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Riku slowly opened his eyes, blinking a couple of times so that his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He couldn't see a thing.

"Where are we?" he asked, not sure if Alex was still with him.

"It's another room I found. It's a bit further out, so hopefully no one will find us. Hold on, let me get a light."

Riku heard her light steps and some rustling. He felt something on his shoulders and jumped slightly.

"Relax, it's just me. I won't hurt you." Alex whispered out the last part, unsure about how he felt around her. He said nothing. Then there was a light. Riku looked back at her, and his eyes widened slightly. She held a small flame in the palm of her hand. He looked at her wordlessly, and she gave him a hesitant smile. She stood in front of him and lowered herself down onto the floor. She held some pieces of rubble in her other hand. She put the rubble down and put the fire on it, setting it on fire.

"I figured to better be safe, and not put the light on. After last time, well, I don't really want others to hear this…" She mumbled. The light from the fire was just enough for them to see each other. The light flickered off of her face, and the lights danced on her silver pendants. When she turned her head slightly, her hair fell down one side, revealing her thin pale neck. The light from the fire revealed a large scar that traveled from her shoulder under her shirt up her neck. It crawled up her jaw and the point ended right below her blindfold. It was a deep and long scar, marring her pale skin. He stared intrigued by the marking. How had he not noticed that before? Maybe it was because her hair had covered that side of her face. Did she do that on purpose? He wondered if she had other scars like that. Then it was covered once more by her hair. Did she notice his staring? He looked at her, as she rubbed the back of her neck, before looking back at him. His eyes were locked on her, as she squirmed a little under the intensity of his stare. Then she spoke,

"Here, let me at least help you…" She slowly got up and crouched down next to him. He loosened up slightly, and let her take his head in her hands as she gently laid him down on the ground. He flinched slightly at the pain in his stomach. Her gloved hands glowed a light blue as she placed them over his stomach. Riku felt the pain subside. His eyes traveled down her body to the exposed skin under her shirt. She had scars stretched all over her body. What happened to her? Alex felt his gaze linger on her. She figured she should start.

"Well, whatever you heard was true…" she started. Riku looked away, his eyes expressionless.

"So…you…you're a…" he mustered out.

"A demon? Yeah." She said bluntly. He looked back at her.

"You don't look like one." He said. Alex's hands traveled up his abdomen to his chest. He felt his muscles relax and the pain was eased.

"That's because I'm only part-demon. I don't know who or what my mother was, but I know she wasn't a demon. I'm half of whatever she was. My…father…he's a full-fledged demon. Not only that, the bastard is the King of all the demons in the Demon Realm. And since I'm his only child, I ended up being the only heir to his throne." Alex finished up healing him and stepped back. Riku lifted himself off the floor. He was still trying to absorb all the information she just gave him. Then he thought of something.

"Wait, I thought you said that you had brothers? Wouldn't they be the heirs, then? And what did that message mean?" The questions just fell from his mouth. Alex smiled sadly.

"Actually, they're my step-brothers. They are the sons of the demon who married my father. They have no blood relation, which means they don't carry the royal blood like I do." Riku looked at her quizzically. Alex sighed deeply. She looked around the dark and musty room, thinking about what to say. Then she looked back at his face. She couldn't read his face, and finally she whispered,

"What are you thinking about?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you could read minds." He stated. Then Alex smiled sadly at him.

"Yeah, I could, but I promised you that I wouldn't read yours. And I always keep my promises." Riku was shocked. He hadn't expected her to believe him when he had said that. His body slowly relaxed in her presence. Thoughts raced through his mind. He shouldn't judge this girl on her past. He should judge her on what she has done to him. And so far, he realized, she never hurt him or was mean to him. So what if she was a demon. She didn't act like one. He took a deep breath before saying,

"Start from the beginning. And I mean the very beginning. I wanna hear about you. Where you were born, where you came from, everything." He sat and stared at her intently. Alex was a little taken back by his abruptness. She cocked an eyebrow and replied,

"You sure? It might take a while." He smiled.

"I'm not going anywhere." Alex smiled when he said that. It was the same smile that made him fall for him in the first place. She took a deep breath and started.

"Alright, then. The very beginning… It all started over a hundred years ago. My father was chosen to be crowned as the next King of the Demon Realm, but he needed an heir. This was before he met his wife. So he searched through hundreds of different worlds, trying to find the strongest woman to bear his child. Then, one day, he found her. My mother…" Alex took a breath before starting again. Riku listened intently, trying to take it all in. "My mother, I was told, was beautiful, and the strongest warrior the worlds had ever seen. So, one night, my father…he…he raped her…" she whispered out the last part and turned away.

"So you can probably guess that she was furious when she found out that she was having me. The day she had me, she took one look at me, at my eyes, and she cast me away. She was disgusted by me. When my father arrived to take me away, he was livid. His heir had to be a son, but unfortunately for him, he got stuck with me." She whispering by now, and Riku strained his ears to hear her. She had a small sad smile on the whole time. "He tried to kill me, that night. But, for some reason, my mother protected me. She took the blow for me. Me, the demon child. Me, the one whom she was disgusted by. At first, I hoped that she did it to protect her child. But, the look she gave me, just as she took her last breath…" She shook her head and breathed deeply. "She wanted to die. She would rather have died by the hands of the man who raped her then live for her child. But I understood. Truly, I did. I mean, look at me. I'm a monster. You just can't see it. Why do you think I wear this stupid blindfold?" She pointed at her face. "People take one look at my eyes and run in fear. That's because I have his eyes. I have that bastard-of-a-father's eyes." She took a shaky breath, but she didn't cry. She was done crying. After a minute, she relaxed, and slowly lifted her head, looking at Riku. His face was blank, but something in his eyes made her hopeful. He hadn't run from her yet, even after hearing of her past. So she continued.

"A man took me in, that very same night. God bless him, he saved me." Alex smiled softly for the first time since she started. "He took care of me until I was five years old. I had five years with that man, but not once did I speak to him. I couldn't. He was abandoned by his village, because he chose to take care of me. He was an outcast because of me. We lived in the forest in the edge of town. The villagers tried desperately to get rid of me. They told him, too. God, I can still hear them. 'She a demon child! She'll murder you. Run while you can!' But he never listened to them. He cared for me all the same. And I cared deeply for him. I didn't want anything to happen to him." She paused. "You know, I was born without a name. And for five years, he never named me. I never questioned him about it, but deep down, I wanted him to give me a name. I wanted to know that he cared for me like his own. But he never named me. He would always call me by some form of endearment, but he never gave me a name." She paused briefly, looking at Riku's face. He really wanted to ask her what had happened to him, but he didn't want to interrupt her. She was finally speaking out to him, and he wanted to know.

"That last day I spent with him was the first day I met my brothers. I remember it so clearly, even though it was almost a hundred years ago. I wish I couldn't have done something, anything. I wish I noticed his face, his strained smile when he told me to go to the market and pick up some fruit. I wish I would have noticed that look he gave me, just as I was about to leave. But I didn't. I pulled the cloak over my head and left. When I came back, the house was destroyed. Burned to the ground. I dropped the basket and searched everywhere for him, but I couldn't find him. Then, out of the forest, came this boy. He looked like he was only a little older than me. Then two more boys came out. They stood directly where the house was burnt down. The strangest thing about them was that they had this pale silver hair." She cocked her head at Riku whose eyes slowly drifted to his own hair. She smiled before continuing.

"I didn't know who they were, so I kept my face down so they wouldn't see my face. Then, the middle one came to me and said, 'What's the matter? Did you lose something?' His voice was cold and cocky. I didn't know what to do, because I had never encountered anyone like him before. All I could do was nod my head. Then I noticed him holding something. When I looked…God, I wish I didn't look…" Alex shook her head and held her hand over her blindfolded eyes. They she lifted her head and said, "The silver haired boy held the head of the man who had cared for me." Riku gasped, his eyes wide with shock. "I noticed one of the other boys had kicked something out of the forest. It was his body. I…I was so…I didn't know what to do. I dropped to the ground, shaking, but I didn't cry. I can still see his lifeless brown eyes staring into me… The silver haired boy threw the head at me, and I caught it. I stared at the face of the dead man. Then he spoke, 'We are the children of the Queen of the Demons. We are your brothers. And we were sent to kill you.' I was still staring into his eyes, but when he said that, I blew up. His head was at my feet, my eyes were glowing, and I felt all of my power around me. I attacked them before they even knew what was happening. I sent those boys running off back to the forest." Alex chuckled slightly at the memory. Then the smile disappeared. "I buried him. I dug a hole where his house was, and buried him. That night, I gave myself a name, and I began my journey. Later on, I met my current boss, who promised to protect me as long as I worked for him. And now, here I am, a demon just trying to fulfill my destiny." Alex finished.

She stared at Riku, waiting for his reply. By the look on his face, it was apparent that he was shocked, but she didn't blame him. Her past was hard, and difficult for others to take in. She watched as his eyes stared out blankly, as though he were deep in thought. Silence filled the air, weighing them down like a ton of bricks.

"What was his name?" His voice came out, breaking to silence. "The man who took care of you, what was his name?" Alex smiled and replied,

"Alex. His name was Alex." Riku's eyes widen slightly before returning to his normal look. He smiled lightly at her.

"So your, like what, a hundred years old?" He said jokingly.

"I stopped counting a long time ago." She said seriously. Then she laughed at the face Riku made.

"And your brothers?" he asked calmly. Alex's smile disappeared.

"There still out there. But they have yet to kill me." She smirked.

"And what did they mean by that message?" Riku questioned. Alex sighed before answering.

"I saw my brothers a little while ago, and we got into this huge battle. They're the ones who gave me this." She cocked her head to the right, revealing the scar on the left side of her face, the same one Riku had been staring at before. She lifted her hair, showing the deep color of the scar as it climbed up her face. She released her hair, letting it flow over her shoulders and down her back. "I took something from them, and they want it back."

"What?" Alex smirked.

"Their mother. The Queen of the Demons. I defeated her long ago and locked her up. I hide her away, so that she could no longer harm anyone ever again." Riku was startled. He wanted to ask more, but stopped as he watched Alex slowly lift herself of the floor and brushed her pants. The flame slowly flickered in front of them.

"And now that they know I'm here, I must leave." A look of panic crossed Riku's face as Alex straightened her back.

"No…" he whispered. He got up and stood in front of her. Then he spoke more clearly. "No, you can't go."

"I must. If they come here, they will destroy this entire world. I can't let that happen." She looked into his eyes before whispering, "If they did anything to you, I'm not sure I'll be able to handle that. Besides, I'm sure you want me gone, too. I'm a demon, after all-"

"NO!" Riku exclaimed. "No…I…I want you to stay. I don't care if you're a demon. I don't care. You're not a demon to me. To me, you're just Alex. A strong, beautiful girl." He came closer to her, and placed his hands gently on her face. His hands cupped her face, his thumbs rubbed her cheeks. Her skin was still soft, despite all the scars on her body. Even though he couldn't see her eyes, he stared intently at her blindfold. He smiled lovingly at her and said, "You're just Alex, the girl I fell in love with."

Alex was frozen. Her mouth gaped slightly. She watched his eyes searched her face, and he looked questioningly as he lifted his hands off her face to her blindfold. She grabbed his hands.

"No…no…" she whispered.

"Please…" he pleaded. "I want to see your eyes. I want to know what you look like. Please don't hide it from me."

"I…I don't want you to hate me…" she breathed.

"I could never hate you." He said softly. He watched as Alex tensed for a minute before lessening her grip on his wrists. He slowly lifted his hands back up to her face and removed the blindfold. The cloth fell into his hands as removed it. Her eyes were closed shut. Her head tilted down. He took his finger and gently placed it under her chin, lifting her face up.

"Open your eyes." He whispered. Slowly, he watched as her almond shaped eyes fluttered open, revealing two identical pairs of blood red eyes. Her irises were a deep blood red color. He admits that it took him by surprise, and if he had seen her on the street with those eyes, he would have been scared, too. But as he stared deeply into them, he realized that they weren't too scary. His hands caressed her face, and he smiled lovingly at her. He watched as her eyes widen slightly at the gesture.

"You aren't afraid of me?" she whispered.

"What's there to be afraid of?" he smiled down on her, and slowly lowered himself on her. His mouth covered hers as he kissed her gently. At first, she was frozen, but slowly started responding. He wrapped his arms around her small frame as she wrapped her arms around his neck. For the first time in years, small tears cascaded down her face. When they broke apart, Riku took her face in his hands and used his thumbs to wipe her tears away. He chuckled lightly and took in her entire face, eyes and all. He loved everything about her face. Her slender face, her small nose, her full lips, and her almond shaped red eyes. He even admired the scar the traveled down the left side of her face. His hand slowly caressed the scar, as she shivered underneath his touch. They stared into each others eyes for the longest time.

"I love you." He whispered. Alex stared into his eyes. They were sincere and loving. She didn't deserve it, but for once in her life, she chose to be selfish. She chose to answer her own feelings and stop denying her own emotions. She smiled at him and said,

"I love you, too." Riku's eyes sparkled and his smile grew wide. He wrapped his arms around her and spun her around the room. Their laughter filled the dark room. Finally, Riku got to see the sparkle in her eyes as she laughed. They didn't care if the flame slowly started flickering away. All they could see was each other. He put her down and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back, a huge smile on her face. But slowly her smile started to fade. She whispered in his ear,

"But I still have to go." Riku eyes snapped open. He pulled her away and grabbed her arms.

"What? Why?" he questioned.

"I can't let my brothers find me! I can't let them come here. If they find out about you…I won't be able to live with myself if something happened to you." She breathed out the last line. She looked up at him, lifting her gloved hand to his face. Riku held her hand over his face. She looked into his eyes before wrapping her arms around him.

"I'll come back. I'll come back to you." She whispered. Riku held her tightly.

"Promise?" he said. She smiled and looked him in the eye.

"I promise I'll come back to you." She smiled sweetly at him. She looked down for a moment before stepping out of his arms. He looked quizzically at her. She merely smiled.

"Here, I want you to have this." She reached behind her, unclasping one of the necklaces around her neck. It was the key. She held it for a second in her hand before reaching around his neck and clasping it around his neck. Riku's hand fell on the cold pendant. It was shaped like a skeleton key. He looked at the pendant around her neck, a heart with a small keyhole.

"They match…" he breathed.

"Uh-huh. I want you to have it. It's very special, so don't loose it, okay?" She joked. "It might come in handy one day." Her smile faded as she looked at him. His eyes had this look of longing. She sighed before wrapping her arms around him again.

"I'll miss you." She whispered. She held him tightly.

"Miss you more." Riku responded. She smiled. She held onto him for a little while longer, before stepping out of his warm embrace. She took a couple steps back and smiled.

"Stay safe, okay?" She said worryingly.

"I will. You too, okay?" He replied. He didn't know what else to say. She simply nodded before looking at him once more.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too." He replied. Then he watched her smile at him. He watched as her smile disappeared in a flurry of blue orbs. Her body slowly disappeared, fading through the darkness in a whirlwind of blue orbs.

And Riku was left in the dark room. The fire went out silently, just like Alex did. He stared at the same spot she had disappeared, and fell to his knees. Only then did he realize that he still held her blindfold in his hands. He held it up to his face, before silently tying it around his own eyes. He lifted himself up and walked over to the door. He looked one last time to the spot where they had confessed to each other, and where she had left him. He smiled lightly before shutting the door behind him.

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