SUMMARY: Bella is a loner, always has been, she has only ever had one boyfriend, and that was in high school, and it didn't end well on Bella's end. Bella believes in giving up on guys all together, she knows there isn't someone out there for her, but what happens when she meets this guy at the gym, by her clumsiness, will it just be a lucky coincidence that it was her true love? AH IC normal pairings!


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Lucky coincidence- chapter 1- the first sighting

It started as any normal day.

My alarm went off with that obnoxious beeping at five o'clock AM, I swatted my hand at the off button a few times and eventually made purchase with the actual off button after a few failed attempts of turning the radio on- a loud and obnoxious buzzing sound I guess I wasn't on a channel, and turning on my iPod and changing songs. I rolled out of my twin size bed in my one room ground floor apartment, and stumbled to my bathroom and into a hot shower. I loved hot showers they feel so good, relaxing your muscles, and warming your skin. Anyway, I hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and then twisted one into my hair turban style.

I padded into my room and got into my sweatpants, sports bra, and t-shirt, grabbed a pair of white socks from the drawer and slipped on my tennis shoes, pulling the laces tight. I grabbed my iPod out of my iHome and plugged my ear buds and wrapped them around the iPod; I stuffed it into my sweatpants pocket. I kept my hair in the towel as I walked into my small kitchen- my hair takes forever to dry. I popped a piece of bread into the toaster, got out a bowl, a plate, and some frosted mini wheat's from the cupboard, walked over to my fridge and swung the large door open, grabbing the skim milk and the low-fat butter for my toast. I then walked back to the island and poured out some cereal into the bowl and then the milk onto the cereal, screwed the cap back on, and walked back to the still open fridge to put the milk back, closing the door this time. By this time my toast had popped up out of the toaster perfectly golden brown and I picked up the little tongs that always sit next to the toaster, I plucked the piece of toast out and dropped it on the plate. I grabbed a spoon and a knife out of the drawer, stuck the spoon in the cereal and started spreading the butter on the toast before the toast cooled and the butter wouldn't melt. I spread the butter over every millimeter of the toast, making sure there were no dry spots on it and then used the knife to cut off just the crust- the littlest amount of bread possible going with it. I snapped the lid back on the butter and quickly put it back in the fridge.

I picked up the bowl and the plate and walked over to my small table. It was up next to a large window overlooking the grass and little pond behind the apartments. I walked over to my door unlocked the deadbolt, pulled back the chain and popped out the doorknob lock, opened my door and grabbed the newspaper, closed the door, and then relocked the deadbolt only. I walked back over to my small table and plopped myself down onto one of the two padded chairs unfolding the paper and pushing it back behind the plate and dropped one hand to grab my piece of toast and take a large bite, it gave a nice crunch, but it was nice and soft in the middle- perfect.

I skimmed over the death and destruction that was the first section of the newspaper mainly just reading the headlines and captions and looking at the pictures. I then picked up the last part in the newspaper, the commitments section, the one section that not many people read, but it was my favorite part. I loved reading the wedding and engagement announcements with stories of the beautiful weddings, how the couples met, and all of that. I just had a soft spot for that kind of stuff, maybe it was why I worked at the local jewelry store. I loved watching all of the happy people coming in and out, the soon to be fiancés and engaged couples for wedding band fittings, especially when I haven't had a true lasting relationship since high school.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself, my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I go by Bella. I am 23 years old and just graduated from Washington State College with a business degree. I work at Forks Jewelry Store and I am the manager there. I am and always have been a loner, only having a few good friends throughout my life. My best friend that I have known since kindergarten is Angela Weber I have done everything with her since we met; we know everything about each other. She was lucky and found her true love Ben in high school and they got married during College, we had been roommates for one year, and then they moved in together, and then got engaged, and then got married. Angela is expecting a baby girl in six months now and she is very excited.

Anyway, back onto my life, I live in a small, nice, and affordable one room apartment by myself in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Port Angeles by Forks. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, but that is almost always ruined by my clumsiness.

Back to my day, when I was half done with my breakfast it was time to take the towel turban off and I walked quickly into my bathroom tipping my head over, the towel falling over and untwisting itself and falling to the tiled floor, I picked it up and hung it up on the towel rack. I walked back to my little table with my long hair in a wavy mess surrounding my face; I felt it swinging on my back.

I was finally done eating my cereal and toast and I refolded the paper, laying it down in the middle of the table. I got up and walked to the sink, pulling up on the handle turning the water on, I rinsed off the plate, bowl, spoon and knife, shut off the water, opened the dish washer door, and placed the silverware, plate and bowl in their correct places. I shut the dish washer with a small slam and walked back into my room.

I grabbed my drawstring backpack from the top of my dresser pulling open the top and yanked out my sweats and t-shirt from yesterday and tossed them in the hamper. I laid the small back pack on my bed and walked into my closet, looking for something nice to wear to work. I really would rather not wear the nice and dressy clothes, but it was dress code for the job, it's a nice jewelry store, so we employees have to wear nice clothes.

I picked out a pair of straight legged, black dress pants that had a crease in the front, and a pale pink long sleeve shirt that was thinly striped with, a darker shade of pink and black. I folded them neatly and put them in the backpack with a pair of shiny black flats. All of my shoes have to be flats; high heeled shoes and klutziness don't mix at all well so I avoided them completely. I even avoided kitten heals when I could. See I was the kind of clumsy person that trips over the simplest things; like air and my own feet. Anyways, I folded up the clothes neatly and put them carefully in the back pack, along with my shoes, some toiletries, and a hair dryer.

I walked into my bathroom brushed my teeth. And then brushed through my hair, it went down to my mid-back, it was a mousy brown, and it was thin, it has a slight wave to it, and does absolutely nothing except ,with some brushing, goes into a ponytail. I did just that, pulling and brushing my hair into a high ponytail. I pulled back my side bangs and clipped them flat to the top of my head with a small barrette.

I grabbed my backpack and drew the strings tight, slung it over my shoulder and grabbed my purse and keys. I unlocked the deadbolt on the door, and stepped out into the bright morning light of six o' clock in the morning; I turned around reaching around the door to twist the little knob to lock the door handle and then pulled the door shut, I pulled out the right key from my key ring with the multitude of keys, and locked the dead bolt.

I walked over to my trusty old truck and then manually unlocked the door, as the only way to do it. I hopped into the driver's seat tossing my little backpack and purse onto the passenger seat. I stuck the key in the ignition and turned it bringing it loudly to life. I clicked my seatbelt into place, and I shifted it into reverse, I looked down at the clock and realized I was about five minutes late, I would have to hurry. I started pulling out of my parking lot when I heard a loud and long horn beep from behind me. My head snapped around and I saw a shiny silver Volvo directly behind my car and only about a foot away. Crap, in my hurry I had forgotten to look behind me. I waved in apology to the person in the Volvo and quickly cranked down my window to yell out a "so sorry". The Volvo sped off turning onto the main road. I now being super careful and slow anyway, took another few minutes to get out of the parking lot. I drove down the road a couple of miles turned right and then left into my gym. I parked in the only open spot, the one spot farthest from the door of course, and got out, grabbing my purse and backpack. I start trudging my way towards the gym, when a glimmer in the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was a silver Volvo one car away. I wonder if it could be the same guy that I almost smashed this morning, no it couldn't be, there has to be so many silver Volvos out there, there is hardly any chance it could be the same person.

I walked in the front doors, smiling at the receptionist at the front desk. She smiled back and waved. I walked through the door marked "women's locker room" and walked into the corner, where the locker I usually use is. I pull up the little plastic handle on the locker door, I pull the door open and it shudders a little from rubbing against the frame of the locker. I pick my wallet out of my purse, taking out a dollar, and setting it on the bench that was in front of the lockers, and shove my purse to the back of the locker, and I sit down on the bench. I yank open the top and dig around to the bottom till I came up with my lock. I tightened the top of the backpack once more and setting it on the one shelf in the tiny locker. I shut the door, with another shudder, unlocked my blue sparkly combination lock- 20 48 12, and slipped it through the hole in the plastic handle. I pushed up the bottom of the lock, snapping it locked. I stood up, grabbed my dollar off the bench and walked out of the locker room; I headed over to the reception desk, where Holly had already taken out my usual water bottle. She was on the phone, like usual, and I dropped the dollar on the keyboard of her computer and grabbed the water bottle. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I mouthed a thank you at her, and she winked her welcome.

I grabbed a small complimentary towel on my way over to the treadmill, and turned pressed the start key, it started at 1 a slow walking pace, placed my water bottle in the cup holder and slung the small towel over the long handle that was next to the side of the treadmill. I stepped up onto the little railing on the sides of the treadmill. I hopped on falling into step with the movement, stumbling a little because of my clumsiness. I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and pushed the hold button off, I went to my playlists and picked the one titled work out music, I scrolled through until I got to a song I felt like listening to first, it was Eyes on Fire, I pushed the ear buds into my ears and raised the volume up high enough to drown out the noises of all the other people and equipment, I hated the nasty sound of people grunting and panting.

I looked up from the small screen of my yellow –that-looks-more-like-golden iPod Nano fourth generation to see him. He was over in the weights part of the gym doing arm curls. He was wearing a tight gray t-shirt and I could see his muscles roll in his upper arm. I could see the darker spot of gray on his chest from his sweat. I couldn't stop watching him, he was so- there wasn't a word for it, he had sharp beautiful features, nice biceps, and what looked like really nice abs. It was the first time I had seen someone so beautiful; ever.

I was walking on auto pilot will walking on the treadmill. Like a robot. I just couldn't stop staring, my brain was like it was frozen and I couldn't move from what I was doing, or move my eyes from him. I watched him as he slowly put down the blue weight, I think it is 20 pounds, wow, and he stood up and rubbed a towel over his face. He started to walk towards me and the locker rooms. He was all I could see, and all that was there, it was like an old movie, and I swear he was walking in slow motion. He ran a hand through his already untidy bronze hair and he looked towards me, our eyes met and he smiled a crooked smile that made my heart stutter, he winked at me. I felt my arm rise from my side and my fingers flutter a wave. His smile becomes more pronounced and I want to die in a hole, my mouth is probably stuck in a goofy grin, but I have no idea all I can think about is him, I watch him as he tosses his towel in the bin and the walks out the door, looking back at me one more time, and "OOF! Ow!" I was sprawled across the floor face down at the end of the treadmill. Great, I had lost track of where I had been and when I turned around to watch him go my legs had stopped moving. Great, just great, now he must think I'm a total idiot. I looked up to see him passing the last window of the front of the gym and he had his mouth covered. Great, just great, so I get to see and get flirted on by a hot guy, but then I have to show my klutziness. Perfect. Oh, wait! There he is again! He's getting into his car! It's a silver Volvo…GREAT. Knowing my luck he is probably the guy I almost ran over this morning. Ugh. I drop my head to the floor. "Oww…" I mutter, getting up onto my hands and knees, and then unsteadily to my feet. I grab my towel and my water bottle. Unscrew the top of the water bottle and chug it, hoping to douse the fire that I knew must be in my cheeks right now as a blush from my stupidness.

I walk over to the towel bin and toss it in on top of his and then walk into the locker room and to my locker in the back corner. I spin the combination lock- 20 48 12- and then open it pull out my backpack yank it open and grab my work clothes, and toiletries. I toss the backpack back in the locker and relock it. Walking to one of the curtained shower and changing areas. I place my clothes on the small bench in the changing area and take out my soap from the toiletries. I turn on the shower getting it hot, and I take off my t-shirt, shoes, socks, sweatpants, and then my underwear, I turn the cold water on in the shower a bit so it won't be scalding and hop into it, getting myself wet, and then I scrub myself quickly with soap. I rinse my body off and hop out, turning off the water. Crap. I forgot to grab a couple towels. I grab my large work out t-shirt and peek out around the curtain; phew no one is out there. I tiptoe out from behind the protective curtain and walk quickly over to the pile of towels. I grab two towels and quickly run back into the shower stall. Phew no one came in, and no one saw me. I wrap my hair in a towel and rub dry the rest of my body. I throw on my work clothes, all except my shoes; grab my work out clothes and pad back to my corner locker tossing one of the towels in the towel bin on the way. I quickly unlock it and grab my backpack I pull out my hairdryer, brush and work shoes and then shove in my clothes. I tighten the strings shove it back into the locker and close it. Not locking it this time I will be able to watch it now. I put on my shoes, and grab the brush and hair dryer, I walk to the large communal mirror and plug in the hair dryer I put down my hair from the towel, wet the towel on the counter and then start to brush through my hair quickly. I pick up the hair dryer and start to blow it on my hair drying it. I brush it as I do so, so it won't get as knotty, my hair knots really easily, and quickly have my whole head done. I leave my hair down now, I unplug the hair dryer and grab the brush and towel, and I drop this towel in the bin and continue to my locker. I open it and pull out my bag; I shove my hair dryer and brush in it and grab my purse from the bottom. I shut the locker and grab my lock dropping it too into the backpack; I tighten the drawstrings and walk out of the locker room. I wave to Holly the receptionist on my way out; she was still on the phone. I make it to my car, unlock the door, hop in, put the key in the ignition and twist it starting it up. I pull it into reverse, make sure to look behind me, and I back out of my parking spot, I pull it into drive and get on my way to work.

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