I have to do this.

CStW aka Can't Stop the World, is not going to be around forever, and I really only have it planned to reach MAYBE 60 chapters.

But prolly more like 55.

It's nearing the end of itself and so by popular demand/request, here is the first chapter of the Spock story I will work on after that, and will update every few days until CStW comes to an end.

This is AU obviously, and though it's based in the movie verse, it is also AUish there too when it comes to the formation of relationships.

More of that will be explained in flashbacks.



Rose Gabriel pushed her brown bangs out of her face and looked up at the ceiling in her quarters. Her espresso colored eyes searched the ceiling fruitlessly as she tried to contemplate what her next move was going to be. She had finally made it onto the Enterprise—not that she was going to get stationed anywhere else—and had once again been one upped by Commander Spock. Ever since the two of them had joined the academy, they had a certain rivalry with each other. Commander Spock found it only logical to push himself mentally by competing with her, and Rose found herself quite enjoying the rewards that came with beating Spock at his own game, whether that happened very often or not.

"Passed over for 1st in command because he and the captain have an emotional bond—exactly how Vulcan is that?" Rose asked out loud.

Lucinda Michaels and Jessica McCoy lay on either side of their adored companion and looked at her. Lucinda ran her hands through her short dark blonde hair, and smiled, looking back up at the ceiling and shrugging a little bit. She actually wasn't as interested in figuring out Spock's motives as the other two were because she was perfectly happy to wait on Kirk hand and foot—being his Yeoman made it so much easier to stalk him. The only reason she was even on the Enterprise was because Rose had illogically pulled some strings, and gotten her accepted over the other potential Yeoman—something Lucinda felt in her debt for.

Jessica on the other hand was fascinated by the little game that Rose and Spock had created unintentionally in the Star Fleet Academy. She sat up on the bed and pulled by her raven black, wavy locks, glad to be the hen mother to such an adorable pair. She and her twin brother, Leonard McCoy, had joined Star Fleet at different times—her first—and she had come to befriend the two youngest members of the crew. Rose was somewhat of a genius as Pavel Chekov was, Pavel older than Rose and Lucinda by a year. The minute Rose had waltzed into Sick Bay and out-argued Commander Spock the first week in, Jessica was quite aware that she had to befriend her—no matter how intimidated she had once been by Rose in the Academy.

"This is the second time that I have been passed over by Spock for 1st in command! It's because I'm human and female, isn't it?" Rose asked angrily.

"I believe Spock would say that as accomplished as you were, you were emotionally unfit for duty with that much responsibility." Jessica said with a laugh and a shake of the head. "I find it incredibly amusing that you and Spock constantly bicker—you and Spock fight almost as much as Spock and Bones do."

Lucinda suddenly shot up in the bed and Jessica and Rose both jerked their heads in her direction as she got off of the bed, the weight shifting. She hurried over to the panel and Jessica let out a hearty laugh, Rose closing her eyes and groaning a little. Lucinda turned to look at Jessica who had gotten off of the bed too and stood still for a moment and took deep breaths. Jessica reached out a hand to stable the young girl in front of her, and Lucinda nodded.

"I need to know what time it is." Lucinda said.

Jessica laughed. "Time for you to be on the bridge."

Lucinda sighed. "This is the second time I've been late because I was listening to your rants about Mr. High-And-Mighty-Vulcan."

"Well then…get thee to the bridge." Rose said, sitting up and crossing her legs butterfly style.

Lucinda laughed a little and rolled her eyes, hurrying out of the quarters and leaving Jessica to console Rose, who was really just in more need of complaining than of consoling. Rose was quite aware that Spock was more than qualified to be the 1st Commander of the Enterprise, but she had wanted the position so badly. To top it off, she was already feeling like the youngest person on the ship, and she wasn't very fond of that feeling. She was a human female who was only 20 years of age, and the 2nd Commander of a starship. It didn't matter how much she had done during the fight against Nero—this was a different mission with different demands.

"How is your charming brother?" Rose asked Jessica to lighten the mood.

"Probably as charming as a spooked porcupine." Jessica replied with a laugh.

Rose couldn't help but laugh too. "Still…Bones is amazingly fantastic."

Jessica rolled her eyes and pat Rose on the head, Rose smiling a little at the girl she'd know in the academy. Though not best friends in the academy, Rose and Jessica had been thrown into situations together before, and became fast friends on the Enterprise when it took off for its 5 year mission. Now Rose looked up to Jessica like her big sister, and she found herself crushing on McCoy. Lucinda was convinced that Rose liked McCoy because of the way that he and Spock went at each other's throats, but Jessica was convinced it was because rose had always been fascinated by how things work, so she and McCoy had quite a lot to talk about.

"I'm going to leave you to your science duties and go down to Engineering." Jessica told Rose, who nodded and watched her leave her quarters.

Rose sighed loudly and thought over her new situation—2nd in command at least meant that if Spock and Kirk went on a mission together, she would get to be captain for a little while. It also meant that soon enough after the mission was over, she would be able to be promoted, and eventually she would have her own ship. That was all she really wanted—to prove that a woman could be a starship captain, whether it was allowed yet or not. It was already frowned upon that Kirk had picked her for 2nd in command, and she was very grateful to him for that. She would just have to bear this burden valiantly…and she was pretty sure that she could do that.

"I am after all a science officer in Star Fleet—I can be professional without being emotional." Rose told herself, and fixed her uniform before heading down to the labs.


Spock found himself going down to the labs to see what they had figured out about the planet that they were headed to. He smoothed down his uniform and looked over Rose's shoulder, making Rose tense up a little bit. Spock was quite aware that Rose was not in the least bit happy about him looking over her shoulder, but he was her superior officer, and he had every right to double check her work. Still, she wished that she could input her data into the logs without his eyes on her. Just being around him made her uncomfortable because he was Vulcan and she always felt so second-best under his gaze…so human.

"If you think you're helping by standing there, you're not." Rose breathed out, inputting some data on the atmosphere of the last planet.

Rose's job as the second chief science officer was to put all of their findings into logs to send to Star Fleet, and she was good at it. On top of that she had fantastic combat training under her belt, and she was generally a very speedy debater, which helped in harsh situations if she got to go down to a planet. Mostly, Rose just wanted to command her own starship and the only way to get there was by rising in the ranks…and Spock was in her way. He was lucky that part of her needed him around otherwise she'd be fighting him a lot harder for his job.

"I am simply seeing how far you are in putting the data into the computer." Spock told her, his hands behind his back in military fashion.

Rose nodded. "So that's what you call breathing down my neck with Vulcan disdain."

"Disdain is an Earth emotion that I am not familiar with, Commander Gabriel." Spock told her with amusement written in his eyes. "And I assure you that I am not trying to hinder your progress."

Rose turned to face him and looked deep into his brown eyes. Vulcans fascinated and frustrated her all at once, and as she looked at him hard she found herself at a loss of words. She wanted to pick a fight with him, but she had no idea what to pick the fight about. Oddly, Rose found pleasure in having it out with the half-Vulcan, half-human man in front of her, and if he was going to stand so close to her, even without invading her personal bubble, she was going to have her fun.

"Is it safe to assume that on the next Away Mission you are staying on the ship?" Rose asked him hoping he would say 'no'.

Spock nodded his head ever so slightly. "The captain is heading down to the planet and I do not need to cite regulations to you."

"Regulations that the captain clearly does not care for." Rose replied, turning back to the console to input data about the people they'd encountered. "I would not mind in the slightest if you went down with him—after all you are the best science officer that we have, Commander."

"That is not entirely true, Commander." Spock told her.

Rose smiled a little when she realized that Spock was talking about her, but the smile was soon wiped off of her face, leaving her to spin around when he mentioned a name other than hers. She was not sure if he had done that on purpose or if he actually meant that she was not the other science officer on the ship that was actually worth something. It wasn't even that Rose thought that she was better than everyone else—it was that she knew that she and Spock had rivaled each other and were on the same level—it was that she had graduated at the top of her class and that she had helped quite a lot to defeat Nero…that she'd lost her brother to that fight.

"You seriously mean to tell me that you think that Lieutenant Carlton is a better science officer than me?" Rose asked him as calmly as she could.

Spock shook his head. "Human competition amazes me…he is not 'better'…he simply works .02% more efficiently than you do."

Rose laughed. "Oh, that's fantastic! .02% more efficiently. Amazing—you compute that all in your head?"

Spock raised an eyebrow as she turned back around to work and leaned a little closer to her so that she could hear him clearly. He in no means was trying to invade her personal space, but he was familiar with the way she shut people off—she was very good at ignoring people. Rose twitched ever so slightly, trying to not show her reaction to him getting so close to her. She felt his breath on her neck, her hair standing on end. This man infuriated her, and she had no idea how she was supposed to act—she just wanted to ignore him, but he was making it impossible.

"I did not mean to insult you—I forget how prone to emotional swings humans are." Spock told her. "And please, do not take that as an insult either—I am at fault."

Rose swallowed and nodded. "Damn straight you are…pleasure arguing with you, Commander. Now if you wouldn't mind, I have a job to do."

Spock nodded and pulled back. "Continue, Commander."

Note: So I watched 6 Star Trek movies from last night to today, lol. And I gotta tell you that I'm in love with the Uhura/Scotty dating in 5. Stupid Spock is totally stealing her from Scotty and that makes me mad. Screw Uhura/Kirk too. So they had a kiss and liked each other in the series…Scotty and Uhura were super cute, and I like them. I also think Bones is like the sexiest thing alive besides Spock. Just wanted to share.