Sam giggled as her parents, the janitors, opened the door from the inside of the school building.

It was the night of the great senior prank, the first ever attempted at my school. The entire class was there and armed with sticky notes. Our plan was to sticky note the walls.

We crept up the stairs to the high school floor and opened the sticky notes. We tried to do it systematically, starting at the top and working down the walls.

Ezio was the only one tall enough to jump and reach the highest points on the wall, so I fed him sticky notes while he placed them on the wall.

He actually seemed to be having fun jumping up and down like a rabbit before he slipped on a sticky note and fell with an "Oof!"

I laughed.

Ezio sulked. "You are a master of schadenfreude."

"Wow, Ezio knows a big word!" I said sarcastically.

Ezio glowered. I laughed again.

Taylor ushered us back to work.

Slowly, surely, all of the high school area halls were covered in sticky notes. We took pictures for the yearbook, and then we all slipped out, most of us giggling. We couldn't wait for morning.


Ezio, Davey, and I walked upstairs. We saw several students just staring at the walls in astonishment. Davey jogged off to class and we went to put our stuff down in Cedro's room. She hadn't arrived yet, so we joined the other seniors in waiting for her to walk up the stairs.

When she finally did come up the stairs, and saw what had happened, her face turned the color on a sunburned lobster.


We giggled. Taylor grabbed a handful of sticky notes off of the wall, smooshed it into a ball, and threw it at Sam.

Sam threw it back.

What started would later be known as the Great Senior Sticky Note Fight. Cedro looked mortified as Ashley threw a giant wad of sticky notes at Amanda, and Karina threw another wad at Bethany.

Ezio wasn't missing out on the fun either, throwing a wad of sticky notes into my face. I grabbed the wad, ran after him, tackled him, and raised my arm, ready to shove it into his face.

"Such an interesting position we find ourselves in, bella…"

I slammed the wad into his face.


After we cleaned up, Cedro let us go over to Camp Day. See, there was a camp across the street, owned by the same people as the school, and twice a year we'd have Camp Day.

I'd told Shaun to bring Altaïr by- with all of the other chaos, everyone would think he was another parent.

"NO climbing. NONE whatsoever. Okay?"

"Can I run?"


He was about to take off when his stomach rumbled, loud enough for everyone within a five foot radius to hear. "I'm hungry."

"Lunch isn't for another two hours." I replied.


"EZIO! MEGAN!" Karina ran over. She blinked at Altaïr and Shaun. "Who're they?"

"Ezio's uncle and his friend." Shaun cut in before I could. "We happened to be in the area and his uncle wanted to pay him a visit."

"Oh. Cool. Well," She turned to Ezio and I. "Desteny, Sam and I are bored. We were gonna run down to Buc-ee's and get snacks and drinks. Come with us!"

I was pushed by Karina and dragged by Ezio to the waiting car.

"Is this even allowed?" I asked as we climbed in and buckled up.

"We're seniors. Does it matter?" Sam asked.

"Good point."

We drove to the Buc-ee's at the end of the street. Then I remembered that Ezio had never been to a gas station before.

Ezio climbed out and ran inside. I ran to catch up. I saw him playing with the slushie machine. He grinned at the girl over the counter who was glaring at him, and the girl's ears turned a little pink as she looked away shyly. I walked over to the slushie machine and dragged him away from where he was trying to stick his head under the dispenser.

I handed him a cup. "Put it in here, and use a straw for God's sake."


I put a straw in his hand.

"Oh! You mean a tubey-sucky thingie."

I facepalmed.

I let him fill up the cup and then put the lid on before handing it to him. I paid for it, some chips and water for Altaïr, and a Mountain Dew for myself before I ushered Ezio back out to the car.

"Sip the drink, okay, Ezio?"

Ezio blinked at me, halfway through a long draught of slushie.

"You'll get brainfreeze. You've never had brainfreeze so it will hurt twice as much."

Ezio shrugged and continued with his long draught.

I waited for it.


I laughed.


Ezio, now recovered from his brainfreeze, took my advice and sipped carefully. When we got back, I handed the chips and water to Altaïr who wandered off somewhere secluded to eat them. I made a beeline for the zipline, and Ezio followed because he didn't know his way around. After standing in line for two minutes, I pulled on a harness. Ezio stared at it like it was demon-possessed. Fortunately a staff member helped him put it on.

We climbed up the spiral, mildly unstable staircase -Ezio uneasy- and reached the top. I walked over to one of the ziplines and attached my line. Another staff member helped Ezio.

Ezio looked over to me, looking a little panicked.


"Yes, Ezio?"

"There's no haystack or convenient piles of leaves… Are we… jumping?"

"Sort of. We lean forward, off of the platform, and gravity and inertia takes care of the rest."

He gulped. "What if I… fall?"

"That what the rope is for."

"Oh. Okay." He brightened at that, and at the signal, we pushed off and went sailing along the zipline.


I facepalmed. Seriously, all of this hitting my head business couldn't be doing any good.

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