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Chapter one

Snakes and Foxes

"Snakes" He muttered to himself. He'd never forget their smell. Snakes were the one and only animal that he hated.

"Fox." She said loudly. There were few things that smelled like foxes and even fewer people that could separate the smells. Her nose was better than most. The only people that could distinguish smells better were the Inuzuka.

"I wonder what she wants here. I thought that this place was off limits."

"To genin like you brat, not Jounin. Now why the hell are you here?" Anko questioned. No one entered the forest of death. It was one of the best training grounds but there were just too many dangers for most to take the risk. Anko was one of the few who found peace in the forest and she wanted to know why a genin was relaxing in it.

"I was taking a nap. It's too dangerous to do it in my apartment so I said 'what the hell' this place is probably safer." Naruto mocked. He loved the forest. There were a ton of dangerous animals but not many came near him. The best reason he could come up with was that they were afraid of what he held.

Anko lost the smirk she'd had on. She knew that the boy held the demon fox and she knew how many people hated him for it. She didn't expect him to seek refuge from them in one of the most dangerous places in the village. "You've got to be really good or really stupid to consider this place safer than the village." She said half heartedly. With how the people had treated the boy. It wasn't much of a surprise.

Naruto sighed. He'd wanted a peaceful day. He started to get up on the branch he was on when a hand found his shoulder. "I don't want pity." He said immediately. Anko was a sadistic bitch but she was never evil. He still didn't want to hear a half hearted apology from her. She'd never done anything against him. He fully stood up and turned to her. "If you want to help me then leave me alone till I ask for help." With that he was gone in a flash of red.

She hadn't been surprised to see his headband over his eyes. It was a common sight now. It had been since he'd finished the Akatsuki. He'd gone to their base with a team of nine and returned alone covered in blood with his headband over his eyes. Not a single person had seen the sky blue orbs since. Anko felt a little hurt. She decided to show a little of her caring side and she'd been shot down before she even had a chance. "Damn brat." She said to herself as she launched herself into the forest to look for him.

Naruto stopped his movement at the edge of the forest. He hated when people decided to show him pity. He was one of the strongest ninja Konoha had ever produced and some people still treated him like he was a kid. He lifted his nose and sniffed the air around him. "The snakes following me." He smiled a little. Even if she had insulted him she still wanted to find him. Sure there was a good chance it was to try to kill him for ignoring her but still few people even showed him that.

He walked at a slow pace. He wasn't in a rush to get back to the main part of the village but he was wondering what Anko still wanted. If there was a chance that she didn't want to kill him then what else could she want with him. 'Can't really think of anything she would want. I can't really even think of a reason she would come after me.' He thought to himself. The closest Anko had ever gotten to him was during his first chunin exam and all she did then was cut him.

He continued walking, thinking about the possible outcomes of the inevitable meeting. He'd meant what he said but he still enjoyed the fact that she was coming after him. It made him feel like he was something other than a demon to the village. "You're pretty fast. Hmm, guess I should expect it from a Jounin." He said aloud, knowing that she was within hearing range.

"I could ask how you're so fast but I'm guessing you wouldn't tell me." She said as she landed behind him, 'how the hell did he know I was so close. I completely masked my Chakra and I hid myself with a Genjutsu?' she questioned inwardly. It was common knowledge that Naruto was good. How good was unknown. He refused to openly show his abilities after the defeat of Akatsuki. He threatened to leave the village if Tsunade forced him to display his skills.

"No I'd tell you if you asked. But since you haven't I feel no reason to." He said. 'Hmm. I wonder.' He was inches from her before she could blink. "Why are you following me?" he asked in a low voice.

'Fast.' "You completely blew me off back there! I refuse to be ignored by anyone. I don't care how good you are you're not going to ignore me."

Naruto smiled. Her eyes were showing the slight fear she held. 'Nobody knows what I can do. Kyu was right. (sigh) bastard fox, you leave when I finally have a need of you.' he reached up to his headband and tapped it with his index finger, "I'm so fast because of my eyes. As long as it's within my field of vision I can move there in an instant." He told her. It'd been a while since he'd trusted someone with his secrets. Anko as like him in a sense. People hated her because of something someone else did. If there was anyone who would understand him it would be her. "You've got no reason to be afraid of me."

"I'm not afraid to you!" she yelled indignantly. She was Anko. Everyone was afraid of her. If not for her skill then it was for her sadistic tendencies. There was no way that she could be afraid of someone else.

Naruto laughed at that. "Sure, sure. Now, can I ask why you're following me?" 'Wow. She's cares more about a little insult then she does me being able to move as fast as light.' It was amazing. Some people could always amuse him.

"I already told you, brat! I refuse to be ignored! Now tell me what the hell is the matter with you so I can help like I was going to." She was fuming. The kid was how many years younger than her and he was laughing at her.

Naruto's laugh clamed a little as he watched her, "Fine." He said after a moment. "I already told you though. I feel safer in a forest full of the most dangerous animal in Konoha than I do in the city itself. My problem is pretty much self explanatory. I want to be Hokage and everyone still hates me. The council has sent me on more life threatening missions than I can count and I'd be willing to bet that it wasn't because they thought I was good. They probably just want to get rid of me. How the hell am I supposed to get to Hokage with so many people against me?" It felt good to vent. He hadn't in a few months. Usually if he needed to release some stress then he'd just tear apart a training ground and blame it on Guy and Lee. They were usually too busy with their training to know where they were while they spared so they couldn't object.

"Brat!" Anko yelled. She really didn't know why she yelled but she did. She couldn't be mad anymore. He had a Dream and it was nearly unreachable because of a single incident. "You can't just give up." she said quietly. It was unlike her but she hated to see someone hated for something that another did.

"I don't intend to. But eventually someone will notice and when they do then I'll have to leave. I don't know when but I know they will. I'm actually surprised you haven't I try to limit my time with anyone so they don't. You're the first person that I've spent more than just a few minutes with."

'What am I supposed to notice?' She asked herself. She looked at Naruto. There was a boy in Orange. Nothing odd about it at all… well maybe too much orange but he'd always worn that. Her eyes scanned him over and over. Nothing was out of place. He'd grown but that was expected. 'He's not lying. I've no doubt about that but what could he be talking about?' there was nothing different about him besides his personality.

"You might get it eventually. I really don't care if you do. You're probably the one of the few people who won't hate me for It." he turned away from Anko and was about to leave when Anko's hand found his shoulder again.

"I don't see anything. Why do you think people will hate you for something that's not there?"

"It's there Anko. There all there. I'll see you later… maybe." She felt something slide against her cheek. It was soft. As soon as Naruto vanished it was gone.

(Hokage monument)

"How do you like it?"

"I love it. I just hate how I know people will look at me once they learn what I am."

"I don't think they'll all hate you. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Iruka won't think of you any differently. Hell that Anko might think you're cute."

"That's not funny. She's nice but I don't think she'll want much to do with me when she learns that I'm even worse than Orochimaru."

"Don't even talk like that. Orochimaru was a hell spawn. You're natural. Just because the name 'demon' was added, doesn't mean that you're actually a demon. The humans named me that because I was immortal and because of how strong I was. You are not a demon."

Naruto smiled as he took off his headband. His eyes looked over the village. "I love this village."

"I hate them."

"I know you do. But you aren't strong enough to actually do any damage so I really don't care."

"That hurt."

"Baka, fox"

Kyuubi laughed. "Shut up, kit. I'm still your superior."

"Only until I'm twenty five. I'm leaving this place as soon as possible."

"I thought you still wanted to be Hokage. Isn't that what you told the snake hime (Princess)?"

"Hmm. Anko-hime. She'll hate that."

"Focused." Kyuubi mocked.

"Fine."Naruto sighed. He did want to be Hokage. There were just so many things that were more important to him. "Being Hokage hasn't been my dream for years. The village would completely shoot down the idea anyway so there's no real point in continuing after it."

"You shouldn't just give up like that kit. You've made people change before. You're stronger now so that ability to change should be stronger as well." It didn't sit well with Kyuubi that Naruto would just give up. No one that he considered family should give in so simply.

Naruto sighed. One second the fox was saying that he hated the village and the next he was saying that Naruto shouldn't give up his goal to become the leader of the same village. "It's not that I don't want to. I really do. I've got things to do though. You said that I wouldn't be able to lead a village once I was completely altered."

"I did say that. You're only nineteen right now though. You won't be complete untill you're twenty five. That's six years. Convince Tsunade to retire earily and have her name you her sucsesor. If she names you the Rokudaime then the council and the village will have no say in the matter. You can live your dream as Hokage and leave before you completely absorb the rest of my Chakra. I really don't see why you'd want to leave though. Once you have all my Chakra and it finishes the alteration then you'll be able to shape shift like I was. You wouldn't have to have you're tails flailing everywhere and scaring people. You could hide them and nobody would ever be the wiser." Kyuubi said proudly. Liking how simple yet efficient his plan was.

"It won't be that simple, Kyu." Naruto said, "Even if I do become Hokage. If the people hate me then they will disregard what I say as Hokage. Now if the people do it then there's still a chance I can run the village efficiently but if the ninja do it too then the village will fall apart. We won't be able to accept missions because none of the ninja would be willing to do a job assigned by me. Without missions the village wouldn't be able to raise the money needed to say on its feet."

"For that very reason they'll listen to you. Even if the ninja hate you they'll still do the missions you assign. They know how dependent the village is on the payments and they'll do them so the village can survive. The people can hate you all they want. The Hokage is in charge of military concerns and overall village production. The main source of power for the people is the council. You can replace the council with your friends. They'll listen to you and the civilians will listen to them."

"The current council will throw a fit if I try to replace them."

"Who cares? They won't have any power once they're just normal civilians. I suggest keeping the Nara family in the council though. Having that Shikamaru kid and his father on the council will help greatly. Shikaku is one of the most intelligent creatures I've ever come across."

"yeah." Naruto agreed. His mind was elsewhere. Kyuubi's plan almost sounded like it would work. His friends would love the opportunity to work in the village's council. None of them were the head of their clans but if he offered the position as Hokage then they would be permitted.

"I'll in your head helping you so there's no reason to worry. I told you when Akatsuki broke the seal, I'll help you with anything as long as you hold up you end of our deal."

"And as I told you, I will give you what you want but it'll take some time to find it. Honestly, if I become Hokage, it'll be easier. I can request a mission under a Henge and then I can give it to one of our tracker teams. If they can't find it then I'll search for it when I retire."

This made Kyuubi happy. He really didn't want the relic that Madara used to seal the Bijuu but he needed a reason to stay with the boy. Kyuubi had lost all of his family and Naruto was the only person he considered a son. "Soooo. You plan to use my all knowing advice and become Hokage." Kyuubi said in a sarcastic tone.

"Baka fox." Naruto mumbled. "Yeah. If you're right and Tsunade agrees to name me Rokudaime then I'd really like to go for it."

"Good boy. Now go home and rest. You've got a big week ahead of you, I can tell you'll enjoy it." Kyuubi chuckled as he faded from view.

Naruto lifted his shirt a little to look at the seal on his stomach. He was glad that Akatsuki hadn't managed to destroy it. He got up slowly and began his trek home.

(Forest of Death, 7:30 AM)

"Wakey, Wakey" a familiar voice chimed in his ear.

"Go away. I'm trying to sleep" Naruto mumbled into his pillow.

"Come on. How do you plan on doing anything if you sleep all the time?" Kyosu laughed. He loved messing with his master and laughing at him always managed to get his attention.

"Why can't I UN-summon you like all the others." Naruto said as he pulled himself up from the pillow he'd found so much comfort in. "I think Kyuubi stuck me with the most annoying fox he could just to spite me for keeping him locked up for so many years."

Kyosu's laugh got louder at this. Naruto was such an amusing morning person. Insulting anything and everything that was near him. "Come on, grumpy, get yourself moving. There's someone in the forest and I doubt you want them to get close enough to find this place."

Grumbling, Naruto got out of bed. He wasn't ashamed of the fact that he hated mornings. The sunlight that somehow found its way into his window was the only enemy that he could never defeat. "Damn sunlight. Were in a fricken forest. How the hell does it even get past the trees? The leaves are huge." he complained as he made his way to the bathroom.

Kyosu had given up laughing and just shook his head in shame. 'How did I become the familiar of such an idiot?' He questioned. There was no doubt, he loved his master dearly. Sometimes Naruto could just be stupid and in those moments Kyosu always tried to figure out why Kyuubi picked him to help the boy in the physical world.

Kyuubi could help the kid with anything from within the seal and as far as Kyosu knew, Kyuubi could come out of the seal. So why did the boy need a familiar. "I have a limited time out of the seal. I can only be out for around an hour a day before it pulls me back. I need someone here to physically help him should he need it." Kyuubi said. Kyosu yelped as he found the former fox lord next to him. "I can give him advice from within him but as you put it a moment ago, he is an idiot sometimes. He needs someone to keep him in line. Until he finds someone to do it for you, I need you here to look out for him."

Kyosu bowed his head automatically. "I wasn't questioning my job. I'm proud to have it. I just laugh about it every now and then."

Kyuubi sighed, "For starters, don't bow to me. The Kit is you're new lord. Second, I wasn't saying it to scold you. I was saying my intentions. You know as well as I that he has more potential than I ever did. I was only able to get nine tails and I truly believe that Naruto will be able to get all ten."

Kyosu's eyes widened at the implications of that. A ten tailed Bijuu. It would be the strongest thing the world would ever know. "I'm sure you would have been able to gain the tenth had you not been sealed." The small fox said.

"No. I wouldn't have been able to. I don't have the emotion needed to gain it. Hell the only reason I treat Naruto as I do is because I consider him my family. You should have seen me before I did. I would threaten to kill him every chance I got. To anyone other than family or brethren I'm an asshole. I've no chance of gaining the tenth tail. Naruto actually cares about others. I can't wait to see the one who'll force it out." Kyuubi laughed softly at that. He really couldn't wait to see who Naruto's mate would be.