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Princess Zelda paced anxiously around the throne room. The triforce on her right hand had been acting up all day, yelling her of the approach of another triforce wielder. Seeing as only one other person had this Goddess given gift, it could only mean one thing… Link was coming for a visit.

She thought of them as friends, that he might come once in a while to chat. That's what friends do, right? But not once had she seen him since the events at the Mirror Chamber. She new he was hurt, but he couldn't have been grieving this whole time, could he have?

Sighing, she went to go look out the window. Why was his coming so important anyway? Was she really that obsessed? It was as if she was becoming one of those crazy fan girls that stood outside the game tent in town... How'd she know about that anyway?

Loud noises from the other side of the room distracted her from her random questions. She turned around quickly to see what it was. What she saw caused her mouth to drop about 7 inches. Midna, who was supposed to be trapped in her realm, was using magic on a small wooden door in the corner while another girl held it shut. Shouts from the knight could be heard coming from behind it.

"That's awesome!" Sora exclaimed, examining the now enchanted door. "You gotta teach me how to do that!"

"Nayru only knows what you'd do with that," Midna said, shaking her head.

"Fine, I'll just learn how to blow things up…"

"W…What's going on here?" Zelda asked, finally free from shock. (If that makes any sense…)

"Oh, hi Zelda," Midna said casually. "Didn't see you there."

"P-Princess Zelda?" Sora stammered nervously, realizing she'd just said she'd learn how to "blow things up" in front of the princess. This wasn't exactly the impression she'd wanted to make. She quickly dropped her spear.

Zelda looked from one to the other, trying to make sense of it. Midna, the mirror, this twili/hylian girl, what were they doing here anyway? "Midna… how…?"

"Actually, Sora," she pointed to indicate who, "Is the reason I'm here. I don't know how, but she was able to warp between worlds."

The princess looked at the girl, who was turning noticeably red on her right-side. "I remember you now."

Oh shit…Sora thought. I'm dead. I know it. She's going to have me dragged back into the cell to await my sentence.

Instead, she smiled. "Well, things are starting to make sense now."

Sora stared at her, dumbfounded. She wasn't going to be dragged into a dungeon or hung from her ankles? That didn't make any sense. Why would the girl whose record was, literally, nothing but crimes be let go, just like that? "I…I don't…"

She didn't get to finish her sentence because Ben walked in. He took one look at her and drew his sword. "You! What do ya think you're doing here?! I apologize, Princess, I don't know how they got out but I assure you it won't happen again." Sora instinctively grabbed the spear at her feet and pointed it at him.

"Drop you weapon, Captain." Zelda commanded. "These two are my guests here."

"What?!" Sora and Ben exclaimed at the same time.

"You heard me. Now I suggest you leave before I allow her to use that spear." Everyone was surprised by this comment, but decided not to acknowledge it.

Ben grumbled and sheathed his sword. "Oh, yes. You have a visitor."

"Good. Send him in."

As Ben left, Sora turned and whispered to Midna. "You think you could put a sheet of ice under his feet?" She considered this request for a second before pointing to a spot on the floor. The two giggled as Ben slipped and fell on the ice. He turned to glare at Sora who just smiled and waved.

The visitor Ben mentioned was confused as to how his mood could change so quickly. It didn't help to notice who Zelda's other visitors were. So many emotions welled in him that he wasn't even sure what he was feeling. He didn't even know if this was real. Was he completely losing it?

He blinked a couple times, but she still stood there, hardly aware of his presence. He wanted to say something, to announce he was there, but his words were caught in his throat. He swallowed hard, not knowing what to say. Finally he spat something out: "M-Midna?!"

"Link!" she went over and hugged him. "It's good to see you again!"

"I-it's good t-to see you too," he stammered, confused by the sudden embrace. His arms hung in the air as if he didn't know what to do with them and his face grew pink. In the background, Sora could be heard mumbling "What the hell did I miss?" When she let go, he tried to hide his nervousness. "So, um, what're you doing here? I thought you broke the mirror."

"What?!" Sora yelled out suddenly. "You broke the mirror?!"

Midna nodded. "Only the true ruler of the Twilight can do it."

"That stupid mirror is the source all my problems! It makes guys in fish masks do crazy things and puts random images in my head!"

"What does this have to do with anything?!"

"I don't know! I just didn't know you were the one who broke it and trapped Zant here! Now I have to blame you for dragging me through this!!" (okay, I was outta stuff to type… jeez)

"Zant?!" Zelda exclaimed. "But isn't he supposed to be dead?"

"DEAD?! Damn it, don't tell me I got tricked by a dead guy!!" Sora started wandering around the room on a random rampage, mumbling who knows what.

Link spoke now. "Actually, Princess, that's why I've come to see you. He managed to kidnap a girl from my village, one of my closest friends."

"You mean Ilia?" Sora asked suddenly from her rampage.

"You know her?"

She nodded. "Zant had held us captive together. I managed to escape in time to save Midna here." Midna glowered at her, like she needed saving. "I'm guessing you're planning on finding her?"

He was in shock for a minute. Save Midna? What had happened? Then he nodded, his eyes showing nothing but determination.

She smiled. "Good, because I'm coming with!"

This took everyone else in the room by surprise. They hadn't expected this, not by a long shot. Midna sighed. She'd hoped that Sora wouldn't be dragged any further into this mess. It was not longer her responsibility. Why couldn't those past six years alone have taught her to hate the world, to be heartless? This girl has the thickest skull in history…

"Are you sure you're up for that?" Link asked. "You don't know how dangerous Zant is."

Sora sighed, completely serious. "I've seen his power at work. It's horrible what he did to the Twilight, which is why I need to personally see to it that he forever burns in hell, or something much worse." She took a deep breath. "I recently learned that it's my homeland as much as it is any twili's. Despite the fact that they shunned me, I don't want to see it reduced to nothing, same goes for Hyrule. He's going to come here and do the exact same thing. I'm not going to let both my homes be destroyed while I just sit back and watch… Besides," her smile now returned. "I promised I'd come back for her."

They stood in silence, letting her long and touching speech sink in. She was willing to do this for the people who'd shunned and mocked her. She knew it was completely stupid, after all the times they'd hurt her, why should she do this? Because something inside her knew it was right. So she swallowed what was left of her pride and held out her hand.

"What do say, Link? Gonna help me do this or what?"

He seemed surprised at her offer, but took it anyway. What was he doing? Teaming up with some girl whose name he didn't even know. Yet, there was something about her character that told him she would be of big help.

"Hey, you're not gonna go on some big adventure without me now, are ya?" Midna teased, putting her arms around both their shoulders.

"Of course not!" Link answered a little too fast. He looked off nervously, realizing his mistake. "It wouldn't be the same without you…"

"Aww, that's sweet," Sora mocked. She received an elbow in the chest from both of them. "Ow… What did I do to you?!" She asked Midna.

Zelda had stood there quietly since her outburst from before. She was smiling. Surely, this is not a coincidence. She took the silence as her turn to have her say. "Well, I may not be able to travel with you at the moment, but I have something I think will come in handy."

Of all the places to go in the castle, Sora thought, she just had to pick the library. It had nothing to do with the books; in fact the thought of books had often intrigued her. A bunch of words and pages complied together to make the world clearer, or send you off into another world entirely. Yet, growing up homeless, Sora lacked the education necessary for their magic to work. Here she was in the biggest and exclusive library in Hyrule, yet if she couldn't understand any of it, what was the point of being there at all?

So why were they here? Zelda had explained it all on the way. She said that she was currently in possession of the fused shadows, but the sages had hidden a few in different locations throughout Hyrule for safe keeping. All she knew was that they were hidden by the elements; earth, fire and water. Sora had no clue what the heck she was talking about, but it seemed important so she just went along with it.

The plan now was to figure out the sage's riddle. The first thing Zelda had done when they'd gotten there was dig out p huge pile of maps, which, of course, Sora couldn't read either. So she'd wandered off into the seemingly endless rows of books, wondering what each title said while the others looked for clues as to what the sages were talking about. She eventually found one that caught her interest.

The book had a maroon cover with golden characters. There was nothing on the front to show that it was anything special, just an old, dusty book. She opened it and, much to her surprise, the book had pictures. They were mere sketches of things like swords, spears and armor. She found it a little odd, but her curiosity drove her. She finally stopped on one that seemed to jump right out at her. She couldn't place it, but something about that particular sketch seemed incredibly important. As if…

Smack! Someone had run right into her, causing the book to topple to the floor. "I'm so sorry," they said. It was a woman, perhaps in her 20s, with long, tied back brown hair. She was dressed like one of Zelda's servants, white dress with a blue apron. She bent down to pick up the book. "I guess I need to pay better attention to where I'm going."

Instead of returning the book to Sora, she began flipping through it curiously. She seemed to become disappointed as she discovered what the contents of the book were. "Weaponry?!" she exclaimed. "What makes you so interested in this? All weaponry has to offer is war and destruction. We just started recovering from a war that brought nothing but chaos. What we need are more doctors. Speaking of which, have you seen a book on herbs anywhere?"

Had she taken a breath at all? Sora didn't think so. Never before had someone out-talked her. She must've really believed in what she was saying. Now that she thought about it, she only knew one doctor and he was a total pain in the butt. "No, actually, I can't read."

The woman raised her eyebrows at her. "Funny place for you to be then." She looked back down at the book scoffing every couple of pages.

Sora looked over the edge of the book. She eventually saw the page she'd lost before. "Wait," the woman was about to turn the page but had stopped. "Can you read this for me? Just a little bit?" Something inside her needed to know what it was with that particular sword that entranced her so much.

Rolling her eyes, the woman read; "The Guardian Blade. More commonly known as the Sword of Two Worlds, it is said to be forged by the goddesses themselves. The material it was made of is unknown, but it's said that its true purpose was for its chosen master to channel their powers through it." She sighed. "This is a bunch of bologna."

Sora was letting this sink in. I swear I've heard this somewhere before, but where? "Keep going, please."

"Its only master is the one known as the Twilit Guardian, one with both twili and hylian parents. They've been granted powers to keep the two worlds in balance. Legend says that once the Guardian dies, the goddesses choose the new parents and they are reborn. Yet, no record of such a person has existed for hundreds of years, leading some to believe that… Are you even listening?!"

Sora was too lost in thought to answer. Twilit Guardian, enchanted swords, twili and hylian parents?! What was going on here? Why did everything seem to make sense, yet confusing beyond belief at the same time? She knew she's heard this somewhere before, but where? She was finally brought back to reality when the woman started waving her hand frantically in from of her face. "I…I'm sorry. You can stop now, thanks."

She shook her head and handed the book back to her. "You have some strange interests kid." With that she took off to find her book on herbs, leaving Sora alone with her thoughts.

The strange thing was she wasn't experiencing déjà vu at all. She knew she'd heard this before. She could almost hear the voice telling her for the first time. "But… what does this have to do with me?" she mumbled instinctively, like someone, or something, had told her to.

"There you are," As Midna came down the row of books, Sora quickly hid the page which she still held open. "I thought you'd gotten lost or something." She smirked, then, looked at the book in her hand. "I thought you said you couldn't read."

"Can't," she shrugged. "I was just looking. Did you guys find out what we're looking for?"

"Almost. We figure "water" refers to Lake Hylia, but the other two aren't as easy to guess at."

"Why don't we just ask the sages where they hid them?"

Midna looked as though she was about to argue, but merely shook her head, "That was so obvious it's painful." She sighed. "C'mon, it's dinner time. Plus, Zelda says she has something for you."

Sora's stomach grumbled at the mention of food. She nodded and pretended to put the book back. As Midna turned away, she reopened it to that page. She didn't need the whole book, not that she had anywhere to keep it anyway. Making sure no one was looking; she ripped out the page and stuffed it away in one of the folds in her rags.

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