Alright, since all you guys asked so nicely, here's what I think will be the last of the Rain series. But who knows? I say that a lot. Hahaha. Most of you asked for one with a House baby, so here ya go. I totally love the idea of House having a little blue eyed, brown haired mini him. With Cameron. House scares me sometimes, but try to imagine Cameron being preggers with House's demon spawn. *shudders* Now that's a scary idea...

And let me just say right here: Someone has been harassing me, telling me constantly about how stupid I am writing something that's right now not to cannon. *shrugs* Oh, well. I haven't seen the season finale, so how can I know what's to canon? Hahaha. And even if I had, I love Hameron too much NOT to write them. They're so awesome. And totally hot. WOO HOO HAMERON! Enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: Not mine! But no amount of pointing out the season finale will keep me from writing Hameron! HAMERON FOREVER! WOOHOO!


Matthew House loved the rain.

He looked up at the stormy sky and held his arms out, laughing as the rain dampened his thick chestnut hair. One of his favorite past times was to get outside while it was raining and play in the mud.

His mother always got annoyed with him, but his dad would just stand behind her and smile proudly as he leaned on his cane. So he knew he wasn't in trouble.

He reached down and buried his hands in the mud, giggling at the texture and weight of it as it made a soft plopping noise.

Thunder clapped overhead, and Cameron came to the back door. "Matthew Gregory, get inside, now!" She rested her hands on her hips.

He rolled his cerulean eyes and pulled his hands out of the mud. "Coming, Mom!"

She smiled, leaning against the door as she watched her husband's little miniature, or 'Mini Me', as House called him, run across the soaked lawn and into the house. She grabbed his giggling little form and swung him into her arms, kissing his nose as she kicked the door closed and carried him toward the bathroom.

House watched them together, and he was reminded of a time when she was afraid that she would never be a mother. Matt had been far from planned, but once he had gotten past the shock and denial, he saw this as an opportunity, not a curse. And then he had seen that baby for the first time... He rested against the wall as he listened to Cameron fight with the little guy to get him into the bath.

"Good luck, woman," he called, limping into the kitchen to get a sandwich.

And the rain continued to cleanse the earth outside.

The End!

A/N: Well, there ya go. Like I said, I don't know if there's any more to this series. But that doesn't mean I'll stop writing. Who knows what'll inspire me next... Maybe something with monster trucks. Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed this! Thanks for reading!