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Although Mia had brushed off Gordan and Rachael's protests, with a careless and fearless dismissal, she found that she was indeed scared to continue on her way home. Now that the adrenaline had faded away and her questions had faded to a pounding headache, she found herself walking quicker than usual, breathing heavier than usual. If something were to happen now, Mia was sure her luck would have run out-if you could call it luck what had happened to her in the first place. She tried tip toeing through the streets, ignoring the pain that shot through her toes at this, and tried holding her breath, though that failed when she forgot to breathe through her nose and ending up expelling her breath in loud gasps. What was the use-she had been thrusted into the spotlight in the worse way, she was a prawn in a game-and those were the interesting pieces because although they seemed so little in signficance, they could still do the biggest parts. And that scared her, because she knew her life would change, although in what manner, and she knew she would be tested in ways to break someone down, to break their morals and to push them to do things they never would have once done. That's what the Joker did. He claimed to have no plan, just to do things, but wasn't that contradicting because every time he did something, it was always for a reason? He must knew what she did, what she stood for, and she knew that it made her even more interesting to him. Mia arrived at her house, jumping the fence and climbing the tree to her window.

The window that was now shut.

She clung to the tree, ignoring the aches in her hands and shoes, tears forming in her eyes of frustration. God, she had been through such a tramautic night, couldn't she just fucking go to bed without there being any more drama?

No, because life was completely unfair to some people, and then completely fair to others. She was just one of the unfortunate to be cursed with the completely unfair group.

Mia climbed back down from the tree, her actions slow as her mind tried to find a way to cope with this situation, of what she was going to say, of finding the right words to minimise the threat. Her sandshoes sunk into the wet grass, and she wrapped her arms around herself protectively as she made her way to the front door. She closed her eyes, and breathed in, trying to inhale the strength she had found tonight, before lifting her fists and pounding it harshly onto the door.

"For fuck's sake, you slut! I'm coming!" The door was thrown open, and a hand reached out, fingers wrapping around her shirt before yanking her in, and throwing her aggressively onto the floor. Mia let out a cry as she landed with a thund on her back, her head cracking agaisnt the tiles.

"Think you can get one on me, eh? Sneaking through the windows? Just like your fucking mother!" He loomed over her, eyes wide as saucers and mouth twisted into mockery. Mia sat up on her elbows, her vision swimming as she tried to hold her ground, teeth gritted and almost snarling in response.

"You know, you were always the defiant one! Your brother, Steven, he always obeyed like a good. Little. Boy." Mia felt the control of her poker face slipping at the mention of Steven, her twin. Her heart swelled in her chest, as if anything linked to Steven, any emotions in there were locked up, and his name was the key. She thought she might explode.

"But you, always have to be so disobediant! And you know what disobediant kids get?"

"Nope but I'm sure you're going to tell me." Her voice dripped with sarcasm. He suddenly shot fowards, grabbing the neck of her shirt and yanking her up to his face. She let out a choked whimper, grabbing at his clenched fists and trying to pull them off her.

"They get punished." He hissed between clenched teeth, spit flying into her face. She tried to move away in disgust, but he just held on tighter, enjoying the fear and the hatred he could feel and see so clearly radiating from her.

The lights suddenly began to flicker, going off and then coming back on, dimmed.

"Somebody didn't pay the electrical bill. You're meant to provide for us, not harm us. Let go of my daughter, Mike." The voice was cold, no fear, no hatred, but void completely of any emotion. Mia looked up at her mother; because she knew her so well, only she could tell that her mother was having a hard time staying in control, and could see the slight tremors of her eyes, which meant her mother was pissed.

Oh yeah, her mother was definitely pissed. Like any normal parent would be that their child was getting absued, but her mother wasn't normal.

They weren't normal, this wasn't normal.

But by this family's standards, it was. And that's why it was so fucked up.

"We were just having a chat, weren't we." Mike said coolly, his eyes going back to Mia's. He moved one arm around her waist to hold her up, and then slowly let go of her shirt, leaving it wrinkled. He patted it down gently, before standing the two of them up. Mia then wrenched out of his grip, and moved over to her mother.

"Go to bed, now." Her mother said without even looking at her.


"Listen to your mother sweet heart." Mike's eyes were locked onto her mother's. Both mimicked each other's gazes-cool and calculating, like a predator eyeing off it's prey, wondering how to attack, the best way to get to it's target.

Allison pushed her daughter very gently toward the stairs of the small house.

"Go, dear one." She smiled tightly, though her eyes never left Mike's face. Mia felt as if she were paralysed-she couldn't move even if she wanted to. There was something very wrong about this scene, and it felt different to the nights where her mother would step in, would scream or would shout. It felt emotionless, it felt that something had changed and that this would be the final scene, although it was unwritten. Wo's end it would be, was not known.

"Go, now."

Mia finally found herself, and rushed up the stairs, almost tripping over the last step as she crashed into her room. She was breathing heavily as her body tried to keep up with what was going on around her. She grabbed the lock hidden underneath the seat at her desk, and with shaking hands barely managed to secure it around her door. Her mother had given it to her two months ago, Mike had found it once.

She'd ended up in hospital for that one.

She started to back away from the door, each step small and accompanied with shudders that wracked through her tiny frame. It left her exhausted.

She kept moving backwards, and instead of her knees colliding with the bed like she had expected, her back collided with a solid warm chest.