Authoress notes: Hello! Wow, it took a long time and I finally got a chance to post this poem up. Another RueXMint poem, but it is also another tear-jerker too. XD I hope you all enjoy it anyway!


I freeze at the droplets of blood on my fingertips

The bittersweet red I can plainly see

What is the reason of my existence?

When my own life is being torn away from me?

I hear a small gasp and I look up at the mirror

Standing frozen as I try to hold back a tear

Just staring at the head of red hair

As Mint's eyes looked horrified at me

"Rue. What's wrong with you?" she asks.

"Did the doctors say why you're having these attacks?"

I couldn't hold in the tears any longer

Then, losing all control, I let them flow

Mint rushed up to hug me tight

Now I had to let her know.

"Mint, they said I won't be around much longer."

I said in a strangled voice.

Mint shook her head, not wanting to believe it

But in her eyes I saw that she knew we had no choice

"If these are your last days in this world,

Then lets enjoy them while we still can."

she told me, pain hanging in her tone

I smile faintly and knew what she was trying to say.

"I'll stay with you so you won't be feel alone."

But I knew that wasn't really true

As we both count down the days until I go

Mint. Maiya. Misty. I will miss you girls so very much,

But please know that I'll be watching over all of you.

Remember me as your loving angel,

And if you feel lost and wanting to cry

Just look up at night and you will find me

Soaring high above across the starry sky.

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