I am speechless.

Firstly, i am so sorry.

I am so so so sorry.

So very sorry.

The most sorry anyone has ever been, ever. Yes i am repeating this, for those who have noticed.

You guys have been so wonderful, beautiful, patient and just perfect. I will TRY and justify my absence for the past TWO YEARS?

Firstly, i'm now 21, and will finish my degree at university this year - YAY. These past few years have been hectic, because i picked up a second degree and picked up a second job, so i was clearly just happy to kill myself. I don't know how exactly, but somehow i managed and now this year I can take it a little easier. :)

I always intended to come back to writing, and i never truly intended to STOP writing, but things get crazy busy and suddenly writing fanfiction just sinks lower, and lower on your list of priorities. I'm so sorry, guys. Over the past two years as well, i've lost two grandparents, and a third one had a stroke only four months ago. It's been so tragic, sometimes it doesn't feel real. The two grandparents i lost last year were mum's parents, and they died within 6 months of eachother. It was a horrible, horrible time for me, between university, study, working two jobs, and trying to be there with my grandparents every day for at least an hour or two at the nursing home...well, you can probably deduce how my life was. Again, i really don't know how i did it. In some ways it was good, because i was so busy i didn't have time to fully comprehend what was happening. My grandmother passed from cancer, and my grandfather died 6 months afterwards, and you know what? The doctors still can't entirely pin a cause of my grandfather's death. He had a weak heart, but he'd been dealing with that for YEARS and he'd survived. But when my grandmother passed away, he lost his will to live. He stopped fighting. You could see it, he never smiled anymore, he was just dead inside. And he even told me a month before she died, that he didn't have anything left, and that he wanted to be with her. Ill never forget that. And a month later, he was gone in his room. His heart had stopped. And the doctor's couldn't determine why, only that it was weak and had finally collapsed. I believe it was will. He didn't WANT to be here anymore, not without his wife. I believe my grandparents are reunited now, and i still tear up when i think of the strength of their love. Married 68 years, ever faithful, ever adoring of eachother. Because of them is why i keep writing instead of succumbing to the grief of losing the both of them within such a short time frame, because i saw how truly powerful love can be. It is all thanks to them. True love is real. Believe it, want it, and you'll find it. I believe it, and i hope to have a love as strong as their love one day.

So that's enough sentimentality. Again, i apologise for not letting you guys know sooner, for not assuring you all that i would be back. I know i've probably lost some readers, but if you're willing to come back to this story, and my other one - "Say All I Need", then i shall be all to happy to resume them.

So let me know through a review. :)

Love to you all,