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I sat on the deck of our house that looked over the beautiful white sand beach of the island we had been living on for the last year and watched the sun slowly sink into the ocean. In my hand was a virgin pina colada, which was ironic since I used to unmercifully make fun of people who drank frou-frou drinks with alcohol, never mind virgins. But since I had quit drinking they were my guilty pleasure. I also had a Shirley Temple addiction but I won't get into that.

It was the fifth anniversary of Sunny's death and as usual I spent sunset, our favorite time of the day together, on the beach thinking of him. It was the only day of the year I let myself mourn for him. I lifted the letter he had left for me in a baggie in the dive bag he gave me that day from the table. He had written swim to the point by Mount Pleasant and then read me on the baggie. Like so many other times in my life Jake had not steered me wrong on that day so I followed his directions unfailingly. I unfolded the well creased paper and started to re-read it, which was always a custom on this day.

Dearest Bella,

If you are reading this it means that you chose Cullen over your own safety, which comes as a surprise to no one. It also unfortunately means that I am probablydead. And that sucks. I really wanted to see that new Jack Black movie.

First off, let's get the business out of the way. My Rabbit is at the end of North Ridge View Drive and the key is in the baggie. Use it to drive to your safe house.

Just in case you did something stupid like send Cullen on the ferry alone, my friend Seth in Victoria will be waiting for him and he will make sure he gets to Seattle in one piece. You really need to get your shit together if you did that, Bells. I think your hitting the sauce too hard and you're not thinking things all the way through like you used to.

There is a cd in the bag with all my financial info and my insurance policy against Aro and his asshole cronies. Use them both as you see fit. My legitimate estate will provide for my family but if for some reason there's a problem with that, see that they are taken care of until that goes through. Otherwise, the money is yours.

Now onto the sappy Chick Flick shit .As you know I've loved you since the first day we met when we were four at the Butterfly Garden in Victoria. You had the most beautiful chocolate colored eyes, wavy chestnut hair, and adorable chubby cheeks. You gave me half of your ice cream when I dropped mine and started crying. We were best friends from that moment on.

As we got older the friendship grew, as did my love for you. I had always thought that we would get married and have a half- dozen kids. At least we got past the 'just friends' stage and tried to go down that road. I guess it just wasn't in the cards for us.

Please don't feel sorry what had happened between us. The years we were together were the best of my life. I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. Sure, I wanted more, but it just wasn't meant to be and I accept that now.

There is something that I need you to promise me that you will do. Be happy and live life to the fullest. Enjoy every minute you can with Cullen. You, better than anyone, know how mercurial life can be, here one second, gone the next. Forget everything that happened between you two before. Don't dwell on what we had and lost, or even mourn my death. The past is dead. Never be afraid of love again. Give him your whole heart and never stop enjoying your life together. Live, be happy.

Every now and then try to catch the sunset on a beach. I'll be there watching it with you.

Forever yours, Sunny.

I couldn't help but cry, which I did every time I read it. But it was the only time I cried for Sunny now. The first month or so afterwards I was a basket case but Edward got me through that and helped me realize Sunny wanted me to celebrate his life, not mourn it. He told me Sunny gave us a gift and we shouldn't squander it. We needed to enjoy it.

The sun was just about gone and I felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around me. He gave me my space every year to do what I needed to do, but then he always knew when it was ok to come be with me. He missed Jake just like I did; he realized all that he gave up for me, for us. After the sun was completely erased from the horizon my husband lent me a hand and helped me up from my chair. It was more difficult now in my 7th month of pregnancy. As Edward grabbed my hand and started to lead me back, I looked over my shoulder and mumbled, "I love you and miss you Sunny."

I headed into the house and was almost run over by our four year old son, Edward Jacob, or EJ as we called him. It seemed that the damage done to me all those years ago had healed up and I was able to get pregnant. That first night together we hit the jackpot. We weren't intimate again for little over a month afterwards, due to my depression and injuries but by that time I was already late and the stick had a positive sign. And with that I quit drinking for the sake of our baby and myself. I didn't need hide from myself anymore.

EJ had my leg in a death grip. He looked up at me, his doe eyes wide with concern and his copper hair as unruly as his father's. "Don't cry, mommy. I don't like it when you're sad."

I picked him up and gave him a smacking kiss. "I don't like it either, baby. Let's get you ready for your bath."

Edward came over and took the little cutie into his arms. "I'll do it, hon. I think you and Reneseme need to relax a little more." He leaned in and kissed my forehead.

I smiled as he took our little miracle boy to the bathroom, blowing raspberries on his tummy the whole time. Edward had built a clinic on the island for the locals and it had a state of the art prenatal unit so we had a sonogram done and found out we were having a girl. We combined the names of our mothers and fathers and decided to name her Reneseme Carlie Cullen. We already planned on calling her Nessie, which Jake always called me whenever I used my Vanessa identity with him. It was one more thing to honor his sacrifice for us.

Sitting down on the couch, another fun thing to do when you had a beach ball for a stomach, I looked back on our lives the last five years. After we met back at my safe house in Seattle we headed for Brazil. From there we hopped around the globe until EJ was born. Then we started staying in places for months at a time until we ended up here in our little Pacific paradise.

We didn't have trouble until about a year later when they realized we weren't dead. While we were in Nepal we ran into an operative and I had to kill him. I contacted the organization and laid out the idea that if they didn't call off the dogs we would publish Edward's research and the formula on the internet. Not to mention some of the pictures Jake had of Aro and Caius in a very compromising position with each other. We haven't had a problem since.

Everywhere we went Edward and I would help out the local clinic. He excelled at helping kids and was happy to get back into 'real' medicine again where he could see the results of his work right away, not years down the road. I usually just took vitals and handed out candy. I was alright with that, though. We made a difference and gave back.

I sent a letter to Billy explaining what happened and how I wish we could keep in touch. We had been like family and needed to fix that. Jake's death showed us how short life could be. We now talk to each other on Christmas, Jake's birthday, and EJ's birthday as well.

I had set up a trust for the family and donated the rest of the money Jake left me to the reservation. La Push was now the proud owners of the Jacob Black Memorial Youth Vocational Services and Recreation Complex. I think Sunny would be proud.

Some of the sadness I always felt on this day started to sweep over me again so I got up and waddled over to the bathroom. I opened the door and watched my two boys play in the water. I couldn't help but smile and be happy when I saw the two of them together.

I tried my best to uphold the promise Sunny had asked of me. I lived life to the fullest and would not let the past rule me anymore. I enjoyed every minute I had with Edward and my soon to be expanded family. Sunny was once my ray of light, but Edward was now my beacon that called me home. I lived and was happy.

And that was the greatest way I could think of to honor my Sunny.