Two hearts revealed

Chapter 1: A Firmly Locked Heart

Author's note- okay people this is my first ever fan fiction and it probably isn't very good, I have read many on this website and I decided I wanted to try to write one because I love the kagami X Konata pairing so much. So please read it and review and I will try to make this a nice long story that I'm sure many of you will enjoy… thank you

It was around the end of class when Konata remembered that Kagami had asked her to meet her behind the school after class. Konata wondered if this meant that Kagami would finally say that she liked her, as Konata often imagined she would.

"... I can't take this anymore." Konata wined as she sat gazing at the clock, in the dull classroom that was keeping her from her beloved Tsundere.

As Tsukasa watched her frantic friend she noticed her bizarre shift in attitude and began to get slightly worried, she once again noticed a tint of red in her friends cheeks as her gaze constantly shot to the clock.

"What's wrong Kona-chan?" she asked trying to alleviate her friend's nervousness

"Oh... um I'm excited to get home, because a new game I want is coming out today" Lied Konata, as she didn't want to inform Kagami's twin of her being too excited for what may and probably was just be a silly request.

"Well okay then, but you better pay attention, or Kuroi-sensei may get mad at you again." replied Tsukasa who obviously fell for an obvious lie.

As the bell finally rung, Konata had immediately run to the location Kagami told her to meet her, she sat at the bench near the back of the school thinking to herself, as to why the person who stole her heart had called her here

"I hope she called me here to confess. If that really is why I will be the happiest person alive" pondered Konata as she sat on the bench blankly looking forward.

"Hey Konata I would never expect you to be here first." replied Kagami who was standing behind the blue haired Otaku

"Oh... Kagami... I didn't know you where there..." Konata said awakening from her daze. " I just got here a bit faster because I had nothing to do today…besides my class is closer remember "She nervously replied

"Yeah I guess that's true."

"…So um… what is it you wanted to talk to me about." Konata weakly asked preparing for a let down

"Well I just wanted to ask if you would help me plan a surprise party for Miyuki's birthday"

"W... wai... wait. What? "Why did you need to ask me back here?" She stumbled with a small tear in her eye however shaking it away as she felt all her hopes dashed in an instant

"Well I didn't want Miyuki to be suspicious and Tsukasa would tell her so I had to ask in secret." Kagami explained not realizing she had done anything wrong.

Konata took a minute to realize what happened. She was shocked; normally she would be just fine with this kind of request. But after years of having these pent up feelings and no way to release them, and when she finally thought kagami was going to confess her love. Konata soon then gave up all hope of that happening and almost began to cry but being who she was refused to and just turned away from her, beginning to walk away but stopped just standing there.

"Konata what is wrong? why are you so upset?"

"Kagami...I... I... I just thought that..." She said unable to finish her sentence. Because she was so scared she would get rejected if she said anymore

"What did you think? Why did I make you sad please tell me Konata" she said begging trying to calm down her best friend

"I thought that... you... And I..." Konata continued to stumble with her words unable to fully say what she felt.

Kagami was greatly confused, until she finally saw Konata mouth the word "love" suddenly, Kagami had reached her arms around her otaku friend and gave her a hug and pulled her in and saying

"I do to. I have just been so scared to say it." Kagami said into the fragile girls ear then turning her around to face her.

"Really?! Please, tell me your not joking" Konata asked pleadingly

"What do you think" said Kagami as she slowly leaned loser then immediately Kagami lifted Konata's head toward hers and Konata closed her eyes and prepared for the best moment of her life.

A flash of light was all that could be seen, Konata's vision returned to the room piled high with Manga, Anime and games that she was so accustomed to seeing in the morning. There she lay in her bed looking around worried. In a confused state she realized it was all a dream.

"Oh Kagami all I want is to be with you why can't I tell just you how you make me feel?" the small otaku quietly thought to herself

As she lay there questioning herself. She finally decided that tomorrow she would tell Kagami the truth; she realized that just going through each day feeling like this saying nothing was killing her inside and she no longer wanted to feel so horrible. She decided that no matter what happened she would tell Kagami how she felt, however this one thing both made her happy and immensely sad as she knew that Kagami would either return the emotion or dash them completely.

Author's note again- Well there we go first chapter done sorry that was kind of a slap in the face that I made that a dream but I wanted to exemplify the fact that konata really loves kagami and something very similar happened to me so I decided to share this with you guys don't worry I plan on making this as well as many more chapters much longer I just wanted to get the first one done and see what you guys think of it. And thank you for taking time to read my story