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"That thing never even served any purpose! We're perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves and so is the world of light!" explained a twili. He was arguing with another of his kind, only taller. Both were both dresses in fancy, traditional black robes.

"Are you suggesting we kill one of our own kind?! One that has, in fact, been given power by the goddesses themselves to save us?!" replied the taller one. He was nervous, but hiding it under his commanding voice.

"What else do you plan to do?! There have been complaints of her watching those passing by. It's just not normal. Born of a human and a twili?! It's a freak of nature!"

"She is not a freak of nature. She's proof that the goddesses would never abandon their…" but he was cut off.

"Sora!" called a loud whisper. A young girl kneeling outside the door jumped at her name and turned to see who it was. The voice belonged to her sister who was about two years older than she was. They both had orange hair tied back in short ponytails and were also dressed in traditional black robes. "What're you doing?! You know you're not supposed to go near father office," She took a quick glance inside to make sure she wasn't heard. "Especially when he's talking with the king's assistant."

The younger girl, Sora, looked down at the ground avoiding her sister's angry gaze. "I didn't mean to. I…I just overheard and… I got curious." Tears began dripping from the young girls eyes. "I don't think it matters anymore……. He said…they want me dead."

"Are you stupid??!" Sora looked up. "Why would they want…" but she was cut off.

"Half of her is human! Don't tell me she's one of us!!"

Sora, suddenly self conscious, looked down at her one peach, leathery arm. This ugly skin covered most of her body, making her a freak.

"Okay… so I guess they do. But listen, father would never let them do anything to you!! You're going to be just fine!" She sighed and removed the anger from her face. "I and guess I won't tell father." She suddenly found herself in a hug and smiled a little.

"Thank you," Sora whispered through sobs.

"Yeah yeah. Now get outta here squirt before father she's ya!"


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