed, holding her blouse out of the way as House squirted the gel on her stomach and moved the transducer over her.

"Well, that's interesting." He said.

"What is it? Is the baby okay?" Cuddy asked, struggling to remain calm.

"The babies are doing just fine." House said, staring at the computer screen.

"Babies?" Cuddy was stunned. "House, this isn't a joke is it?"

"No joke." He turned the monitor to face her. "It's twins."

"Ohhh…." On the computer screen in the fuzzy black and white image were two distinct black images on opposite sides of the screen. "Those are our babies." Cuddy said in awe.

"Those are our babies." House said as he turned his gaze back to the screen. Two little black dots never meant so much.


House walked into Wilson's office and sat down on his sofa. Wilson raised his eyebrows in question as he sipped his coffee. House waited for the right moment then said,

"Cuddy's pregnant."

Wilson choked.

After a small coughing fit, he cleared his throat.

"Cuddy's pregnant?" He asked.

"Yup, and guess what?"

"Judging from the scene I walked in on a few weeks ago in your office, I'm going to guess that Cuddy's having your baby?"

"Cuddy's having my babies." House corrected.

"Oh my God! Babies? Plural?"


"How many?"


"When did you find out?"

"About a half hour ago. I did an ultrasound on her. She's in her office right now, no doubt in disbelief and amazement that I'm so good I got her pregnant with twins."

"Were you trying to get her pregnant?


"You were?"


"She's the one you didn't want making major life changes, isn't she? She wanted a baby?" He paused as that mulled over in his mind. "And you decided to make the most of it. Well, I must say, I am impressed. You actually listened to me. How far along is she?"

"Five and a half weeks or so. She still has an appointment with her OB though."

"Wow, I never thought you of all people would beat me to fatherhood."

"Don't worry Wilson; you'll have little Jimmys running around soon enough." He said, standing.

"Think you can handle it?"

"I hope so." House said seriously.


Cameron, Foreman and Chase were attempting to locate House. So far their attempts were futile, and they had a new patient who had just come in with seizures. The three of them poked their heads into Wilson's office.

"Do you know where House is?" Cameron asked.

Wilson looked up from his paperwork, "Try Cuddy's office." He suggested, thinking of what had transpired between the two just yesterday.

"Cuddy's office?" Foreman questioned. "Why would he be there?"

"To mess with her, come on." Chase said and the three of them left.

The sight they were met with in Cuddy's office wasn't the one they had been picturing in their minds at the thought of House bugging Cuddy. They never in their right minds would have expected to see House and Cuddy sitting on her sofa together with his arm wrapped around her waist as she reviewed case files.

"Got a patient." Foreman announced as the three of them walked in.

"Another one?" House plaintively turned to face Cuddy only to receive a look in return that clearly said go do your job. "Do I have to?"

"Yes, you have to." He sighed and a moment passed before he stood and said to his team,

"Let's go."

Cameron frowned and glanced at Cuddy then back to him. As they left her office she caught up with the others, "What's going on with Cuddy?" She asked him.

"She's pregnant with my twins." House said.

"No, really." Chase prompted.

"Really." House repeated. Chase rolled his eyes and turned to face Cameron who shrugged. Foreman just sighed in annoyance and followed them to the elevator.

Back in her office Cuddy straightened the vase of red tipped yellow roses sitting on her desk before getting back to work.


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