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Now, let's (finally) begin this Rave-olution...

Rave Master Naruto

Rave 1: The New Heir

(theme song 1)

Listen to this tale of a land engulfed by evil,

with people living scared and being frightened to the bone

Naru(to) and the gang set off to fight those evils

and together they must find away to destroy the Dark Bring

He who wields the sword must now become the master

and fighting at his side is a carrot nosed dog?

A group of young ninja on a mission filled with danger

3 2 1 time for Rave-olution

Its a quest of the Namikaze

fighting destiny with the power of light

It's a hero's story

a tale that shall finally be told!

It was a quiet day with in the Village Hidden in the Leaves as the academy let out for the day. Many of the students found themselves running home as it had begun to rain around lunch and had yet to let up even the slightest. Not that it mattered for one young boy named Naruto who didn't even own an umbrella.

As he raced down the streets, he decided to forgo eating ramen over at Ichiraku's as he was cold and wanted to get out of these wet clothes and take a warm bath. It wasn't long before the nine year old could see his apartment come into view and let off a happy grin knowing he'd soon be nice and dry and warm. To bad fate had other plans.

Just as Naruto got with in a block of his apartment, a bolt of lightning shot from the sky and struck his apartment dead on. Naruto came to a dead stop as he watch his roof get blasted and a fire immediately started up. For just a moment, he stood there unable to move, then... "GGGGAAAAHHHH, my home's on fire. Quick, somebody call the fire department."

He ran around frantically as he watched his place burn. "Stupid rain, put that fire out already" shouted Naruto, though it did little good as his home continued to burn till there was nothing left but smoke. Getting teary eyed, Naruto looked down sadly and said to himself "Man, this sucks. Bad enough I was embarrassed by that jerk Sasuke today, and now this. Even the gods must hate me."

Naruto looked up and noticed the fire was staring to eat away at the rest of the building. 'Well, it looks like everyone else who lives here is going to be homeless as well. I feel kind of bad for..." He stops as he notices the fire going out quickly now, thus preserving the rest of the building.

For just a few seconds, Naruto stands there stunned before he yells out with his small fist shaking at the sky "You bastards, you did that on purpose didn't you? Man, why does everything bad always happens to me. Can't you at least throw me a bone every now and then?" The response he gets is a bolt of lighting strike only a few feet away, causing him to jump in fear.

"Ok, I get it. Geez, a simple no would have been enough. Now what am I going to do?" And with that, Naruto begins to walking trugingly through the rain soaked streets as he tries to figure out his next move. He looks around only to see people giving him the cold glares that he knows all to well.

He thinks about going to see the Hokage, but the guards would probably send him away like they usually do. He couldn't go and get help from old man Ichiraku or Ayame seeing as they were visiting relatives up north (thus another reason why getting ramen from the ramen stand was out for the next several days), and Iruka was off on a mission, leaving Mizuki in charge and Naruto didn't know were he lived.

He became lost in thought as he wondered around aimlessly for the next fifteen minutes till he finally came back to reality and realized he was completely lost. "Where the heck am I?" he asked himself as he looked for any thing familiar to go by and saw nothing that seemed even vaguely familiar.

He was about to turn and walk back the way he had come when a sudden and very loud thunder clap caused him to jump in total surprise and he found himself running forward like a mad man. It was then he saw something odd. He came to a stop before a massive steel barred gate with large stone walls stretching around what appeared to be a large mansion on the other side.

He could tell it was old and no one was currently living here based on the look of the place. 'Well, any fort in a storm is a good one' he thought as he managed to squeeze through one of the barrs that was a little loose and he managed to open it just enough to allow him through. He walked up to the front door and gave it a try.

The door was locked, which was no surprise to him. Looking around, he saw a tree nearby and what appeared to be a broken window he could climb up to. He made his way to the tree and with a little effort, he managed to climb up to the second story window and jumped through the opening that was just big enough for him and made it inside and away from the rain.

(Kage tower)

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village had just finished his paper work for the day and was settling back to catch up on reading the latest chapter of the Icha Icha series. He couldn't help but blush at the little perverted moment happening between the two main characters when a puff of smoke and leaves appeared with in his office and an Anbuu agent appeared. "Lord Hokage, there's something I must....sir, is something wrong?"

Sarutobi had just barely managed to hide the pervy book behind his back as he didn't want people to know he was into that stuff at his age and had a small piece of tissue in his nose to hide the blood from his nose as he said "What is it? Is something wrong?" The Anbuu collected himself and said "Sir, I have just learned that Naruto Uzumaki's apartment has been hit by lightning and burned down."

Becoming very concerned quickly, Sarutobi asked "And what of Naruto? Is he safe? And what of the rest of the building?" "Well sir, the building was undamaged, apart from the loss of Uzumaki's home. As for Uzumaki himself, I can't be sure though I do know he wasn't inside when it happened."

Nodding, Sarutobi made several hand signs and a small orb appeared before him. Concentrating his chakra into it, Sarutobi willed the Kage orb to show him Naruto's current were abouts. After a moment, an image of a building appeared. Sighing at the sight, he said to the Anbuu "It would appear Naruto has stumbled across the old Namikaze mansion. He's currently inside there."

The Anbuu was shocked by this as he asked "But sir, I thought you had put both a genjutsu to hide it and a seal that prevented entry there. So how..." Sarutobi interrupted and said "I'm not sure, but the fact remains that he's there now." The Anbuu nodded and asked "Shall I go retrieve him then sir?"

Sarutobi shook his head and said "No, because of the location, I'm the only one who can enter there now so I will deal with this. Return to your post." The Anbuu nodded as he left as quickly as he came. As Sarutobi went to leave himself, he thought 'It's not surprising Naruto found it as both the genjutsu and seal won't effect one of Namikaze blood or someone who knows where to look.'

(Namikaze compound)

Naruto had spent the last twenty minutes looking around the old mansion and was amazed at both its size and the fact it was really dirty. 'Boy you'd think they could have some one come and clean this place up every now and then. Makes me wonder who lived here. Well, who ever it was surely doesn't have good common sense or knew how to keep things clean.'

He enters another room and found that it was a massive library. Now, many people didn't know about Naruto's secret love of gardening (except the 3rd, Iruka and Hinata, though Naruto didn't know that Hinata knew), but nobody knew that Naruto also liked to read, though it was mostly books on gardening to help with his hobby. Pretty much everyone assumed that he was just to hyper to sit down and read.

As he scanned the book shelves, he didn't see anything that caught his eyes except a few gardening books he had never heard of before and had naturally grabbed them for his own use. Just as he was about to stop looking at the books and go back to exploring, his eyes caught sight of something interesting to him.

He saw a book that seemed different than all the rest. The side had a very ornate level of detail about it and even the color made it stand out from the pack. But most of all was the title written on the side of the book. "The Legend of the Holy Bring" said Naruto as he read the the title aloud.

Though he wasn't sure why, the desire to read it came over him and he reached for the book. But he found pulling it out was proving difficult. Placing the other books down, he grabbed onto it with both hands and pulled with all his might. Suddenly, it came out at an angle which was followed by a clink sound as Naruto lost his grip and fell back on his butt.

He looked towards the shelf only to see it opening like a door to reveal a secret passage that led down into darkness. 'Hm, an old abbadoned mansion with a creepy secret room, how original. Normally, one would have to be crazy yo go exploring something like this alone, but people have called me worse things than crazy through out my nine years of life.'

Finding a small candle and, with some effort, got it lit up, Naruto walked down the stairs into the darkened passage and into the unknown. Meanwhile, Sarutobi had just arrived outside when he felt something with in the air change. A look of worry crossed his face as he thought 'I don't like this. I have a feeling Naruto's walking into something he shouldn't. I better hurry.'


After what felt like forever, Naruto felt himself finally leave the stair way and what little the candle's light illuminated seemed to indicate a large room. He started to walk forward slowly as he felt himself becoming more nervous. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea' he thought as he decided to turn around. But as he took that one last step, a series of lines lit up all across the floor, racing up the walls and onto the ceiling, causing the room to become bathed in an eerie blue light.

Naruto was able to see much better now and from what he saw, at the center of the room was some sort of disc that was slowly lighting up and on the far was a massive crest of a cross with two swords in an X formation behind it. At the center of the crest was a glowing orb and at the center of the orb was what appear to be a small crystal in the shape of a sword that was also glowing.

Now more curious that afraid, Naruto made his way over to the orb and upon arriving, took a better look at the crystal. He saw that on the hilt of the sword shaped crystal was a copy of the crest and the crystal was small enough that he could easily hide it in one hand when closed. Standing on his tippy toes, he reach up and managed to brush his fingers against it.

The moment he made contact, he felt a rush of energy pass through him that sent him stumbling back. Meanwhile, across the world, several others (both good and evil) also felt this sudden pulse, though only a few understood what that pulse could possibly mean. As Naruto got to his feet, he heard a noise that had him turn to look behind him.

He saw that the disc he had seen on the ground now now emiting a column of light and with in this light, was the form of a teenage boy of 18 who was partually transparent looking back at Naruto. 'What the? What's going on here?' wondered Naruto as he walked towards the hologram. "Hello, to the person who is responsible for activating my message, allow me to introduce myself."

"My name is Haru Glory, heir to the Kingdom of Symphonia and the 2nd Rave Master" said the hologram.

"What? Symphonia, Haru, Rave Master? What the heck is going on here?" asked a very confused Naruto to himself. Little did Naruto know that Sarutobi had arrived and was watching and listening from just beyond the door way. "Depending on how much time has passed since this recording was made, it's possible that the one who activated this device may not have heard of me or the Kingdom Wars. So, I will explain as much as I'm allowed to at this time."

Feeling like he was in for a long story, Naruto took a seat as the image of Haru faded and was replaced by a map of the world that looked very different than what Naruto was familiar with. From where he was standing, Sarutobi thought 'I guess that's how the world looked in his time. Now, lets see what he has to say.'

"Long ago, there was a powerful kingdom called Raregroove that desired to bring peace to the world. However, the king of Raregroove believed that the best way to piece was through absolute rule. Thus, he ordered his armies out on a campaign of world domination to bring forth the king's idea of peace with him as the leader of the whole world."

Naruto watched as images appeared with in the column of light. He saw a blond haired man ordering thousands of soldiers out followed by images of countless battles and seeing horrible blood shed. Seeing this made Naruto feel nauseous, but he held on believing that seeing this, though hard, was necessary for where Haru was taking his tale.

"Though many tried to resist the Raregroove Kingdom's idea of peace, all who dared to challenge them failed and fell in battle due to Raregrooves secret weapon; the Dark Bring. The Dark Bring are shadow stones that possessed great magical powers that are different for each one, but all nonetheless dangerous. It wasn't long before almost every one gave in and excepted Raregroove rule."

Naruto then saw images of various Dark Bring and saw them being used in battle. One caused a man's skin to become as hard as steel. Another allowed a person to transform themselves into smoke. Yet another could be used to read minds. Seeing them in action was actually a little scary and he couldn't help but wonder what some of the others could do.

"In the end, only one small kingdom remained ever vigialant in battling the Raregroove and that kingdom was Symphonia. It was during this time that the king of Symphonia made an important discover. Living with in his kingdom was a special girl named Resha Valentine who possessed the most powerful magic in all the world; the power of Etherion."

The image shifted from Raregroove and it's armies and Dark Bring to that of Symphonia and all who lived there. Naruto found that he liked it much better than Raregroove as everything seemed more natural, more full of life. Then, an image of Resha appeared which made Naruto's heart stop. "She's beautiful" Naruto said to himself as he looked at her while seeing hearts around her.

"King Malakia of Symphonia saw the potential with in Resha and begged her to use Etherion to help them defeat Raregroove and save the world for true peace. Resha agreed as she also hated what was happening and asked what was needed. Malakia said that since Etherion was the magic of creation and destruction, he wanted her to create something that could rival the power of the Dark Bring."

The image now showed Resha and Malakia making the deal that would change everything forever.

"After getting help from the court magician's to learn how to control her magic perfectly and doing a little experiment to make sure she was using it right, Resha called forth all her Etherion power to create the very thing needed to win the war. And this power that she created was the Holy Bring, five stones that contained the power of light in its purest form."

Naruto watched as he saw five objects appear around Resha as she knelt on the ground meditating. Four of the Holy Bring resembled small marble sized spheres while the fifth took on the shape of a sword. Naruto realized he had seen it before and turned and looked upon the small pendant sized object he had touched just a few minutes ago. 'So, that thing is one of those Holy Bring thingies.'

"Unfortunately, the creation of the five Holy Bring took everything Resha had and she was lost to the world after finishing the last of the five, the Key Holy Bring. She also left instructions that the five stones were to be given to a young knight by the name of Shiba who she had chosen as the wielder of the Holy Brings power."

Naruto noticed it focused on the sword shaped Holy Bring when it talk of the "Key Holy Bring" and the saw it show him a young man with dark hair with a cocky attitude about him named Shiba who took the five stones in hand and made a vow to save the world for Resha.

"In honor of Resha's memory, the people decided to rename the Holy Bring. By taking the first and last letter's of Resha's first and last name, that gave the Holy Bring it's new name; RAVE. King Malakia order the four best knights in all of Symphonia to join Shiba and aid him in his battles. These four knights were Deerhound, Maltese, Dalmation, and Alpine; the Knights of the Blue Sky."

Naruto saw three men and one woman appear next to Shiba as the raised their weapons above him, symbolizing their oath to help him fulfill his promise to the girl they saw as their little sister.

"It was also at this time that Shiba and the Knights met Galein Musica, the greatest black smith the world had ever seen who, upon here of Shiba's mission, decided to help him by making for him the greatest sword ever forged, a sword that would be worthy of the Rave Master. And this sword was the Ten Powers."

Naruto watched as a man with black hair appeared and shook hands with Shiba. He then saw a rather large sword appear and assumed that it was the Ten Powers. He also noticed a small slot on the blade near the hilt that was in the shape of the Key Rave.

"The reason behind the name Ten Powers was do to the fact that the sword had ten different forms to it and each form had it's own powers and uses. By placing the Key Rave in a special slot on the blade and calling forth a name, the sword could shift between it's ten special forms at the whim of the Rave Master. It's original form is called Eisen Meteor; the Iron Metal Sword. It has no special powers as it was always meant to be used for pure sword fighting. And this one here is called Explosion; the Detonation Sword which can cause explosions when the blade strikes against something."

Naruto saw the original sword shift into a sleeker and slimmer version of itself that appeared a dark yellow color with black lines wrapped around it.

"Obviously, there are eight other forms but you'll discover them in time. With the Ten Powers and the Knights of the Blue Sky and the power of Rave, Shiba set out and began his journey. The battles were tough and the times difficult. But in the end, they made it to the hidden location of the Sinclaire, the mother of all Dark Bring. If they could destroy it, then all Dark Bring would become inert and the war would end."

An image of a massive purple stone appeared with bat like wings growing out of it as it gave off an eerie light.

"The four Knights would ultimately sacrifice themselves in this final battle to give Shiba the time he needed to reach the Sinclaire and destroy it. Channeling all of Rave's power into the sword, Shiba charged forward and sent the Ten Powers cutting deep into the mother Dark Bring, seemingly destroying it. Sadly, it was not to be."

Naruto watched as Shiba struck the Sinclaire and awaited with excitement at what was going to happen next. If nothing else, this was a good movie. Now, if only he had some popcorn was his current mind set.

"Sinclaire roared back to life and unleashed a destructive force of such raw power and intensity, it ended up decimating one tenth of the planet's surface. And the name given to this hellish explosion was Overdrive. Some how, Shiba survived the blast despite being at ground zero. As he looked up, he saw the Sinclaire break into five pieces and, along with the four Rave Stones, scatter across the face of the earth, leaving him with only the Key Rave and the Ten Powers."

Naruto sat in both awe and fear as he watch these events happen. He wondered if he would be able to survive if he was ever caught up in a blast like that.

"Though the war had ended for a time, Shiba knew that as long as the Sinclaire remained in the world, so to would all Dark Bring. So, for the next fifty years of his life, Shiba journeyed around while looking for both the four missing Rave and the five pieces of Sinclaire. However, his journey bore no fruit for him. Eventually, he found himself coming back to his home on Garage Island were he would end up meeting me."

Naruto laughed and said to the hologram "Garage Island? What kind of name is that? I guess the place must be a dump." Naruto laughed again and mostly failed to notice Haru say "Like your home's any better. The Village Hidden in the Leaves of the Land of Fire? Your lucky your village isn't kept in a constant sea of never ending fire."

Naruto stopped and said "Huh? What did you just say?" The image ignored him as if it hadn't said anything and continued the story.

"By some stroke of luck, the Rave decided to pass its powers from Shiba to me and I ended up becoming the second Rave Master. As such, I had to set out and continue Shiba's journey to find the Rave and Sinclaire stones. Though the journey was a hard one, it was also filled with fun and plenty of adventure. Along the way, I made many good friends and allies and together, we found all the Rave and in an epic final battle, destroyed the restored mother Dark Bring and saved the world. Or, so we had hoped."

Naruto said "Oh boy, this can't be a good thing that's coming up." Sarutobi, who had been paying close attention, nodded at that.

"Shortly after our victory, the great prophet Sage Pendragon predicted that at some point in the far future, some one would revive the Dark Bring into this world once again and cast darkness over the land. In order to ensure that the world of the future could be saved, five new Rave were created to replace the ones lost in my final battle and scattered over the face of the earth so that my successor would be able to fight and beat the new Dark Bring and the one who revived them."

Naruto heard a humming which made him stand quickly. He turned and saw the Key Rave free itself from the orb and float over to him. He reached out and grasped it with in his hands and felt a strong warmth from holding it. He turned back and looked at the holo-Haru to see what came next.

"To the one who now holds the Key Rave, I offer both congradulations and my sincere appalogies for this burrden I place upon you as you are now the third Rave Master. I give you the task of doing what both me and Shiba did before you. Destroy the Dark Bring and save the world. Will you except this difficult mission I have given you?"

Holding the Key Rave in his hand as tightly as possible and a look of fierce determination on his face, Naruto said as clearly as he could "Yes, I except this burden Haru. I swear on my life that I will follow in both yours and Shiba's foot steps and save the world." There was no need for him to think about it because for Naruto, the choice was obvious. Off to the side, Sarutobi smiled at this as he thought 'So much like his parents, it's amazing.'


The holo-Haru smiled and said "I'm assuming you said yes seeing as the only way out of this would be for you to die. That is the only way a Rave Master can pass the title from one to the next unless Rave itself chooses a new master. Now, allow me to give you several things that should help you in your journey."

Naruto looked as he saw two giant containers arise from the ground. One held two books while the other held the Ten Powers sword, though it looked very aged and rusty from Kami knows how many years it has remained here unused. Naruto turned back to the holo-Haru and in doing so, failed to notice the orb that the Rave had been attached to float down to the ground and roll towards him quietly.

"The two books you see in the one cylinder container are both important. The top one is the Rave codex that contains important information for you Rave Master such as the location of the other four Rave Stones and such. The reason why they are all not together here is because we felt the risk of having them together would be to great should this location be compromised and the Rave is obtained by person with evil intent."

"The lower book is my personal journal that you might find helpful in your learning about your mission and the journey ahead of you. Also, as for the Ten Powers Eisen Meteor mode, it might be in bad condition. If so, I would suggest finding a black smith right away to restore it. I would seek out a member of the Musica family. They may still be living on Punk Street."

The holo-Haru's image started to flicker as he said "One last thing. This will be a very difficult journey, though I'm sure you will make many good friends who will help you along the way. And I'd like to introduce to your first ally right here and now. Besides the five Rave, he was also created by Resha as both a friend to her as well as the Rave Bearer who aids the Rave Master. Please say high to Plue."

Naruto looked confused as he said "Plue? Who's Plue?" He suddenly feels something tugging at his pants leg. He looks down and sees the strangest thing he has ever seen. It's a small white creature with a skinny body, large round head, small black eyes, and what appears to be a carrot for a nose. The creature looks up and him and raises its hand/paw and says "Puun" to a very surprised Naruto.

"GGGAAAHHH, ALIEN!" shouts Naruto as he rushes away and hides behind the Ten Powers container. Plue simply scamppers after him, causing Naruto to run all over the place with Plue right behind. The holo-Haru sweat drops at the sight of this and then clears his throat. Naruto comes to a stop as Plue comes to stand right beside him.

"I know seeing Plue for the first time must be shocking seeing as I also had a similar reaction to meeting the guy. But trust me, you will need him on this journey if you are to succeed. Besides being a great friend to have at your side, Plue also has the ability to sense out the locations of the Rave. Also, he has one heck of a sweet tooth on him so be expected to feed him plenty of candies, especially lollipops. And, in case your wondering, Plue just so happens to be a carrot nosed dog, according to what Shiba told me as he was told by Resha when they first met."

Naruto knelt down besides Plue and said "Sorry for the freak out back there. If Haru says we should be friends, then I'm all for it. Truth be told, I really don't have any friends in my life." Plue nodded as he jumped on top of Naruto's head which made the young kid laugh happily. Of to the side, Sarutobi looked both happy and sad. Sad at hearing Naruto say he doesn't have friends and happy that Naruto was happy at having Plue with him now.

"Well, that's the end of the message I've left for you. The rest you'll have to figure out yourself but I know you can do it. Just remember this, believe in yourself, your friends, and above all else, believe in the power of the Rave. Plue buddy, take care of the new guy. I have a feeling his journey will be even more intense than mine and Shiba's was. Goodbye and see you again some day."

The image flickered again one final time before the machine turned off, leaving the room bathed in the blue line lights. Naruto looked up at Plue and said "Well, I guess we should figure out were we go from here, right Plue?" "Puun" said the carrot nosed dog as he looked down at Naruto.

It was then that Sarutobi finally stepped out of the shadows and said "I think I can help you with this, Naruto." Naruto and Plue jumped as they spun around seeing as neither expected anyone else to be here. "Huh? Oh, hey old man. How long have you been here?" Sarutobi smiled at Naruto and Plue as he walked over and grabbed the two books.

"Long enough to have seen and hear everything. So Naruto, I guess this means we need to get you some special training in order to get you ready for your mission as the Rave Master." Naruto nodded and said "That's right since I'm the only one who can do it."

Sarutobi handed Haru's journal to Naruto and said "Then you can start by reading this. I'll take the codex to people who are skilled at deciphering these sorts of things and I'll find someone who can reforge and repair the Ten Powers. Also, once the academy lets out tomorrow, come see me so we can discus your special training regiment and find you a new place to live and such. But for now, lets head over to Iruka's and see if he's willing to let you spend the night. He should be getting back from his mission soon."

And with that, the three of them left the Key Rave Sanctuary and returned to the outside world.


The following day at the academy, Naruto entered looking different than he normally would. Seeing as all his normal clothing had been disintegrated in the fire, he was now wearing some of Iruka's old academy clothes, a white shirt and brown pants. The only Naruto thing he still had on him now was his trademark green goggles, which had been a birthday gift from an unknown individual that had been lucky enough to be on Naruto's head the previous day.

Naruto took a look around and noticed his crush, Sakura Haruno, hadn't arrived yet. As he sat down at his usual spot, he failed to notice a certain shy and quiet girl looking at him affectionately. "Well Plue, this is were we kids come to learn about being ninjas. What do you think?" Plue, who was resting on top of Naruto's head, looked around and simply said "Puun" in a happy sounding voice.

Naruto smiled and said "Yeah, I had a feeling you'd like it." Naruto had gotten over his shock of being with Plue and they had quickly become fast friends. As they sat there, Shikamaru and Chouji walked up to him. "Hey Naruto, I heard your home got hit by lightning last night. Did you find a place to stay yet?" asked Chouji.

"Huh? Oh, hey guys, you heard about that? Yeah, my apartment got blown to a million pieces and then burned itself to a crisp. Luckily, Iruka-sensei let me stay with him last night and I'm going to be given a new place to stay after classes are done thanks to old man Hokage."

Off in the upper left cornor of the room, Hinata had heard the whole thing and thought 'Poor Naruto, he losy his home yestarday. At least he isn't hurt and will be getting a new place to live. I wonder if there's anything I can do for him?' "Man, that's such a drag though. It must be hard having all your things..."

Naruto and Chouji noticed that Shikamaru had stopped talking. "Hey Shika, what's wrong?" asked Chouji as Shikamaru pointed to Naruto's head. Chouji looked to wear he was pointing and immediately froze. "Naruto, what...what...what...is..." started Shikamaru as a familiar sound came into the class room from the halls.

"I said I'm going first Ino-pig" shouted one voice. "In your dreams forehead banshee" shouted the other. Naruto turned and smiled as a victorious Sakura entered the room, quickly followed by an enraged Ino. "That's not fare Sakura, you cheated again" said Ino. Sakura laughed and said "Sorry piggy, but you'll have to be faster than that if you..."

"OH SAKURA" came Naruto as he rushed over to her and Ino. Ino grinned as she saw the look of disgust cross Sakura's face at knowing she was about to have Naruto talk to her again, which was the only thing about the academy Sakura hated. Ino herself didn't like Naruto all that much, but the effect he had on Sakura made Naruto just Ok enough in her book to not totally hate him.

"Hey Sakura, I was wondering if you'd..." started Naruto, but Sakura cut him off. "Naruto, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't like you in even the slightest bit. You are annoying, ugly, and a total pain in the butt. No girl in her right mind would ever want to be seen with a loser like...like...like..." Sakura just kept repeating as her eyes fell onto Naruto's head.

Now Naruto was incredible dense for the most part as he took Sakura's constant rejections as a sign of her playing hard to get and not actually her rejecting him. And it was also safe to say his mind didn't register any of the hurtful things she would say either. Hell, even when she would hit Naruto, his mentality would tell him that it was just her way of showing him her love for him and not the actual meaning.

Ino had noticed Sakura becoming stuck in her loop and looked to were Sakura was pointing and froze as she saw the creature atop Naruto's head as well. Off to the side, Hinata was wanting to yell at Sakura and say that she was wrong. That Naruto wasn't annoying, he wasn't a pain, but actually funny, and that she felt that he was the most handsome boy in class, even more than Sasuke.

"Hey Sakura, what's wrong?" asked a confused Naruto. Hearing Naruto speak brought Sakura out of her trance as she yelled as loud as she could "Naruto, what the hell is that thing on top of your head?" Plue looked at her in the eyes and said "Puun" as he raised a paw up. "Eww gross, that monster is looking at us" shouted Ino.

Getting angry, Naruto yelled out "Plue isn't a monster, he's a carrot nosed dog and my new friend." Naruto heard the sound of a chocking gag as he saw Kiba nearly double over at his seat. Kiba then shot up and, after looking at Plue, yelled "There's no way in hell that thing is a dog. That's an insult to dogs everywhere. And once I get my dog partner in a few months, I'll show you what a REAL dog looks like. That Naruto, is a....a cat!"

"What! How dare you compare that little freak of nature there to a cat, Kiba? It's obvious to anyone who looks at it that Naruto's pet is an insect" proclaimed Sakura. A noise was made that had them all looking over at Shino who simply said "I don't believe that Naruto's friend is an insect as I have never seen one such as it before and I would be the one to know such things."

"Is it a gopher?" asked Chouji as he and Shikamaru walked up to join in. "Maybe, either that or a mole. Man, this talk is turning into such a drag" said Shikamaru. Sakura then looked over at Sasuke who was busy minding his own business and shouted "Hey SASUKE, do you know what that is?" Ino nodded and said "Of course, Sasuke would know since he's really smart and cool."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he didn't wasn't to become involved. All he really wanted was to learn, train, and become stronger so he could prove himself to his father that he was just as good as Itachi. Turning and looking, he simply said "I don't no. Maybe its a large tailless sewer rat or something."

"Of course, that has to be it. That thing is a rat" proclaimed Ino. Sakura agreed till the realized how close they were to it and jumped away shrieking. "Naruto, take that disgusting rat out of here. What are you trying to do, make us all get sick with what ever disease it has growing in it" screamed Sakura.

Now, Naruto was mad at Sakura as he shouted "He is not a rat. I told you guys already, he's a..." Naruto stopped as Plue jumped from his head and scampered across the floor. They all saw Plue jump into the waiting arms of Hinata as she looked at Plue closely. She rubbed the top of Plue's head which he obviously liked and snuggled into Hinata's embrace.

"Naruto, you have a really cute puppy here. What's his name?" Naruto smiled at the sight and was relieved at least one person liked Plue. "His name is Plue and he's the Rave Bearer and my new partner." "Huh, what are you talking about Naruto?" asked Shikamaru. Meanwhile, Kiba yelled "Hinata, don't be blind. That is NOT a dog of any type. Don't let Naruto trick you with his lie."

Naruto and everyone else ignored Kiba as Naruto reached into his shirt and pulled out the small chain the Key Rave was hanging from. "This guys, is Rave. It's some kind of magic stone that uses the power of light or something. Some guy called Haru Glory gave it and Plue to me and said I was the third Rave Master and that I had to go and destroy these evil stones called Dark Bring."

Hinata looked at the sword shaped stone and thought 'That's real pretty." She couldn't help but reach out and touch it and as her fingers came into contact, the Rave gave off a faint glow. "Huh, why is it glowing again?" wondered Naruto aloud. But before anyone else could say or do anything, the lower door open and Iruka entered the room.

"Ok class, sit down and prepare for todays lesson." He saw Naruto with everyone near the top and said "Naruto, you can introduce your dog later. Come on people, we have learning to do.' Kiba moaned and said "Iruka-sensei, not you too. How many times do I need to say it. That...Plue...is not and will never be a dog."

Everyone ignored him as they took their seats. "Come on Plue, lets find a seat" said Naruto till he realized Plue didn't want to leave Hinata's side. "Oh, you wanna sit with Hinata. Ok then, I'll see you in a while Plue." As Naruto started to walk, Plue squeaked out for him and Naruto looked back.

"What's up buddy?" Naruto then realized that Plue wanted Naruto to sit with Hinata. "Oh, Ok. Hey Hinata, can I sit by you?" asked Naruto. Hinata let out an "eep" at his question before nodding shyly. Naruto took his seat next to her as Plue sat on the desk between them. Hinata blushed as she thought 'Naruto...is sitting by me. Is this really happening?'

She looked over and saw Plue give her a smile. Hinata returned her attention to the front and mentally thanked Plue for this. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, though there was still plenty of debate over what Plue actually was. At the end of the day, Naruto and Plue said their goodbyes to Hinata as they headed to see the Hokage.


At the Kage tower, Sarutobi was sitting at his desk doing the usual paper work when a knock came at the door. He shouted enter to the person on the other side as a well built man with spike brown hair entered the room. It was obvious that he worked as a black smith do to his appearance.

"You wished to see me, lord Hokage" asked the man. Sarutobi smiled at him as he pulled out a scroll and said "Ah, I'm glad you could come so quickly Tenzen. I have need of you and your families special skills." Tenzen looked at him and said "Unless you mean our skills as a black smith, then I wouldn't know what other skills you could mean."

"I think you do, but we'll get to that in a minute. I want you to take a look at something. You see, I have a special sword that needs to be repaired and I can only trust you and yours to do it." Tenzen looks intrigued and said "Well, were is this sword? I can't wait to see it."

Sarutobi opened the scroll and made several hand signs and released the continents of the scroll. The Ten Powers emerged from the scroll and then found itself laying on the desk. Tenzen looked at the weapon as if he was seeing a ghost. Sarutobi saw his reaction and realized that he had been right in his assumption.

"Where did you get this?" asked Tenzen as he reached out and took the weapon in his hands. "It was found beneath the old Namikaze mansion, along with a sword shaped magic stone and several books. And the person who found them and were given these gifts was Naruto Uzumaki."

"Was that stone called Rave? Is this the Ten Powers?" asked Tenzen. Sarutobi nodded as he said "And I guess this means that I was right. You and your family are the lineal decendents of Hamrio Musica who battled side by side with Haru Glory durring the War of the Rave and the Dark Bring; the Second Kingdom Wars."

Tenzen hesitated for just a moment before saying "My family hasn't gone by the name Musica in many generations, but you are correct in your guess. So, I take it then that Naruto has been chosen by the Rave as the third Rave Master?" "Again, Sarutobi nodded and said "Correct, we will begin working with him to help him prepare for his new destiny while working of translating the Rave Codex left to us. Unless, of course, you happen to know the locations of the four Raves."

"Sadly, Hamrio never left that information for any of his decedents to have. All we were left with was the knowledge of the families black smith skills, are secret power, and the sacred treasure of the Musica family." Sarutobi had a feeling he wouldn't get any info on these other secrets yet. So instead, he asked "Will you be able to reforge the sword?"

Tenzen nodded and said "It shall take some time to do, but yes. And even if I can't reforge this Ten Powers, I can at least create a new one if necessary. Though it will take time to do. Well, unless there's anything else, I shall be on my way." "Don't worry about time as Naruto is only in his second year of the academy of the total five one must take before becoming a genin. And there is one final thing. Do you have any children attending the academy at present?"

Tenzen nodded and said "Yes, my only daughter Tenten is a third year. May I ask why you asked?" "Simple, since I know that the Musica's and the Rave Master have had quite a good history together, I felt that their heirs would make a good team as well. Even though Tenten is a year ahead of Naruto, I think I have an idea that will allow them to be placed together on the same team. Well, good luck with your work. Oh, you don't have a problem with Naruto by any chance, do you?"

Tenzen shook his head and said "Not really. I actually like that little prankster. Well, I'll keep you informed of my work on the sword. If you need anything else, let me know." And with that, Tenzen left with the Ten Powers to begin his long work.

(Uchiha distract)

Sasuke was busy working on perfecting his Fire Ball jutsu as his father, Fugaku, walked up to him. "Well son, I see your practicing as hard as usual. Though I still feel you shouldn't try to compete with your brother, at least you are very dedicated to your dreams of being as good if not better than him."

"I know father, I'll keep that in mind" said Sasuke as prepared another Fire Ball. After unleashing the massive blast, Fugaku gave a slight grin as he turned and walked away, saying "That's my boy" as he moved. Sausuke smiled proudly as he heard his father said that, then a thought came to him.

"Father, I have a question to ask of you." Fugaku stopped and asked "And what do you want to ask me, son?" Sasuke took a moment to remember all that he had heard and then asked "Have you ever heard of something called a Rave or a Rave Master? What about a Haru Glory or Dark Bring?"

Sasuke then noticed his father had become pale as he said "Father, is something wrong?" Before he knew it, his father was right in front of him and and Fugaku said "What did you just say?" Sasuke repeated what he just said and Fugaku became even more serious. "Sasuke, I want you to tell me everything that happened today and don't leave anything out."

(Kage tower)

Naruto and Plue stood before the Hokage as he finished stamping his final document for the day. "So, are you ready to see your new home?" Naruto nodded and said "Sure, me and Plue are looking forward to seeing our new home. Although, I need to go clothes shopping for something new. Otherwise, I'll have to keep wearing Iruka-senei's seriously out of date garments."

"I know Naruto, and I will be helping you with that before we get to your new place. And, to that end, lets talk about something important. Your training regiment that will allow you to be ready for your duties as Rave Master for when the time comes." Naruto smiled and said "All right, I'm getting special training. Now I can finally prove I'm just as good as Sasuke if not better. So, what will I get to do?"

"Well, I'll be assigning several Jonin to work with you to solve several problems area's I know you have at present. Also, there's several other things I doubt you'll like to here." Naruto waved it off and said "I'm sure it won't be a problem, what ever it is. If I can become stronger, then it won't matter what I have to do."

Sarutobi smiled and said "I'm glad to hear you say that Naruto. Now, there are two things that you'll need to do to become stronger. One, as of this moment, I'm banning you from eating any type of ramen till your training is complete." Sarutobi saw the look on Naruto's face and braced himself for what was about to come.

"WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU WANT ME TO GIVE UP ON RAMEN! THERE'S NO WAY I'M DOING THAT. RAMEN IS LIKE MY LIFE FORCE, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT. NO, THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!" Sarutobi sighed and said "Naruto, you have no choice in this matter. Eating nothing but ramen for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It's not healthy and it definitely won't allow you to have any growth and development benefits that you will need if you wish to become a true Rave Master."

Naruto pouted for a bit as Plue patted him on his head. Then a thought occurred to him. 'Ok, not a problem. I'll act like I'm going along and then I'll make mastering transformation my first priority. Once done, I can use that and disguise myself and get back to my normal routines and the old man won't ever know about it.'

Sarutobi, reading his thoughts easily, said "And I'll instruct your teachers to save transformation till the last since it will be the least useful for your mission. And Naruto, if I find you have had any secret ramen sessions with out permission, you'll be punished by having to spend a whole week locked in a small room with Anko, the snake mistress of the Leaf."

Naruto froze at hearing this. If there was one person in the whole village who scared him the most, it was Anko (but that's a story for another time). Finally, Naruto nodded in defeat as he said "OK, I promise I won't eat ramen till my training is done, old man." Sarutobi nodded and said "Cheer up Naruto, the training will go by quicker than you think. And if you do well and advance quickly, I might let you have a ramen day every so often. But you'll have to work hard to earn them, Ok?"

Naruto suddenly became very happy as he said "Right, lord Hokage. So, what was the other deal about my training?" Sarutobi grinned mischievously as he said "The other thing is this. From this day forth, you shall no longer wear orange as the dominant color for you attire. Understand?" Now, Naruto was really annoyed.

"What, first you take away my ramen and now my favorite color too. Forget it then, I don't want to be Rave Master now." Sarutobi once again said "Sorry Naruto, but you really don't have a choice in this unless your willing to die so another can become the Rave Master." Naruto stiffened at hearing this.

"Now I know you wish to become Hokage some day, and you'll need to be willing to make many personal sacrifices for the greater good if you wish to make that dream become reality. Now, tell me why you have such a need to wear orange all the time?" Naruto brought a fist to his chest and proudly said "Because it forces people to see me and acknowledge that I do exist. They have no other choice but to see me here and now as I walk by them."

Sarutobi sighed and said "And that's the problem Naruto. A ninja has to be unseen and hidden, things you clearly don't want to do. If you really want to be known as one of best ninja's of our village, if not the best as well as become Hokage one day, then you'll need to give up on the orange obseesion. Understood?"

Once again, Naruto hung his head in defeat and said "Fine, no ramen and no orange color. Is there anything else?" Sarutobi got up and said "Just, lets go get your things that you will need for your new home ready for you and Plue. And Naruto, just so you know, another thing about wearing orange is that once you get on a Genin team, not only will you put yourself in danger by being that noticeable, you will also be putting your teammates in danger as well and I'm sure you don't want that."

"No sir, I can see your point though. I just...I just want people to see me as me and not as what ever it is they see me as. I guess what I'm saying is this, I'm just don't want to be another face in the crowd." Sarutobi nodded and said "Don't we all Naruto, don't we all."

(Uchiha distract)

"I'm sorry father, but I can't do it" said Itachi as he looked at Fugaku who now had an annoyed look on his face. "And why not, SON!" asked Fugaku who was getting tired of Itachi's resent string of disappointments. "Because father, I have a mission that I have go on now and besides, kidnapping is not something I will do under these circumstances."

Fugaku's expression became as stone as he said "Very well, be off with you then. But, it will be Sasuke and not you who shall reap the final benefits of what we shall do here tonight. At least your brother is some one who I can count on with out question, unlike you!"

Itachi simply said "Very well, I shall be going now. Goodbye father." With that, Itachi left the room. As he walked, he thought to himself 'I better be ready to make my move, just in case father's plan gets out of control. No matter what the sacrifice, I can't allow that to be released back into the world ever again.'

(Naruto's new place, several hours later)

Naruto had just finished putting the rest of his things away as he looked over his new place. It was definitely bigger and better than his old home. It even had four bedrooms though he was told that there was a reason for this that he would learn the reason for in a few years. Plue seemed to also like the new place, understandable considering he's was living inside a small sphere for Kami knows how long.

"Well Plue, what shall we have for dinner tonight?" asked Naruto. "Puun" said Plue as he looked around the kitchen as they entered the room. "Since ramen was a no-no right now, lets try...steak instead huh?" Plue nodded as Naruto made his way over to the fridge. Suddenly, Plue started to become nervous and started to tug at Naruto's hair.

"Hey, what's wrong Plue?" Before Plue could do anything, a shadow came down behind Naruto and sent his hand swatting into the back of Naruto's neck, knocking him out instantly. Plue tries to stab the attacker with his nose, but the man grabs Plue and stuffs him into a bag and ties it tightly. Then grabbing Naruto, he takes both away and says "Now, you shall finally be delt with, demon vessel."


next time on RMN: Naruto and Plue have been captured by the Uchiha who plan on a forced transference of Rave's power to Sasuke. Will they succeed or will they unleash a force that should have never been seen in the world again. And what is happening to Hinata and who is the girl that visits her in the middle of the night.

It all happens on the next Rave Master Naruto: "Night of the White Light"

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Sasuke Uchiha - Lucia Raregroove

Itachi Uchiha - Sieg Hart

Kisame Hoshigaki - Let

Zabuza Momochi - Shuda

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Orochimaru - Hardner

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