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Lucky Coincidence – Chapter 9 – Stories

I opened my eyes to my bright bedroom, squinting them at the light pouring through the window. I groaned at the splitting headache throbbing through my head, and dropped my head back into my pillow moaning into it. What happened last night? I wracked my mind trying to figure out what the hell I did last night. The last thing I really remember was having a drink with Edward at the bar. But I don't remember the rest of the night, when I had apparently come home, and then passed out in my bed. I pulled my head out of my pillow once more, and looked around my room trying to see if there were any clues of what happened. I was still in my clothes from yesterday, but I did see that my shoes were sitting perfectly in line next to the bedroom door. What? How did that happen if I was drunk? I didn't have a one night stand did I? Crap.

I decided I should probably get up, and get moving, I would be late for work, and it is Monday after all. And I would be going to see Angela and Ella in the hospital after, so I have to go get all of my work done early, so I can leave. I moaned again at the pain shooting through my head, and cursed myself for obviously drinking myself away the night before. I pulled my feet out from under my covers, and let them drop to my floor. I rubbed at my eyes, and turned to my nightstand to see what time it was, but there was a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin sitting right in front of my clock. Where did that come from? Were there some magical hangover fairies hanging around that I don't know about?

I picked up the bottle of aspirin thanking whoever left it there for me, and twisted the cap off. Of course it took me a minute to do, because it was childproof and in my post-inebriated state I couldn't get my fingers to work like I wanted. When I finally got it open, I shook out two of the small white pills into the palm of my hand. I twisted the lid of the bottle back on and set it back down on my nightstand, carefully, as I knew loud noises would hurt. I proceeded to pick up the glass that was half full of water, tossed the pills to the back of my throat, and gulped a ton of water to get them down. I continued to drink the rest of the water in the glass, all of the sudden very thirsty.

I was feeling slightly better, now that my mouth wasn't so dry, and I knew my head would be a lot better soon. I pushed myself off of my bed, stretching my arms over my head, it felt really good, as I was sore from being so drunk, and from sleeping in the same position all night long. I decided I should have some coffee before I did anything this morning, and shuffled my way into my kitchen yawning, and still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. After a big yawn I pulled in a big breath through my nose, and caught the wonderful scent of freshly brewed coffee.

"Mmmm." I couldn't help the contented moan that left my lips at the wonderful smell of coffee. Wait! How is there freshly brewed coffee sitting in my coffee maker right now when I just woke up? I started to get a little panicked; did I have a one night stand last night? Shit shit shit! I backed myself up against my refrigerator, glancing around quickly looking to see if there was anyone around. I couldn't see anyone, but who knows where they could be!

"H-Hello?" I called, my throat scratchy. I coughed and cleared my throat, "Hello?" I called clearer this time. No answer. What the hell? Who did all this?

I glanced around suspiciously one last time before slowly stepping away from my refrigerator. I turned my back on the open room, hoping against hope that some rapist wasn't in my apartment from last night. I reached into my cabinet to grab a coffee mug, I pulled it down and set it down on the counter next to the coffee maker. I lifted the pot, checking around me again, thinking that maybe the person would jump out after seeing me take the coffee pot, but no one did. I poured the hot liquid into the mug up to the top then set the coffee pot back in the coffee maker. I grabbed the coffee off the counter and turned around leaning my butt up against the counter, looking around the open kitchen for any clues as to who was here. I did see my house key sitting right in the middle of my counter, accompanied by my morning newspaper, but there wasn't anything around them or under the key. Just the key and the paper, sitting there like someone left it there for me, but yet didn't want me to know who it was… Mysterious.

I lifted the mug to my lips and sipped a mouth-full of the coffee into my mouth. It was searing hot and would have burned my tongue if I was not used to drinking coffee this hot for so long. I couldn't help the hum of appreciation as is slid down my throat. I didn't even taste it I had swallowed so fast; just so I could feel the familiar warmth slowly spreading through my chest and stomach. Plus I really needed to begin getting some caffeine into my system.

I guzzled down a couple more mouth fulls of the coffee before slowing down, and walking over to the other counter and sliding the paper towards me. I looked all over the cover to see if the mystery person had written anything on it, but they hadn't. I then glanced at the headline to see what was going on in the news. No big surprise there, just more death and destruction. I flipped to my favorite and usual section, the wedding and engagement announcements, and began to read the cute stories of all the couples.

Reading this was supposed to make me happy, but all it succeeded in doing was making me think of Edward and what I wished could happen with us. That was when I realized that in all of my mornings of reading through the wedding and engagement announcements, I never saw one for Edward and Tanya. That's weird; I would have expected them to have it in the paper. I guess they just aren't into announcing their happy news to the whole city. I find it weird since at least Edward is a small town person, everyone knows everyone in a small town, and so I would have thought he would have put their announcement in there so the town would know.

I pushed the paper away, seeing that all the reading was doing was making me sadder. I decided I would make breakfast, but I was lazy and I didn't have that much time. I pulled a box of lean pockets out of my freezer and took out one of the plastic wrapped pockets. I checked the side of the box for cooking time before putting the box back in the freezer. I ripped open the plastic wrapping, pushed the pocket in the crisping sleeve and then put it in the microwave on top of a paper towel, setting the time to the given 2 minutes and pressed start. I watched the microwave get going and then walked back over to my coffee cup still sitting next to the open paper. I picked it up and went to go sit in one of my kitchen chairs. I sipped some of the now still hot but not scalding like it was before coffee. And what touched my tongue was the best coffee that had ever touched my lips.

"Ungh! Oh, my God!" I couldn't help but moan in pleasure at how delicious it was. Now you may be thinking I am over-exaggerating about how good this coffee is, but I'm not. This coffee was amazing! I have to find whoever it was who made this! I greedily sipped more, and again moaned in my mouth again at the rich and perfect taste of it. I continued to sip at it, and heard the timer go off on the lean pocket in the microwave. I checked my watch and noted the time so I could wait the two minutes you're supposed to, to let it finish cooking and cool down before you eat it.

I finished off my delicious mug of coffee before grabbing the lean pocket out of the microwave, and folding in the bottom so I could eat it. I grabbed the paper towel, off the bottom of the microwave, knowing I would eventually spill some of the insides out of the pocket.

I walked back into my bedroom, and walked into the bathroom turning on the hot water in the shower to start it heating up. I walked back into my room and flipped through my closet as I ate my breakfast. I pulled out a nice steely-blue top; it was a short sleeved, V-neck, with slightly puffed shoulders and a wrap like appearance on the chest, and was tight around my torso, it also had a band under my bust that became a tie in the back. I paired it with my nice dark wash jeans. I was going to go visit Angela and the baby after work, and I didn't want to be wearing my dress clothes in case the baby puked or something and I didn't want to ruin them. I finished off my lean pocket and tossed the crisper sleeve in the trashcan in my bathroom, surprised that I had actually not spilled anything out of it. I turned on the cold water, just a tad to turn down the water from scalding to just hot. I stepped into the water, sighing in content as my tense muscles from the rough night started to relax.

I made short work of my shower, quickly washing my hair and soaping down my body. I stepped out of the shower, wrapping my hair in a towel and toweling my body dry. I went into my room and slipped into my underwear and bra, and pulled on my jeans. These were my favorite pair of nice jeans as they were my nice dark ones that were fit perfectly to my butt and legs but were still comfortable. I pulled the blue shirt over my head, making sure it didn't get caught on the towel that was still on my head. I pulled the shirt down, and adjusted it until I was satisfied with how it looked on my body. I tied the strings in the back into a bow, and pulled it until the ties and loops were almost even. I checked the clock and realized I have 20 minutes until I have to be at the jewelry shop, including travel time.

"Shit!" I quickly ran back in to the bathroom and pulled the towel off of my hair, and draped it over a bar on the shower door, for it to dry. I plugged in my hair dryer and pulled off the styling piece on the front so I could get the full blast of heat on my hair. I turned it on high and made sure it was on hot and then flipped my head over and started to blow my hair dry as I ran my fingers through it to get the knots out, and then scrunched it trying to give it some volume. I blow dried it mostly dry, the ends were still damp, and some of the top wasn't completely dry, but that was ok. I would just drive to the store with the windows down and let the breeze through the windows dry it. I quickly put on a little bit of mascara, thanking the heavens that in my hurry I didn't stab my eye out. I ran quickly back into my room, and pulled a pair of navy socks out of my sock drawer, and then pulled my pair of black skinny sneakers out of the bottom of my closet. I plopped down on my bed, and pulled on the short socks quickly, and then pulled the sneakers on that thankfully were the elastic tie kind so I didn't have to tie laces.

I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, and pulled the charge cord from it. Thank you mystery person for even thinking of plugging my phone in to charge! You are my saving grace today! I shoved the phone in my pocket as I quickly left my room. I grabbed my thermos out of the cabinet above the coffee maker and poured the remainder of the delicious coffee into it. I turned off the coffee maker and grabbed my house key off the counter. I found my purse sitting on the table I had near the door, this person had thought of everything! I unlocked the deadbolt, opened the door, turned the lock on the knob, closed the door as I walked out, and then locked the deadbolt behind me before jogging over to my truck.

I am shocked that I have not had some clumsy accident yet this morning. I had thought it to be absolutely impossible to actually walk quickly and jog this much on a hangover, being me, and not have fallen on my face. I located the keys to the truck in my purse and unlocked it, yanking the door open and jumping inside. I slammed the door shut, shoved the key in the ignition, put it in reverse, checked behind me, and pulled out of my parking spot. I drove out of the parking lot, seeing that Edward's car wasn't there. I was slightly disappointed. Oh my god, you are so pathetic! Sad over the fact you didn't get to see his CAR! What is wrong with you woman? Pull yourself together! He's probably at the gym! You would have been this morning too if you hadn't drank yourself into oblivion last night!

I got to the store just in time for opening, and unlocked the front door heading inside, and into my office. I set my purse down, and sat down in my desk chair sagging into the back. Finally relaxing my tense shoulders and back of my worry of being late to work. I sighed, turned myself around and turned on my computer beginning my work for the day.

Work was boring, I got one customer all morning, and it wasn't even a sale, some guy just coming to look. He said he was just starting to think about proposing and wanted to see what we had before he came in to buy one. He said he would probably be back soon, but I didn't count on it, as a lot of people say that and then never come back.

I got more work done than I had been getting done in the past week, but still not as much as I used to get done before I had caught sight of Edward. He plagued my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about the events of yesterday. A lot went on, I had just gone to get groceries when I saw Edward, and we ended up going to get coffee. Soon into our coffee Angela had called to say she was having the baby. Edward and I ended up spending all afternoon at the hospital, and then we went out to get drinks and apparently I got completely wasted. I then somehow ended up at home with my shoes taken off by whoever took me home and then they neatly placed them by my door, put my purse by my front door, and stayed the night as they left me water and aspirin, made me the most delicious coffee and got my newspaper in the morning. I really need to talk to Edward to see what happened after the first few shots last night.

I continued to work in my office; doing the payroll, there wasn't much to do, seeing as I had been the only one here for a week and we don't make too much business anyway. It was slow work, but that was ok because it allowed me to let my mind wander sometimes.

I checked the clock and saw I had only been here for three hours. And it was only noon. I growled in frustration and decided I would close the store and go get lunch. I needed some major hangover food, and I definitely needed a break from this boring office work. I made sure to save my work on the computer before turning it off. I grabbed my purse from under my desk and left my office, grabbing the "closed for lunch be back at _:_" sign and started to walk towards the door. I dug around my purse and found my key ring with the key to the store. I was just thinking about how uncharacteristically not clumsy I had been all day when of course, in a combination that I would have thought impossible of anyone else, I tripped over my own foot. I started to fall face first to the ground, but then my purse strap caught in the slight crack between two of the jewelry cases and it yanked my arm back at a weird angle and in turn my upper body was pulled back so I ended up on my knees. To top of my performance, in all of that, my other arm was flailing around first trying to keep myself from face planting, and then when I was yanked back, trying to catch my balance. I ended up tossing my key ring into the air, and then smacking myself right in the face with the out to lunch sign, hard. Just as I had groaned feeling like my klutzy moment was over, the key ring full of heavy keys came down and landed right, square on the top of my head.

"Owwww." I muttered, letting go of my purse and rolling my shoulder, then dropping the sign and rubbing my face where it stung, and the top of my head where the keys landed.

"Holy shit Bella! Are you okay?" Of course. Of course, that in my distracted thoughts and then examination of how the hell it was possible for me not to do something clumsy all day, and then as I fell, I had missed the bell of the door opening. And of course, it wasn't just some random customer I would never see again. It was Edward. Shoot me now! How many times has this man seen me make a complete fool out of myself and looking like a babbling bumbling band of baboons. Did you really just reference a Harry Potter quote? Yes I did. It is a good scene but why would you think of this now? Especially since you aren't British! Edward does kind of look like Cedric Diggory…

"Bella?" I looked up to see him standing over me, a worried look on his face.

Pull yourself together woman! Edward just showed up at the store and asked you if you were ok and you are thinking about how he might look like Cedric Diggory? Now you idiot answer him!

"Um, yeah, I'm fine. My shoulder is a little sore, and my face stings from getting smacked in the face by the sign, and the top of my head from the keys, and my knees a little from falling… But it's not anything I'm not used to."

"That doesn't sound fine. But, good. I'm glad you're ok. It sucks your used to it… Here, let me help you up." He reached his hand out and I took it with one of my own. He took my other elbow, and pulled me up and I righted myself. I rubbed at my knees, thankful I wore pants today so my knees weren't rug burned. I bent down and picked up the sign and my keys from where they had fallen off my head.

"Thanks." I smiled up at him thankfully, "How red is my face? Bright red like I just smacked myself with my out to lunch sign? Or is it just slightly red like I just have a weird case of an uneven blush on just one cheek?"

"I would say that it just surpasses the weird blush to be I just smacked myself in the face with the out to lunch sign." He chuckled, smiling that crooked smile that made my knees feel like jell-o. He brushed his fingers over the still stinging part of my face, and it felt amazing on my skin. "Now what exactly happened here?"

My cheeks flamed in a blush as my embarrassment of my klutziness took over. Edward chuckled again, "Oh wait, maybe it did look like an uneven blush now that I am reminded of just how red your cheeks can get."

I narrowed my eyes at his overly-amused face; he got too much entertainment out of my misery. "Well I was just going to take a break from the monotony of this slow work day, and go out to grab a bite to eat for lunch. And I had my purse and the lunch sign in either hand… And I tripped over my own foot. And well as I was falling into a face plant I guess my purse strap got caught in-between the two cases, and it pulled me back to my knees, and then in the flailing of this arm I smacked myself in the face with the sign really hard and tossed my keys into the air and they then landed on my head."

He burst out laughing at me, and I smacked his arm. "Hey! You know how clumsy and unlucky I am by now! And all of this was a collection of all the clumsy things that could have happened to me all morning. I usually would have tripped, fallen, stubbed my toe, something along those lines, and had done so multiple times by now. But I was somehow not clumsy getting ready this morning and I made it alive. So this was all of my clumsiness for the day mashed into one instead of spread out."

"Sure, Bella." Edward was still calming himself down from his laughter, "I think things like this happen to you all the time, lucky morning or not. Do I have to remind you about falling off the treadmill, and dropping a weight on my foot?"

I blushed at the memories, but scowled at his smirking face, "Okay, fine whatever you want to think. All I am saying is that I have actually had a lucky morning so far today. Which I need to talk to you about, because I can't really remember anything that happened last night, after my second drink, what-so-ever."

Edwards face seemed to fall, but only for a second before a grin graced his features, "Actually I am glad to hear you haven't had lunch yet. I thought after all you had to drink last night that you would be in need of some major hangover food. So I thought we could go and grab either some burritos or pancakes. Your choice. I will answer your questions as we eat."

He really likes taking me out for a friend. He bought me coffee, he bought my groceries, he probably ended up buying my drinks last night, and he was now taking me out to lunch? And we were going to be making and having dinner together on Wednesday. Maybe you should try to pull away, I mean you probably aren't helping him any by agreeing to all of his requests. He's engaged, and he could be warring with himself on the right thing to do… Oh who am I kidding I am not going to give up seeing him for the possibility that he might be having problems with staying faithful to Tanya. You would much rather them break up anyway! "That actually sounds perfect right now. Let me just detach my purse from the cases, and hang up the closed sign. Then we can go." I smiled at him warmly, searching his eyes to see if I could see what he was thinking. I can't help but wonder what he was thinking about us. He was engaged, and couldn't be trying anything with me, but yet he always seems like he is just trying to get closer to me, and keeps asking me to do date like things. I shook my head of the thought and turned towards my purse that was still hanging from the crack I thought would have been too skinny to fit the purse strap. I dropped the sign and my keys on top of the counter before I grabbed both of the purse straps and pulled, it didn't even budge. I groaned and let the straps go slack and then suddenly yanked the straps really hard. I felt it move a teeny bit, but not much and it was still stuck.

"What the hell? How did it get wedged in there so hard when all that I did was accidentally get it caught here as I was falling to my face?"

Edward snorted and hid his amused smile behind his hand pretending to cough, as I turned to glare at him. "This isn't funny! It's stuck! And it's just another thing to add to this whole clumsy accident." I huffed in annoyance at my stupid purse.

"Here, let me help you." Edward chuckled at me. I sighed and dropped the straps stepping aside.

Edward grabbed both of the straps and gave it a pull, that looked like it took no effort, and the purse came loose easily. "How did you do that? It was really stuck in there! It barely budged for me, and you pulled it out easy like it was nothing!" I stared at him in awe, and mumbled, "I so loosened it first."

Edward just shook his head and laughed, handing me my purse. I stuck my tongue out at him, and squint my eyes like a little kid would. "Whatever. Let's get out of here." I brushed past his still laughing form, and headed to the door. I hung the lunch sign on the open sign hook, taking off the open sign first. I turned the dials on the lunch sign until the time was at 1:30 then hung the open sign behind it. I waited for him to step out behind me, and then locked the door.

"Alright, so let's blow this popsicle stand. Where do you prefer to go? Burritos or Pancakes?" I turned to Edward.

"It doesn't matter to me. I'm not the one who drank my weight in alcohol last night, and probably has a really bad hangover. It's your choice. I was thinking Plaza Jalisco if you want burritos, or Forks Diner if you wanted pancakes. Both are really good, I love the food at Plaza Jalisco, and the pancakes at the diner are to die for. "

"Ha-ha. I am going to go for pancakes, as I didn't have that great of a breakfast this morning. I had a quick lean pocket, so pancakes sound really good right now."

"So Forks Diner it is. Shall we?"

"Yes, we shall." Where the hell was this comfortableness with him coming from? I usually can barely think straight around him, none the less talk like a normal person. Maybe it's because I spent so much time with him yesterday, and I became more comfortable.

We walked over to his Volvo, and I could feel his hand ghosting over the small of my back as he led me there. He opened my door smiling widely at me, and waved to the open passenger seat, motioning for me to sit. I smiled shyly back at him, taking my seat, and tucking my legs in before he shut the door for me. I buckled my seatbelt and placed my purse on the floor between my feet as he came to his side around the front. He plopped down into his seat, pulling his seat belt down over him. I saw the muscles on his bicep flex as he reached behind him to grab it and then turned to click it into place. I nearly salivated. As he turned his face came closer to me and I could feel a little of his breath against my arm. I realized that I was staring at him blatantly and quickly turned to face forwards. I took a deep breath in to try and wrangle in my improper thoughts about him. Except, it didn't help anything, because all that did was help me get a sniff of his delicious scent. It wasn't cologne, just him. Well that was what I smelled in his car. I think I smell a bit of cologne in the car surrounding him, especially right after he had leant so close to me. It just added to his sultry scent, and attracted me even more. I was so close to letting my nose guide me towards him so I could smell him more. I gripped the sides of the seat to keep me from moving.

"Are you afraid of my driving?" Edward chuckled, glancing over at me with a smirk on his face.

"Um," Oh crap, he's asking why I am gripping the seat so hard all of the sudden. I glanced to the speedometer and saw that was indeed going way over the speed limit, and if I hadn't been lost in my own thoughts I would have been gripping the seat because of that. "Uh, yeah I am. Ha-ha. You are going really fast. And my dad is the chief of police, so I'm used to going the speed limit everywhere."

"Oh my God, your dad is Chief Swan? I never made the connection between you and him!"

"Oooh! So did you get in some trouble with my dad when you were younger?"

"Ha-ha. I did once, but it was my brother's fault. I got to know chief from the many times he dragged my brother Emmett home. Emmett would always be getting into trouble. Fights with other guys, then when he would T-P and egg their house the next night, when he was a little younger he would go ding dong ditching, and then there were the other pranks, trespassing, he was caught with Rosalie at one of the make out spots once. There were many times that he got pulled home by the Chief, and so our whole family got to know him pretty well through the years."

"Now that you are saying this I can kind of remember my dad coming home some nights and complaining about some Emmett kid that was always getting in trouble!" I laughed.

"Are you serious? What a small world."

"What did Emmett make you do that caused you to get caught by my dad?"

"Well, you know how La Push was the biggest rival for the Forks football team? Well there was this one guy, Jacob Black, the La Push captain, where as Emmett was our captain. Jacob would always be getting in our face, and would be this cocky ass hole. He really got to our whole team, everyone hated him. Well during my and Emmett's senior year, he was a junior, and it was the annual La Push/Forks game. It was the biggest of the year. Well Jacob had been saying all this shit about how there was no way we could win over his players, and that they were the best football team La Push has ever had. And the team looked really menacing, all of the guys were super buff, their muscles were huge, and all of them were really tall, it was like they had all taken steroids over the summer or something.

"Well anyway, after talking all this crap we ended up getting three touchdowns plus the kick, getting us to twenty one to nothing in the first half. As we lined up after half time, Jacob was talking all this shit about how this was their plan and that they don't pull out all the tricks until the last half so that the opposing team thinks they are worse than they are, put out worse players and then they kick in and dominate. Well, little did they know we had put out our not as good players first half, knowing their strategy, as we had seen them use it at games against other cities.

"I had finally had enough of his crap talking us and so I started to dish some back about how bad they were doing. Jacob started to get more and more frustrated, he actually started to shake. And he ended up snapping on me and tackled me. I kneed him in the balls, which shouldn't have hurt because of the cup, but he obviously had gotten too big of a size for himself, even though he didn't look that big anyway. It ended up really hurting his balls and he was out for the next quarter because of it. The rest of our teams also started to fight, but it was broken up before anyone else was hurt, and we continued play.

We completely slaughtered La Push, and won with thirty five to nothing. After the game, we had to do that little league thing where you all go down each others line of players and shake hands, well as Jacob and I shook hands, tensely, and definitely seeing who could grip harder, I muttered to Jacob that their team spent too much time getting steroids instead of practicing, that talking all that shit and then completely being slaughtered isn't a good strategy. He growled at me, and then in a crackly voice said, 'We played our best. It isn't our fault you are like fricking pro or something.' And I literally saw a tear run down his cheek as his eyes filled with tears." Edward chuckled at his memory, "Yep, I made the tough 'wolf' as he always called himself, cry. Guess he was more of a puppy.

"Anyway, that night there was this big party at one of the player's house, his parents weren't home and there was even some booze. I had had a couple cups of beer or whatever it was that was being served. Some people started to play truth or dare and I got roped into it. When it was my turn Emmett dared me take some of those window markers and write cry baby and small dick and shit all over Jacob's car, his precious rabbit. Since, as you know, it is such a small town we knew where he lived, and it was around eleven o'clock, so I didn't think I would get caught, so I took the dare instead of chickening. I knew what Emmett did to chickeners and it is not pretty.

"So Emmett, Jasper, a couple of the football guys, and I drove down to La Push, they dropped me off at Jacob's house telling me they would be back in fifteen minutes to see my work and then leave. I took all the different colors and wrote cry baby in all caps across his windshield, and then I drew crying faces on the front windows. I wrote small dick on the rear window, and drew small dicks on the back windows. I wrote stuff in little letters around my pictures, like sore loser, get off the steroids, and stuff like that. I drew the pictures small around on the windshield and rear window. It was really quite a piece of art.

As I was sitting on the hood waiting for Emmett and the guys to come back for me, all of the sudden Jacob came running out screaming at me that he was calling the cops. I jumped off the hood and began to run away as fast as I could from the house, I ended up all the way down to First Beach, and practically collapsed on the sand. Apparently Jacob had recognized me and had run right after me, I heard his footsteps and opened my eyes to see him standing over me. I jumped to my feet and once I did he punched me in the face. I punched him back right in the jaw, and then jabbed him in the stomach. He punched the side of my head and then kicked my knees in so I fell to the ground. I hit my head, and then Jacob kicked me in the nose, breaking it. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was Jacobs laughing face looming over me."

"Oh my God! Were you ok?"

"Oh yeah, but I'm not done, there's more. After I blacked out, Jacob took off all my clothes and left me in; well unfortunately I had had on whitey tighties that night because it is easier to play football in them rather than boxers. So he left me laying there in the freezing cold sand at eleven thirty at night in my underwear. I came to, as a police officer poured water on my face, he asked me what happened and I said that the last thing I remembered was Jacob punching me in the head and then kicking me in the nose. He had me sit up and that was when I realized I didn't have any clothes. The officer told me he had gotten a call from Jacob saying I had vandalized the rabbit, and that Jacob had said he saw me running towards First Beach. The police put me in the back of the car, but since I didn't fight he didn't handcuff me like I had seen happen to Emmett so many times.

"The La Push officer handed me off to the Chief at the border between Forks and La Push. Chief put cuffs on me, just to spite me and my brother. Keep in mind now that I was only in my underwear."

I couldn't help my thoughts wander to a picture of Edward just in his underwear. I had to shake my head to get that thought out of my head. Bad Bella! Bad! And then I realized that Charlie my father had seen the man that I think I might love in his underwear before I did. I couldn't help the blush that rose in my cheeks.

"Anyway, Chief drove me home and pushed my up to the front door, where my parents answered, of course worried as to where I was as Emmett had driven home when he didn't see me around Jacobs. Now, Emmett, the big douche bag, just stood in the foyer there behind my parents, and failed at trying to muffle his heavy laughter. In his defense, it probably was a funnyish sight to see, me standing with the chief on the front porch with blood covering my face and some of my chest from my nose, just in my underwear, and handcuffed. As you can imagine my parents weren't at all happy about what I did, and the condition I came home. My dad painfully reset my nose so it wasn't too crooked, and checked my head to make sure I didn't have a concussion. They apologized to Chief on my behalf, and I didn't get in trouble with the law, but boy I got it from my parents. Especially after I beat the shit out of Emmett because it was his idea and then he left me there."

"Ha-ha! I actually remember my dad telling me about that! Ha-ha! And my dad is best friends with Billy Black, so I was actually pretty good friends with Jacob, still am. Oh man he is going to get so much shit for crying at the end of that game! And no wonder he would never tell me what was written and drawn on his car! Charlie couldn't tell me, and I asked Jacob what was written on his car that could have been so bad but he would always just blush and look away and say that it was nothing of too much importance. I never understood how it was of 'no importance' when he told me that he chased the 'ass-hole' down to First Beach where he had 'kicked the douches ass' and then stole his clothes when he was knocked out. He was pretty damn proud of it, but I understand now, he was happy he could kick your ass after you kicked his on the field. I am surprised he was such a prick on the field though he was always so nice and cool to me. Oh, and the fact that he has a small dick? That is just disturbing as he pretty much loved me for the longest time. Nothing ever happened, which I think I might be a little happy about after this revelation now. Ooo, poor Nessie! But oh man, I can only imagine what my dad thought when he cuffed you as you were just standing there all beat up and just in your underwear. That would really suck to have that happen. Stupid Jake." I rambled, apparently the speech dam that holds back what I say has been broken. I think Edward breaks it whenever I am near him. I noticed Edward kind of grimace and his finger flex when I mentioned that Jake pretty much loved me. Weird. It's not like he has any reason to be mad some other guy liked me…

"Yeah… not one of my proudest moments."

"I can see that."

"We have been sitting here for a while, lets go inside and order! I am starving."

"Me too! I was too wrapped up in your incriminating story to actually realize my stomach felt like it was going to eat itself."

He told me to wait, that he would get my door, and so I waited for a second, gathering my purse off the floor as he jogged around the front of the car. He opened my door and then reached his hand out to me with a flourish to help me out of the low seat. I smiled at the tingles that still ran through my fingers whenever I touched him. He smiled that damn crooked smile back at me, and I was glad he was helping me out of the seat or else I was sure I wouldn't be able to get myself up on my now jelly like legs. We walked into the diner choosing a booth off to one corner that didn't have any people in the immediate surrounding booths, the best for talking about what embarrassing things you did while you were drunk.

We sat in complete silence, as we sat down on opposite sides of the booth, and then picked up the menus looking at the "on the griddle" section on the breakfast portion of the menu. They had several different options of pancakes you could have. Banana, chocolate chip, blueberry, cinnamon and brown sugar, strawberry, or just plain. I pondered the decision between chocolate chip and strawberry, and decided on the chocolate chip not feeling like being any bit healthy. And kill me if chocolate sounded really good right now. I put my menu back behind the condiment stand on the table, and stayed quiet as Edward was still deciding. I had just picked up my phone to awkwardly fiddle with it, thinking of how funny a story Edward's side of the Jacob incident was. Jacob would take all of Edward's clothes off and leave him in his underwear on the beach. And I cannot believe that Jacob had a small dick! I mean he was so buff and strong, and huge that you would think that by proportion he would be big… But I guess not! Ha-ha! Oh man Jake would be hearing about this! I started to picture the look on Jake's face when I mentioned about how he cried and that his cup was too big because when Edward kneed him in the balls it actually hurt him really bad. Oh and how I now knew why he would never tell me that it was cry baby and small dick written and drawn all over his car. I had just gotten to the part where he started to splutter when I heard a big boisterous voice crash through the diner.

"Hey little brother!" I looked up to see a huge man standing at the end of our table smiling down at us. I recognized him from the family picture that had been in Edward's wallet. He was one of the brothers, that I knew.

"Hey Emmett." Edward said somewhat annoyed.

"Who is this pretty lady with you?"

"Oh this is Bella, I met her at the gym and she works at jewelry store. Bella this is my idiot brother Emmett." Edward quickly introduced us, glancing up at his brother meaningfully. What was that about?

"Hello Bella. It's nice to meet you." He pushed out his huge hand and I shook it with my own. His hand literally completely covered mine. Now, what I was not expecting was that Emmett pulled me up of the booth and gave me a huge hug. What the hell?

"Nice to meet you too, Emmett. Edward has told me quite a bit about you." I said once he released me from the hug. I sat back down into the booth, and I could see Edward shaking his head glaring at his brother.

"All good I hope?" Emmett chuckled and pushed Edward farther into the booth and sat down next to him.

"Actually Emmett, Bella is Chief Swan's daughter. And I had just told her about the Jacob incident. I also told her how well I knew the Chief from getting visits from him almost every weekend for years through our teenage years."

"Oooo, so you now know the bad stuff about me huh."

"Well, I don't know if it's all bad, my dad always came home chuckling after he had to drive you home in the cruiser. I heard about a few of your shenanigans from him, well only the best or I guess the worst of them."

"Wow, small world who would think that Chief's daughter would be Edward's new- What the hell man?"

Edward had just elbowed Emmett in the ribs hard and gave him a pointed glare. What the heck was with the eye talk between those two?

"Oh, oops! Heh heh." Emmett turned back to me and there was an awkward silence for a moment that Emmett broke by singing, "It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. It's a small small world!" Let me say that it wasn't that good, and was off tune. To the disappointment of my ears.

"Oh God, Emmett! Stop stop! You know that is the worst Disney song ever to be written!" Edward smacked him in the arm repeatedly while covering the ear closest to Emmett. I totally agreed with Edward's stand point on that evil song.

Emmett laughed boisterously and thankfully stopped singing.

"So what stories did Edward tell you about me?" Emmett turned to me.

"No specific stories, just that you would TP and egg, and ding dong ditch, and stuff like that. I do think I remember some stories that my dad came home chuckling about. He may have hated you, but he also always got a great laugh out of all your pranks. Like the time you egged the Newton's house, and wrote weenie on their front windows? Yeah, he loved that. He was laughing about it for days. We really didn't like the Newtons… Why else do you think he never actually arrested you?"

"I always wondered how after all the many times I got in trouble from him I was never arrested, even just from the combination of how many times I had been caught! That's awesome! Next time I see the Chief I will have to tell him 'your welcome' for keeping him entertained."

"I don't think that would end well for you though Emmett. Because then he will know you caught on, and would have to arrest you. I would recommend that you just let your upper hand here stay secret and use it to your advantage."

"I guess that makes sense. But damn I was hoping to push Chief's buttons some."

"Now, speaking of you and your teenage hood, well actually both of yours. How is it that you both are my age and have lived in Forks long before I did and I never saw you at school? I mean, it is such a small school; there is no way I could have not had a class with you, or at least heard about you. Especially since you both were star players on the football team; a team good enough to make Jake cry."

"Oh, we were home-schooled by our mom, Esme all through school. She thought that since we had such a messed up childhood with being adopted and all that, it would be a good thing to have a nice and strong home." Edward explained a warm expression on his face as he talked about his mom.

"Oh, that is so cool of her. You must be really close to Esme then."

"Yeah, she's the best." Emmett smiled.

"So Emmett, why are you here annoying us?"

"Oh, I'm just going to be meeting up with Rose here for lunch, she is on her way back from a shopping trip with Alice."

"So as soon as you saw us here you decided to annoy us as we waited?"

"Yep! Of course! What else would I do little brother?"

"I'm not your little brother Emmett! We are the same age!" Edward scowled at Emmett.

"When I say little I don't mean it by age. I mean it by size. Compared to me, you are a little brother." Emmett grinned cheekily, while Edward glowered at him. "Oh there's Rose! Hey Rosie!" I saw a gorgeous blonde walking across the diner towards us, well more like strutting. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She was like a model, curves in all the right places, soft, but striking features, and shining, flowing golden blonde hair. She was perfect. I am surprised my mouth didn't hang open. I was surprised by the glare she was pointing at Emmett though as she walked over.

"You know I hate being called Rosie you idiot!" She hissed at him while smacking him upside the head. Edward snickered next to him.

"Shut up, you dick." Emmett backhanded Edward in the chest. He muttered an 'ouch' while rubbing his chest.

"I didn't do anything!" Edward punched Emmett in the arm.

"You were laughing at me!" Emmett pulled Edward's head down in a head lock and then gave him a noogie on the top of his head.

"Hey stop that!"

"What are you afraid your pretty hair will be ruined?"

"Shut up!"


"Sorry about them, they are always like this. Trust me." Rosalie turned to me and gave me a small smile. Before she turned to them with a glare and smacked the top of both their heads with a resounding smack.

"Ow! What the hell Rose?" Emmett barked as he let go of Edward and they both rubbed their heads.

"You have company that is not family here you imbeciles."

Both of their heads snapped towards me, and a blush rose on Edwards cheeks.


"Yeah oops, you idiots. Now Emmett lets leave these two alone and go and have our own lunch. I am sure you rudely interrupted them without asking. So let's go and sit over there. Yes Emmett?" Rosalie looked pointedly at Emmett then glanced between Edward and I. There is definitely something going on between his family members, with all these weird looks being exchanged between them.

Emmett nodded his head at Rosalie, "Yeah, of course. It was nice meeting you Bella!" He reached out his hand and I shook it, "I will leave you two to your breakfast." Emmett winked at us as he got up from the table. Edward punched his arm, glaring at him. But Emmett chuckled. Rosalie just shook her head at their antics, and pulled Emmett away to the other side of the diner.

"I am so sorry about him. I swear he hasn't matured much at all since he was like fourteen." Edward gave me a sheepish look that was so completely adorable I just wanted to kiss him.

"It's fine. He's funny. And it was nice to see your brotherly banter. I don't have any sisters or brothers so I never experienced any of that when I was a kid. I always wanted siblings, and was always jealous of my friend who had some no matter how much they said they hated them. I really wanted that bond that you can only have with a sibling, and that person that potentially would always be there for you. It would have been nice to have someone who was in the same boat as me who I could've talked to about it with. Plus, just the experiences of the banter and fighting and stuff. Anyway, it's really funny to see, and it's refreshing. I liked it."

"I know how it is for you to be an only child. I was an only child before I was adopted. I lived with only parent for a while too. I don't remember as much as I should, but I do know what you mean. I felt the same way about wanting siblings to get the experience and that bond with someone. But anyway, you should meet the rest of my family then. You will get years of sibling rivalry in one afternoon."

"It sounds very entertaining. If it's anything like what you and Emmett were just like, I think it would have to be. I would love to meet your family sometime."

"Oh, it is even worse when everyone is together. See, since we are all adopted we are all around the same age, Emmett, Rose and I are all the same, and Alice and Jasper are a year younger. So we are all really close, and always have been. But it just makes it that much worse when we fight, playful or otherwise. It may take them a while to be what we call 'normal' around you, but once they become comfortable, they will be themselves, and well, show you their worst." Edward used air quotes around the normal.

"I definitely will need to see that sometime."

"I would love you too. And I think all of them would love to meet you too. If you couldn't tell Emmett was." Edward smirked, before shooting a little glare over in the direction of where Emmett and Rose were sitting. "Sorry about his over-exuberance when he met you. He looks very intimidating, which he can be sometimes, but most of the time he is just a big teddy bear inside. He can get a little over-excited when he meets new people."

"Oh, it's fine! Don't worry about it! I was just surprised that's all."

Edward smiled his damn crooked smile that makes me melt.

The waitress finally decided to make an appearance which was convenient because my stomach had just growled very loudly in protest to its emptiness. "Hi, I'm Jessica and I will be your waitress. I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get over here. It's pretty busy in here and we are understaffed today so I am doing everything except cook! What would you like to have today?" I almost growled when I heard her name and indeed recognized her as one of the people that tortured me in high school. Of course, Jessica only looked only at Edward, batting her eyelashes, and even went as far to licking her lips at him once. Edward didn't even seem to notice her obvious advances as he was looking the other way. I rolled my eyes, little skank.

I ordered my chocolate chip pancakes, with orange juice, in light of my breakfast for lunch shtick. Edward ordered the banana pancakes and some water. Jessica promised our food would be out as soon as possible, even going as far as laying her hand on Edward's shoulder as she did so. I was so close to smacking her hand away and telling her to fuck off. But I held it in. I did a mental fist pump when Edward awkwardly shrugged her hand off, by scooting farther towards the window. Suck on that rejection! She then rushed away, managing to sway her hips even at her pace, to put the order up and then go to Emmett and Rosalie's table.

"Oh my god. That was the same Jessica I went to high school with! Oh my gosh, she used to be such a skank and a bitch. I can't believe she only made it to be a diner waitress! Serves her right. She never was nice to me." I hissed quietly, to make sure she didn't hear.

"Actually now that you say that I think I remember her throwing herself at me after some of the football games and at some of the parties… Wow. Well Karma is a bitch and all that right? I can't believe anyone would not be nice to you though. What was her problem?"

Jessica came flitting over and placed down our drinks on the table, with a flirty, "Here you go!" as she placed down Edward's water. She lowered her voice trying to sound sexy and looked under her eyelashes at Edward as she exaggeratingly said, "Just let me know if there is anything else you need." As she said it she pushed out her lips to make them look round and full. She ran her tongue slowly over her top lip. I would love to give her the fat lips she apparently really wanted. She winked at Edward in what she thought was a sexy way and then walked away swaying her hips so much I was for sure she was going to knock over a table with her ass.

I snickered and turned back to Edward. Jeez, she is such a slut! I can't believe she would go after Edward as he sits here with me! I mean for all she knows we could be on a date! And she doesn't even look at me, its only sex eyes at Edward. Well I mean, I am okay with her not looking at me, because she could recognize me, and then well I don't know what would happen but it wouldn't be good. But it's the principle of it! Ugh, she just drives me crazy! Stuid Bitch.

"So on with what we were talking about before we were so disgustingly interrupted, what was her problem?" I was surprised to see him looking at me like he was really interested in me after Jessica was trying to be so sexy.

"Oh, it was no big deal. A lot of people were the same way to me. I got used to it." I looked down at my twisting hands in my lap. I started to think about all of those terrible years during high school, with Jessica, and Lauren, and then Tyler and Mike... the one person I had trusted, and thought truly liked me, actually ended up to be using me just to get laid. And I soon heard myself sniff. Shit, I was not going to cry about that shit. No, I was not going to do that again, and not in front of Edward.

As I tried to reign in my stupid sniffles, and stop from getting upset about all of that again. I suddenly felt Edward's long fingers pulling my chin up, and then brushing my hair away from my face so he could look at me. I didn't let my eyes turn to his, and instead looked out the window that was next to us.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Edward pulled my face too look at him and locked eyes with me. His eyes were sad and full of apology, "I shouldn't have pried. I'm sorry. I just can't believe people would make fun of someone as beautiful and nice and funny as you." My eyes that had started to fall back to my lap, snapped up to his that were full of honesty and warmth. "Don't look so surprised Bella! You are all of those things!" My cheeks did their thing and insta-blushed. "I can't believe that those people from high school could think any different, unless you got some kind of crazy plastic surgery since then."

I chuckled lightly at his joke. I took a deep breath and decided I would explain to him why I got so upset. "No, it's ok. Really. I shouldn't get this worked up about it so many years later. I used to be a really big nerd back in high school. Plus, I was the new girl from Phoenix, and in such a small town that pretty much puts you under the social microscope. I was really shy, and so I had thrown myself into my schoolwork, acing all the tests, projects, and worksheets. I even had the glasses to complete my nerd look. I was always early to class, and took studious notes. I was always a loner at my other school, but there it seemed that I could go by invisible, completely opposite to here at Forks High, everyone seemed to be interested in the new girl.

"Soon, people started to whisper 'nerd', and other rude names and comments about me behind my back. I would get sneers in the hallway, and no one would sit with me at lunch or include me in anything. I was like a social pariah. I wouldn't have wanted to be included anyway, but it was how they would go about it. People would purposefully raise their voices about the parties they were invited to that weekend around me and stuff like that. I got threatened by some girls to do their essays, which I never did, by principle, and that would just push me down farther. But, even with all this, Jessica and her best friend Lauren was the worst. It was constant with her. She would always insult my truck, and my clothes, and everything I did. If she saw me walking down the hallway she would ask me why I didn't have my face buried in a book, if she saw me in the bathroom she would purposefully splash water on my pants. She was just an overall bitch. I ended up getting used to being made fun of, and just lived through it. Ignoring everyone, and counting the days until I could get away and go to college." I saw Edward's fists clench, and he started to send acerbic glares at Jessica's head as she bopped around the diner. I was curious about his reaction but I decided to go on with my high school tale.

"In junior year Angela came to our school and she was nice to me, and we have been best friends ever since. Junior year was the same year that Mike Newton approached me. He began to be nice to me, and it was a nice change compared to what I had been getting before. He asked me out, and we ended up going out on dates, and I was finally somewhat and oddly included by Mike's friends, including Lauren and Jessica. It seemed surreal, but I was happy for the change, finally I got less sneers, and mean comments, and it was wonderful. Mike and I dated for a few months, and he was always really sweet to me, and I began to trust him. I ended up thinking I loved him, and I told him so one night when we went to the make out spot in his car. He told me he loved me too, and well we ended up… in the back of his car.

"I found him making out with Jessica outside of the school after class had ended the next day. As I had burst out screaming at Mike, Jessica had turned around and sneered at me, and explained how there was no way in hell Mike would ever like me, or any of them would, and the only reason Mike did that to me was because all of them had bet him fifty bucks that he couldn't last that long with me, and because he wanted to get laid. But I was a bad lay anyway, and that I was stupid for thinking a football player like Mike would want me." I wiped away a traitor tear that had begun to fall down my cheek.

"So I had just been a game to Mike as he really dated Jessica behind my back. I was such an idiot to actually think that he would like me. Charlie had known about Mike, and I hadn't told him about the night at the make out spot, but he knew he had cheated on me and how and what he did it for, and so he almost shot Mike with his shotgun. I had sadly talked him out of it. For my whole senior year, I just kept to myself as much as I possibly could, I asked all of my teachers to always let me do group projects by myself, so I wouldn't have to deal with anyone, unless I was able to partner with Angela. The teachers had seen over the years what the other kids would say to me, and would allow me to do it on my own. I would keep my head down and try to ignore the comments thrown at me, and not react. I would come home from school and cry in my room as I did my homework. I would go to school just before the first class started, and I would sit in the back of all of my classes so no one could whisper at me behind my back. I threw myself even more into my school work. By the end of my senior year most people finally gave up on torturing me and had gone to ignoring me as I did of them. I went off to the University of Washington with Angela in the fall, moved there as soon as I could in the summer to get away."

I took a deep breath, expelling all of the bad thoughts and feelings from my body. Well trying to anyway, and I was for the most part succeeding. I finally glanced up at Edward, nervous that after I had told him what a nerd I used to be that he would get up and leave. But instead what I saw surprised me. His eyes were full of anger and hatred and they kept glaring at Jessica, and I would have sworn if looks could kill she would be lying on the floor dead, with slashes on her chest like Edward had spewed out Sectumsempra. Jeez Bella, you really need to get off the Harry Potter today! Let's retry that sentence. Like Edward had cut her with his eyes. Very good. That's better. No need for a nerdy Harry Potter refrence in the middle of your inner monologue. Anway, Edward's fists were clenched so tight his knuckles were white, and it looked like his fingers would push through his palm and come out the other side. He turned to look at my now bewildered and slightly frightened eyes. He looked so intimidating, and almost scary. Why did my story make him feel like this? He breathed in a rough deep breath through his nose, and closed his eyes for a second. His hands loosened a little bit, and when he opened his eyes instead of hatred I saw deep sorrow fill his eyes.

"Bella, I am so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that. Especially you. I always thought Newton was an ass, but I never thought he would go that far. I remember him talking about some girl that he was using and he would laugh about her to some of the other douche bag players. I can't believe it was you. I never talked to Mike about it. I swear. I never had anything to do with that. I'm sorry I made you think about that. I can completely understand why you would get so upset over it. I can't believe people would be like that, especially to someone as sweet as you. I never had to experience much peer cruelty like that since I was home schooled, but it makes no difference to how bad I feel about it. I can realize now that Esme didn't put us in public school because she didn't want us to go through that with being adopted and all of that. But, if I had gone to the public school, I would have been different to you Bella. I just can't believe anyone would be so cruel to you."

I cut off his rant, pushing my hand into his still slightly fisted one and giving it a squeeze. "Edward it's fine now. I have Angela as my best friend, and she has always been there for me. What is in the past is in the past. There is no way to change it. I have mostly gotten over it, and I haven't actually gotten this worked up by it in probably a year. In the long run, I think it has made me a stronger person. I have just had problems with trusting people, and especially guys ever since, and have only rarely dated, but it never led to more than a few meaningless dates. It affected my life in a major way, but I have gone on with life."

"Bella, you are truly amazing. The fact you can just say that about such a terribly hard thing in your life is incredible. I know I don't think I could be that strong." He squeezed my hand that was still in his. And I of course blushed. Do I even have to say I blushed anymore? I mean I think you can tell by now I blush at almost everything.

I sniffed at his nice words, and breathed deeply again, not wanting to get choked up again. "Thank you. Oh, and seriously don't be rude to Jessica now, I really don't want to start anything with her. If you could just act like you were before, like you don't give a shit about her and her endless and obvious flirting."

"She was flirting with me before?"

"Um, yeah! How did you not see? She was completely obvious!"

"I wasn't paying attention to her…" Edward glanced away and out the window.

"Oh, here she comes." I quietly breathed the wicked witch of the west song from the Wizard of Oz under my breath, and Edward chuckled. "Stay calm. It's really no huge deal anymore."

"Alright, here's your pancakes." Jessica came over with our food on a tray that she placed on the table that is next to us. She bent down a little and stuck her big ass towards Edward, and then turned around, and carefully placed a plate in front of Edward. She bent down a little and pulled her arms in close to her sides, which gave Edward a nice view of her boobs that she had obviously pushed up in her bra, and then was squeezing together with her arms, oh and she unbuttoned one of the buttons of her shirt. She seemed to linger a second more than necessary, obviously trying to give him a good look. Slut. She spun back around towards the tray and then grabbed one of the syrups, and turned back around, but this time she stumbled a little, and some of the syrup sloshed up and out onto her finger a little bit.

"Oops!" She trilled, and then slowly brought her finger to her lips and then slowly licked the syrup off the side of her finger. All the while staring sexily at Edward. I snorted at her obvious slutiness and Edward looked up and her with a look of slight disgust on his face before it smoothed over as he looked down at his plate, obviously calming down his anger with her. The anger I still didn't understand why it was there. A gleam of slight mischief came into his eye and he fingered the side of his plate.

"Actually these are Bella's. You got the chocolate chip right Bella?" Edward slightly accented my name both times he said it and I understood what he was trying to do. So I couldn't help it as my foot, on its own accord of course, moved and kicked him in the shin somewhat hard. He slightly winced. But in the meantime, Jessica's eyes had moved over to me, and I could see as she looked me up and down with a look of disgust hidden behind her eyes.

"Bella Swan?" Her voice was thick with disdain.

That was it. I was done with her shit today. She can't just get away with eye-fucking, and flirting with the guy I am at lunch with. And then after all these years still look down on me in disdain? No. Just no. "Yes I am. But, why do you give a fuck Jessicunt- oops Jessica?"

Jessica glared at me, "Become a little feistier after high school I see? It's too bad you didn't find that voice before, or else maybe you wouldn't have let Mike walk all over you."

"Whoa, don't talk to my girlfriend like that." I glanced at Edward, confusion filling my eyes. He glanced back at me with wide eyes and squeezed my hand with a quick nod. He was telling me to play along. So I did.

I saw Jessica's eyes had widened a little and then shrunk down to slits, "Yeah right. Like a man like Edward would actually be interested in you. Are you fucking kidding me? I remember him from high school; he was one of the home schooled kids that had been the star on the football team. He would never be interested in you. Are you seriously going to be that stupid and walk into the same thing again Bella? And I always thought you were brainy. Apparently I was wrong. You are just plain stupid."

I glared back at her. Edward started to say something again, but I interrupted him, "Edward is my boyfriend. He actually likes me for who I am not the money pouring into his wallet for going out with me. We are in love. Right sweetheart?" I turned from Jessica, to give Edward a loving look, playing my part in taking her down.

"Of course Love. I love you so much." Edward's eyes bore into mine and were full of warmth and that same emotion I still can't pinpoint.

"You guys are full of bullshit. That was completely fake." Jessica cackled.

"I don't think you have much room to talk right now Jessicunt. From the way you have been eye-fucking Edward, and basically asking him to go out back with you for a quickie, I would say that you haven't had a boyfriend for a long time, or gotten laid for that matter. When did Mike kick your ass to the curb? As soon as you went off to college together and he realized what an air-headed bitch you are?" I took one look at her face, and knew I was right, "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"I could have any guy I want! No one would choose you over me any day. Why would anyone want your nerdy ass?"

"There is no way in hell I would ever want a slutty bitch like you. And if you can't remember, you would constantly throw yourself at me before and after every football game. And did I ever agree to do anything with you? Hell no. I didn't want you then. And I especially don't want you now." Edward glared up at her.

"You are just saying that so you can get laid by her tonight. Are you blind? Why would you want Book Worm Bella over me?"

"Are you deaf? I like the good witch not the wicked witch of the west. Having a ranging personality is attractive, not just ranging bitchiness." Edward snipped back.

"Oh and Jessicunt? If you haven't noticed I am the manager of a store and make a nice living. Where as, well, you are a waitress at the local diner. And you are serving me. So we are the ones that are going to be putting down your tip… which right now is going down to be, hmmm I would say nothing. Just like your sex life. Oh and I wish you were more like the Wicked Witch of the East and a house would have fallen on you years ago. I would have celebrated just like the munchkins in munchkinland did."

She huffed, "You are such a weirdo. Did you really just make a Wizard of Oz reference as a comeback?"

"Jessicunt you can leave. Now. My pancakes are getting cold. And I would like to eat them. And right now I am your customer, so you listen to me. You leave Edward's pancakes on the table and you will be decent to us until we leave. Or else, well a short little call to my father, the chief of police, could have you locked up for customer abuse, oh and you could be fired. Oh wait, I think I will already be talking to your boss about you tonight. When I call him."

"You can't do that! You started it!"

"Oh I started it when you harassed me all those years ago and as soon as you heard my name your face looked even more disgusting than it already is? Well then. You can go ahead and call the police, do whatever you want. But since you can't understand what my father is the chief of police means, I will say it in easier words. Nothing will happen to me. Now leave us alone."

Jessica growled, but didn't say anything, as she turned around grabbed Edward's pancakes, slammed them down on the table along with his syrup. She stormed away picking up the try off the other table, but in doing so pushed all the condiments off the table, the salt and pepper shakers shattering and dumping their contents on the floor, and then the ketchup and mustard bottles, rolled and she ended up stepping on both squirting out the contents on the floor, along with the bottle of the syrup which opened and started to ooze out on the floor.

"Bravo." I muttered, but just loud enough so I knew she would hear me. Jessica let out a strangled scream and stomped off towards the back.

I sighed as soon as she was out of sight and slumped down into my seat. "Ugh." I then realized how deathly quiet it was in the diner. And looked around and saw everyone staring at me. A blush quickly rose to my cheeks, of course. And I looked back at Edward who was looking at me with wide eyes and a sense of awe. I bit my lip and smiled sheepishly at him.

I heard some slow loud clapping and looked over to see Emmett smiling jovially at me, amusement in his eyes. A couple other people I didn't know started to clap along with him and soon everyone except Edward was clapping for me. I blushed crazy red, I swear all the way down to my toes, and bit my lip trying to ignore that all the people in the diner were smiling at me. Ok what the hell? I thought this only happened in movies?

"Yeah Bella!" Emmett whooped from across the room and I looked over to see holding two thumbs up in my direction, and I smiled back at him shyly. Rosalie smiled nicely at me too. I then let what I just did sink in, and my eyes widened. I can't believe you just did that. You stood up to Jessica. You called her your old secret nickname Angela made up – Jessicunt. You told her off and pretty much told her to fuck off. And oooh I am going to be calling her boss tonight.

I felt the wide grin slowly take over my face as I realized I had just completely gotten over my fear of her that I had felt since high school. "I can't believe I just did that." I said quietly.

Edward gave my hand a squeeze and smiled back at me, I could see a little bit of proud-ness in his eyes. "Good for you Bella. I know it took a lot for you to do that, to stand up for her, after all she did to you then. And after she said those things now."

Thankfully the applause quieted down pretty fast after that and the diner slowly became full of chatter again, but from the bits and pieces I heard it was all about what I had just done.

"Thanks for helping me with the whole girlfriend thing. Without that I wouldn't have had barely any leverage against her."

Edward's eyes looked slightly conflicted before he brought my hand up, and kissed it lightly on my knuckles. Tingles like fireworks burst from the spot where his lips touched my hand a ran all the way up my arm, "It was my pleasure." I felt his lips vibrate against my knuckles, and his breath fan across my fingers. I shuttered at the wonderful feeling.

He let go of my hand, and my head cleared slightly. I cleared my throat and looked down at my food, "Ok, well if I wasn't completely starving before, after that adrenaline rush, I believe my stomach has begun to eat itself for nourishment. We should eat our pancakes before they get cold too. Man I am glad that happened after we got our food or else I would definitely be worried that she spit in my food."

Edward chuckled as he agreed to me about eating, and we began to eat our lunches. Edward had been right; the Diner's pancakes were to die for. These pancakes were amazing, so soft, and just perfectly spongy; they soaked up the syrup, and had just enough chocolate chips to have two or three in every bite. In not so many words, these pancakes were perfect and heavenly. I couldn't help the moan that left my full mouth in delight. "Ungh, Mmm. Oh my god, you were so right, these pancakes are amazing."

I looked up to Edward and he seemed to be lost in space as he stared at me. But not at my eyes, they were focused somewhere just slightly farther down. What? I swallowed and then licked my lips. "Edward? Something wrong?"

Edward shook him head looking somewhat startled. He stuttered, "Huh? What? Oh. No, nothing is wrong. Everything is fine."

"Um, ok."

"What were you saying?"

"Oh, I just said that you were right, these pancakes are amazing!"

"Oh I know, they are the best." Edward lowered his voice and put his hand up next to his face, "I will even admit they are better than Esme's pancakes."

"What is she a pancake prize winner or something?" I laughed.

"No," He chuckled, "But, as a kid, and before I came here, no ones pancakes could ever measure up to Esme's. Emmett and I gave her an award for the best pancakes the first Mothers Day we both had with her when we were ten or eleven. If she ever heard that I am cheating on her pancakes she would be very disappointed in me."

"Hey little brother! I can't believe you are cheating on Esme's pancakes! You disgust me." Emmett yelled from across the diner.

"Shut up! And Esme will never hear about this or I will tell her about how much you actually hate her special oatmeal, and think it tastes like dirt. Oh and then when she's not looking you used to pour it into the big vase in the middle of the table and then clean it out later. And then you would buy breakfast when we got to school, or on weekends sneak a whole box of granola bars up to your room. The mystery of the missing granola bars would be solved."

"You wouldn't."

"Yeah, I would. So shut up Emmett! Don't you dare tell Esme! Or else she will not only be deeply disappointed in one of us but she would deeply hurt by the fact that you have been lying to her through your whole life there."

Emmett just glared at Edward and then stuck his tongue out at him. "That's what I thought." He muttered and turned back to my hysterically laughing form. "What?"

"I just find you two hilarious to watch. By yourself you seem so mature and serious, but then when you're with him it's like you go back to being a kid again. And you two bicker like two little boys. It's just so funny to watch."

Edward blushed. "Are we really that bad?"

"Yeah! Did you not just hear yourselves?" I laughed harder, but sobered at his all of the sudden wary expression. I instantly wanted to put him at ease. "But, don't worry it's cute. It shows how close you guys are and how much you love each other."

He sighed and a beautiful smile graced his features. "I don't know, but I'm glad you think that. A lot of girls would find it unattractive and run from our family screaming many things including 'Freaks!'" Edward chuckled.

"Well, Tanya stuck around. So I guess it's not everyone." I said solemnly. Not happy with saying her name. But trying to relate to Edward.

"Yeah…." Edward trailed off, and looked down at his food, "I better start eating these, you should too; they are getting cold."

I saw Jessica quietly going around the diner, now almost shyly, her hips not moving as much. She had obviously been embarrassed with what happened earlier. Good. She silently came to clean up the huge mess she made with the salt, pepper, mustard, and ketchup. Edward and I grabbed each others hand, and talked only about meaningless shit, and adding in a ton of pet names. I could see the annoyed look all over her face the whole time.

After, she took a few new customers orders, filling drinks and bringing out the food that was up, including Emmett and Rosalie's. I peeked over towards their table as she was giving them their food and I could see Emmett shaking slightly, probably trying to hold in his laughter. I knew I was right when he started snickering out loud when Jessica went back into the kitchen.

Edward and I were silent as we ate, but it was comfortable silence. I felt no need to fill it with frivolous speech and just eat my lunch. I really liked this with Edward, other people and other guys that I was forced to go out with on a random date by Angela, would always feel the need to talk every second of the meal. And it drove me crazy. I don't tend to be very chatty, and I don't especially love to talk, I am always content to just sit in silence. But, usually with other people I feel awkward when I just sit there with nothing being said between us. The other person must feel it too because it then seems like they just flounder for stuff to say, and ask me about my life. Which I have never liked to just openly talk about. Until Edward. With him, the silence was comforting and totally ok. We had been talking but it was totally fine to just sit there and be. It made me like him even more.

As I ate, and sat, I thought over what we had been talking about. I realized that I had been talking so freely to him. I had just talked to him like any other person. I was proud of myself for getting over my complete nervousness around him. I then realized that I had agreed to meet his family sometime. Well that should be interesting. His family sounded great, really close, and really fun, and Esme sounded really nice. I am actually a little excited to get to meet them. With having no siblings you always envy those with siblings, even when they tell you their brothers or sisters are brats and they hate them, you still envy that bond they will always have. And I still felt that with Edward's siblings, especially knowing that they were always so close and still are. And at least from what I saw of Emmett and Rosalie they seem to be very friendly, welcoming and nice. I was excited to see them all together and how they would act.

I was soon done with my pancakes, to my disappointment; they were so good I didn't want to stop eating them. But, seeing as I was stuffed full, I knew I wouldn't have been able to eat anymore anyway. Edward finished soon after me, and we both pushed our plates to the edge of the table.

"Oh man, those were by far the best pancakes I have ever had. I loved them so much. After Jessicunt is fired I will definitely be coming here to get them very often. They are so filling too! I am stuffed!"

Edward chuckled at the face I made when I said how full I was, "Yeah, I come here almost every Saturday. I don't think I have seen Jessica here anytime I came here before, so either it was coincidence or she's new here. I have secretly loved these pancakes ever since I had them the first time I came here after I moved back into town."

"I still can't believe that I never saw you or your brother around town or anything. I mean, you were my same age, and were on the football team. I mean I know I barely ever went out, but I mean I would think that I would have seen you sometime. My dad and I used to come here to this diner when it was owned by the previous people. We would get dinner here once a week, Charlie called it my night off because I always did all the cooking."

"Ah, so that is how you became such a good cook!"

"Well, yeah that and the fact that my mom used to love to invent new recipes and they would always turn out terrible. So I had to learn pretty early my way around a kitchen or else I would have starved."

"I hope you don't mind me asking but, you call Chief by his first name instead of Dad. Why is that?"

"Well, my mom left my dad when I was around one year old. And I started visiting him in the summer when I was seven. But the summer visits only lasted until I was ten. And it was always awkward between Charlie and I, we were never too close, and we are both ones to hide our feelings, and not wear them on our sleeve like some people do. And whenever I was home in Phoenix my mom would call him Charlie, so I got into the habit. I call him Dad to his face, but Charlie behind his back. We are a lot closer now, and I probably would call him Dad, but well old habits die hard and all that."

"I can kind of see how Chief could be like that. But I can tell that you really love him."

"Yeah, I do," I nodded and smiled, "We are so alike in the way that we are both content with silence. For example, the dinner table was silent after the quick questions of 'how was your day? School?' and 'how was work?' Of course, on a rare occasion Charlie would have a story to tell me from what happened at the police station, but it was rare because nothing much ever did happen. Charlie would go back to work some after dinner, until around midnight. That's why he was always the one to catch Emmett. I would then hear those stories the next night at dinner. I always cooked, and did my laundry, and the housework in my free time. Charlie would work, and go fishing every Saturday in La Push. That's how I got to know Jacob. It was awkward at times between us, but we worked well together. I still visit him and bring him a home-cooked dinner once a week. And he manages on his own. He loves his job and spends a lot of time there, and with Billy Black. I worry about him, not eating well, and just how he is managing on his own. But, he survived before I lived with him in high school so I know he can now." I sighed, "Oh jeez. I just rambled a lot. Sorry to just keep going on like that."

"No no! It's fine! It was very interesting to see you talk about something that you obviously love so much. The look on your face and in your eyes, and the feeling of your voice, just showed how much you love him. It was nice to see."

"Oh, well still, sorry for rambling."

"Stop apologizing! It was cool to see you talking about something your passionate about. I will have to find other stuff you love so much just so I can see you talk about it."

I chuckled, "Ok, here's a hint, next time you want me to talk like that ask me about my job, why I do it."

"Oh really now… So why do you do your job at the jewelers then?"

"Not now! Ask me some other time. In a lull in conversation! Something like that! Some other time!"

Edward sighed, and shook his head pursing his lips. I could see he was just playing by the light dancing in his beautiful green eyes though. "Picky picky." He muttered, and then smiled brilliantly at me with a wink.

I couldn't help but giggle a little. This is what he had reduced me to. Giggling. He had mad skills with the dazzling.

He joined in on my giggles with laughs of his own, and we both ended up in hysterical laughter for no reason. We held our stomachs and gasped for breath as we laughed, and I am guessing we caught the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Again. But, in that moment I didn't care. It was like Edward and I were in our own personal bubble and we were completely carefree. It felt wonderful, to just let go and laugh crazily. We caught each others watery eye, and I couldn't let go of his gaze and look away. I could see the joyfulness flashing through his eyes, and his smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear. Not unlike my own giant grin. Our laughing slowly sobered, and we just sat there looking at each other. I studied his eyes and his face, and he seemed to study me. I couldn't get my lips to stop smiling, and apparently neither could he. It was odd though, from the jovial look gracing his features you would think that he was completely and blissfully happy. But I could see a calculating and cautious look in is eyes, the joyfulness now pushed back. I was entranced by his eyes and his face and no matter how much I told myself that I needed to look away I couldn't. All I could do was stare.

All of the sudden the mood seemed to switch between us and it seemed kind of heated but in a good way. And it felt like I just needed to touch him, my fingers were itching to touch him, and my lips tingled. Ok, so I wanted to kiss him. I really wanted to kiss him. But I couldn't let myself do that to Edward. But, more so I just felt this deep connection between us and I just wanted to touch him, in anyway possible. I was probably making it up in my romanticized mind.

I couldn't help but wonder if he felt it too. I was almost tapping my fingers I just wanted to reach my hand over and entwine it in his so much. But I can't overstep my boundaries, I can't put myself in that position with an engaged man. But, I want to so bad. My inner fight with myself was melted to nothing when I felt his fingers touch mine, and I could no longer contain myself, and threaded my fingers through his long ones. A breathtaking smile broke out on his face as I did so, and I couldn't help but return it.

As soon as his fingers had touched my hand I felt tingles, but nothing was like the feeling that ran through my hand and up my arm when our fingers had been intertwined. I had never just held a guys hand before. And sure it wasn't complete holding as only our fingers were touching, our palms against the table, but it felt great with Edward. My fingers just seemed to fit perfectly in his. We were still just looking at each other in silence. I don't even know why, but we were just looking, staring, watching each other. I memorized each detail of his face, even though I thought I already had, but there was still some that were so minute I wouldn't have found it possible to notice, but I did, and I memorized them.

I realized how close Edward and I had become as we stared, both of us having been slowly leaning more towards each other with each passing second. I just wanted to be as close as I could to him. Hug him. Just something, I needed contact.

"Ahem." I heard someone clear their throat haughtily, and both of our heads snapped up, and our moment together was ruined. The bubble that had been around us popped. Our hands remained together on the table though, that was good. I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but it was Jessica who interrupted us. Damn her. She placed our bill facedown on the table before walking away without an actual word.

I shook my head at her antics, "Well, I guess the old phrase, 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all', finally wormed its way into Jessica's thick head."

Edward chuckled, "Well at least she chose a right time to listen to it."

"Yeah, I guess, I am still going to be calling her boss though."

"She deserves what ever she gets."

"I agree."

Edward started to reach towards the check with his free hand. Yes, his other hand was still holding mine. And I liked it.

"Oh no you don't!" I swatted his hand away.

"Yes I am! Bella, it's no problem! I got it!"

"No! You paid for my groceries, I still have to pay you back for it. Let this count."

"No. I let you pay for the coffee afterwards as payback. I invited you out to lunch with me. I'm paying."

"That was so not all of my payback! Let me get this!"

"Do you really want to go up to the register and have to deal with Jessica again?" Edward looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

"She's behaving herself now so I don't really care. Actually if she wants to pick another fight with me bring it on. Actually I want to see what she's going to do."

"Bella. Just let me get this. Really, it's no big deal! I will get the bill, and you can get the tip if that will make you happy."

"I would agree to that if that wasn't a trick offer, seeing as you know I am not leaving her a tip."

"Ah darn. You're onto me!" Edward looked exasperated, but how his eyes were sparkling told me the opposite.

"Yes I am. So let me get the bill! Seriously. I want to test her and see what will happen!"

"Ugh, fine. But, then you have to let me buy you the next two things we eat together, no matter what it is."

"Whatever Edward. We will see. But I am getting this in the meantime." I grabbed the ticket off the table and grabbed my wallet out of my purse, unfortunately having to let go of Edward's hand. I felt my happiness droop a little at our loss of contact. I looked up at Edward's eyes, they were still happy, but they seemed to have dimmed also. Probably because he was annoyed with me for making him let me pay.

I got up and went to the register and stood there waiting and waiting for Jessicunt to come over and ring me up. Finally she sauntered over, a bored look on her face. I silently handed her my ticket, and she glanced at it before ringing up the total.

"Sixteen dollars, and sixty-nine cents." She repeated to me the price, in a dull tone. I began to slowly pick through the money in my wallet for the exact change. Slowly pulling out the ten, five, and one dollar bills, and then unzipped my change pocket and slowly dug around to find the two quarters, a dime, and then to smite her nine pennies. I handed her the cash and then dropped the coins into her open palm, but I made sure to make some drop to the floor, so she would then have to bend down and pick it up.

"Oops." I said quietly in a high tone. I was hoping she got the message that I was being sarcastic.

"Why Edward would want a girl like you I will never understand." She muttered as she dropped the coins in there spots in the register one by one.

"Why you would think Edward would ever want a slut like you blows my mind." I muttered back.

"I wouldn't call me the slut now Blundering Blushing Bella. You would have to be paying him to make him be with you."

"Oh, and you can tell I do that from personal experience I'm guessing? I can't see why a man would want to be with a slutty, fake, air head, waitress like you." Our voices were starting to become a little louder.

"That doesn't matter." She said quickly, in a clipped tone, glancing away, "I was saying it because no man in their right mind would want to be with a clumsy, booky, ugly, nerd like you."

"Are you saying I am not a man then?" I heard Edward say from behind me, he reached forward and took my hand and gave it a squeeze, I was grateful to know he was there. "Because I would pick Bella over you in a heartbeat any day, anytime. Bella is the most beautiful, smart, witty, and clumsy girl I know. You may take the clumsiness as embarrassing but really, it's cute, because no one is perfect. And a man would have to be insane to not want to help her up after she has fallen. And the blush that ensues on her cheeks when she is embarrassed from her fall is adorable." Edward wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. "All I see you as is some girl who's self-centered, egotistical, and ostentatious ways have made her an ugly and desperate whore. Oh since I know you are wondering, egotistical means you are vain and selfish, and ostentatious means overly showy."

"She so is paying you. I can't believe that goody-two-shoes, nerdy, geeky, Dorkella is now paying a man to be her boyfriend. Because as I said before there is just no way that a sexy man like you Edward, could ever be that attracted to and that complimentary of a girl like her. It's not like you are with her because she's a good lay. Mike said she was terrible. So it's not like she's keeping you with sex. It has to be money."

"You can keep making excuses about why Edward would want to be with me. But all it is doing is showing me more and more how pathetic your life is. That you have to make excuses as to why the high school nerd can get more and better guys than you can. Oh, and by the way almost knocking down tables because your fat ass is swaying so much when you walk is not attractive, none the less sexy."

"You wouldn't know the first thing about what guys like."

"Really now I wouldn't. Well how else do you think I got Edward here?"

"Online. Rent-an-escort. Com."

"And you would know about that website how…? Oh and I definitely needed an escort to the local diner to get pancakes. Right. Whatever you want to think in that ugly fat head of yours. Oh wait, I forgot you don't have the mental capacity to think. Sorry."

"If you are really going out with him kiss him."

"Are you serious Jessica? Are you really going to resort to that?" But, secretly in my mind, I really did want to kiss Edward, and I really wanted her to force us to kiss.

"Yes I am serious. Kiss. If you are really going out then that should be no problem at all."

"Ok fine. Whatever I will play your elementary game." I turned around in Edward's arms and gave him a look like to make it quick.

I put my hands onto his shoulders and moved to my tippy toes to get level with him, and then I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and moved my lips towards his. As soon as my lips touched his it was like an explosion of fireworks blasted from his lips into my body and all the way down to the tips of my fingers and toes. I had meant it to be a short chaste kiss, but I couldn't seem to be able to get my head to move away from his. I couldn't seem to regret this fact either. I loved the feeling of his warm mouth against mine, our lips seemed to mold perfectly to each others. Plus, I knew the longer we kissed the more convincing it would be.

The kiss felt wonderful. I felt his arms tighten around my waist, and pull me flush against his chest. The whole world seemed to melt away around me. He tilted his head to the side and began to move his mouth against mine more fervently. I quickly followed along. My fingers, under their own accord moved up from his shoulders and tangled in his soft hair. Our mouths moved together as one, and I reveled in the wonderful feeling running from my head to my toes like an electrical current.

I was pulled out of my mind again as I heard a loud gruff coughing from behind Edward somewhere and my mind came back to the diner. I realized there was probably twenty people sitting in here watching us right now and I pulled away gasping for breath. My hands pulled down from his hair and lay on his chest that was moving up and down quickly in sync with mine. I had been looking down at my hands, but I made myself look into his eyes. I needed to see how he felt after that most amazing kiss. I could see happiness swimming there, and something darker, more primal like want in his eyes too. But, it couldn't be want for me, he was engaged to Tanya, it must be something else. There was also one other thing I couldn't recognize. All of those emotions plus some others all put together and his eyes were intense. They bore down on mine, and seemed to smolder. It felt like my insides were melting and turning to goo, and he could see all the way down to my soul.

"Here's your receipt." I heard Jessicunt mumble from behind me, and I pulled away from Edward's eyes as I turned around in his arms. I smirked triumphantly at Jessica's defeated look and stepped forward out of Edward's arms, sadly, to snag the receipt. When I started to walk back towards the booth and Edward didn't follow, I grabbed his hand, and pulled him behind me. I grabbed my purse, and shoved my wallet in, and then slung it over my shoulder. Edward seemed to have gotten out of whatever daze he was in and smiled down at me as I gestured towards the door.

"Hey guys! Don't leave yet! We are just going to pay and then leave right behind you! Just wait a minute!" Emmett said loudly from their booth, as he and Rosalie scooted out of it.

"Ok Emmett. We will be in parking lot." Edward answered him, and then held the door open for me.

As soon as the door shut I burst out laughing, "Oh my gosh did you see her face? It was so sad and defeated! Wow. That was good! Thank you so much for doing that, and saying all those things about me to her. I couldn't have defeated Jessicunt without you." I smiled happily up at him, triumphant for finally facing my fear and defeating it.

"It was no problem at all. I was telling her the truth about you anyway, so it wasn't like it was hard or anything."

Cue blush. "Well thank you for everything."

"It's my pleasure." Edward entwined his hand in mine, and the tingles shot up. I looked up confused to see what he was doing though holding my hand.

"To keep the act up in front of Jessica, she can still see out the window." Edward quickly said, seeming slightly put out, and wary of his answer. I don't know why though. It was the truth.

Emmett then bounded out of the diner, Rosalie behind him. "Bella, I have to say. You rock. You will fit in with out family well. What you did to Jessica in there? Priceless. Completely epic. Classic! You seemed to shy and quiet before… and then BAM! You totally ripped her a new one. Wow. I just had to tell you how awesome that was. Both times."

"I hate her too." Rosalie piped up, "You have no idea how much I have wanted to do what you just did. And for so long. Whenever Emmett and I go there and she's the waitress she would always flirt with Emmett. Even after the time I flashed her my wedding ring, and I know she saw it, because her eyes widened to the size of the dinner plates at the diamond. She is such a slut, and I am so glad she was put in her place. And will not be working there anymore after that."

"Thank you guys." I blushed. "I really don't know where it came from. I was always afraid of her in high school. And I have always hated her, but whenever I became face to face with her I could never stand up for myself. Until now. I have to say it feels really good."

"I love that feeling. When you put someone in their place. Like the time with Mike Newton-" I could see Edward waving at Emmett to stop, Emmett looked confused for a moment but shrugged his shoulders and changed the subject. "Oh well I won't go into it now. I will let you two love birds get on with your afternoon."

"Oh, Emmett, you know that kiss and everything was fake. In reality I am almost as pathetic as Jessicunt said I was. I haven't really dated anyone since high school… since Mike Newton… who was a complete dick. I haven't gone as far as to well, pay someone to date me, as she said. But, I am a lonely pathetic nerd like she says. Edward and I were just acting. And the kiss was just to give her what she wanted and to show her she was wrong."

"Right. Sure it was. You are so not just friends."

"It was all fake! We are just friends," I found it hard to say the word friend, wanting so much more than that with Edward. I muttered, "And it's all it will ever be able to be."

"Right. Well anyway, we will see you around I guess. See you at the next family dinner Edward!" Emmett clapped Edward on the back and then gave me a hug. Which even the second time I was still surprised. I mumbled goodbye to Emmett as he crushed my bones in his hug and then waved to Rosalie once he set me down, saying goodbye to her as well.

I turned back to Edward and he seemed to be somewhat crestfallen. I couldn't imagine why. He walked over to the passenger door of the Volvo, "I'll drive you back to work."

I nodded and walked around him, and then plopped down into the seat as he held the door open. He shut it once my legs were in and then jogged around to the other side to get into his seat. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards the jewelers. I looked at the clock and I was shocked to see two thirty on the clock. "Holy crap, I can't believe it's two thirty! I didn't think we had been there that long! I guess time flies when you're having fun and all that stuff right?"

"Yeah," Edward agreed his voice low and a little sad. His eyes were focused on the road, so I couldn't be sure if he was sad or not.

"I just realized, the whole point of this lunch was so I could find out what happened last night. But instead it seems like we talked about everything but that."

"It looks like we will have to talk about it some other time then."

"Hmmm, do you have any plans for the rest of the day?"

"Ummm, nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero."

"The jewelry store is always slow on Mondays, so how would you like to come and hang out with me at the store. Someone only rarely comes in, and I am usually bored out of my mind while doing the bookkeeping I have to do. So I could definitely use some company if you want to!"

"That sounds great to me! All I would do at home is sit on my butt and watch TV anyways. So I would much rather sit at the store and be able to talk to you."

"Sounds like a plan then. And maybe I will finally be able to actually get to asking you about last night."

"Yeah. Maybe."

We were silent for the rest of the ride back to the store, and once we got there I popped out of the car and headed to the front of the store.

"I would've gotten your door for you." Edward said as he stepped out of his side.

"I know. But, I am fully capable to open my own car door. And well, the store has been closed for an hour longer than I said it would be."

"I like getting your door for you. And it's the gentlemanly thing to do."

"I'm not saying that I don't like it. I just don't need it all the time."

"Ok, I will just have to try harder to get to your door before you can open it." Edward smirked sexily down at me, now standing next to me.

"Oh no…So the car isn't going to be fully stopped and you are already going to be jumping out and sprinting over to my door?"

"Well I don't think I would go that far…"

"Phew. I really didn't want to have to clean up an Edward splat on the ground when you ran in front of the car before it stopped and then got run over." I looked over at him a teasing smirk on my lips.

"Oh so you are assuming I would be as stupid to run in front of the car when I didn't even wait for it to stop moving? Of course I would go around the back. But anyway that's the only thing you are worried about when I get run over? The mess it makes?"

"No. That is a very small thing I would worry about." I turned my head down to the keys I still had, finally finding the store key and shoving it into the door unlocking it and heading inside. I took down the lunch sign and hung the open sign as Edward made his way in.

"So, my office is back there as you know. Since I spent so much time at lunch I do have to work on the books, but we can talk while I do it, they don't take too much concentration." I said as I walked behind the counter, "I don't have any extra chairs in my office so take one of those folding chairs there and bring it in." I gestured to the two folding chairs sitting by the wall and fan. "You can come out here and look at the stuff, but you have already seen the rings, and you probably wouldn't be interested in earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. But, you could see something for Tanya or something. Whatever you want to do! Other than that make yourself at home!"

I turned around in my office doorway and Edward was looking at me with a weird look, it was a combination of confusion and wonder. "Um… Ok" He muttered his eyebrows still pinched together as he turned towards the chairs to go grab one.

I shrugged my shoulders to myself and turned into my office, I hung the to lunch sign on a hook by the door, and then walked over to my desk. I sat down in my computer chair and then dropped my keys into my purse, and shoved that in the cabinet under my desk. I pushed the button on the modem of the computer to turn it on before turning on the monitor. I heard it humming to life, and then turned away from it as Edward came in with his chair.

"You can sit anywhere you want to. Next to me here, over by the window, doesn't matter. Wherever you are comfortable."

"Next to you sounds great to me." I blushed and looked away. I peeked up to look at Edward. His warm eyes looked down at me as he smiled. I was getting lost in his eyes and realized that I was getting too wrapped up in him and I had to work. Maybe inviting him here wasn't a good idea. I took a quick breath and snapped my eyes away from him pulling my chair to turn towards the computer screen.

"Is here good? Or too close?" Edward asked after he placed his chair a foot and a half from mine.

"It's fine there." I looked up to him looking down at me almost a look of apprehension in his eyes. They softened to a warm glow again after my words, and I smiled at him. He smiled back at me a winning teeth showing grin, and I couldn't help but swoon a little. "I love it when you're close." Whoa now! Where did that confidence come from! Certainly not my mouth! I blushed at my lack of filter and my random confident comment. I looked away from him and I heard him chuckle at my reaction. I heard his chair move a little, and when I peaked out of the corner of my eye I saw it was now a little closer to me. I couldn't help the smile that crossed my lips knowing he wanted to be closer to me. Shut up Bella! He's engaged! He doesn't like you like that! You are just friends! Nothing more! He wants to be close to you because you are really good friends now!

Edward sat down into the chair, with a little sigh once he was down. I noticed the log in screen had come up on the computer so I quickly logged in, typing fast so Edward would hopefully on the off chance he could normally, not see what I typed. I did not want him to see just how pathetic I was that even my password on my computer stated I was single.

"So is this all you do all day? The books?"

"Well I am the manager, but with such a small store there really isn't much for me to do as that job, so I handle the books, I do the payroll, inventory, and if I hear the bell on the door out there I go out and sell. Angela usually does the selling and helps me with the inventory. But she's not here so I am handling the whole store."

"Oh man. That sounds like a lot of work. That must really suck."

"Yeah, we don't get too much business though, especially on Monday and Tuesdays. So really I can handle it no problem. And I don't mind the solitude too much. I'm a loner, as I said before at the diner. So I don't mind the quiet shop on my own. It just means I can't slack off as much… Like I have all day today."

"You know, if you don't want me to hang around here I can leave-"

"Oh no no! I invited you here remember? I never said I didn't like company. I just don't mind it when I don't have it."

"Oh ok good. I'm sorry for keeping you so long at lunch. You're probably pretty behind today."

"Oh I would be majorly behind for the day no matter what. I couldn't focus that well this morning. I kept thinking about last night and y-" I caught myself from saying you. Phew, that was close. You idiot. "And just wondering what happened."

"Well I can answer any of your questions."

"Good. But, let me get into my work before we start talking about that stuff. I can start talking about it once I get into a rhythm with the books."


"As I'm getting started you could talk, or you could borrow any of the books off my shelf if you are interested."

"Ooo, books. I love to read. What do you got?" Edward said getting up and wandering over to my bookcase as I opened all the programs I would need to use. "You have a pretty nice selection here. I have read most of them. I love the classics also."

"Oh really? What's your favorite?"

"I don't really have one, the classics are the classics. I could never choose, I like them all for different reasons. But I would have to say some of Shakespeare's work I am a little fonder of. What about you do you have a favorite?"

"Romeo and Juliet. I know that sounds really cheesy, but I am a romantic and well Romeo and Juliet is the all-time love story. There is just something about their undying love for each other even though they are forbidden by their families to even see each other, they still find a way. And how they fight through it just so they can be together. But then they are idiots and both of them kill themselves. I never liked that part. But the principle of their love has always intrigued me. And I always wondered if it were possible to have a love like Romeo and Juliet in the real world, that for one you would kill yourself because your life didn't have the other. But the love at first sight and that you could love someone so completely in such a short time, that the love hits you so fast and you just know that you love them. You get lost in the other persons deep eyes and just don't want to look away. You feel like you are going to melt from their smile, but when you see them smile, you have to smile back. You feel like you just need to touch them, hold them, and if you do, you feel sparks and tingles all over. But, when you are apart you feel like part of you went with them." I went on wistfully, I couldn't help but start to think of Edward when I talked about Romeo and Juliet. And I started to go on and on with how I felt around him. I realized what I was doing and shut my mouth before I could say something like 'how I feel with you'.

"Have you ever felt that way about someone?" Edward murmured in my ear. I shivered as I felt his hot breath fan across my cheek. I hadn't heard him walk up behind me. I felt paralyzed, my body and mind. What should I tell him? The truth and say yes? Or do I lie and say no? It's not like he would know who I felt that way about so I should just tell him the truth. Now to get my lips to work… Nope. Not going to happen. Especially with him that close. I nodded my head a little stiffly and was able to mumble an 'uh-huh once'. He chuckled quietly and then pulled away from my ear. I was able to breathe again. He sat down in his chair.

"Have you ever felt that way?" I timidly asked. Where was my confidence coming from? How was I able to ask him that?

"I'm not sure. I think I actually might." I could see Edward staring at me with an intense look, out of the corner of my eye. I wonder what that was about?

My heart sunk a little. It must be Tanya. That means they were meant for each other. Well that screws my chance. But, why do I feel this way for Edward then? If it's love at first sight, I would think that it would have to be mutual.

I pulled out the papers I would need for my work, including the large stack of receipts, plus a few return slips. I laid them out across the desk in the order I always did. I started in on the first receipt and checked the item off in the inventory before putting it into the books.

"So, you are a piano player. You must get a lot of wedding jobs too." I asked, as I started on the second receipt.

"Yeah, I get a lot of weddings. Those and other adult events or parties like woman's tea parties and stuff like that are what I get most."

"Is there a certain event that you prefer to do over the rest?"

"I like the weddings the best. It is so cool to hear how the couples met and fell in love. And then to see the love between them as they come together at the alter. But I have to say my favorite part of the ceremony is when everyone turns to watch the bride walk up the aisle, and I watch the groom. His face says it all. How much he truly loves his bride, how extremely happy he is and how perfect they are for each other." Edward was looking away wistfully as he explained that moment and I could feel myself just falling for him more. That was my favorite moment in a wedding too, and I never thought anyone else really noticed it. Edward sighed and turned back to me, "Anyway. I love the weddings because I get to see those moments, but I get to hear their awesome stories. And I love that. Plus weddings are pretty standard music so the playing is easy, and I really will only play during the ceremony and maybe once or twice during the reception for the special dances. And I get to stay for the reception dinner which is delicious most of the time. And it is just fun to see everything that happens at a wedding."

"I love weddings too. I have never heard a guy talk like that about one though." I realized how that could have been taken in a bad way when I saw an uncomfortable look on his face, "Oh no! It's good! It's nice to hear. Different. I love it." Whoa I need to invest in a new talk filter.

Edward's face lit up in a smile, "Phew, you scared me. I thought it could scare you away when I showed what a sap I am."

"No! Emotion is good in a guy. Guys that don't show their emotions are a turn off. Like Mike is a heartless bastard, and well no one does or should like him. Except Jessica of course, but she's a heartless bitch so their perfect for each other."

Edward laughed, and I grinned as the musical sound hit my ears. I was still working through the inventory and books, doing them at the same time so I didn't have to go through the receipts twice.

"So now that I have gotten the rhythm with these receipts we should talk about what happened last night."

"Yeah, we should. What do you remember?" Edward's voice was laced with curiosity, and almost hopefulness…?

"Well I remember leaving the hospital and asking you to get drinks with me. We got to the bar and I remember taking six shots. Then three more that you had ordered, and then I ordered a rum and coke. Beyond that nothing. I woke up this morning with a really bad hangover, aspirin and water on my nightstand, the newspaper on my counter, and the best coffee I have ever had waiting for me in the pot. I was hoping you could enlighten me on who did that. I have been wondering all day if I had a one night stand, by the stuff in my room, but then when I saw the coffee I was almost convinced that there was some creepy rapist in my house." I decided to go out on a limb and tell him a half truth, "And I really like this guy right now, so I would really hate myself if I did have a one night stand with some mystery man."

When I glanced over at Edward he was looking down at his hands wringing in his lap. He seemed to be deep in thought about something.

"So do you want to just start at the beginning and tell me what happened?" I prompted him.

He sighed, a sad expression hidden by the happier expression he forced. "Yeah, that sounds good."

I wonder what was making him sad? "What did I say? You look sad…"

His head snapped up and our eyes met. I couldn't look away. He sighed once again and opened and closed his mouth, like he wanted to say something but nothing came out. I waited for him to tell me. A curious look on my face, my eyes worried for what could upset him like that. He finally spoke, "It's… nothing. Really. I'm fine."

I looked back to my work deciding that I wouldn't push him. If he didn't want to tell me he didn't have to tell me.

"So let's see… What happened after you took that ninth shot? Actually I have a quick question for you. You mentioned that you hadn't drank that much since your last breakup… But, from what you had been saying today it sounded like you hadn't had a boyfriend since Mike."

"Oh, that. Well I had dated a couple losers after Mike, but they really only lasted a few lame dates. There was this one guy that seemed to be ok, and I was starting to like a little bit, but after our third date he never called, even though he seemed to like me. It hurt, and well Angela took me to get drinks to get me out of my funk of another rejection."

"Oh, ok." Edward's eyes seemed to brighten a little at my answer. "Ok back to last night. So after you got your rum and coke you pretty much chugged it. We talked, but you giggled at pretty much everything I said. Um… well after that you went up onto the stage and sung karaoke. I would have to say it was pretty bad too."

"Oh my gosh. I did not. I did not go up there and sing karaoke." I slapped my hands to my now burning cheeks, "Oh my gosh I am mortified."

"You seemed to have a lot of fun with it last night." Edward chuckled.

"Oh jeez. What happened after that?"

"Well you ordered three more shots and another rum and coke."

"Holy shit! I drank like insane amounts of alcohol! How did I not get like alcohol poisoning or something?"

"I was wondering the same thing the whole night. But you were lucky I guess."

"Yeah…I guess… first time ever I have really been lucky."

Edward chuckled, "Well after that I could barely understand your sentences but when I mentioned how intense the hospital was you went on about how you didn't want kids anymore after you saw that." Edward looked down to his fingers that he was picking in his lap. Obviously he felt differently on wanting kids.

"Oh jeez, you really shouldn't listen to me. I have always wanted kids. After I am settled down and married of course. I can't believe I said that. I was just telling Angela like two weeks ago what a gift a child was and that the pain was worth it. I mean that experience was scarring but not to change my views on having kids…"

"I feel the same way about having kids." Edward said quietly and smiled at me.

I grinned back at him before turning back to my work, "Ok so what next?"

"Let's see… Oh yeah!" Edward laughed at his memory.

"Oh no…" I muttered.

"You said and I quote, 'Do you know how sexy you are?'"

"Oh no! Oh my god. I so didn't. You have got to be kidding me."

"Nope. I am dead serious. You did." He cracked up laughing.

"Oh my god." I was mortified. I can't believe I said that.

"Oh and then when you realized you said it you looked towards the napkin holder…And you- and you-" Edward couldn't continue speaking he was laughing so hard. Oh jeez Bella now what did you do? If everything else wasn't enough.

Edward finally controlled his laughter, "You well… You began talking to the napkin holder…. You told me after that it wasn't a napkin holder but a little girl. You asked 'her' why she were laughing… And then if she thought I was hot. You said something about how they must be flabbergasted by my 'smexy features'" He used air quotes, "Then you said something about how you used to feel the same way but you now are able to talk to me normally…?"

"Holy shit. I can never drink that much. Ever again."

"After that I decided you needed to go home, which you protested because you had to find the little girl who never answered your questions about me, and because you were having so much fun. On the way to the car you randomly sang 8765309 loud and terrible. You almost face planted to the cement in front of your apartment door. And when I caught you and pulled you away you yelled at me for taking you away from the 'pretty colors'." He chuckled again, as the pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place. But, Edward wouldn't have stayed the night with me. He has Tanya.

"I took you inside your apartment, and then laid you on your couch. As soon as you settled in, you immediately got up and stumbled to the bathroom muttering about the pretty colors again. And then you threw up for a good ten minutes into your toilet. I held your hair the entire time. You passed out against your cabinets in your bathroom, and so I carried you to your bed. I took off your shoes and put them by your door. Before leaving I came back over and told you I was going to go. But, you grabbed me and asked me to stay."

I asked him to stay? What? I can't believe I did that… But he would have had to say no. He had to get home to Tanya. "W-w-what did you do?" I asked turning to him to see what his reaction is.

His demeanor seemed to change from his happy laughing and open attitude before to something like awkwardness and kind of like he was hiding something as he began to talk again. "Um, well I laid down in bed with you, totally chaste don't worry. I waited the few minutes for you to fall asleep, and then I left. I kept your keys, and then locked up your apartment as I left. I knew that with all that ridiculous amount alcohol you drank you would not be getting up before I had to, because I had a small event that I had to do this morning. I got up a little earlier and I came back down to your apartment. I put the water and aspirin on your nightstand, and I made the coffee in the pot, and I got your paper on my way in."

"So you did everything? The coffee, the shoes, the aspirin, the paper, and my purse?"

"Yup." He smiled.

"Oh my gosh. Thank you so so so much! And that coffee? Best I have ever had. You have to teach me how to make it! It was amazing!"

Edward chuckled "It's Esme's recipe for it. She's very protective of her coffee recipe. I am afraid that I just can't tell you. But, I will make it for you anytime."

I scowled at Edward's smile, and then an idea popped into my head. I stuck out my bottom lip, and turned my head down to look at him through my blinking eyelashes. I gave him an overly-dramatic pleading look, "You could make an exception for your oh so bestest friend couldn't you?" I made sure my voice was high and innocent.

Edward cracked up laughing at my look, "Nope. Sorry. No can do. Esme would have my ass for telling anyone her special coffee recipe."

"Ugh. Fine. I am just going to have to make you a key for my apartment so you can make it for me every morning." I sighed and rolled my eyes sarcastically. And then smiled cheekily at Edward.

He chuckled, and then he perked up, remembering something, "Oh, I'm guessing you didn't realize it, but you had left your truck over at the coffee shop when we went to the hospital. I picked it up on the tail end of my run this morning and drove it back over to your spot."

"Oh my gosh. You are truly the most amazing person ever. I can't believe you did that! You so did not have to do that."

"It was really no problem. I got to run the same distance and get a coffee in one easy loop. It was really no biggy. And I knew that it would bring down your already lousy morning from your hangover if you were late to work because you had to wait for a cab to come to your apartment."

"Well thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate all you did for me last night and this morning."

"It was my pleasure to help you out. Sorry I didn't leave you a note and led you to believe you either had a one night stand or a rapist running around your house. I thought even though you had had that much to drink you would have remembered me being there…" Edward turned away from me to look out the office door into the store a slightly sad look in his eyes.

"You should not be apologizing for that. You did so much for me."

"I really didn't mind. I want to do things for you." He turned back towards me and gave me a gentle smile, his eyes filled with that emotion I still couldn't place.

I blushed and turned back to the books and worked on a few more receipts. I saw the one that I am pretty sure was for the ring Edward got. My heart dropped a little at the sight of it. I realized once again that I would never have Edward because he had Tanya. I sighed and put the receipt in the done pile once I checked it off in the inventory and put it in the books.

"So as I now know, I will never be doing any shots again. And I can never have that much to drink ever again."

"You were pretty wasted. I would recommend that decision." Edward smirked at me, and I smiled at him quickly before doing more of the receipts. I was getting towards the end.

"Thank God I am almost done with these receipts! This went so much quicker because I had your company. Thank you for hanging out with me here."

"I love hanging out with you. It's always nice, no matter what we are doing."

"It's the same for me. I love hanging out with you too."

We sat in silence again. But, it wasn't uncomfortable. Just silence. I finished the last of the receipts and then put them away in the folder marked this month, and then put that away in the drawer in my filing cabinet of all the receipts. I don't know why we keep them, but that is what the boss wants so it's what I do. I turned back around.

"Alright so now I just have to put in this months returns and then I will be done with these papers."

"Sounds good. Will you be done with work then? Or do you have other stuff you have to do?"

"Well I have to sit around here until closing time. But, my main work will be done." I plopped back down in my desk chair and spun it towards him. "So before I get into all my work stuff… We should talk about something. I don't care what. But we should do something interesting before I have to go back to working.

"Like what?"

"I don't know… Um tell me something about your childhood. Not too cheery of a subject, but how old were you when you were adopted by Esme and Carlisle?"

"I was eight."

"Oh man, that must have been really hard. You were still so young, but old enough to understand what was going on. Were you in the foster system for most of your life or were you…erm… how do I put this lightly… new to the system?" I asked biting my lip, hoping I wouldn't upset him with my questions. I just wanted to get to know him and where he came from.

"It's ok Bella. I can talk about it. I was brand new to the system when Esme and Carlisle adopted me. My father died when I was four, so I don't remember him much at all. My mother raised me by herself, in Chicago. We were really close, it was just the two of us, working through everything together. But, I am glad now that I didn't have another sibling that would have gone through what I did." I looked into Edward's sad eyes with a soft encouraging smile, and reached for his hand to give it a small squeeze. He smiled sadly once before continuing, "My mother died from lung cancer when I was seven. Just a month before my birthday." Edward swallowed thickly, and I could see the sadness and grief of his mother's death swimming in his eyes. And I could tell how much he really had truly loved her, through the sound of his voice and the looks crossing his face as he talked about her. Edward took a deep breath to calm himself and continued, "By the time I was in the system Esme and Carlisle had found me. I didn't stay long in any foster care before I left to become part of their family. By then I had turned eight."

I could see the sadness still in Edward's eyes from his story and felt terrible to him. He had had such a hard childhood. "That must have been so hard for you as a kid, having to go through that loss and grief, and then all of those changes at once. I am so sorry, Edward." I couldn't help myself as I reached my arms out for a hug. He leant forward wrapping his arms around me, as I did the same around him.

He buried his face into the hair on the nape of my neck and pulled me tight against his chest. I could feel how upset he was, by the tautness of his shoulders under my fingertips. I hated to see him upset, it made me upset too. He breathed in deeply, and seemed to just loosen up totally, and I felt him lean into me. I squeezed him closer, resting my head on his broad shoulder. I breathed in, smelling his scent so strongly it clouded my head. He tightened his grip on me and I heard him sniffle a little bit. He had said he was fine with his situation and talking about it, but now I can see it isn't. I did the same with my high school story though so I didn't hold it against him one bit. I wanted to comfort him more, but I didn't know what to do. I have never had to comfort a guy, and I never really hugged and held a guy like this before.

In an attempt I wasn't sure would work, I moved my hand from his upper shoulder and towards the back of his head to thread my fingers through his hair. It was so soft, and smooth and nice. I had wanted to touch his hair for so long, and now I finally got to do just that, and it wasn't in some creepy move that I was afraid I would end up doing. I moved my fingers back and forth a little bit, massaging his head softly. He sighed in content, and I could feel his hot breath fan across my neck. I nuzzled in his neck, feeling how warm and soft he was, but yet how hard his muscles were under his shirt.

We seemed to fit perfectly together, even though I couldn't even reach my hands around his back right now, and his arms were overlapping behind me. The difference was ok, it felt right between us. With him I felt tiny, unlike every other guy I had matched in size. It was great.

The tingles I got whenever I touched him were spread all over my body like a dull hum. It felt amazing. It was just perfect. I had this overwhelming feeling of safety in his strong arms. It made me feel that any time I was in his arms I was safe, and nothing bad could happen. It was incredible.

We sat there just hugging each other, Edward holding on to me tightly, as I comforted him, slowly massaging his head. The hug seemed to last for an eternity, but in reality it was only a few minutes. I was lost in our embrace, and the incredible feelings it gave me. Warmth, safety, love. It all overwhelmed me.

I felt Edward breathe in deeply and then sigh. He began to pull his arms away from behind me. I felt his soft lips press against my neck for a long moment before he pulled away. I immediately felt a loss as we moved apart. It was like a part of me left in his arms. I could still feel a heat where he had kissed my neck.

As we slowly sat back into our chairs, our eyes met, and we held each others gaze. I was still in the wonderful high of his touch and scent, and I wasn't able to hide the love I knew was in my eyes. His eyes were warmth, a tinge of the sadness, and mostly that emotion I still could not pinpoint. We just stared, it was like the diner. But this time I wasn't memorizing him. I was relishing the hug we just had, and remembering what it felt like. Memorizing the feelings, the emotions, the need for more and how it felt like a part of me was now missing and with him. But it was more than that too. It felt like he was staring at me, but not at me. His intense gaze made me feel like he was seeing my soul, like it was penetrating me that far. This was a different more intense look between us than ever before. It was so much more than a look. It was like we both knew that that hug meant something more than the comfort it gave. Like it showed us more. There was this unmistakable connection between him and I and it was pulling me towards him. That hug was amazing.

Eventually Edward smiled his eyes crinkling a little in the corners, and our intense moment was broken. His eyes were solemn, as he began to speak shattering the loaded silence. "It was hard to get through all of it. But I pulled through it. And I think just fine at that." He winked at me, that sad smile still a little there. "Esme helped me through it; she let me talk only when I wanted to and was comfortable to. She put me through therapy and that helped so much. Esme and Carlisle were a blessing to me. I don't know if I could have pulled out of that experience with anyone else but them."

I could see how much he dearly loved Esme and Carlisle through his words and the emotions that were painted on his face. He loved them with a lot of his heart. Not his whole heart because his mother and his brothers and sisters held the rest. He was a guy that held his family over anything else and loved all of them with his whole heart. What he went through seems to have showed him how important family is, and how much of a blessing they are. I learned a lot from him.

"They sound wonderful. I can't wait to meet Esme, and get to know Carlisle a little more than an introduction." I smiled.

"Esme would love to get to know you I am sure. And Carlisle already mentioned seeing you again when I talked to him this morning." Edward smiled brightly back at me. Talking about Esme and Carlisle made the sadness leave his eyes.

"What about the others Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice? How were they adopted? Is there stories behind them?"

"We all have a different story, something different than our parents dropped us off at an orphanage or left us at a hospital as a baby. Esme and Carlisle seemed to target people that had a troubled past and help them through it. They are very generous people, and are never done helping people.

"I was the first adopted of the kids. Rosalie was next, about a year after me. Her mother died while birthing her. Rose's father then treated her like dirt for her whole life. He ended up raping her and then beating her. Afterwards he dropped her unconscious out on the street with nothing. Her only possession was the locket with a picture of her mother that she cherished. The neighbors that lived in the apartment next to her found her cowering and crying in the alleyway the next afternoon. She was in really bad shape, a broken arm, black eye, ratted and muddy hair, bloody bruised and sore. She like me wasn't in the foster system for long before Esme and Carlisle took her into our family."

"Oh my goodness, that is so terrible. How old was she when that happened?"

"She was nine."

"She was so young. I can't believe any man could do that; especially to his own daughter. That is such a terrible thing."

"From what I have heard he went to jail. But, in a psyche ward, he had severe mental problems. It's assumed from his wife's death, and since she was birthing Rosalie, he blamed her and then treated her like trash. Rosalie was able to get some of her few possessions from the apartment. But, she couldn't go back to it herself. It held too many terrible memories and experiences."

"Poor Rosalie. That has to be the most terrible thing that could happen to a young girl, any girl. I can only imagine how frightened and scared she must have been."

"She's okay now. Esme and Carlisle were her saving grace also. As expected she was afraid of any grown men for a long time, but warmed to Carlisle quicker than we ever thought possible. She became very open with our whole family after not too long. Like me she went through therapy, a little more extensive as her problems were more than grief, but social issues, and terrible experiences that happened many times to her. She is now very callous and cautious around most men, but Emmett protects her from any douche bags out there. So she has pushed through it too and she gets through life normally."

"Wow, she must be so incredibly strong." I knew that if that ever happened to me I would not be able to get past it. I would never recover from it. And that is at the age of twenty-five. She was still a child, at nine years old. I pulled myself out of my depressing thoughts. And decided I should ask for the next story, "What about Emmett?"

"Emmett. Ok. Well he was slightly different; we didn't find him through a foster home, or adoption agency. Emmett was a patient of Carlisle's. It was about a year and a half after Rose joined our family. The poor kid was camping with his parents in the mountains just north of Forks. He normally lived in Seattle and made the journey to be more rustic. While they were sleeping their second night a bear came tearing through their campsite, looking for food. They hadn't made their food bear proof, and the bear began to tear through everything. Hearing the commotion outside the tent the family woke up, Emmett's father opened up the door to see what was making the racket never expecting it to be a bear. The bear immediately attacked. His parents protected him, keeping the bears attention on themselves, and away from Emmett. But it cost both of them their own lives in the process. The bear hurt Emmett pretty bad, but wasn't able to kill him before the park rangers came from the call Emmett was able to make before the bear headed towards him. The park rangers came just in time and killed the bear. They brought Emmett to the hospital in Port Angeles by helicopter.

"Carlisle was working at that hospital by that time in emergency trauma. He is considered the best emergency trauma surgeon in one hundred miles and so he got Emmett that night. Carlisle performed surgeries all night on him and some other procedures as well. When Emmett eventually woke up from the massive amounts of medicine and anesthetic he was under, Carlisle talked to him. Emmett was confused at first, and Carlisle had to remind him gently of what happened. Emmett realized that the nightmares he had been having had actually happened. He was of course completely frightened and traumatized after his experience. Carlisle befriended him, and visited him everyday even when he wasn't in the same unit anymore. We adopted him into our family when he was still in the hospital and he came home with us.

"Rosalie and Emmett had a connection immediately. We came to see Emmett in the hospital after he was put in a normal room, and Carlisle had been talking about him for a while. Carlisle wanted Emmett to meet some kids his own age and was hoping he could find some happiness in friends. We spent a lot of time at the hospital with him before he came home with us. In this time Rosalie and he became very close. It was like as soon as they saw each other they were best friends. They didn't become a romantic thing until a few years after. Rosalie went to see him on her own a lot without me, and it was great to see the two of them. Rose was still getting over her traumatic events, and they both seemed to help each other a lot. Rose ended up spending a few nights that Carlisle was working with him. They talked about their problems, and both helped each other through their own problems a lot. I would say that by the time Emmett got to us, he was already halfway back to being normal because of Rose."

"Oh wow. Poor Emmett, I can see he has obviously worked through it, from how I saw him. But I can't imagine that happening. It would be so terrible to see your parents be killed like that right in front of you as they are trying to protect you from harm." I shook my head back and forth at the thought of seeing my parents slowly hurt and killed by a bear right in front of my eyes. I had to force the picture away before I became upset over it. I felt the thought pop into my head and I tried to keep it from leaving my lips but it didn't work, and I blurted out, "Emmett's story kind of reminds me of Harry Potter's, seeing his parents die before him in the hands of a killer. And it was their love for him that kept the bear distracted long enough for the rangers to come."

Edward cracked a smile at me as I smacked my forehead at my stupid comment. "I can't believe I just made a Harry Potter reference to that. I think I seriously need to go replace my talk filter. Now. This is becoming ridiculous."

"It's ok. I like to hear what is on your mind. I find you hard to read. And I loved Harry Potter as a teenager too. Still love it actually. I was able to relate somewhat to Harry with not having his biological parents there. But I had Esme and Carlisle so I wasn't able to completely relate."

"I am glad to hear that you like my stupid big mouth. But, it's embarrassing to me! I hate it! I say the stupidest things all the time because of it!"

"I don't think that last thing was stupid. It was actually a valid connection. But, before you can degrade yourself more, would you like to hear about Alice and Jasper?"

"Yes please! I have to keep my mouth shut as long as you're talking and I am interested to hear where they came from."

"Ok, well Alice was next. We adopted her from a foster home after her parents had dropped her off at an insane asylum. Alice, well you will think we are all crazy." Edward looked at me warily but seemed to be pleased by the look in my eyes because he continued, "But, Alice tends to have these premonitions. She will get these feelings and thoughts that come from nowhere, or a random image will pop into her head. They aren't full blown visions, like a clip of the future. Sometimes she will get these premonitions from a dream, so there will be a picture of something, sometimes sounds or dialogue. She is always right in what she predicts. It ranges from silly things like who will win at baseball, but then it has been some big things that has happened to our family. She is different. And you probably think my whole family is full of nut jobs now."

"I haven't seen it myself so I can't believe it fully. But if you say its true I believe you. I want to see it for myself though." And it was true. If Edward believed it was true, than it must be. I trust him.

Edward seemed happy but very surprised with my answer, "Ok sometime you will then." Edward still seemed to be shocked by my reaction. "But, on with Alice's story. Alice actually has no memory of her life with her parents. All we know is what Esme and Carlisle were able to find out from the asylum. Alice's parents left her there when they couldn't take her crazy premonitions anymore. Alice had fought them to go to the asylum, rightfully so. But to knock her out, they hit her in the head with a frying pan, and then the asylum they gave her too much of some kind of drug. With the combination of the two it caused her to get permanent amnesia, and since she never saw anything from her old life again she was never reminded of her past, and no one ever told her. So she doesn't remember anything. And as she says, she doesn't want to remember anyway because her real parents were probably huge assholes from what she had heard about how they were and that they were so terrible to her. So she doesn't want to know what a horrible life it was for her there.

"The asylum Alice was in was running many illegal procedures, including the drugs they gave Alice, and that they took in someone so young without a doctor's approval first. The police found out about it, and moved all of the other inhabitants to another asylum. But they put Alice into an orphanage and she was put into foster care after a short while, she wasn't there long though. We do know that her first name is actually Mary, her middle name Alice. Alice had remembered the name Alice after she woke up in the asylum. She thinks that she remembered Alice because she hated Mary, and her friends called her by her middle name instead. She forbids us from calling her Mary ever, we always respect it, we wouldn't call her Mary for it would hurt her. Esme and Carlisle got her name lawfully changed to Alice Mary Cullen soon after she came to us. She demanded that she would not have her real last name Brandon be her last name, she didn't want to be associated with her parents."

"That would be so terrible, to not be able to remember anything from your past. That would be absolutely horrible. How old was she?"

"From the documentation given at the asylum she was eleven, when we brought her into our family. Emmett and I are a year older so we were twelve. Alice has come to not mind and just take her adoption into the Cullen family as the start of her life. She is content in that and knows her life is better with us by far anyway. She really doesn't want to know anymore than she already does from her previous life."

"Wow. Good for her. It would drive me nuts not remembering and not knowing."

"As it would I. But I think Alice is truly crazy, but in her own sane way. So I can't really say that she wasn't driven nuts by it." Edward chuckled, thinking about Alice. I smiled at his happiness thinking about his sister.

"Now for Jasper?" Edward asked, and I nodded eagerly wanting to hear Jasper's story. "Jasper is our newest to the family. He was the son of an army man. He traveled all over during his whole life, even when his mother was alive. He spent most of his childhood in the south, but moving everywhere from South Carolina to Texas. He was a loner, and was forced to be because he never stayed in one place, or school for too long. We were on vacation to Georgia to see some of Esme's relatives when Alice and Jasper met. Alice knew it was coming. Jasper was hanging out at the playground over by Esme's sister's house and when Alice saw him she ran right over to him and started blabbing away. She told him how they were going to be the best of friends forever and they were meant to meet there that afternoon. He looked at her like she was crazy." Edward laughed lightly, probably thinking of Jasper's reaction. "We ran over to the playground to see what was taking Alice so long when she had said she left her sweater there the day before. We came to see Alice swinging next to Jasper still talking on and on. He looked completely bewildered by her, and her words. People weren't usually that friendly to him. While we were there Alice befriended him, and they met at the playground every afternoon, staying for hours for around a week. Alice brought him to dinner at our Aunt's one night to introduce him to us, and we all included him quickly. We were visiting Esme's family for the whole summer because we barely got to see them. We all became close and began to love Jasper after seeing him everyday for a month. He was quiet and shy, but Alice loved him so we all couldn't help it. I was sixteen at the time, Alice and Jasper fifteen. Over this time Alice and Jasper became very close, and ended up dating and falling in love while there.

"Apparently Jasper had been living on his own in his father's and his house, as his father had gotten positioned overseas for the summer and Jasper didn't want to go that time. Esme was appalled at Jasper's father for just leaving him there, and was sad that Jasper had been stuck on his own that whole time. A couple weeks before the summer was over, Jasper got a visitor to his house, it was an army officer. The building that Jasper's father had been working in had been bombed. And there had been no survivors."

I clapped my hands to my mouth; I knew something was going to happen to Jasper's father. But that was so incredibly tragic. To be killed in war while working behind the lines. "Oh my goodness. Poor Jasper. Living with his father and going through so much because of him would be bad enough. But then to have been living on his own for so long, and then hearing his father was dead must have been terrible."

"Yeah. Jasper took it pretty hard, our family tried to be there for him as much as possible. We went to his father's funeral with him. We helped him move from Georgia to Forks, helping him sell some of his, and his father's things, the furniture and other things in the house. Alice was the only one he truly let in though. He stayed pretty closed off with the rest of us. We understood his feelings though, we all had felt our own pain and loss before. Esme already considered Jasper family from how close we had gotten over the summer. So we of course adopted him too. Carlisle didn't meet him until we came back to Washington as he had to stay and work. But, Carlisle didn't need any convincing to adopt Jasper after he heard all summer how close we all were to him. Plus, he knew that Alice was in love with him and wouldn't part from him"

"Wow. Esme and Carlisle sound like truly amazing people. Helping and adopting all of these troubled kids, and then giving them a great home. And getting their lives back to normal so you are the way you are today. That is amazing. Completely awing, and inspiring."

"They truly are. They will forever be all of our heroes. We all love them completely. We are truly grateful for them." Edward's face was full with the love for his family once again and my heart warmed at the look.

"I can tell you are just from how you talk about them the way you do. You love them more than anything in the world. I can see it all over your face."

"Well it's true." Edward smiled.

"I loved hearing the stories."

"Really? I would have found them depressing."

"I find them to be inspiring. It really shows how you have to make every moment with your parents and otherwise count. And it shows that there are people out there that are truly saints."

"I agree."

"Ok, so not to be insensitive but I should get working on these return slips so that I can be done on this book work for the day."

"I understand. That sounds good to me."

I pulled the sheets of returns towards me as I turned back towards my computer. I shook the mouse and the screen popped back up. "Ok…" I muttered, getting back in the groove, but now for returns. I forced air through tight lips as I tried to keep my mind from straying to thoughts of all of the stories of Edward's brothers and sisters.

I quickly found the first return- a necklace- on the inventory and added one to show that we had it back. And then I switched to the books to add in the loss of money from the return. I did one other for a bracelet before I heard the bells of the store door ring from the front.

I huffed, this person had bad timing. "I will be back soon. I just have to go handle the customer."

"Of course. If you want, I think I know what you were doing on there for the returns. I can finish them off if you want."

"If you can, and you want. Then sure. I would love you to." I stood up from my chair, giving my back a quick stretch and then walked into the store. I plastered on my smile for the customer as I walked out asking them if I could help them. It was a man looking for a ring for his girlfriend. He was going to propose at their nice dinner a couple nights later. I asked them how they met, and how long they have been together. The standard stuff. But, I still love to hear the adorable stories of how they met and fell in love.

I ended up helping him find the perfect ring for his girlfriend, and I was jealous of her. As soon as the guy walked out the door I sped back to my office. And Edward. I was expecting to see him smiling at me when I came in, but what I did see I hadn't been expecting. He was staring down at one of the return slips and a completely sad and depressed look on his face. His eyebrows were knit together and he seemed to be deep in thought.

I cleared my throat and snickered when he jumped in his seat his head whipping towards me. "Sorry I scared you."

"Don't worry about it. I was lost in my thoughts. I had it coming for me."

He put the return slip he was holding on the bottom of the stack. He then turned to me with a solemn look on his face. "The rest of the return slips are done."

"Thank you Edward!" I smiled thankfully at him.

"It's no problem. Glad to help." He smiled honestly at me, and I returned it.

"Alright so that's all I have to do for today. Now, all there is to do is sit until it is close enough to close time so I can leave."


"I guess." I chuckled, as I saved the last bits of my work after making sure Edward had done it right. He had, and I closed out all of the programs I had been using. I gathered up the last of the papers and filed them away.

"So what do you normally do after you're done with your work?"

"I usually either read one of my books, or I play solitaire on the computer. Sometimes both."

"Ooooh, thrilling." Edward teased. "Especially from what you said you can read and play solitaire at the same time."

"Shut up. You know what I meant, and I would like you to try and find something more fun to do."

"Okay okay. You're right. But, I am here today, so I think you will be more entertained."

"I think so too." I smiled and turned to him, "So do you have any big plans on how to entertain me? Or is your idea of fun staring at the walls?"

"Well of course not! I just don't know what to do in an office when you're bored. I never really had one of my own."

"We could play paper toss with the trashcan."

"Like the iPod app?" He looked at me confused.

"Um, yeah. But, we wouldn't play it on an iPod. We would play it in real life. I do have to warn you, I am pretty practiced by now. Angela and I play it all the time."

"Oh really?" Edward scowled at me playfully, "You're on."

"Bring it!"

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