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It was a wonderful day. The trees were bright green, the air was clean and fresh and they were lost in the middle of nowhere. There were no birds, no animals, just tress. Lots and Lots of trees.

"We're lost arn't we." The diminutive girl said calmly, her bare feet on rock. She wasn't looking at anything particular, just staring blankly at whatever was in front of her eyes. Her eyes were milky, a clear indication of being blind.

"Of course not." The boy standing next to her was slightly taller, bald with blue symbols on his head and hand. Those were the only thing visible to the naked eye. "Sokka and Katara will find us!" He sounded very enthusiastic."And so will Momo! And..and APPA!" He shouted loudly. "APPA!" The last time he lost his flying bison, he went ballistic.

"We've been here for two days." The girl stamped her foot lightly, making the rock beneath her tremble. "Two days of walking aimlessly without meeting any people, barely finding any food and not to mention we're LOST!"

"Calm down Toph." The boy waved his arms about. "Think about the bright side of this. We're in a beautiful forest, surrounded by mountains and the air is so fresh and clean and crisp! It's wonderful!"

Toph stared at a place beyond his shoulder before shaking her head. "At least one of us is happy." She muttered under breath as she trudged further down the mountain. She could sense Aang's light steps on the rock, as he followed her.

Great. The blind leading the blind. She snorted at that thought. Well, at least she's here. Someone gotta protect Aang from himself.

"Hey Toph?" Aang sounded a bit too cherry for her liking.

"What?" She was going to regret this, and she knew it.

"There's a group ahead of us. Maybe they can tell us where we are!" Toph could sense that he wasn't on the ground at all. He was air bending and at that moment, he was floating in the air. She felt a whoosh as air whipped by her. "Wait!"


Aang floated in the air, using his glider as he flew yards away to where he saw the group. As he manipulated the air currents, he saw the forest they were in vanish, bare rock appearing. Now he could see how big the group was. Four grown men, a donkey and four kids. They must be a traveling group he realized, dropping a few feet in front of them. An armed traveling group, quite normal. You always have to be careful of bandits.

"Hi I'm Aang." He waved cheerily at them.

Nothing happened.

This was a good sign. If they were Fire Nation soldiers or bandits he would've gotten shot already. This was wonderful news.

"Do you guys know where we are?"

Still nothing happened.


"Hello?" Now he was confused. "Can you hear me?" Maybe they were a group of deaf travelers. It wasn't that far fetched. Weirder things happen.

The man in the pointy hat, stepped forward and said something. Or he did something and his mouth moved but nothing comprehensible came out.

"HELLO?" He was shouting now. "MY NAME IS AANG!" He gestured to himself. "AANG!"

"Twinkle toes!" Toph appeared, breathless and angry. She glowered at him the best way she could while being blind. It didn't really work. "What are you doing? They could be fire nation spies."

"But they're not!" Aang pointed to the group. "See!"

A swift punch to the gut reminded Aang, not so gently, that she couldn't exactly 'see' them. Using earth bending, she could tell how many people were there, their approximate appearance and the weapons they had. She turned to face them, her eyes narrowed.

The man in the pointy hat spoke again, his voice changing tones. Another man, with scraggly hair joined throwing out words. After an expansive litany of weird sounding noises, Toph recognized one of the words.

"I understood that." She knew this language. It was something that a merchant spoke before. A very strange variation of it, the tones were off and her own knowledge of it was rusty at best. But she knew a bit of what he was speaking. Her father and mother were adamant in having her be taught everything, so when they died she would take over the family business. Even if she were a 'weak and blind' girl, it didn't mean she was unable to inherit. It just meant she needed to be babysat. At least this was one thing her parents did right by her.

The language felt strange on her tongue. "Who are you?" A simple question that required a lot of brainpower. She hadn't spoken this language for ages, in fact she does not even know all the words.

The man in the pointy hat spoke. "I am called Gandalf."

Toph nodded. "Toph." She pointed to herself and then at Aang. "Twinkle toes." Aang made a yelping noise as she introduced him using her nickname.

The man in the pointy hat, Gandalf, nodded.

"Where are we?" She really wasn't good at this diplomatic stuff. Aang was better, Katara was better. Even Sokka, moron that he is, was better at this than her.

She could feel Aang was growing inpatient. The air bender was fidgeting on the balls of his feet. She knew he didn't understand anything and wanted to do something but couldn't. It was quite frustrating.

"You are in Middle Earth." A country, good. That was a start. "Where you are exactly...it depends on where you are going. Are you going to the pass to Minas Tiarth, the Gap of Rohan? Or are you going to Moria? Or to Caradhras?" Gandalf's eyes darkened and Aang felt something pass over him, making him shiver slightly. "Or are you going to Mordor?"

She had no clue what he was talking about. She got the translation but what did the words allude to? Toph had no idea. Each location sounded worse than the last. She was decisive and it was true, they were very lost. They were not anywhere near home or in any of the Nations.

"I don't know." Suddenly, Toph sounded very young unlike the confident young woman she had strive to become. Earth benders are meant to be like the earth, unmovable. She worked very hard to be strong, to be tough and yet here her bravado is failing her.

Gandalf seemed to be thinking, a thoughtful look in his eyes. "Allow me to speak with my companions. Excuse me." He walked back to his group.

"Gandalf what are we going to do? We can't leave children here." The man with scraggly hair was first to speak, his strong sense of nobility shining through. "If the weather doesn't kill them the wolves will."

"You cannot suggest we bring them with us." The other man, with the shield and the horn did not like that idea. "They are children. Where are their families? Their parents? Surely they have a home to go back to. They cannot come with us. It is too dangerous Aragorn."

"What do you suggest then? That we leave them here? It will take them a week to arrive to Rivendell. They don't have weapons. They are defenseless." Aragorn understood the reasoning but he could not let children face the woods alone.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." The blond haired man interjected. "Remember the way the boy dropped in from the sky like a bird? They may not be able to fight but they can run."

"Running is not enough Legolas." The decision was difficult. To let these children die in the woods, full of wolves and orcs would be a terrible choice. "And Boromir, perhaps these children do not have homes or parents. They look like they've been here for a while. And the manner of clothes, it is quite strange. I've never seen it before."

Boromir nodded. "They look more like easterlings. Dark skinned, stocky...people from the far east who have sided with Sauron."

"Hmph." The short red haired dwarf snorted. "We should make a decision now. Before it gets too late. The sun is setting soon."

"Let us rest then Gimili." Gandalf settled onto a rock. "We can talk this over a meal. I believe empty stomachs does not assist in decision making."

The hobbits standing next to them grinned in agreement. After all, a meal makes things better. They started to make a fire.

Gandalf turned and walked towards the two youths. "Do you wish to join us?"

"No...." Aang's stomach growled loudly. Toph sighed. "Yes."

Aang and Toph walked over to hobbits, sitting down and watching as the hobbits tried to make fire.

"Here let me help!" Aang stood, taking a deep breath. The small flame on the fire flared and as Aang exhaled the small flame grew larger until it engulfed the branches. Now everyone was staring at him. "What?"

Toph repressed a sigh, rubbing her hand on her face. Sometimes, it is easy to forgot that despite all of Aang's power and wisdom he is still a kid.

She could tell from their heart rate that they were all confused and surprised. Only one was quite calm, his heart didn't skip a beat or flutter. It was quite surprising to her. Most people when they see fire bending have a knee jerk reaction to it. Fire is, after all, quite dangerous.

"Toph, they're staring at me." Aang whined, looking at the serious faces with a bit of apprehension. "Did I do something wrong?"

"I don't think they know about bending or they just really don't like fire benders." Toph shrugged. "Let's just keep the bending to a minimum."

Aang grinned weakly, before sitting down next to Toph. "Phew, for a second there I thought someone was going to whack me with a sword."

Toph smirked. "If you're looking for a smacking I'll give you a hand."

Aang laughed before stopping. "Wait, you're serious?"

His only response was a rock to the back of the head via earth bending.

The fellowship huddled together. "What was that?"

"I do not know." Gandalf murmered. "It was fire, but where did it come from?" For a second, he had thought he felt another istari, like himself. But the boy could not possible be one. There was some power, not of Mordor or of the elves, it was something different.

"I think I understand why two children are wandering the woods alone." Boromir narrowed his eyes. "I suspect the boy can make a stronger and bigger fire. They are not to be underestimated. It also stands to reason the girl can do something as well."

"They are not servants of Sauron." Legolas's keen eye surveyed the two before he looked to the others. "They cannot be."

"Why cause you feel it?" Gimili said drly. "Elf magic is not infallible."

"I agree with Legolas." Gandalf took out a pipe. "There is a taint that follows those who serve Saruon, a darkness. I sense no such thing from either being. From what I can tell, they are very lost. Let us let them follow us until we can leave them a village. It shouldn't be too difficult. It'll be like two more hobbits joined us." There was a strangeness to the bald boy, he tried to probe his thoughts but it was difficult.

"I will stand by Gandalf's decision." Aragon trusted in the wizard, having known him for most of his life. "As will I." Legolas knew of Gandalf, of who he truly is.

Gimli grunted. "Is does not matter to me. Two more hobbits will not make us more noticeable." He wanted to hurry and get to Moria, where he will show that uppity elf what true hospitality is.

Boromir shook his head. "I feel differently Gimili son of Gloin. But I will abide." He is going to watch those two very closely. Perhaps this will keep his mind off the ring.

"And you ring bearer?" Gandalf looked to Frodo.

Frodo took a deep breath. "I've been listening and..." He bit his lip before meeting Gandalf's eyes. "I think those two can join us, until we find them a safe place to stay of course."

"It is decided then." Gandalf looked at the two, seeing the other two hobbits pestering them. "They will come with us."

"Frodo!" Merry ran in. "The bald kid says he doesn't eat meat! We have to make him eat Sam's rabbit stew. He's missing out on a chance of a lifetime!"

Frodo raised an eyebrow. "Really?" This he gotta see. He ran off with Merry to help pester the new arrivals.

"I'll take first watch." Boromir had a feeling he wouldn't be sleeping much this night.

He was right.

Later in the night, the sound of howling woke the fellowship as huge creatures surrounded their camp. The fire had gone out hours ago, most were asleep and the attack woke them in a hurry. It seems no one was going to get anymore sleep tonight.


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