I'm in Love with a Jerk



When it came to guys Bella couldn't get anymore shy...

"So you've never had a boyfriend before?"

Bella sighs, "Nope, a guy has never asked me out."

"Well, have you ever asked a guy out?" Rosalie asked.

"well... uhm... not exactly." Bella looked away.

And when it came to the guy of her dreams she didn't even say a single word...

[Bella starres dreamily at Jacob walking down the hall.]

To make things worse the guy of Bella's dreams is a complete and total jerk...

"Remember when he pushed me down the stairs in middle school?" Rosalie asked.

"Yeah," Alice chimed, "I remember. God Jacob is such an ass."

"uhm... yeah. Definately," Bella muttered looking away.

Bella never seemed to find the courage to tell her friends how she truely feels...

[Jacob walks behind Bella & then right past her]

[Bella smiles slightly // heart leaps]

And when senior year came around...

"We're gonna be seniors!! Yeah baby!!" Alice yelled.

[Bella's not paying attention and watching Jacob talk to his friends]

Alice waves her hand in Bella's face, "Hello! Earth to Bella. Snap out of it."

"Oh... uhm... yeah!! It will be great!" Bella said quickly as she snaps out of it.

She was given one last chance to show how much she needed him...

[Bella looks at seating chart & finds her name.]

[Then she sees who's sitting next to her // heart flutters & loses her breath]

But the more she gets close to them the more she realizes how stupid she was...

Bella's wiping her tears as she whines, "Out of all the guys... why did it have to be him?" [fades]

Rosalie shouting, "You don't need a guy like that Bella! He's not worth it!!"

Bella sobbing, "I wish I could stop loving him, but I can't!!" [fades]

"That girl- she's so... different," Jacob's eyes lingered on Bella. [fades]

Will she keep falling hard? Or finally give up the guy she's loves for 3 years...

From the writer of "All My Love"

How far would you go for the perfect guy?...

"I've waited three damn years for you!" screamed Bella.

"I take this anymore," Jacob said putting his head in his hands. [fades]

Kristen Stewart as Isabella Swan

[Bella looks down crying]

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

[Jacob letting go of a hand slowly // looking sad]

I'm in Love with a Jerk;

A Team Jacob Story coming soon to Fanfiction