Sasuke is sitting down at his bed, looking outside the mirror. He keeps on thinking about Sakura. He just cant get her out of his mind, and he miss her so much. He never had this kind of feeling when he once like Tenten.

Sai enter the room, carrying a package.

Sai: 'Hey,,roomy..This is for you." He look at Sasuke who stare at him blankly and put down the package for him, then walk away.

Sasuke picked the package up and open it.

It's a package of Cadbury chocolates. Many kinds of them, Cadbury raisins and etc. Besides that, there's a pink letter with 'Uchiha Sasuke' name on it. He open it up, and it's the debutante ball invitation and then he smirk.

On the debutante ball day,

All, Sakura, Tenten, Tsunade, Karin, Sai, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Fin, Kiba, Ino, Kakashi, Jiraiya and of course Sakura's mother and father.

Mom: "Sakura!! I found a perfect dress for you."

Sakura: "Oh,, Thanks mom. I don't need it. Because, I got n-"

Mom: "You can wear beautiful dress even without a partner." Her mom smirked.

Sakura; "Ouhh, thanks mom."

Kakashi: "I can be your partner."

Sakura: "Thanks coach." She smile.

Tenten: "He will be here Sakura."

Sakura: *sigh* she shrugged "Hope so..Hey,,I wanted to go out and get some fresh air."

Tenten: "Okay..Be sure to come back soon."


Ohh..Its dark already. And where is he?? Is he still mad at me?? Will he attend? *sigh*

Hmm?? Who is it? Maybe its him.. "Hey,, You come. I thought you…."

An old man: "Hey,, I am here to turn of the fountain."

Oh my God!! Its still not him!

Sakura: "Oh,,Sorry. I thought you were someone else."

I turned around and I saw a figure of a six foot tall man standing in front of me. His raven hair is down today, no more chicken butt style. His onyx eyes still as cool as before. He wear a tuxedo, those fits him so well. He looks hot and he smirk.

Sasuke: "Sorry I'm late."

Sakura: "Nahh,,That's okay. At least you come." I smile.

Sasuke: "Still, I have to say sorry. I made you wait. Well, I want to say this, a couple of days ago, I kissed a girl in a kissing booth. And I cant seem to forget about her since then. I cant get her out of my mind. Plus, I miss my roommate." He smile.

Sakura: " Realy now? He is always stay in this heart." I pointed at my own heart, in between my chest.

He took me closer and he hugged me tight.

Sasuke: "I love you."

That is the most beautiful words that I'd ever heard from him. Those three words, I'll keep in mind.

Then he kissed me.


Mikoto standing beside the stage calling up names.

Mikoto: "Now, Shizuka Tenten, escorted by Haruno Sai! "

Sai and Tenten coming out together, holding hands. Both smile. Then going down the stage after bowing to their audience.

Everyone cheer and clapping their hands.

Mikoto: "Thank you. Now, here's Karin, escorted by Inuzaka Kiba."

Kiba walked out proudly by himself. Leaving Karin behind. She ran to him and again, Kiba arrogantly smirk and leave her behind.

Everyone laughed.

Then they walk of the stage.

Mikoto: "Now, Here's Haruno Sakura, escorted by Hatake Kakashi."

No one is coming out..

Mikoto: "Ehem.. Haruno Sakura!"

Still no one.

Mikoto: "Where is she??"

Then Both Sasuke and Sakura came out holding hands and they kiss.

(Sakura is wearing a long white dress, which make her looks like a bride and Sasuke is still wearing the same tuxedo.)

Everyone cheered , clapping their hands and whistle.

Mikoto looked relieved.

Sakura smiled at Naruto, who sit with Hinata down the stage. Shikamaru and Fin waved at Sakura and Sasuke, smirking. Ino whistling.

Then Sakura screamed "Yohoo!!!"

Then they all dance the whole night together.

Lots of fun.

CHAPTER 14 (bonus)


Sakura then decided to move to Konoha after the summer holiday. Sasuke and her made the best couple at school. Lee likes Sakura now. He kept on getting close to Sakura and sometimes when he get busted by Sasuke, he will get the PRICE. His room is full with Sakura pictures, not Tenten's anymore. Hinata and Ino decided to move too. Naruto is so happy that he got his first girl friend, the sweet, pretty and sexy one too. When he knew Hinata move into Konoha he is deadly excited and overreacted. He always complimenting Hinata to other guys, which made him seem more annoying than ever. Ino thinks, that Konoha high have more cute guys than in Sand high, she got a boyfriend soon, who his name is Neji.

After 5 years, Naruto decided to propose Hinata. She gladly excepted the offer and they both get married. Sasuke cant stand Naruto's attitude, being so arrogant because of his soon marriage. He then purpose to Sakura, which made Sakura cant sleep whole night, kept thinking of her wedding. Sakura is his first and last girlfriend. Sakura then changed her last name to Uchiha, she live happily ever after with Sasuke. They have 4 children, 2 twin boys, a girl and another. As for Sai, he married Tenten, a year after Sasuke and Sakura married. They get along pretty well. Sai, is a playboy before and now, his heart had melt ever since he met Tenten. He promise Tenten, he will take care of her for the rest of his life and he did. Ino and Neji broke up after 1 year of relationship. Shikamaru and Fin broke up too after 2 years of relationship. Then Shika decided to get Ino's heart and he succeed. Both became couple and they married after 6 years.