Two Hearts Revealed

Chapter 44: The Wedding

-Date March 25, Morning, Izumi Residence

It had finally come, the morning of the wedding. Today Konata had awoke before Kagami, she had been waking up before Konata the whole week, and working on wedding details, as Konata slept, so she had eventually worked herself out, Konata had insisted that she slept in, so they could 'enjoy' their time after the wedding, as Konata rather bluntly put it.

"…Kagami…Your so beautiful, my sleeping beauty. I can't wait…Just a few more hours, and we will be married, there is no question now that we will be together forever…I love you so much Kagami, today will be the best day of our lives. I can't believe that we started dating only a year ago…Im so happy I found out you loved me too…Kagami you meant the world to me back then, and you do even more now…I really can't even understand how much I care for you, but I would do anything just to be near you…I really love you a lot Kagami." Konata thought as she watched the lavender haired girl slumbering before her.

"…I love you Kagami." Konata said out loud, before gently kissing Kagami, then laying back down, rewrapping her arms around her.

"I love you too Konata." Kagami answered back, still asleep however.

"…You're so cute, telling me you love me even while asleep." Konata said out loud looking down at Kagami a she slumbered.

-Knock Knock-

"…Who is it?" Konata asked confused of who could be knocking at her door, especially since both her dad and Yutaka knew what day it was, and that Kagami spent the night.

"…Umm konata can I come in? Sorry for interrupting." Sojiro asked

"Yeah it fine, you're not interrupting…But be quiet please Kagami is still asleep." Konata replied,

"…Okay." Sojiro complied, slowly turning the knob.

"…So…what is it you need?" Konata asked, he had pretty much walked in and just stood there, there was a rather awkward silence filing the room.

"So…Today is the day." He said, looking at her rather seriously.

"…Yeah, It really is."

"This is definitely what you want right?" Sojiro asked, making sure his daughter was 100% committed.

"Of course I am, I love Kagami more than anything, and I want to always be with her, I really want to marry her dad." Konata replied, shocked her dad would even think otherwise.

"…I know Konata, I know how much you love her…I just want to make sure you are fully ready for this."

"I am dad…I know Kagami is the only person I ever want to be with, I don't even think I would want to be alive without her."

"I understand Konata that is exactly how I felt about your mom…So you are absolutely sure about this right. There is going to be no turning back from now."

"I know dad, this is really what I want."

"Okay, that is good, I wanted to be sure you had no hesitation in your voice, I can tell this is what you want…You really love her don't you."

"I do…more than I can even explain…She feels the exact same way about me, she loves everything about me, and she takes such good care of me." Konata explained, showing her dad just how much she meant to her.

"…I know Konata, Im happy you found someone who loves you so much."

"Mom would be happy right?"

"…Im sure she would be, she always talked about how she couldn't wait until the day she saw her girl married…But, she won't get to see it…It's finally here, she would be so proud of you Konata…She really loved you, you know, she was so happy when you were born." Sojiro began saying, a few tears rolling down his cheek.

"Dad…I really miss mom." Konata replied, a few tears streaming down her cheek.

"Me too Konata…I miss her too, everyday…That is why Im so happy you are getting married to the one you love…" Sojiro said looking down to Kagami, who then rolled over slightly, right next to where Konata was now sitting, and Kagami gently while still sleeping put her arm around Konata. "Don't ever let anything happen to separate you from her; you need to stay with her forever."

"…I will dad…I will always be with her." Konata replied gently kissing Kagami.

"…That's exactly what I want to hear Konata...I want you too to stay together forever, so treat her right, I know you will." He said getting up.

"…Thank you dad. I know you are usually perverted and not serious often, but when you are you really do make a great dad, I can understand why mom liked you so much, Kagami is always saying Im the exact same."

"Thank you Konata…You and Kagami have a good day today…I will leave you alone now…I will see you two tonight." Sojiro replied walking out.

"Umm…Dad…Actually I have something I need help with." Konata said, slightly embarrassed.

"What's that?" he asked walking back into the room.

"Well…Umm, Im having trouble coming up with vows…What should I say?"

"Just say exactly how she makes you feel, and say it the way you know she would like, make them as personal as you can, she will be happy if you do that." He recommended.

"Im guessing that's what you did." Konata replied

"Yeah, when I was saying them, I actually quoted an anime a few times, and your mom laughed, because she got it, she said it was really romantic, how I said them, and how I made what I enjoyed fit her…She said she would have it no other way, so that is what you should do, it will tell her how much you mean to her, in your own way."

"…Thanks dad, I will do that." She replied, thinking up some good ideas already.

"Is there anything else you need?" he asked getting up again.

"No…Thanks you dad."

"No problem…Have a good day, I will see you later." He said, walking out again, this time however he was not interrupted.

"…See you tonight." Konata replied, as her dad walked out.

"…Kagami…Im really ready for this…I want it so bad, I want to be with you forever, I love you so much." Konata said, looking down at Kagami, hugging her back gently, closing her eyes, allowing she to get a bit more rest.

"…M…Me to Konata…I want to be with you for the rest of my life." Kagami replied, responding to what Konata said.

"Kagami are you awake?" Konata asked, unsure of if she was responding in her sleep like last time or not.

"Yeah, I woke up just a few seconds ago…Just long enough to hear what you said…I feel the exact same Konata." Kagami replied, rubbing her eyes.

"You tired still sweetie?" Kagami asked, noticing that Kagami was indeed still rather tired looking, the last few days finally catching up with her.

"…Yeah a little, but we should get up, after all this is the big day." She replied yawning.

"…Kagami, you still need some sleep, so why don't you go back to bed, I was just about to do the same."

"Okay, I suppose a little bit more rest, won't hurt, besides we don't really have anything else to do till later today, and I want to lay with you a little longer."

"I love you Kagami." Konata said to her, before kissing her, then shutting her eyes, Kagami doing the same, after putting her arm around her, pulling her in.

"I love you too Konata...I can't wait for later." Kagami said, kissing Konata on the head before she too closed her eyes, instantly falling asleep, thanks to the warmth of the one she was embracing.

"…Just a little bit longer…I can't wait." Konata said to her, unable to fall asleep for a few minutes and instead just watching the girl she was to wed, as she slept, happily grasping her lover.

-Noon, Iwasaki Residence.

"…Minami, It is really here…I still can't believe Onee-Chan and Kagami are really getting married." Yutaka said, as her and Minami, were eating lunch, Minami had made them rice, with

"I know…It's really is incredible, I mean I figured they would…And maybe us too…But…But for it to really happen, and so soon too, it really is amazing."

"Yeah…Minami…you are a really good cook you know…You will be a great wife." Yutaka said the idea of Konata and Kagami getting married were putting many similar thoughts into the small girls mind.

"It really would Yutaka…I would love to marry you. I would do it now if I could…But, I we really don't have money…Or a place to live, and I know my parents would not approve…And they can only get married because the leaders of Kagami's shrine are allowing it…We most likely will not be so lucky, but if we could do it somehow, I would love to…I really would Yutaka." Minami said, completely serious, thinking out how Yutaka and she would wed.

"…You must have put a lot of thought into it…I guess I really didn't think that much out...But I suppose your right, regardless it would be really nice to marry you." Yutaka replied, realizing it was something Minami must have thought about a lot, Yutaka had too but more of the glamour of marriage, not the actual process they would have to endure, and all the hardships that would accompany it.

"…Its okay though…I promise Yutaka, if that is what you want I will make it happen…I will marry you, I promise that…We just need to wait for the proper time." Minami replied, almost sounding like a proposal, if she actually had the ring she probably would have done so.

"Really Minami? Do you really mean that? Would you really marry me?" Yutaka, asked sounding rather hopeful.

"Of course I would, you know I love you Yutaka…I would want nothing more than to make it permanent." Minami replied, sweetly.

"I would love that…But just like you said I don't think that could happen for a while…Konata said she had put about 1/3 her paycheck every time, for the whole year, mostly for a just in case emergency thing, but she used all of it for the wedding…And they still barely had half, it's a good thing their parents were so helpful." Yutaka replied.

"…Yeah, Izumi-san lent them so much money…He had apparently been saving for it for awhile, he had like a whole account premade just for that, as well as college…He is really been helpful for them…He said he also had some set aside for me…He told me when I told him about your parents…He said if it came down to it he would allow you to live with us, and even help us buy a apartment or house if we wished it…He is really helpful, and nice." Yutaka explained.

"Wow, really…I never knew he was that considerate…All I ever heard of him was that he was kind of creepy, but I know you said he was really nice, but I didn't know he did all that." Minami replied, shocked at the kind gesture.

"Yeah, He said he would gladly do whatever he could to help…And Kagami's dad set up where they could get married, not to mention since it is his shrine he is doing that for free…They have really been lucky with the whole matter." Yutaka explained further.

"…It's like the stars are aligned to let them get married…It is really romantic…Perhaps its gods doing after seeing how much Kagami loved Konata when she was ill…I can't help but think so when I see how perfect things have gone for them."

"I know…Do you think we will be so lucky?" Yutaka asked.

"I don't know…But if it means what happened to Konata will happen to you, then I don't want it to…Yutaka I don't want anything to happen, that way Kagami looked…Was so depressing, I never want to feel that Yutaka…I don't want to bear losing you, I don't think I could handle that."

"…Its okay Minami…I mean I know I get sick a lot, but I won't leave you…I refuse, If there is one thing I want…The only thing I want, is to stay with you forever…I don't want to leave you Minami." Yutaka said, hugging and tightly gripping Minami. Minami responded by holding her.

"…You won't Yutaka, and neither will I…We will be together forever, and someday, we can get married…I will try my best Yutaka I promise…I will protect you, and not let you get sick." Minami replied, gently kissing Yutaka, hugging her, tighter.

"…You see…Can you really feel the same, when you hear that? How can you not see how much they mean to one another?" A older male, reasoned


"How would you feel if your parents said that about you? The one thing they want is to be with each other, would you really try to break that up, that is not what the woman I love would do…If you love your daughter, you will understand."

"…Does she really feel like that?" she asked herself.

"Of course she does…Minami loves Yutaka more than the world…She even said she would give her life, just to help Yutaka…Our daughter loves that little girl more than I have ever seen someone love another."

"…I…I guess she really is serious."

"I told you that…She is committed to Yutaka, 100%...I don't know why you could not see that."

"I figured it was just a phase or something…Like she was trying to disobey us."

"Why would you think that? Do you really think Minami would be like that…You know how unhappy she has been, and unlucky she has been her whole life, and she is finally happy…Do you get it now?" He angrily said.

"…Im still against the whole same sex thing…It just seems a little wrong…But it that girl makes her so happy, and then she can continue as she wants."

"...Do you still plan on kicking her out?" he asked, seriously

"…No she can do what she wants…I think I realize how she feels…That girl makes her happy, and I do love her…I have been horrible this past month haven't I?" she asked, realizing all the horrible things she had said.

"…Its okay, I know you meant well…You just didn't understand her, I think you do now…Yutaka makes her happy, and that is what matters…Besides if you did kick her out you think that would make her date guys?"

"I guess not…But same sex relationships are still not right."

"…Think about this, would you want her with some sex craved boy, or that sweet caring Yutaka…She cares for Minami, much more than anyone else would."

"Not all boys are sex craved…But…I get what you are saying…She is a sweet girl, I can tell whenever I see her...Fine, Minami can stay with her."

"…Thank you…Umm…Im sorry too…I was angry when I said I wanted a divorce…If you are going to accept Minami, then I would like to cancel that." He shyly said, admitting he was too direct.

"…Okay…I didn't want to get divorced either…I still love you honey…"

"I love you too…I knew you still cared about her…When you said that stuff about her, it made me so mad…I knew that wasn't the real you…You always cared about her."

"…Im sorry, Im not really sure why Im so against it…I guess I just always imagined her getting married to a guy, having kids and we would be grandparents…But when I figured out she was with a girl, I guess I just always thought, I don't know, it is just not normal, I always imagined Minami as our perfect studious girl, I guess when I saw her with a girl, she would be completely different." Ms. Iwasaki explained.

"…I suppose I understand…But do you really think that was worth making her so upset, telling her she was wrong? Would you really kick her out for that? Just because you think it's wrong."

"No…I love her…I…I don't know, I…I really don't know why I was so mad…Im sorry, I have to apologize to her…She really didn't deserve that." Her mother said, tearing up. Realizing how horrible she had treated her own daughter, all because her selfish viewpoint.

"Its okay honey…I know you didn't mean it…But I think you do really owe her an apology…But I think we should wait till tomorrow, this is a really important day for them, and their friends."

"I will tell her, whenever I get the chance…But now might not be good."

"Yeah…I think her and Yutaka wish to be alone." He said walking away.

"…Im really sorry, Minami…Im such an idiot...I really am the worst mom ever…You do deserve to be happy." Ms. Iwasaki said to herself.

"…Mommy." A tear-filled girl said.

"…Minami?" She asked turning around, to see Minami, standing beside her door, who knows how much she had actually heard, but clearly it was enough.

"…Mom it's okay…I love you too." Minami said hugging her mom, crying.

"…Im so sorry Minami…I made such a mistake, will you please forgive me?"

"Of course I will Mom…Does that mean you really are okay with it?"

"I am Minami…I still don't really get it…But I know you love her, and she loves you…So for you I will try to understand, I want you to be happy." Her mom said, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

"…Mom…I…Im sorry too…It is not what you wanted…"

"No…Don't apologize for that…It is my fault for not getting you…You have no reason to apologize, you care about someone and that is what is important…I want you to be happy…So enjoy your time with her…And you are both welcome in this house forever…Im really sorry Minami, I have no reason for why I acted In such a way."

"Its okay mom…I forgive you…I knew you weren't really mad at me…I knew you still loved me."

"I do Minami."

Noon- Hiragi Residence.

"…Dad I can't believe you are doing all this…It is so cool." A lavender haired airhead said to her dad. She, her dad, and her two older sisters were all in the room, talking over the event that was about to happen.

"Yeah Dad, You really are doing so much for them...I sure hope you are this helpful if I ever get married." Inori responded.

"Yeah, like you will get married." Matsuri jokingly responded

"Hey that's not nice, you jerk." Inori said pouting.

"Im sure you will get married Onee-Chan." Tsukasa replied, patting her sister on the shoulder.

"Thanks Tsukasa." Inori said, fake pouting still.

"…So, it is pretty hard to believe Kagami will really be married in a few hours." Ms. Hiragi said.

"I know…Our little girl is really getting married…Its hard to believe that, since she is still so young, but it's what she wants, and she could not be happier." Mr. Hiragi replied.

"I would never think Kagami would even have a date for awhile, seeing how she was always so serious…Let alone dating a girl, but I suppose I should have seen it coming, since her and Konata hung out so much." Matsuri said.

"Yes…Kagami is not the one I thought would be married first…I mean we just found out, she was dating her a few weeks ago, and now she is getting married, it is pretty crazy…But Im really happy for her, she used to be so serious and working all the time, and with Konata she looks really happy." Inori replied.

"They really do care for each other a lot…All the things Kagami has told me, Konata really loves her, and Kagami feels the exact same, and I wasn't really that surprised when I found out they were getting married, Konata said she had something really big planned, and I heard Kagami saying she wanted to get married to her. Especially after what happened to her, she kept telling me she wanted to marry her, and be with her forever…It is really romantic how much they care for each other." Tsukasa said, in a dreamy tone.

"Yeah…Those two, really do care for one another, no doubt about that, but Im still shocked at the fact that they are actually going to be married, I mean they are just barely out of High school, and have only dated for a year…But they both want it a lot, and they say they don't want to be with anyone else, so I guess there is no reason not to get married." Ms. Hiragi said

"I knew when Konata asked us, that they were serious, and I knew Kagami would yes…when Kagami first told us, I could tell them how much she cared for her. Those two are really serious about their relationship." Tadao replied.

"Yeah, Kona-Chan is usually really hyper-active, and nonchalant about serious things, but when it came to their relationship, or anything to do with Kagami, she is really serious, like that is the only thing that matters." Tsukasa explained, knowing just how her friend acted.

"I can believe that, I did always think she was a tad too energetic when I saw her, but recently the glimpses I did see of her, she seemed mellow, and concentrated on Kagami, practically staring at her…I think she really is all she cares about." Inori replied, thinking back to the few times she did see her.

"Yeah that twerp really is kind cute, I can see why Kagami likes her, I should have known that was what Kagami was so preoccupied with all the time, I caught her staring off way more than she ever used to do, and I even caught her writing her name…She was really poor at hiding her feelings now that I think back." Matsuri said.

"Yeah, I caught Kagami talking to herself about Konata a lot, I even saw her writing a few love letter, back before they started going out…When Kagami wants something, she sets her mind to it, that is why she was so unfocused back then." Miki replied.

"…Yep…And in just a little while they will be getting married…Speaking of which, we should probably get ready…It isn't much longer." Mr. Hiragi said, looking at the clock, realizing the wedding was only a few hours away.

"Ohh you right…I got to go get dressed." Tsukasa said springing up, excited to where the kimono, Kagami picked out, for her friends / 'bridesmaids' to wear.

"We all probably should do that, don't want to be late." Ms. Hiragi said, leaving the room, the rest of them in tow.

-Mid Day, Takara Residence.

"Mother…You are coming right?" Miyuki asked, putting on the finishing touches to her attire.

"…are you sure they want me going?"

"Of course, they said you have been really nice to them for a long time, and they would love for you to come, I already told you that…Do you not want to come?"

"I would be honored to go…But I barely know them. I would feel intrusive." She replied, nervously.

"Don't be silly, they want you there…They said so, Your already dressed. Why are you so nervous about this?"

"I don't know…I feel kind of weird…I mean your friend are getting married, It makes me realize how grown up you are…Soon you will be married too and you will leave me." She sadly replied.

"…Im not going to leave you."

"Yes you will…you are going to go off to college and get married, and not come back home…How can I be happy when my baby is gone?" Yukari asked, sadly, afraid of having her daughter leave her.

"…Mom…I…Im sorry, I never realized how much you would miss me." Miyuki replied hugging her mom.

"I don't want my baby to grow up…I want you to stay with me."

"Mom…I…Im sorry."

"…Im sorry…I know the day was coming…But I don't want you to leave…I want my baby here." Yukari responded hugging her tightly.

"Mom, why didn't you tell me…I…I can stay home, I will take the train to school…Tokyo isn't that far."

"Miyuki, I don't want you to go…I don't want to be alone…" Yukari replied.

"…I…I could go to Kyoto, its closer."

"No…You wanted to go to Tokyo, I can't hold you back…I…Im just going to miss you."

"…Mom…Im sorry, I will miss you a lot too…But I will come home often…I promise I will come home very weekend, I'm going to miss you too."

"…Okay…I think I can handle that…But Im still going to miss you a lot."

"I will to mom, we haven't really been separated for more than a few days ever…So living away from you is going to be sad." Miyuki admitted, thinking that not seeing her mom everyday would make her very sad.

"Miyuki, it still scares me how fast you are growing up...Your my only little baby, and now your friends are getting married…And you will too someday…I guess you're not my little girl anymore." Yukari sadly said.

"Im always going to be your girl…No matter how much I grow up mom, that much won't change…Even if I move away or get married, I will always be your little girl."

"I know…I just don't want you to grow up…I miss reading to you when you were a little girl, sleeping with each other…It makes me sad we won't do that anymore."

"…We can still do that…Besides it was more like me reading to you, since you always fell asleep." Miyuki jokingly replied.

"Yeah…But I still miss it." She replied.

"…Well how about we do that tonight?" Miyuki suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"Well after the wedding, we can sleep together and read a book like we used too…Wouldn't that be fun." Miyuki suggested, missing the time she spent with her mom.

"Sure, it will be just like when you were young." The 'older' Takara replied.

"Yep…But first you have to get ready." Miyuki replied, pointing out the fact that her mom was still half dressed.

"…So they really want me there?"

"Yes mom…You have been really supportive of them…And you let them use our house often, they said they would be glad to have you there."

"Okay…Let me go finish getting ready…I would like to see them get married, they really are a cute couple."

"They really are, and their relationship has really helped out everyone it seems, so them getting married is really important to all of us, in more of a way then they are just our friends." Miyuki explained.

"Really? That's cool, like how do you mean they helped everyone out?" Yukari asked, interested in how they might affect other people.

"Well, Misao and Ayano got together at the party they had, when they told everyone, and they helped Yutaka to stop being scared of telling Minami how she felt, they practically coached them through it…And they really made everyone just realize how important their friends our…And Tsukasa too."

"What about Tsukasa? And what about you? How did they affect your life?" Her mom asked, interested in changes that affected Miyuki.

"…Well…Umm…They helped Tsukasa, find who she liked..." Miyuki nervously explained.

"Ohh who does she like?" Yukari asked, in an over school girlish way, interested to know who her daughters friend liked.

"…I…Can't say, that is personal." Miyuki said fidgeting; she did not want to tell her mom yet.

"Ohh come on, I won't tell." She asked again.

"Mom…I can't say it, I told her I wouldn't." Miyuki replied, dodging saying the name, she was hoping her mom would give up soon.

"Alright fine…You don't need to tell me. But I understand what you mean now, that they affected everyone, it seems like thanks to them everyone found love." Yukari replied, her eyes slightly glazed over at the romanticness.

"Yep…They really did." Miyuki replied, an extra bit of truth to that, a truth that her mom didn't know.

"…Well then, we better finish getting ready I don't want to miss it." She replied, walking off to finish her preparations.

"Thank you so much you two, its thanks to you I have Tsukasa…And I really do love her, Im so happy you helped us…All of us through it, it really is amazing you guys are going to get married, we are all so lucky that the two of you found each other, without you two, none of us might have love…So thank you Konata, and Kagami…You helped all of us." Miyuki thought, looking forward to the wedding of the two that influenced everyone else so much.

Mid day, The Shrine

"Is everything set up over there?" Kagami yelled, fixing a table arrangement.

"Ahh…Yep, everything looks good from here…When are the flowers, center pieces going to get here?" Konata replied, pushing in a chair.

"It should be soon…What do you think? Does this look good?" Kagami asked, moving the way the table cover was aligned.

"It looks good…I think everything is about ready…We aren't forgetting anything are we?"

"Girls, you need to relax…It is not your responsibility to set this up…That is our task, just enjoy yourselves." The leader said, entering the building.

"But…We need to make sure everything is ready…I don't want to mess anything up." Kagami replied.

"You girls already got all the preparations done, you have done more than you share, let us fix up the rest of it." Another shrine worker said, entering the building, behind the leader.

"Yes Kagami, you have already done far too much, let us finish for you." The leader said.

"…Okay sir…Thank you very much." Kagami replied, bowing.

"Yes…Thank you very much." Konata replied, grabbing Kagami's hand, and bowing as well.

"…So you are Konata, Its is good to meet the one Kagami has told us so much about. Im honored to be able to marry you two." He said looking over at Konata.

"…Sir, thank you so much for doing this, it really means a lot to us." Konata replied, happily.

"No, it is the Hiragi family I should be thanking; they have helped our shrine so much, we are glad to repay them, by marrying their daughter, regardless of the fact that you are both girls." He responded, happy to repay the ones who had helped them so much.

"You still deserve thanks, to help us this much, there is nothing I can do to deserve such respect, thank you again so much sir." Kagami replied.

"Nonsense, we are happy to do it…As I said, the Shinto religion might not support it, or endorse it, but we don't hate it, or look down on it…We are glad, that two girls like you found love, I think it is a beautiful thing, and to be so sure of the one you love, that you want to get married, it makes me happy." He replied, never really seeing a two girl relationship, but he knew by the look of them how much they cared for each other.

"Thank you, sir." Konata replied.

"Yes…thank you so much…I was a little afraid you guys might kick me out of the shrine, as a maiden when you found out…But you have been so supportive, thank you so much." Kagami replied, a few tears in her eyes.

"Kagami, we would never do that, I would not dismiss someone, because they are in love, regardless of who that may be with, especially not you, one who has helped us out so much. Love is not something to look down upon, but to be happy for, our religion has no place to question it, we are open to anyone." He replied, a tad sadden at the fact she thought, they would do that.

"…Thank you guys, Im not even sure, what to say." Kagami replied, a few more tears coming down now.

"Thank you so much…This really means a lot, I know the one thing Kagami is happiest about is that she gets to be married here, the shrine she grew up helping her whole life, thank you so much for allowing it." Konata replied, happy Kagami could get what she wanted.

"Like we said, before we are happy to do it…Now why don't you girls relax for awhile, the ceremony isn't for another few hours or so, you should go get ready, we will finish the preparation, don't worry about it." He said, when he realized, they had not gotten dressed, and instead were probably there, preparing for the last few hours.

"Yeah Kagami, we still need to get ready…We better hurry." Konata replied looking at the time.

"Okay…thank you again for everything." Kagami said, as her and Konata began walking out.

"Don't worry about it, we just want you girls to be happy, and have fun…See you in a few hours." He replied watching them go.

"Im really happy for her, Kagami looks so happy, I can tell that Konata girl loves her a lot, and she looked really sweet…Im glad we can help them." the leader said, to the other guy.

"Yeah…the Hiragi's really have helped us a lot, Im happy we can do this…And those two looked so happy together, I see nothing wrong with the joining of them…They truly do love each other." The other replied.

"Yeah, they look like a cute couple; I can see no reason to not let them get married. I mean sure, it might not be legal, and our religion might not approve, but I personally see nothing wrong, and those two girls really mean a lot to each other, anyone can see that, for us to not let them get married, is just wrong if you ask me." The leader said, he personally thought, there was no reason not to do it.

"Yes sir, I agree…Kagami deserves this after all she has done, and Tadao has helped us a lot too, Im glad we get to repay them, and make her so happy, you could tell how much this meant to her, she practically glowed."

Yes, Kagami has done a lot for us, her whole family…And now we can repay the favor."

"Kagami I can't believe it, in just a couple hours…It is like a dream." Konata said, her eyes glazed over, as she held Kagami's hand, walking back to the house, to finish getting ready.

"I know Konata, it is amazing…I can't believe how nice our shrine leader is, he has always been really generous to us, but I still can't believe how much he is helping us." Kagami replied, still overjoyed, at the fact that her shrine was so accepting and generous.

"I know, they seemed so nice, and so accepting. Im really glad Kagami, I know how important it is to you that we can get married there, so I'm really happy we can."

"…Yeah, it does mean a lot to me…Im happy dad asked them, he has done a lot for us too…I will have to thank him again today."

"Yeah, I will too." Konata replied, realizing she hadn't done that yet.

"…Konata I still can't believe it, in just a few more hours, we will be married, Konata my cute little wife." Kagami said, already overjoyed she could say that.

"I know Kagami…Im so happy, I can't wait till I can say you are really my wife…It is going to be the best thing ever…Wait a minute…We still haven't figured out whose taking whose name." Konata said, remembering they never finished that conversation.

"…Well…I would like to take yours Konata…I mean I know we don't really need too, also there are no real defined things about that since, it's not really legal yet, but I want to have your name." Kagami replied, blushing slightly, at the idea of it. "…But keep Hiragi too, since my family has always viewed our name important. Just at the end…But I think it would be nice to be called Kagami Izumi…It is just another piece of you that I have."

"Okay, heh you are so cute like that you know, I love those adorable moments of yours." Konata replied, glad she could see Kagami blushing so cutely. "Im going to like you having my name, I think that is really romantic…Kagami Izumi…I like that."

"Thank you…Im going to like that too…Ms. Izumi, that's me." Kagami replied smiling, at the thought.

"And, I get to be part of your family too; I'm going to have 3 sisters now." Konata said, thinking of the fact that Tsukasa would now technically be her little sister.

"Yeah that is true, Tsukasa is going to be happy about that. Even Inori and Matsuri were excited about that, they said they were happy they got to have another sister." Kagami explained.

"I will have to get to know them better, I have really only talked to them a few times."

"Don't worry they will like you, they will be happy to get to know you better…But I get you to myself this week." Kagami replied with a grin on her face.

"Ohh, Im all yours Kagamin…Im going to enjoy that." Konata replied, smiling at Kagami's slightly perverted nature.

"Yep…Just a few more hours Konata…I can't wait."

- "A few more hours, later" The Shrine

"…Kagami…It is finally here…We are finally getting married, Im so happy." Konata said, her eyes glowing, as her and Kagami, stood in front of the door, to the shrine, both wearing extravagant white Kimono's, the traditional attire for a Shinto wedding. Their Kimono's held an elaborate floral pattern, going from the side wrapping around the right shoulder, and halfway down the middle.

"I know Konata, me too…Im so happy right now, I'm practically shaking, we really are getting married…It is really going to happen, Konata." Kagami replied, tightly gripping her hand, both shaking with anticipation, before they walked into the room, in which they would be married.

"…It's just beyond the door, but it's like Im too nervous to open it." Konata said, as neither her nor Kagami, opened the door, they just stood there, looking at it, gripping each other's hands.

"I know…Konata Im so nervous…It is right in front of us, but I can't open the door, Konata…You need to do it."

"I want to…But my hand won't stop shaking…I know once we go in there, we are going to get married, and I want that more than anything…But for some reason, my hand won't move…Im so excited I can't move." Konata explained, her hand indeed was actually shaking.

"Me too…Konata…How about we open it together." Kagami suggested.

"…Can I have a kiss first…It will be our last one, as girlfriends, before we are married." Konata asked, looking at Kagami expectantly.

"Of course, Konata." Kagami replied, leaning down, towards her soon to be wife, gently pressing her lips against hers. Wrapping her arms around her, one hand on her back, the other in the blanket of cerulean that was called hair, Konata with both of hers around Kagami's waist, after a few minutes they finally detached, and just stared at each other.

"…Okay, Kagami, let's do this." Konata said as both looked at the door, reaching for the handle.

"I love you Konata." Kagami replied, grabbing hold of it with her.

"I love you too Kagami." Konata said, back, as both pulled the handle, Opening the door.

A loud cheering resonated from the room, as Konata and Kagami slowly walked in together, both still gripping each other's hands, as they approached the shrine alter. Konata was on the right, and Kagami on the left, on the side area, sat a few close friends and family, to the right in order, sat Sojiro, Yui, Yutaka, Minami, and Hiyori and Patty as well as Kuroi. To the left, was the entire Hiragi family, in order Tadao, Miki, Inori, Matsuri, and Tsukasa, and both Misao and Ayano as well as Miyuki, and her Mom.

(Traditionally, only the very close friends and family went to the actually ceremony, however other guests came to the reception.)

A few mild flashed, and clicking sounds emanated from Sojiro's camera, as well as a few aww's and gasps from the guests. Hiyori struggled to not draw the scene, and instead decided to soak it all up then draw it after, so she did not miss any details.

"Are you girls ready to begin?" The leader asked them.

"I couldn't be more ready." Konata replied, a tight pulse on Kagami's hand, could clearly tell Kagami how nervous and excited she was.

"Me too." Kagami replied, her voice slightly shaky.

"Okay then...We shall begin with the purification ceremony." He said, performing the traditional ritual, a few more flashes, from Sojiro's camera, and some more words, and sounds of astonishment from, the others, but for the most part, everyone just sat and stared, not wanting to miss a moment.

"Now…I shall pass out the three Saki cups." He said getting out 3 small cups, that signified, sharing, and unification between the two, as he poured a small amount into each cup, traditionally the male would drink a sip of each then pass to the female, however since both were female in this case, Konata drank first, taking a small sip from each cup, then followed by Kagami taking a small drink. Then Saki was poured into each of the two family member cups, as well as the other guests, this signified the unification of the families.

"Now, do you two have any vows you wish to exchange?" he asked.

"Yes." Kagami said first. Blushing slightly, at what she would say in front of everyone.

"Well then you may proceed." He said gesturing towards Kagami.

"…Konata…I vow, to always watch over you, to always be with you, regardless of what may happen, I wish to be by your side, for all of eternity, to share every moment with you…To share all life's homework with you." Kagami began, a few tears rolling down her eyes, and a few laughs, and chuckles, from those who got the homework joke. "…To always love you, and care for you. As your loving Tsundere, because you are the only person I ever want to be with, my adorable, sweet, goofy, Konata…I love you so much." Kagami finished, a more tears rolling down her face, as well as Konata's, and many from the other guests in the room.

"…Kagami…I…" Konata managed to word, after hearing the beautiful sentiment. "…That was beautiful Kagami." Konata replied, a few more tears now streaming down her cheek.

"Do you have anything you wish to say?" he asked, Konata.

"…Yes..." Konata nervously said, unsure if she could match what Kagami said.

"…Its okay, you don't have to be nervous…Pretend we are alone." Kagami said to her, when she noticed Konata struggling.

"…Kagami…I...I vow, that I will always be there for you, I will be there when we wake up, when you are happy or sad…I will be your Kyon, your Peach, your drill of the heavens, Your Zelda, Your Misty. And every other reference I can try to make to tell you how much I love you…You are everything to me Kagami, and you are all that matters to me…I love you more than I can understand Kagami, everything I am, is because of you, I want to be with no one but you…And I vow I will do everything I can to make you the happiest person alive." Konata finished, her eyes, letting loose an insurmountable amount of liquids, many people on the side chuckled at the references made, and others thought it was the most adorable thing they heard.

"Konata, that was perfect, I love everything about you." Kagami said, crying just as hard as Konata was.

"Is that all?" he asked, wiping his eyes. Trying his best not to get caught up in the emotions, and stay as professional as possible. Both girls only able to respond to his questions with a nod.

"We will now place the ceremonial offer, to the gods, so that they may bless this union." He said, picking up a small stick, from a cherry blossom, placing it on the altar. As he did so, the rest of the people in the room could swear they saw a flash of light.

"Before I finish, would either of you like to take the others name?" he asked, unsure of how to go about it, unaware of what to do in the situation.

"Actually…I have decided to take Konata's name." Kagami replied, many gasps, from the audience, as no one had known that part, especially the Hiragi family, however none were against it, instead they just thought it was the most romantic thing they heard.

"...Finally we will exchange the rings." He said, as Tsukasa came up bringing the rings to them.

"…Kagami I Love you so much." Konata said placing the ring around her finger.

"I love you too Konata." Kagami said, placing her ring around Konata's small finger.

"…Congratulations, I pronounce you Ms…And Ms. Izumi, you are now wife…And wife, you may now kiss the…Wife." He said, feeling a tad silly at the use of the repeated words. Something he knew he would probably do only once.

The two just stood there for a few seconds just staring into, each other's eyes. After a few seconds, Konata, slowly moved her head forward, and was met halfway by Kagami. Pressing their lips against each others, immediately loud cheers, were emanated, and aww's ensued, as Konata, wrapped her arms around Kagami, and Kagami doing the same, their kiss lasted, over 5 minutes, and was followed by multiple more, each lasting about as long, until they finally separated, and just stared at each other.

"Kagami…My wife…I love you so much, I really do, my beautiful wife…I love saying it." Konata said, lost in Kagami's azure eyes.

"And you are my cute little, lovable wife…I love you a lot too Konata…It really is an amazing feeling, that I can really call you my wife." Kagami said, staring back at her.

"Congratulations!" Everyone cheered, rushing over to them, hugging them, and shaking their hands, telling them how happy they were for them.

"Thank you…Everyone…But let's wait until the reception party, it's a little cramped in here." Kagami said, as her and Konata, gripped each other's hands, being swarmed by people.

"Yeah, the reception is being held, just down the street; everyone is invited, so we will see you there." Konata said, as her and Kagami, attempted to leave the building, hoping to have a quick moment to themselves, before the reception party.

"Okay, okay, let the girls through, Im sure they want to be alone now." Tadao said, smiling as he saw the blush on their faces.

"Yes, yes, let's let the girls get some private time." Sojiro agreed, now trying to embarrass them.

"Have fun you two." Patty said with a wink.

"Try not to wear yourselves out." Matsuri joined in, everyone seemed to be on a mission to make them feel awkward.

"Ohh please, the party is in like 30 minutes, that's not nearly enough time for Kagami to ravage me…That will wait until tonight." Konata said, countering the awkward back.

"KONATA! Shh…Don't say that." Kagami replied, covering her mouth, a dark red on her face. As she tightly held her hand, as they both retreated, before another thing could be said.

"…Those two really are meant for each other." Tsukasa said, watching them run away, blushing brightly.

"Yep, they make a really good couple…Im glad they could do this." Tadao said agreeing.

"Yeah, it's going to be fun having another sister…Especially that Konata." Inori replied.

"I can't believe Kagami took Konata's name." Yutaka said.

"I know, that surprised me the most, I did not expect that." Matsuri said, shocked, at Kagami's surprise.

"Yeah now she is Kagami Izumi…It has a nice ring to it, I think." Minami said.

"That took me by surprise too…But I think it is really romantic." Miki replied.

"Konata's vows were so cute; she said them just like I imagined she would." Patty said.

"I know, she references so many things, but did it just to say how Kagami made her feel…It was cute in a really nerdy way." Sojiro agreed

"And Kagami's vows were so romantic, how she said how much she wanted to be there for her." Miyuki replied joining in.

"The whole ceremony was adorable…Im going to need a few copies of all of those pictures." Miki said looking at Sojiro.

"Yeah, me too." Hiyori said.

"Me three." Patty said

"I would like a copy too, if it would not be too much trouble." Minami asked.

"I as well please sir." Miyuki asked,

"Okay, I will make plenty for everyone." Sojiro replied, as they began walking toward the reception hall.

-Post Wedding, Behind the Shrine.

"Konata, I can't believe you said that." Kagami said, her face still glowing red, as they sat down on a bench, under a cherry blossom.

"Im sorry Kagami, I but I love seeing that blush of yours." Konata replied, kissing her cheek, which only made her blush more.

"…sigh, you are so cute you know that." Kagami said, back kissing her on the lips.

"Kagami, your vows were so romantic, you must have worked on them for awhile, and it was the most romantic thing I ever heard."

"Yours too Konata, I really liked it, how you said all your anime, and game jokes, but It made me happy, because I know that's who you are, and that is your way of telling me how much you love me…It was really the cutest thing ever."

"It was hard to come up with, at first I wasn't sure what to say, but dad helped me…He said to say exactly what you meant to me, and make it about you, because that is what she would love to hear."

"I loved every part of it Konata, your dad was right, that was the most adorable thing you have ever said or done, and that is big…Im so happy Konata…We actually did it, we are actually married."

"I know, it is really true, and I already pinched myself like 7 times, so I know it's not a dream." Konata replied.

"Me too, I had to do that, this morning, and during the ceremony, to make sure this wasn't all too good to be true, but it's not, and we are really married."

"I love you so much Kagami." Konata responded, hugging Kagami tightly, Kagami doing the same, as they just held each other for a few minutes.

"I love you too Konata." Kagami said, as she leaned against Konata, causing her to fall backwards, Kagami lying on top of her. As they held each other, Kagami now on top of her, both stared into each other's eyes.

"Kagami…We should probably go get changed, and get ready for the party…But…Im really comfortable, I like the feeling of you laying on top of me like this…Also you are kind of pressed against me."

"…Yeah…I didn't really want to move either, Kagami said, cuddling her head right next to Kagami's face, Konata, was laying on her back, Kagami on top of her, chest down against Konata, however skewed slightly to the side, and their faces were right next to each other, their noses, gently rubbing each other, Both would move their head forward, every few moments to kiss the other.

"…Hmm…We will have to remember this was of lying…It is really comfortable, I like you being this close to me." Konata said, enjoying the bizarre, yet relaxing and comforting, laying positions.

"Yeah it is nice…snuggling together like this always relaxes me, I could probably fall asleep here with you." Kagami said, closing her eyes, enjoying the contact between them.

"Yeah, cuddling with you like this is so nice…I really don't want to move, it's so relaxing." Konata said, kissing Kagami, on the nose, then closing her eyes, and rubbing hear head against Kagami.

"Konata, I really love how affectionate you are, you're so lovable, I really could just lay here forever with you…But I suppose we should get up…We have a party after all. And we still have to get changed." Kagami replied. Remembering they were supposed to change to their blue reception Kimono's.

"That's true…But can we just a lay here a few more minutes, they will wait for us…I just want to hold you for a little bit." Konata replied, wrapping her arm back around Kagami, as she attempted to get up.

"Okay, you are so cute you now that…I could never say no when you ask to cuddle." Kagami replied, giving her a gently quick kiss.

"I love my wife Kagami." Konata cutely said, rubbing her nose against her.

"Konata, I love you too my wife."

After a few minutes of them lying there, neither one wanting to move for awhile. However after Kagami checked the time, she realized the party was only 15 minutes away, and it would take a bare minimum of 17 to go home, and get ready.

"Alright…I suppose we should get ready now." Konata said, finally lifting herself, even though she did not want to.

"…Yeah, let's go…Even though I really wanted to just lay here with you for awhile…We really do need to get up, we are already going to be late." Kagami said, gripping Konata's hand again as they walked back towards the house, to change and prepare.


-Post Wedding, Hiragi Shrine Reception.

"I wonder what is taking them so long." Miyuki asked, looking at the door,

"They must be getting all snuggly." Patty jokingly replied.

"Yeah perhaps they are christening the ship, as so to speak." Hiyori replied, jokingly

"Breaking in the mattress, perhaps." Patty replied,

"Trying the new sheets out." Hiyori said back, continuing the joke.

"Doing the naked mamba." Patty said again.

"Yeah…Umm…Ahh, there ahh…having sex." Misao bluntly put, unable to come up with a clever innuendo.

"I think that is enough…I would rather not hear that." Tadao replied, a tad off put, about hearing his daughters sex life.

"Yes I would rather not think about that either." Sojiro agreed

"Yes, I would prefer not to imagine my sister and Kona-Chan in such a way." Tsukasa replied,

"…That is kind of disturbing Misao." Ayano replied, gripping her hand tightly

"Yeah, a little bit, my bad." Misao replied rubbing her head.

"They probably just wanted some time alone, seeing as how we swarmed them earlier." Miki replied,

"Yeah, they probably just wanted to cuddle for awhile. Kagami-senpai said Konata really enjoys that." Minami admitted.

"Aww that's so cute…I never knew Konata was like that." Ayano replied.

"Yeah Kagami told me that, the one thing that she thinks is the most adorable about Konata, is that she acts all tough, and joking on the outside but, when they are together, all Konata wants is to cuddle with her, she isn't even as perverted as she always is, I think it is really cute." Tsukasa said, forgetting that Kagami said not to tell anyone that.

"Aww my Konata is so cute." Sojiro said grinning, at how adorable his daughter was.

"That really does sound cute; I never would have imagined Konata to be like that." Patty replied.

"Yeah, Kagami said, that the little tyke is really romantic." Matsuri replied.

"Konata, being cuddly and romantic, that's news to me, all I know her as is a handful and a pervert." Kuroi replied, unable to picture Konata as a romantic type.

"That's what I thought at first, but Im sure you saw her at the wedding, what she said was really romantic, and cute, but in her own way, if it comes to Kagami Konata becomes really serious, and is really romantic." Miyuki replied, knowing exactly what Kuroi meant.

"Yeah, at first I was kind of put off when I heard about it, but now I can't see my Kagami, with anyone else, I know Konata means everything to her, and Im really happy they have each other." Mr. Hiragi replied.

"Yeah, Im really happy for Kagami." Inori said.

"So, you know we have been here for awhile right?" Kagami said loudly everyone quickly turning around to see Konata and Kagami, standing in the doorway, both dressed in extravagant blue kimono's, the fact that they wore the same one, only made it more adorable.

"How long have you guys been there?" Tsukasa asked.

"Ohh about the time, you decided to talk about our sex life." Konata replied.

"Umm…That was." Sojiro embarrassingly began

"Our bad." Hiyori and Patty said, hanging their heads down.

"And to answer your question, no that is not what we were doing." Kagami replied.

"…Well than what were you doing?" Patty rather bluntly asked.

"Just lying together for awhile, Konata wanted to cuddle." Kagami admitted both her and Konata blushing.

"Kagami why would you tell them that? You are always saying not to say such intimate details like that." Konata said in a whiney voice, embarrassed at what Kagami just told everyone.

"Well that is my payback from what you said earlier, and besides, I like seeing your cute blush too." Kagami replied, kissing her on the cheek.

"Fine I forgive you…But don't tell them that." Konata replied, her face flushed.

"Aww my Konata, Is cuddler, that is so adorable." Sojiro replied

"Don't worry Konata, Ayano is too." Misao admitted, causing Ayano to greatly blush too.

"Misao…That's not nice."

"Sorry sweetie." Misao said, rubbing her head cutely.

"It's okay." Ayano replied, kissing her, clearly they were at the point they were okay to tell everyone.

"Yeah I bet Yutaka is a real snuggle bunny too, Ehh Minami." Konata replied, nudging her.

"Umm…She…A little." Minami shyly agreed

"I…I suppose so." Yutaka shyly agreed, holding Minami's side.

"Geez is everyone here lesbian?" Matsuri rather rudely asked.

"…Well kind of…Konata, and Kagami, got all of us together, in a way, so we really have them to thank for us finding our love."Yutaka replied, something all the girls in the room would agree too.

"Yeah you guys, if it weren't for your party I might never have realized how much Ayano loved me." Misao replied, thanking them.

"And if it wasn't for all you help I might still have even to scared to tell Minami how I felt, so thank you Onee-Chan." Yutaka said.

"…M…Me too Onee-Chan, thank you." Tsukasa said, embarrassedly.

"You too Tsukasa?" Matsuri asked, as well as everyone else in the room staring at her, except Miyuki, who was standing next to her.

"I…Umm I mean." Tsukasa replied, fumbling with her words.

"Y…Yes, me and Tsukasa are together." Miyuki replied, gripping her hand tightly.

"Miyuki? Why didn't you tell me?" Yukari asked, saddened at the fact her daughter did not tell her, she was with Tsukasa.

"Im sorry mom, we just started dating like a week ago, so I didn't want to tell you yet…Im really sorry mom." Miyuki replied, a few tears in her eye."

"It's okay Miyuki, I can understand, Im happy you two are together." Yukari replied; glad to see her daughter with someone who made her happy.

"So you too Tsukasa…" Matsuri asked,

"Y…Yeah…Sorry I didn't say anything." Tsukasa shyly said.

"Don't worry Tsukasa, you guys pretty much have the record time, me and Kagami didn't tell for a few months, you two just started last week, you have plenty good reason not to tell yet, after all you are just at the beginning stages." Kagami explained

"…Its okay Tsukasa, remember we will support you, just like Kagami, you have nothing to fear." Tadao replied, calming the pair.

"Thank you daddy." Tsukasa said, happily.

"So…Umm…Not to be rude, and interrupt the happy moments…But, can we cut that cake now…Im hungry." Misao said, as her stomach growled, loudly.

"Heh, yeah…That would be nice." Kagami admitted.

"Aww, nothing can keep my Kagami from her food." Konata replied, jokingly

"Konata…how could you say that." Kagami sadly replied,

"You know Im joking Kagami, Im sorry, I know you love your food, its okay, I love my fluffy baby." Konata said, gripping Kagami, waist.

"…I know, you would never mean to say anything mean." Kagami replied.

"Come on Kagami; let's get these guys some cake." Konata replied, as her and Kagami walked over to the giant elaborate cake.

"Here you go, Konata, you can do it…You're the better chef, as we know." Kagami jokingly replied, handing Konata a knife.

"I don't think even you could mess up, cutting a cake, Kagamin." Konata jokingly replied, cutting a neat line down the cake, cutting two small pieces.

"You should feed each other, it would be Moe." Patty yelled out. Coupled with a group agreement.

"Sure, I love feeding my wifey Kagami." Konata replied, picking up a small piece of cake, and wrapping her arm around Kagami, Kagami doing the same, as they both slowly moved the pieces forward feeding one another. A loud cheering emanated through the room.

"Mmm you picked a good one; Konata…This cake is delicious." Kagami replied.

"Yep, and it's even better since it is my wife feeding me." Konata replied, happily

"I missed." Kagami said a hint of red on his face.

"What do you mean?" Konata asked, unaware of the small bit of cake on her nose.

"There is a bit on your nose…" Kagami said touching it, with her finger, showing Konata.

"Ohh let me get that." She replied moving her hand up, Kagami, instead grabbed it and moved it away.

"…L…Let me get that." Kagami said, moving her head forward, and gently licking the cake off her nose, both of them blushing greatly.

"T…Thank you sweetie…Y…Your tongue felt nice." Konata admitted, very shyly, since everyone just witnessed, the incredible Moe scene.

Immediately the entire room, released a massive group Aww, at the adorable scene, Hiyori, practically dying, from massive nosebleed, as Patty rescued her.

"Kagami, I don't care that everyone can see us…That was the cutest thing I have ever seen, I love you so much." Konata said, quickly diving forward kissing her. Intertwining their tongues, as yet again the room released a loud Aww.

"Konata, I love you too, today has really been the best day of my life." Kagami said, as they separated staring at her.

"Me too Kagami…I don't want it to end."

"Well then just wait for tonight…I want to make it the best night of both of our lives." Kagami replied, winking, saying it just quite enough so the others could not hear her.

"Can't wait." Konata said back with a smile.

"Hey girls, do you want to separate any time soon and pass out that cake." Misao said, hoping to enjoy it as they did.

"Yeah, yeah…" Konata said cutting more slices

"Now let's have us a party." Kuroi and Yui both said at the same time, holding up their sake bottles.

- Night, Izumi Residence.

"Geez…Im so worn out…They would not let us leave would they." Kagami said, as her and Konata stammered through the door.

"Yeah, they were all really having fun…Did you see Misao chug that sake bottle, kuroi gave her?" Konata asked.

"Yeah…A drunken misao is not something I want to deal with again…But everyone had fun, and that is important...But now Konata, it is finally just us." Kagami replied her and Konata walking into her room.

"Yep…Kagami, I love you so much, my wife, there is really no one I would rather it be, you will always be the only person for me." Konata replied staring into Kagami's eyes.

"Me too Konata…I feel the exact same, you are my wife, and I would have that no other way."

"Kagami, that party was really exhaustive, I know I said I would make you a snack when we got back, but can we just go to bed now? Im actually pretty worn out." Konata asked, opening the covers, and giving Kagami a puppy dog look.

"Okay, besides, that is what I really wanted anyway." Kagami said, crawling into the bed, cuddling with Konata. "You can just make it up to me, with breakfast." Kagami replied, giving her a small kiss.

"I will definitely do that, I like making food for you, my beautiful wife." Konata replied, smiling happily, at the usage of wife.

"…Konata…Umm, you're not too tired to…you know, are you?" Kagami asked.

"Of course not, it's our wedding day. What kind of wife would I be, if I fell asleep, before that?" Konata jokingly replied.

"I love you Konata." Kagami said, quickly kissing Konata, while doing so she began slowly removing articles of clothing,

"I love you too sweetie, so much, Kagami, as I've said before, you are the only person I have ever wanted to do this with." Konata replied, flipping herself over, so she was not on top of Kagami, she then removed her final article, so that both were completely naked now.

"…Konata, me too…You are the only one, I would do this with…I love you so much." Kagami replied, moving her head forward kissing Konata again.

"Kagami, you are really sexy you know that." Konata replied, eyeing her wife.

"You too, you really cute, but really good looking too." Kagami replied, doing the same.

"Kagami, this is our first times when we are married…So it's like we are virgins again in a way." Konata replied, moving her hand slowly, massaging certain 'key' parts of Kagami's body.

"Then Im happy to give it to you again Konata." Kagami very romantically put. Releasing small moans and purrs, as Konata, very gently, and lovingly, pleased her.

"K…Konata…I..I…I love you." Kagami said, in between panting.

"Me too Kagami."

"M…My turn." Kagami replied, crawling on top of Konata, and gently kissing her, then slowly moving down her frail, naked frame.

"Ka…Kagami." Konata cooed out, as Kagami, gently licked along her stomach line, flicking her tongue against her belly button.

"Shh…no need to say anything." She replied, moving back up towards her, and kissing her very passionately when she was not expecting it, and not removing herself, as her hand gently rubbed Konata.

"A…K…Kagami…I love you…" Konata managed to say, in between soft moans, and labored breathing, as Kagami lovingly, admired her small body, kissing every part of it, and moving back to kissing her, in between doing so.

"K...Kagami, that…That was amazing." Konata said panting, as Kagami lay on top of her, both of them heavily panting, still sweaty from their activities.

"Konata…That was the best feeling I have ever had…Im not sure it was because it was our first time married…But that was just incredible."

"I know…My whole body is still shaking…Kagami…I really love you." Konata replied, leaning up kissing her.

"…Im actually too tired to even move…Im not hurting you, lying on top of you am I?" She asked, her body was essentially, on top of Konata's her whole weight, pressed against her.

"No, just stay there. As lewd as it sounds, I really like your naked body pressed against me like that." Konata said a hint of red appearing.

"I like it too…It's like very contact between us feels like electricity, it is really an incredible feeling…And since I can feel you so close, it is also really relaxing." Kagami said, agreeing.

"…Although…If you would move up just a bit, lay like we were earlier on the bench." Konata asked.

"Okay." Kagami agreed. Crawling up slightly, her legs now rubbing against Konata's, their hands laced together, her breasts pressing against Konata's and her face, right next to her, their noses touching slightly.

"…T…This is really good feeling…Kagami…" Konata worded out, her cheeks glowing.

"Konata…You look really cute like that." Kagami said, her cheeks also holding a hint of red.

"…Having you t…That close…F…Feels amazing." Konata replied, every part of their body was making contact with the others, in the same spot.

"I know…We have never been this close…Konata…Im really happy I have you." Kagami replied.

"I know Kagami…Me too...I will love you forever sweetie."

"…Konata…I" kagami began however a yawn interrupted her. "I will too…I will never leave your side…I promise you that."

"Are you tired honey?" Konata asked, in the sweetest caring voice a human could muster.

"…A bit…Do you mind if I closed my eyes for awhile?" Kagami asked, in an equally sweet manner.

"Not at all…Im pretty tired too…but…Stay like that please…I want to sleep with you like this." Konata said, greatly enjoying the placing.

"Okay…Good night Konata…My wife…I love you so much." Kagami said, closing her eyes after kissing Konata one more time.

"Good night Kagami…I love you too." Konata replied, cuddling her head into her, gently rubbing her with her nose, before wrapping her arms around her waist.

"…Konata…my, wife." Kagami drearily said falling asleep

"And you're my wife." Konata said, closing her eyes, sleeping with her wife for the first time.

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