My first Bakugan fic, and it's Drago/Wavern. They are so cute together~ :3

Inspired by Bakugan: New Vestroia Episode 6. Because Drago looks so sad when he's "thinking" (staring at the moon).

And yeah, I realize that when Drago met Wavern it wasn't really a moonlit night. It was more... spacey and "bubbly" (Hey, those floating things did look like bubbles!), but whatever... :D

"I'd like to see the outside world someday. I'd like to, but I don't know if I'll ever get the chance."

"I'll take you there, Wavern."


"Yes, it would be my pleasure..."


It was on a night similar to this one that he first met Wavern. He recalled with perfect ease: those eyes, soft with curiosity and shining like Haos; her pale white scales which made her so different to the other Bakugan. But Drago didn't care about her being a White One – to him, she was just Wavern.

He lowered his head, thinking back to that time when he promised Wavern that he would bring her to the outside world. And in a way, she had seen more than that: she had traveled to a new dimension which existed so differently to theirs.

Drago only wished that her time on Earth would have been on much lighter terms. He wanted to spend every precious moment with her, for them to forget the world around them and just be together. But having the power of the Infinity Core was a responsibility not to be taken lightly, and it was a responsibility that would ultimately cost Wavern her life.

Sometimes, he would gaze up at the pale white moon, and still miss her. His eyes drifted to the stars, and he thought of Wavern; of her last words to him.


"Here Drago, the Infinity Core… is now yours…"

"And I will do everything in my power to protect it, Wavern."

"Thank you, Drago. Until we meet again, my dear…"


"No, WavernI haven't forgotten my promise to you."

He would restore peace to New Vestroia. He and Wavern would definitely meet again, and they would be together at last. Until then, his promise to her would not be forgotten.

Disclaimer: Bakugan is owned by TMS Entertainment, not me.