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Chapter four

Friends, Family, and Jutsu

It felt weird, he thought. He'd had Anko with him for days. She rarely left him alone. He had privacy when he needed it but other than that she was by his side. Naruto didn't mind much, but the looks the pair were getting were beginning to anger him. What was wrong with two people hanging out? They weren't bothering anyone or disturbing the peace. They were simply talking. Anko forced Naruto to try her favorite flavor of dango and Naruto threw up in the shop. That was the worst thing they'd done.

It was funny to them that he, the soon to be Kyuubi, couldn't conquer his own taste buds. Everyone else looked at the scene with disgust. Sure, puking in public is never a pretty thing but they looked at it like a plague.

Today Anko had decided to go find Kurenai and annoy Iruka. Naruto missed her presence but was pleased with the solitude. She'd become a friend, he could say that. She was a crazy, messed up friend who wanted to test interrogation techniques on him, but a friend none the less. They would share a light kiss on occasion but never in front of people. Usually they were in the forest of on top of the Hokage monument.

Naruto walked through the village quickly. He'd told Kyosu to tell Jiraiya that he would meet them but he hadn't shown up and there was no doubt that Tsunade was waiting for him. She wouldn't send anyone to look for him, she would wait, and when he finally showed up she would kill him for making her wait. Today he was alone so he decided that it was time to see her. He wouldn't let her get close enough to examine him but he would show her the seal. It was slightly different than the original but he doubted that the original would ever exist again. The creator was a master who was only rivaled by the demons. Two people knew how to make it and both were dead because of it.

He checked his headband one last time before walking into the tower. His eyes were the only thing he could never Henge. He wasn't sure why but the most logical reason that he could come up with was that they couldn't be change because of their ability. He moved throughout the tower like a ghost. His eyes could see through the headband and thusly he could move faster than his image. He appeared at the double door to the Hokage's office. He heard several surprised gasps when he just fazed into existence. He loved doing that. It scared people and brought him the grim satisfaction of seeing the fear in their eyes.

"Baa-Chan!" he yelled as he walked through the door. He never really bothered with an appointment. She was like a grandmother and family was before anything.

A book flew past his head as soon as the door was closed. He could see it coming like it was in slow motion but he acted surprised. It was his job to act surprised, if he didn't people would get suspicious. He looked back to find the book imbedded in the wall. He whistled as he continued to the seat in front of the desk, "wow. Nice shot, Baa-Chan." He joked.

"Where have you been lately?" She asked calmly. Naruto visibly gulped. He could take her, he knew that, but she could make him regret being alive.

"I've been training. I'm sure ero-sennin told you about my house." he laughed a little despite himself. "I wasn't planning on telling anyone I live there. It's kinda like a personal resort where nobody can reach me. Not so much anymore." He dropped his head in fake sorrow. It'd been forever since he'd acted like this in front of anyone but Kyosu. Tsunade had been like a family member to him while he was human. He felt a guilty that he'd disclosed her from his current life but there wasn't a doubt in his mind that it was for the best. She would be forever scorned for favoring a demon. Even if Kyuubi wasn't a real demon, the result would be the same.

Tsunade had wanted to kill him when he'd walked in but she was quickly changing that idea. He was acting like he had before Akatsuki. She was ecstatic. Everyone missed this Naruto and everyone wanted him back, Tsunade included. She smiled at his horrible attempt to show sadness. It was the kind of thing that only he could do. "I've been told that I'm not the only female that knows about your new home." She teased.

'Anko.' Naruto thought immediately. He had asked her not to tell anyone of the house, his home. He was willing to trust her to keep that secret. As far as he knew she hadn't told anyone.

"Kakashi," she said, answering the question she could see forming in his head, "was the one who found your, how did you put it, resort. He had Pakkun help him. Obviously he found you but Pakkun also caught Anko's scent inside the house. If she was in it then she knows about it."

Naruto decided to let go a little and made an over exaggerated 'O' face. He then smiled to himself at the thought of Anko. She was… well, she was Anko. He couldn't help but smile at that. There was a hitch a fear imbedded in him but that was most likely some of the venom that was still in him from Anko's latest 'test'.

"I expect to hear about this sooner or later." She said in a motherly tone. "If you don't tell me then I'm sure Anko would after a round of sake with me and Kurenai. You have no idea what those two will talk about when their drunk." She got a dreamy expression on her face as the stories the two had told replayed themselves in her mind. "It'll be a lot better for you if I hear it from you."

"Anko is a friend." Naruto answered immediately. Anko had been drunk near him before. Not recently, it had been nearly two years. Naruto could still see the half naked body dance around in his head. He thanked Kami that she hadn't remembered it. "She found my house by accident while she was hunting in the forest. She stops by every now and then since she is frequently in the forest."

He spoke quickly, as if he was more willing to have his version told. Naruto felt a small bead of sweat travel down his spine. He did not want Anko to even think about talking about their first meeting in his home. For starters, his secret would be out and that could be disastrous. Secondly, Anko wasn't known for keeping her… more interesting experiences to herself. He didn't want the kunoichi of the village to know how sensitive his tails were. Hell, he didn't even want them knowing that he had tails.

Tsunade caught on immediately. If Naruto didn't want to tell her something then she wouldn't press. She valued him and she knew that Shizune had been right. All she could do was wait for Naruto to return to her. Her smile turned into a wicked grin. Just because she couldn't make him do things didn't mean that she couldn't torment him. "It's fine if you don't want to tell me all of it Naruto. Or is it Naruto-kun, now. I'll have to ask Anko."

Naruto's eyes concealed all the terror he felt. "Anko calls me whatever she wants. I don't particularly care and even if I did, odds are I wouldn't be able to make her stop. You know how she is." He yet again smiled at the thought. He was learning how she was. Crazy, insane, sadistic, caring, hurt, scared. He had seen all these sides from her and yet he still found the need to dig deeper, to find what other things she was keeping.

Tsunade grunted at the thought. "Calls me boss lady." She muttered.

Naruto bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing. "And you yell at me for calling you Baa-chan." He asked with all the outrage he could pull together.

"Yes! At least she treats me like I'm the boss, WHICH I AM." Tsunade yelled immediately, her eye twitching slightly. Naruto felt genuinely pleased. He'd pissed off Tsunade, he'd had fun with the closest thing to a grandmother he had, and he released some of the guilt that had been weighing him down. It felt good to let her into his life. He wouldn't tell her his secrets but he would make an effort to see her more than he had been. She was, by everything but blood, his grandmother. Family was important.

(Training ground 8)

"Where the hell have you been lately?"

"I could ask you the same thing but I already know the answer. Half the village knows the answer."

Anko smiled widely as she dropped onto her butt. "You jealous Ku-Chan? Isn't Iruka make'n you happy?"

Kurenai rolled her eyes. She loved Anko like a sister but just like a sister, Anko knew exactly how to annoy her. "Iruka is making me very happy." She stared in a defensive tone. "And no I'm not jealous. I'm simply curious. It's not every day you see the… well, the 'outcasts' together."

Anko's smile dropped a little. She knew that Kurenai meant no harm with the comment but it still bothered her that most of the village would use such a comment as an insult. It was true but it didn't make it any better. "Naruto isn't that bad." She said truthfully, "he's a little rough but he has to be one of the most sincere people in this village. I almost, fucking, lost it. I was nearly in tears, ME!" She lied. "And the brat helped me. He was dejected and mistreated and he's got the heart of an angel when he's a demon."

Kurenai almost got angry at her friend. Naruto wasn't a bad person in Kurenai's book. He was a little different from everyone else but he'd always been there when somebody needed him. Hinata had frequently told her of how kind Naruto was to everyone. Kurenai was a little disappointed in her student. She'd ran away the second his personality had turned. She found him 'lacking the qualities I liked' Hinata had said. Naruto was different now but he was still the same. She could see him avoiding people till eventually he had all but disappeared and now he was back. He'd walk the streets with Anko by his side. It was good for the village to have him around. It livened it up but she still scorned those who called him a demon.

Anko noticed the look Kurenai got when she called Naruto a demon. Anko liked calling Naruto a demon. He'd explained to her that the Bijuu weren't demons but she was adamant about calling him one. She liked to think of him as her demon.

"So have you been doing anything besides being around him?" Kurenai asked sarcastically.

"Not really. Were kinda stuck together." Anko answered with a toothy smile. It seemed like it been forever since she'd spoken to Kurenai. She was busy with her baby or with Iruka. Anko couldn't blame her. She wanted a family like Kurenai had. It was one of her deeper desires that she rarely told anyone. Kurenai knew. But then, Kurenai knew everything about Anko.


"I don't see a ring." Kurenai teased. It was meant as a joke but she saw the flush on Anko's face. 'Anko doesn't blush' she thought to herself.

'I wonder if he will give me a ring.' Anko asked herself. 'If were mates then he might just consider the seal a ring.' She unconsciously brought her hand to where her cursed seal would have been. It was a habit she'd picked up. When she was deep in thought she would rub it.

"What are you thinking about, Anko?" it wasn't often that Anko looked out of it. She was an elite ninja. Kurenai knew she couldn't beat Anko if they were to fight but right now she was willing to try. She'd probably win.

"Nothing." Anko lied, "I'm just thinking.", 'about Naruto.' She told herself. Yet again she found her thought process fixated on him. 'No. focus. Today is about my friends not Naruto.'

"He's special isn't he?"

'Should have guessed.', "you know me too well." Anko said.

"I know my friend. I have to. You remember what I was like after Asuma. How long did you stay at my house? I don't even remember." She looked at her friend's expression. "We look after each other. I know something's wrong so tell me."

What was wrong? She had been enjoying herself. Every day was something new. Today he'd woke her up with his lips. She probably suffocated him but it was his own fault. They were friends at least and she could feel the bond. Her arm was twitching as she thought about the connection.


Letting out an exhausted sigh, Anko caved. "I really like him." she admitted. "But I can't help but worry about how we're going to work out." Naruto was a demon. Well, he wasn't yet but he would be. The oldest record she'd ever found of the Kyuubi was over two hundred years old. If that was true then Naruto would outlive her by hundreds of years.

"You do care for him… right?" Anko nodded. "It'll work out then. Just trust him and he'll make it work."


"Tsunade-sama must be angry." Kurenai said in a deflated tone.

"Idiot." Anko thought as her arm stopped twitching. She let a smile slip as she thought about Naruto. She did trust him. She only hoped he felt the same.

(Hokage Tower)

"WHERE THE HELL IS JIRAIYA!" Tsunade yelled. She glared at Naruto as he pushed himself against the far wall, willing himself to go through it.

"Baa-Chan. It really isn't his fault."

"Shut up. You were more worried about training before you went with him on that stupid training trip. The pervert infected you." she looked out the window behind her desk. If Jiraiya didn't show up then she would gut him.

"It really wasn't his fault." Naruto said again, trying to save his teacher. "Anko surprised me."

"And you let it happen."

'She was only touching my tails.' He thought to himself. Tsunade had managed to make him tell her about Anko. He'd told her how different she was when they were alone and he'd been stupid enough to tell her about their… interaction. He had only told Tsunade the result not how it happened. He wasn't going to tell her about his tails. "I was caught off guard."

"You should always be on guard. You're a ninja." She was fuming. Only Jiraiya could turn an innocent child like Naruto into what he was now. How had she never put it together? Of course Jiraiya was to blame.

As if sensing her mentor's hostility, Shizune entered the room. She looked at the pleading look on Naruto's face and knew that something needed to be done. She walked to where Tsunade stood and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Tsunade-sama." She said quietly. Without responding, Tsunade shot her the glare that she had been giving Naruto. Shizune smiled softly at her mentor. She'd seen the glare enough times for it to have no effect. Even if it was a serious matter, Tsunade couldn't hurt her, even if she wanted to. Shizune shifted her gaze to Naruto, "you can go now Naruto-kun. I'll calm her down." She said with a soft smile.

"Thank you." he said quickly as he shushined out of the room.

"I wasn't done with him." Tsunade ground out. "I'm still the Hokage. He's my ninja and I…"

"Are you going to use your position to make me bring him back?" She asked calmly, knowing that Tsunade was cornered.

Staring angrily was all that was left. Tsunade knew that she couldn't force Shizune to do anything and it only served to anger her more. "No. you better have a damn good reason for telling him to leave."

Laughing lightly, Shizune wrapped her arms around Tsunade. "I always have a reason when I empty you're office."

(Forest of Death.)

'You didn't ask her about becoming Hokage.' Kyuubi told him as he walked through the forest.

"I know. In my defense I was scared for my life. She looked pretty angry and that usually doesn't mean sunshine and daisies. I could practically see the different ways she was planning on torturing Anko." He said out loud. He wasn't worried about anyone hearing him in his forest. He didn't have to care about glares or whispers. He could relax a little in it.

"Who's planning on torturing me?"

'Maybe we should keep our conversations in your head. It proves to be safer.'

"I was just thinking the same thing." Naruto said as Anko approached him. "Hi, Anko-Chan"

"Hi, back, Naruto-kun" she said sweetly.

Naruto rolled his eyes at her. "If you don't mean it then why do you say it?" he asked half heartedly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'll stop if you drop the Chan. I may be more feminine than most people know but I still don't want the suffix added."

"How about Hime then?"

He didn't need an answer. The spiteful look on her face told him what he needed to know. He sighed to himself as he leaned down to kiss her. It was short, a greeting more than anything. "So what got Boss-sama pissed?" she asked with a bit of enthusiasm. It was always amusing to see her Hokage angry.

"I told her what my reaction was when you touch my tails." He replied simply.

"You're joking right?" Naruto couldn't be that stupid. He knew what happened to perverts when they ran across the Hokage. It was common knowledge that she had a strong dislike for them.

He smiled sheepishly as he answered. "I wish I was joking. She was practically interrogating me for information about you. At first I thought she was just messing around but the questions kept coming. She asked stupid things like what your favorite color was." He paused for a second. The next thing he was going to say would most likely be his last so, taking a breath, he leaned down and kissed her again. "Eventually…I said that I came after you decided to pet me."

Anko looked at him like he was stupid. 'There's no way in hell that this boy is that clueless, that…arrg.' "Do you have any idea what that sounds like. Did you tell her about your tails?" He shook his head immediately. "Kami. So that's who's planning on torturing me." She said with a sigh. "You know I have to punish you for this."

Without waiting for a response, she plunged two kunai into his shoulders. The resounding poof knocked her back instantly. "Sorry Anko-Chan. Just because it can't kill me doesn't mean it doesn't hurt." The real Naruto said as he ran through the forest.

"I'm going to kill him." Anko muttered under her breath. She looked around the small open area that she was in. she found no trace of him anywhere. She sniffed the air immediately. "Damn fox!" she yelled as she jumped into the trees.

Kyuubi chuckled at the scene. "I think you should be more afraid of her. You're stuck with her."

"No I'm not. She's just trying, remember. There haven't been any vows yet." Naruto said as he walked into the clearing. He looked to the way Anko went. 'Kami it's good to be fast.'

'She'll find out you made another clone eventually.'

Naruto laughed at memory that suddenly filled his head. "She just did."

"You're going to get yourself killed if you keep messing with your mate."

"Kyu." Naruto said in a serious tone. It was uncommon for him to ever take things too serious. Kyuubi knew this. Even their Hokage conversation hadn't held the strict level of severity Naruto was showing now. "She's is my mate. That much is true. But as of right now that mark on her arm is only a safeguard for the poison. Hell, I don't even know what it did to the cursed seal. The mark could be dangerous. All I know right now is that Anko is my friend. Mate… maybe. She is interesting to me so I might want to take her as my mate eventually. Right now… she isn't my mate."

It was an important decision for him. Naruto wasn't going to let his life partner be chosen because of a mistake. Sure it brought them together but he wasn't going to let it end at that. Anko was marked as his mate but for him the mark was nothing. It would be his choice who his mate would be and it annoyed him that Kyuubi had already pinned Anko as his mate. He liked her but he still needed more time before he would choose her as his mate.

"I'm going get you." Anko hissed as she reappeared in front of him.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist. Anko let out a girly 'eep' when she was lifted up from behind. "How the hell do you do that?" she laughed out as they reappeared across the field. Naruto set her down.

"I can go anywhere I can see." he said as he pulled up his headband. "These eyes are the key to Konoha's yellow flash."

This time Anko exploded. It was hard not to laugh at that concept. Konoha's yellow flash was the strongest man that Konoha had ever seen. "You- ha ha ha- you can't be serious." It was hard to stop laughing at the thought.

Her laughing stopped as Naruto's pupils shifted in his eyes. They broke apart into three pieces. Each was a triangle that spread apart in his eye, leaving it pupil-less. (The Sharingan except it isn't red and there aren't commas or a pupil, just triangles where the commas would be and there blue.) "The secret of the Hiraishin no Jutsu is these eyes. Do you want to hear the story?" he asked in a joking tone.

"What I want to know is why you have them. Though I suppose that'll be answered so sure why not."

'You sure you want to tell her. You'll have to make sure she doesn't tell anyone.' Kyuubi asked. Naruto could hear the concern in his voice. He understood that what he was going to say was a secret that he wasn't supposed to know. Telling Anko would be a sign of trust. Part of him hoped that she would be able to keep his trust.

"You can't tell anyone what I'm about to say. Part of it I'm not supposed to know and another part… nobody knows the other part. It was something that only the fourth knew about and I only know about it because of who I am. Can I trust you to keep this to yourself? I would be put in a bad situation and depending on how we work out it could affect us." He reached down and grabbed her hand. "The CRA (clan restoration act) would demand that I have multiple wives. I… I don't want multiple wives. I'd given up on even having a relationship."

Anko had to think for a moment before responding. She knew that the clan restoration act was implemented to keep clans alive but to her knowledge it was only used to keep bloodlines alive. "I know you're the last Uzumaki but you don't have a…" she watched as his eye's returned to normal. "Blood…line"

Seeing that she understood he continued. "The Yondaime was the strongest, most loyal, Shinobi that this village has ever had. He loved his wife." Noticing the confused look on Anko's face he remembered that nobody knew about the marriage. "He married in secret. If news got out that he had a wife… a lot of people didn't like him. Anyway. He loved her and he didn't want anyone but her. The Hiraishin was made to cover up his bloodline. These eye's let me move anywhere within my vision by shooting a small bolt of Chakra to that location at, extremely, high speeds. Once it reaches its location a small seal forms and summons me to it. I can maintain constant movement by using more Chakra to produce a larger seal. I can appear anywhere on the seal. Usually I just use a normal amount of Chakra and make a mini-seal. When I need to move farther I just make a huge seal. The largest one I've ever made was the size of Konoha. With my virtually limitless chakra it barely affects me. Back on subject, my father didn't want another wife. He felt that it would be betraying my mother. He didn't want the council to place enact the CRA so he recreated his bloodline. I don't know how long it took him, I don't know how many hours he put into it, but I know in the end he made one of most powerful jutsus ever known."

"You're… father?" Anko asked. The Yondaime made the Hiraishin. If it really was based on a Bloodline then the creator would have to be nothing short of the smartest man alive. 'My father.' Naruto had said that. "Your father?" she repeated.

"Minato Namikaze. Husband of Kushina Uzumaki. Yondaime Hokage, savior of Konoha." He took a deep breath. "Father of Uzumaki Naruto." There it was. Only the Hokage knew that. He knew that Tsunade knew that and he knew that she wasn't allowed to tell him till he reached Jonin. "Tsunade knows. You can confirm it with her if you really need to. I'm not supposed to know yet so don't tell her you heard it from me."

He could tell by the way her jaw was hanging that she was in a small shock. He grinned as he took advantage of it.

Anko was in a stupor. She knew that she was going to talk to Tsunade but only one thing was really going through her mind. 'His own father put him through hell.' It was ironic if she really thought about it. He'd become the beast that his father died to seal. Her entire thought process stopped when she felt Naruto's lips hit hers.

She purred against him as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. 'Kami he's good at this.' She thought as he pulled her body to his. It was common for her to push the boundaries of their physical relationship. She just loved the look on his face when she'd guide his hand somewhere special. She loved the feeling and she knew that he liked it even if he shuddered out an argument.

He laughed softly at her disappointed face when he pulled back. "I'm just like my father. I only want one wife. I don't know if that'll be you but I do like you and I don't the council interfering." Rubbed her arm lightly as he met looked into her eyes. "You can't tell anyone about my heritage or my bloodline. You can talk to Tsunade about my father but she doesn't even know about the bloodline. I'm telling you because I want to trust you. You know my worst secret and know you know this." He smiled softly. He felt lighter than he had in months.

"So… you lie to the village about your bloodline by using the fourths strongest jutsu. The jutsu that he made to hide his bloodline." Naruto nodded. "And he did this just so the CRA wouldn't be implemented." Another nod. Anko let a sadistic grin cross her face, "fine I won't tell anyone." Naruto let out a sigh of relief. "If you teach me the Hiraishin."