He was waiting as patiently as he could… Which wasn't much. He was pacing so much his friends Emilio and Woodstock were worried he'd either pass out from exhaustion or create a rut.

"Ace, she'll get here when she gets here. The plane can't go any faster." Emilio said.

"I know, I know, it's just, it's been three months and Sarah might have changed… something." Ace said.

"Changed, something? Ace Ventura you are the weirdest man I have ever met." Woodstock said.

"We all know you're not worried about if Sarah changed, you're worried that she brought someone with her." Emilio said.

"Am not! Three months in Japan can change someone."


"And what if she brings some guy with her that's actually some kind of fugitive? All of my worries are valid! Right spike?" Ace asked his pet and sidekick, Spike. Who look at him skeptically, if that was even possible for a monkey. "Traitor." He said, then continued pacing.

"Uh… Ace?" Woodstock said. He didn't reply.

"Ace?" Emilio tried.

"What the heck!? Why'd it get dark in here?" Ace exclaimed.

"My hands are over your face you dunce!" A female's voice said.



"Welcome back Sarah." Woodstock said.

"Awh! Thanks! What are those behind your back Emilio?" She asked peeking behind him. "White roses! Awesome. Now, where's the Ace of spades?"

"I'm right here but I don't have any cards." He said.

"Shut up and give me a hug you big dummy."

Who totally saw that coming? ;P