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Rave Master Naruto Rave 2: Night of the White Light

Sasuke was getting ready for bed as his mind went over his talk with his father earlier. He was worried that he had something wrong as his father had become more serious than he had ever seen the man before. Though Fugaku had told him not to worry and that he was glad Sasuke had given him this information, Sasuke still felt he had done something wrong.

He had wanted to ask Itachi about it, but his brother had left to go on a mission and Sasuke didn't know when he'd be back. He heard a knock at the door and turned to see his mother smiling at him. "Hey mom, is something wrong or did you just come by to say good night?" asked Sasuke.

Mikoto smiled and said "I can tell you good night if you want me to and I'll even tell you a bed time story for old times sakes if it will help you sleep better" she said with a mischievous grin. Sasuke groaned and said "Mom, I'm to old for things like that. I'm going to bed."

Mikoto sighed and thought about how quickly they grow up on you before saying "Not yet, little man. Your dad wants to see you about something first." Sasuke looked at his mother surprised and said "Really? About what?" Mikoto shrugged and said "He didn't say, just for you to come see him right away." Curious, Sasuke followed his mother to his father's study.

Fugaku was busy going over some important scrolls when a figure appeared before him in a puff of smoke. "Lord Fugaku, Hachin just returned with the demon and the Rave Bearer. What should he do with them?" Fugaku turned and said "Take them to the secret ceremonial chambers. I'll be along once I finish getting ready."

"Yes sir" said the man before disappearing again. A second later, he heard Mikoto ask for entrance and he replied with an "enter". Mikoto stepped in with a confused Sasuke who asked "Father, is something wrong? Did I do something to anger you?" Fugaku turned and smiled at his son and said "Of course not, Sasuke. Actually, I have good news for you."

"Really?" said Sasuke with a glint of hope in his eyes. Fugaku nodded and said "Yes, I have come to a important desicion about you and your future training. I've decided that as of tomorrow, I will be personally over seeing your training for the day you'll succeed me as the leader of the clan."

Sasuke looked stunned at his father and said "No way, really? But what about big brother? Isn't he suppose to be heir to our clan?" Fugaku shook his head and said "Not any more. We had a...discussion earlier and it was decided that you would be my heir and not him. So, to that end, I will be giving you training that will make you the strongest Uchiha the world has ever seen."

Sasuke found himself tearing up as he ran over and hugged his father, saying "Thank you, I won't let you down father." Mikoto smiled at the sight as Fugaku leaned down and returned his son's hug. "I know you wont son. The future of our clan and all our future prosperity will lye on your shoulders. Now, get some rest my son."

Before Sasuke could move away and return to his room, he felt everything around him go dark as he quickly blacked out. Fugaku caught him and held him in his arms as the sleep jutsu he had just cast took full effect. "Is he OK?" asked Mikoto. "He will be fine and shall awaken in the morning. This sleep jutsu will allow him to go through the ritual without feeling any pain or discomfort. Now, lets begin."

As they left his office and made their way to the ceremonial chamber, Mikoto asked "Is this necessary? Do we really need Raves power for the future of the clan?" "No my wife, this is all just to make sure that detestable power can't be used against us in the future. Once the transfer is complete, the Rave and that little monster that is its Bearer will be sealed away with in the clan fault for all times, never to be seen again."

"And what of Naruto and the fox?" asked Mikoto. "The fox will be sealed into a special orb that I have spent several years making. It will allow us to use its power and not have to deal with the beast trying to take control. As for the boy, I shall have no need for him. With his death shall go the last of the line that our family has feared for countless generations."

"It just seems a cruel fate, him having to pay for the sins his ancestors brought onto our family." Fugaku sighed and said "That is the way of life. He never would have found happiness in this life anyways with that demon sealed away with in him. I consider this a mercy killing as it will save him the pain of the years that would have come for him."

As they entered the chambers, Mikoto asked one final thing "And what of the Dark Bring? How will we deal with that?" Fugaku laid Sasuke down gently on the seal next to Naruto and said "We have yet to see any proof that the Dark Bring have been revived. If they have, then we shall find and retrieve them all and bring them back under our families control, once again."

Fugaku looked around the gathering in the room before him and saw that all the elders and the most experienced of Uchiha had arrived for this. "Listen, my family. As you know from tales of long ago, our family was know by another name, the Raregroove. And we were forced to change our name in order to hide and survive in a world that had come to hate us because they failed to understand the true intentions of our families great ancestor; Lucia Raregroove."

Everyone present nodded. "And over the centuries, the new way of power that came from the manipulation of the energy called chakra was slowly beginning to rise and take the place of magic as the dominate power in the world. And we, seeing this great change as necessary, took it upon ourselves to hunt down and wipe away all traces of magic from this world and those who could use it save for our clan alone."

Again, more nodding was seen. "There was another reason for this that few knew of. And that was to save the world from another Etherion powered witch like Resha Valentine. Now, with the world safe from those who would bring it harm, we shall now wipe away the last link to the magics of the past by bringing an end to this boy and sealing away the magic of Rave for all time."

Everyone stepped up and took their place as the magic circle began to glow. "With this ancient and archaic ritual, we shall transfer the power of the detestable Holy Bring to my son, though he shall never know this, and we shall seal the power of the nine tails into this Makario Orb for our own personal use in the future. The ritual will be long and difficult, but we must succeed for the future of both the world and for the future of the Uchiha."

"And how will this work, exactly?" asked one member among the gathering. "Simple, the seal on the ground has already been activated and will unsure that Raves power goes to Sasuke when the demon vessel dies. All we have to do is perform the incantation here so we can transfer the fox's power into the orb and the rest will take care of itself. Now, lets begin."

Off to the side, Mikoto watch the cage that Plue had been thrown in shake and rattle as the little creature tried desperately to free itself. She looked at it sadly and said "Try all you want, you can't free yourself. You'll just have to except that the third will die and you will be locked away forever after this night." As Mikoto returned to watching, she couldn't help but think that Plue's was reacting more badly to this than she thought he would. Was there something they didn't know about here?

As the gathered Uchiha chanted the incantation, the seal on the ground began to glow brighter and brighter. Naruto's shirt melted away, revealing the seal on his stomach which began to glow brightly. Suddenly, his eyes bulged open as he let out a piercing scream that echoed across the room, though no one from outside would hear it. A tear escape from Mikoto's eyes as she watch and secretly wished Naruto didn't have to suffer from this.


Outside the village, Itachi watch as a faint glow began to cover the whole Uchiha distract of the viilage, though he doubted anyone would notice as it could only be seen at present with the aid of a special device he was using. "So, father has begun his foolish plan. Then I guess I better get started as well."

Reaching into his pack, he pulled out a ring covered in five multi-colored stones and placed it on his right ring finger. Bringing the ring up before him, he began to chant an ancient ritual spell he had learned in secret years ago and watched as the image on the crystal ball before him shifted to the outer walls of the Uchiha distract that separated the area from the rest of the village.

As he chanted, runic symbols begin to appear along the wall which produced a barrier around the whole area, effectively isolating the whole distract from the rest of the village. Stopping for just a second, he thought 'Now, all I can do is focus on keeping the barrier up and hope it will be enough to protect the village. Beyond that, all I can do is believe in the power of the Rave to handle.'

(Hyuga compound)

Hinata had just returned to her room and was getting ready for bed. She looked over at the picture of her mother and smiled as she said "I wish you were still here mommy. There's so many things I want to talk with you about that I can't talk with daddy or anyone else about. Like how should I go about telling a certain boy that I like him?"

Naturally, the picture didn't answer though Hinata smiled anyways. She got up and went to go to her bed, only stopping long enough to grab her favorite thing to take with her to bed. She had made it herself and nobody knew it existed as she always hid it before leaving for the academy each day.

She sat on her bed and gave it a hug and a kiss as she said "Good night, little Naruto" to the small Naruto dolly she held in her hands. She was about to lay down, when she was suddenly hit by an explosive pain that racked her entire body. She gasped in pain and wanted to cry for help, but her voice had suddenly left her so she could only make whimpering sounds at present.

She tried to get up and go for the door to find help, but her legs gave out from under her after the third step and she collapsed to the ground. Shaking badly from the pain as tears poured down her face, she managed to say in a weak and strained voice "Naruto." She wasn't sure how or why, but she knew in her heart that Naruto was feeling great pain and that she was feeling it as well.

She tried to get up, but collapsed once again as she felt the world around her going dark. Reaching out, she grabbed her Naruto doll and held it close as her mind cried out 'Naruto...is in danger. I have...to...help....' She couldn't finish as the blackness of unconsciousness finally claimed her and she became lost to the world around her.

(Uchiha distract)

Mikoto had to close her eyes and turn away as Naruto screamed in agony, his body convulsing and spasming violently from the pain being brought on by the extraction process. As much as she loved her husband, she couldn't allow this to just happen as no one deserved to suffer like this.

She rushed to him and asked in a pleading voice "Fugaku, please stop this. Naruto shouldn't have to suffer because of whats happened. There has to be another way we can do this that wont hurt or kill him." Fugaku turned to her and gave her an icy stare as he said "How dare you question my methods, my wife. This little bastard doesn't deserve any compassion from us or the rest of the world. Was his death will see the end of that accursed line he is successor to."

Mikoto looked appalled at him and, for the first time since she had met him, felt herself becoming disgusted with having known this man named Fugaku. "You say this is about saving the world from something born in the past? I can see the truth now. This is more than just keeping the power of Rave from returning. This is the Uchiha clan's need to personal revenge, your need for personal revenge against the Glory family, isn't it?"

"So what if it is? Our two families have been at odds for countless generations. At one point, there could have been a true unity between us with the advent of the two Gale's. But those days are gone and I will see to it the we, the heirs of Raregroove are the survivors and not the heirs of the Glory family; the Uzumaki clan."

Mikoto looked at him with disgust and said "Then you leave me no choice. To stop this madness that you and the others have begun, I will stop this ritual and kill all present here." Mikoto jumped away and formed a flame sword with in her hands and charged at Fugaku.

"This ends now" she screams as she thrust the flame blade at her husband, but the blade shatters as it hits a barrier that appears around him. "What? How did you..." ask a shocked Mikoto before she finds her husband grabbing her throat and lifting her into the air. He looks at her with hatred as he slowly squeezes the life from her.

"I should be asking you that question, my lovely wife. It would appear you know magic, but the question is how? You are not an Uchiha by birth, just marriage. So, does this mean that there are still people out there who know about magic as well as how to us it?" asked an annoyed Fugaku.

"Go to hell, you monster" she says weakly as he throat is crushed in by his grip. "You first" says Fugaku as he feels her neck snap and all traces of life with in her fades away. Letting her drop to the floor in a clatter, he looks down at her and spits on her body while saying "And you should know, I never loved you. I just wanted you for your sexy body, nothing more. And now, because of you, I'm gonna have to think of something to tell Sasuke about why your dead."

"Lord Fugaku, something is wrong" said one of the elders. Fugaku turned and looked upon the others and said "What could be the problem?" It was then that he noticed it as well. A strange white dust was raining down with in the room and it seemed to be coming from the seal on Naruto.

Holding his hand out and allowing some of the dust to gather, he brought it close to inspect it. "What is this? This white dust looks familiar. Almost like....NO, it can't be" he said in disbelief as he looked at Naruto. It was impossible, there's no way what he suspected could be the truth.

"Stop the ritual now" he shouted. The others looked at him confused and the lead elder said "But we can't, we've already gone to far." Enraged, Fugaku shouted "I don't care. We made a big mistake. There's no possible way the Makario orb can contain..." That was as far as he got as a blinding light shot out of the seal and began to grow.

The nearest elder, when touched by it, was immediately consumed by the light as his body just evaporated before the others. Everyone tried to move, but the light grew to quickly and easily caught up to them all and consumed them as well. Fugaku stood his ground as the light moved to him.

'It is, it really is that force. Minato, what the hell were you thinking? How could you use you own son to seal away...' The light came into contact with Fugaku and he to was gone. The light continued to grow outwards as it enveloped the entire Uchiha distract, erasing all that it touched.

From his vantage point outside the village, Itachi watched as the light grew outwards till it came into contact with the barrier he had raised. he could feel the strain on the barrier and it took all his focus to keep the barrier up and protect the rest of the village. 'Please, just a little longer' he begged as he hoped he could last long enough.

All across the village, the white light pierced through the night, bringing everyone to attention. Many civilians and shinobi had made their way to the entrance of the Uchiha distract and some were about to move in and check on what was happening till a voice rang out over them.

"Don't move. I have a feeling that light isn't good and touching it will kill you" shouted Sarutobi as he walked up. And Anbuu with a dog mask appeared next to him and said in a whisper "Lord Hokage, I've just went by Naruto's place and found him missing as well as the Rave Bearer. And there's evidence that it was done by an Uchiha agent."

Sarutobi looked at him and said "Good work Kakashi. We better keep quiet about this though. If people knew this might be coming from Naruto, all it would do is cause him more trouble." Kakashi nodded as they turned their attention back to the white light.

After several more minutes, the light began to fade back to nothing till it finally vanished completely. Itachi collapsed to his knees and breathed heavily as he could finally lower the barrier. Sniffling, he reached up and ran a finger over his nose, then pulled away to find a small trace of blood present.

Shaking it off, he gathered his things and made his way back into the village as he things to discuss with the third before he could truly leave. With the danger passed and the weird symbols on the walls and gate faded, Sarutobi ordered a certain selection of the gathered shinobi to join him inside while the others were placed on crowd control to keep any civilians away for their safety and for Naruto's as well, assuming he was still alive.


Sarutobi and his chosen ninja entered into the now destroyed Uchiha distract. Beyond the walls was absolutely nothing but barren land that was devoid of life. As he walked, Sarutobi thought to himself 'Fugaku, what the hell did you do? What did you almost release upon us? Is this the true power of the Nine Tailed Fox? Or, could it be...'

"Lord Hokage, over here" shouted Tsume Inazuka as she waved him and the other to her location. Sarutobi and the other ninja ran to her and found Naruto and Sasuke laying side by side, seemingly uninjured from the ordeal. "Sir, I found...this little guy" shouted Inoichi Yaminaka as he ran up with a still caged Plue.

Chouja Akamichi grabbed the cage and ripped it in half, freeing Plue whi then ran up to Naruto and began to shake him. Bending down, Sarutobi placed a hand on Naruto's forehead and, after a moment, pulled away and smiled at the carrot nosed dog and said "Don't worry, he'll be just fine once he gets some rest." "Puun" said Plue happily.

Shibi Aburame looked at the insect that just landed on his finger and said "It would appear that they are the only survivors here this day." Sarutobi had just finished looking over Sasuke and found he would be OK as well, though he wasn't looking forward to telling him about this in the morning.

Kakashi looked at Naruto's seal and said "I can't be sure, seeing as I'm no seal master. But I think the seal has restored itself to full strength, at least for now." Sarutobi nodded and said "I'll send word to Jiraiya, assuming we can locate him, and ask him to come and check it himself."

Just then, Might Guy landed next to Sarutobi with an exhausted Itachi leaning on him. "It would appear we have another survivor lord Hokage. He says he has something to tell you that's important." Everybody gathered around as Itachi took a moment to gather his thoughts together. "Do you know what happened here, Itachi?" asked Sarutobi.

"Yes, my father and the Uchiha elders attempted to extract the Fox from Naruto's body and seal it with in a Makario orb. They were also going to transfer Raves power to Sasuke upon Naruto's death, but not tell Sasuke about it as both Rave and Plue here would then be sealed away with in our clans underground secret vault for all time."

"And why would they feel the need to do that?" asked Shikaku Nara. "Simple, we of the Uchiha clan are decended from the Raregroove royal family and as such, consider Rave to be our greatest enemy. I have also learned recently that the lost art of magic became lost because of my clan and its need to remove all threats to their continued existence over the countless centuries since the second Kingdom Wars."

"Why did they consider magic to be dangerous?" asked Hiashi who had just arrived. "I still don't know the full story yet. What I do know is that sometime after the second war ended, the current method of power we all have come to know as chakra manipulation came into existence. You see, chakra and magic function differently from each other and I guess they found magic to be a major threat that needed to be removed, while chakra manipulation was far easier for them than magic. It's also possible that the fear of Etherion could be at work since that power will only manifest in magic users and not with chakra."

Looking down at Naruto, Sarutobu asked "What was with that white light? Do you know, Itachi?" Itachi shook his head and said "Its possible that what we saw was the power of a Bijuu in its most potent and devistaing form, but we can't be fully sure of anything at this point. All we do know is what that power can do once released and we can rest in the knowledge that we are safe, if only for now."

"Well, what are we going to do now?" asked Ibiki Morino. Itachi looked at them all and said "Lord Hokage, I wish for you to put the blame for all this on me and me alone." This caught everyone by surprise as they looked at Itachi like he was mad. Sarutobi looked at him and said "Are you sure Itachi? You shouldn't be so quick to make this decision. After all, you..."

"I know what I'm doing. We can't let the truth be known, ever. If people learned that the light came from Naruto, it will make his life even harder than it already is. He can't afford the distraction if he is to do what fate has chosen him to do. Besides, I doubt anyone will really care if it was the Uchiha who were really responsible, only that it came from Naruto is all they'll care about."

Nodding his understanding, Sarutobi asked "And what of your brother?" "Don't tell him either. I doubt he would understand at this time. Keep him in the dark for now and take care of him for me till the time comes for the truth to be revealed. He will become strong and with any luck, maybe he and Naruto will become friends someday."

"And where will you go?" asked Kakashi. Itachi looked towards the sky and smiled "There's a few places I need to go and certain pieces of information that I need to find. And if I find out anything on either Rave or Dark Bring locations, I'll send word as quickly as I can." With that, Itachi said his good bye's as he headed off into the darkness and into his own personal quest in life.

(Hyuga compound)

Hinata opened her eyes and found herself lying on the floor. Picking herself up, she looked around and wondered what happened. "Why am I lying on the floor? And why do I...wait, Naruto? Oh no, what happened to Naruto?" she said in a panic as she ran to her door. All she could think of right now was finding and making sure Naruto was OK, even if she was wearing her night kimono.

Hinata opened her door and ran outside, only to freeze in place as she found herself some where that wasn't the hall way outside her bedroom. Instead, she found herself standing in the middle of a park with a giant fountain in view right before her. "Um, I guess I walked out the wrong door" she said as she try to convince herself that she was still asleep.

She turned to walk back into her room and found herself staring at more of the park and the door to her room had vanished into thin air. Hinata began to worry as she clutched her Naruto doll closer to her and started to look around. She started to walk towards the fountain when she suddenly saw a girl of fifteen come into view who was dancing around the fountain.

"H-hello, who are y-you?" asked Hinata timidly. The girl stopped and gave her a warm smile as she walked forward. The girl then nelt down before Hinata and said "Well, aren't you a little cutie. What's your name?" Hinata took a moment to gather her courage before saying "Hinata Hyuga, who are you?"

The girl smiled and said "I'm Resha Valentine, its nice to meet you Hinata." Hinata took a good look at Resha and saw that she was very pretty. She was wearing a white dress and she had long sandy blond hair. Resha looked over Hinata as well and felt that she was really cute. She then noticed Hinata clutching her doll to her and giggled a bit.

Confused, Hinata asked "What's so funny?" Resha shook her head and said "Oh, nothing really. I just think that doll of yours is really cute. Did you make him yourself?" Hinata nodded as Resha continued. "Oh, I can tell a lot of thought and care went into making it. Is it based on anyone you know?" Hinata nodded which brought a mischievous grin to Resha's face.

"Ah, I see. Is that based on your boyfriend by any chance?" Hinata "eeped" at the question as her face turned tomato red. "N-no, Naruto isn't by boyfriend. He's just a..." "Aw, I see how it is. So, his name is Naruto. I guess you must really like him, huh? Can't say I'm surprised seeing as he must be as cute as his doll."

Hinata only blushed more at that as Resha got up and did a little twirl before coming to rest by the fountain. "Well Hinata, lets talk about some things now. That is the reason why I brought you here and all." Hinata looked around and then asked "So, this is a dream, isn't it? And where am I?"

"This is a dream and as for this place. Well, where in my favorite spot in all of Symphonia. Well, it's based off my memories of it anyways. And as for me? Well, we don't have THAT much time to talk, so I'll just stick with the most important details. Come here and sit by me, Hinata."

Hinata did as she was asked and walked over to Resha, taking a seat by her. Resha then moved closer and placed her forehead against Hinata's. For just a second, Hinata's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt something come over her. But just as quickly as it begun, it ended as Resha pulled away from Hinata.

"What did you just do?" asked a concerned Hinata. Resha waved her off and said "Nothing that would hurt you, I promise. I just took a moment to look into your memories and learn all that I could about you. You really do like that Naruto, don't you?" Hinata looked down as he blush returned in earnest at hearing that.

"I also saw that this Naruto is the new Rave Master, am I right?" Hinata nodded and said "That's what he said. But I still don't understand what that really means." Resha sighed and said "Well, it means he will have to face a great challenge as he journey's around on a mission to find and destroy the Dark Bring and save the world. But he's going to need help if he's to succeed."

"I wish I could help Naruto" said Hinata sadly, though she knew that she was to weak to be on any use to him. She didn't even have the courage to approach him and interact around him in the way she wanted. "And you can Hinata. Or, should I say, you will." Hinata looked at her with hope at the possibility of helping Naruto and asked "How?"

"It's simple, all you have to do is learn how to use the power of Etherion" said Resha. "What's Etherion? I've never heard of it before" said Hinata. "I'm not surprised to here that. Etherion, like all magic, was lost long ago. But luckily for Naruto, you happen to have the ability to use magic. And even better is that your magic just happens to be Etherion."

"Really, I have this magic power? How can use it and will I really be able to help Naruto with it?" asked Hinata. "Yes, you have the magic of Etherion with in you. It's just sealed away at the moment with in your body. But luckily, I can release it, though you will need to learn how to sense, harness, and control it. And you will need to master it or Naruto wont be able to complete his mission and save the world. The truth is that you, Hinata, who will be the key to Naruto's future success as the Rave Master."

"Naruto will need me? How, what can I do for Naruto that no one else can't?" asked Hinata. "I can't tell you just yet as your not ready to know what your full roll is meant to be. Now, lets unlock your sleeping magic shall we?" Hinata nodded as Resha began to chant in an unknown language. After several seconds, she began to glow as she leaned forward and kissed Hinata on her forehead.

Resha pulled away after several seconds and smiled as the crest of Symphonia appeared on Hinata's forehead. "There, it's done. Take a look in the water and see the difference." Hinata did and gasped at what she saw. Resha saw the look of fear on her face and quickly understood why she was seeing it.

Resha then placed her hand on Hinata's shoulder and smiled at her. "Don't worry, its not a curse seal like the one with in your family. This is a special crest that will appear when ever you are calling forth the Etherion power and will be invisible when ever your not. See, take a look." Hinata looked in the water again and saw that she was right, the crest had vanished into thin air.

Just then, the dream world began to waver and fade. "Well, it looks like our time is up for now. Hinata, I know things will be difficult for a while. But trust me, you will be fine, I just know it. And besides, there's no way you'll allow yourself to fail Naruto and that alone will motivate you to succeed no matter what. We shall meet again, when the time comes. Good bye Hinata, and tell Plue high for me when you next see him." Resha then placed her hand over Hinata's eyes and told her to close them.

When Hinata opened them again, she found herself awake on her bed. She sat up and saw the sun was already up from the sun shining through her window. She got up and walked over to her vanity and looked at herself. She couldn't see the crest on her forehead, but she wasn't calling on her magic either. She closed her eyes and tried to feel it out, but found nothing except the flow of chakra with in her. She shrugged it off for now as she went to get dressed and proceeded to go eat breakfast.


Tenten had just woken up for the day and was busy dressing herself. She was wearing her usual dark brown pants, tanned Chinese style shirt, and was busy rolling her shoulder length hair into two buns atop her head. Once finished, she smiled at herself in the mirror and ran down stairs, ready for another day of academy life.

Seeing her father emerge from the shop, she yelled out "By dad, see you after classes are over." She had just made it to the door when she heard her father call out her name. Stopping she looked back and asked what was going on and he asked her to come join him with in the workshop.

Tenten follow and joined him by sitting on a small wooden chair. "Is something wrong father?" she asked. Tenzen shook his head and said "No daughter, there's nothing wrong. But I think its time we had a discussion." Tenten looked confused at first, then she realized what he was wanting to say. "Oh, don't worry about that father. All kunoichi are taken into a separate room in their third year for sex education. Me and the girls in my class had it last month."

Tenzen's face went beat red as she shouted "That wasn't what I was wanting to talk to you about. I can't even imagine having THE talk with you." Tenten laughed at him, though she did feel rather embarrassed now for saying it to him. "Well, what did you want to talk to me about then?"

Calming himself, Tenzen then said "Well, as you know, our family has some secrets that we have to keep for our own safety. Normally, you'd be told everything once you were fifteen like everyone else, but things have changed that require you to learn the truth now." Tenten looked excited to be learning the truth early and asked "And will I be able to begin black smith training early as well?"

Tenzen nodded and said "Yes, but we'll get to that later. At the moment, we have several things to speak on that must be told before we can start your special training here at home. First, do you remember when you used to ask if our family had a last name like many other families do?" Tenten nodded as she remembered how she always thought it weird that her family didn't have a last name like other families did.

"Well now its time for you to know. Our families last name is Musica." Tenten peated the name in her head a few times before asking "Why was our family name kept secret if we always had one father?" Tenzen sighed and said "Well, lets just say that our family has a few enemies out there and we wanted to not find ourselves fighting these enemies if we could avoid it."

"I see. Who were these enemies father?" asked Tenten. "You'll learn about them in time. Now, for the next big thing. As you know, our family is well known for our black smith skills correct?" Tenten nodded, known that they were among the best in the whole world, if not the best. "Well, there is another thing about our family that makes us special."

"And what's that father? Your not going to tell me we have some sort of kekkei genkai now, are you?" said Tenten with a laugh. Her father laughed as well before saying "Not quite, but it is something close to that." Now, Tenten was staring at him and asked "Then what is it then?"

Tenzen pulled out his lucky charm, a medallion in the shape of a bulls head, and said "We, the Musica family, hold with in us the power of the Silver Claimer's." Tenten sat there with a blank look on her face and asked "Silver Claimer's? What's a Silver Claimer?" "I'll do more than tell you, I'll show you" said Tenzen.

Removing his medallion from around his neck and grasping it in his hand, Tenten watched in amazement as it shifted from its original form into a large forge hammer, then into a dagger, then into a battle staff before it returned to its original shape. Tenten looked at the medallion with awe filled eyes and said "That's amazing dad. How did you do that?"

"Well, you've always asked me why this was made out of pure silver, and now you know the answer. A Silver Claimer can manipulate all forms of silver and reshape it into anything they can think of, with in reason of course. However, this isn't a jutsu, but rather a special form of alchemy that has been handed down with in our family for hundreds of generations."

Now excited, Tenten asked "Can I learn how to do that?" Tenzen nodded and said "You can and you will. Today, you shall stay home and we shall get you started with your training. And, for the next three years, you shall be going between your academy duties, training to master Sliver Claiming, and learning the black smith trade as well as improving your battle skills."

"Well, I guess I won't be having much of a social life for a while. Hey, wait a minute. Why in three years? Is something going to happen that I don't know about?" Tenzen nodded and said "Yes, but it's nothing that we need to talk on now. For the moment, lets focus on getting you started with your training."

(Hokage Tower)

A knock came at the door, which caute Sarutobi by surprise as he wasn't expecting anyone right now. "Enter" he shouted. The door opened and in came Hiashi Hyuga witha look of concern on his face. "Ah Hiashi, is something the matter?" Hiashi nodded and said "I believe we may have a problem, though I can't be sure yet."

"And what would that be?" asked Sarutobi. "It's my eldest, Hinata. I believe that something happened to her last night that brought her into both knowledge and power." Sarutobi could see the worry on his face as he asked "And why do you think that?" Taking a seat, Hiashi calmly said "Well, it all started this morning when we sat down to eat breakfast..."


Hiashi looked at his daughter and noticed that she was looking rather distracted. Though he was known to be a hard and difficult man, he did have a soft side and he did care for his family, though he didn't often show it, especially after the death of his wife. "Hinata, is there something troubling you?" he asked.

Hinata remained quite, afraid to talk to her father about this. Realizing her fear, Hiashi gave her the best smile he could and said "It's OK daughter, you can tell me." After another few seconds, Hinata finally nodded and asked "Father, have you ever heard of Etherion or Symphonia, or a girl named Resha Valentine?"

She looked to see what her father's reaction would be only to see him stuned by her question. "Father, did I say something wrong? she asked with a worried tone. Hiashi snapped back to reality and asked "Where did you here about those things? From that Uzumaki boy from the academy?"

Hinata shook her head and said "No, I heard them from that girl, Resha, in my dreams last night. I was planning on asking Naruto about it today since I think she might have a connection to Naruto's Rave stone and Plue. Plus, Resha asked me to say high to Plue for her."

"I see. Well, I sorry to say that you won't be seeing Naruto at the academy today as he was caught up in an incident last night and..." said Hiashi till Hinata cut him off. "What, Naruto was in an incident? Is he OK? He wasn't hurt, was he?" Hiashi shook his head and said "Don't worry, he's fine but really exhausted. As a result, he won't be attending classes today."

Hinata breathed a sigh of relief which made Hiashi smile just a little. "Now, about this dream you had. I want you to tell me all about it." Hinata nodded as she went over the full story of it, not missing a single detail. Once finished, Hiashi reflected on what he had learned, then said "I understand. I'll see what I can find out. Once your done eating, head off to the academy and we shall talk on this some more when you return home later to night."

With that, Hiashi got up to leave. "Where are you going, father?" asked Hinata. "I need to speak with the Hokage at once. There are a few things I need to have clarified." And with that, Hiashi left to see a Kage about past history.


Finishing his tale, Hiashi sat back and waited for Sarutobi's reply. After taking a few minutes to digest what he had just learned, Sarutobi said "Hm, very interesting. It would seem that a greater power is at work here, bringing together all that might be needed to save the world from the return of the Dark Bring."

Hiashi looked confused and asked "What do you mean?" "Well, think of it like this. We found a hidden chamber beneath the Namikaze mansion. With in was the Key Rave, Plue; the Rave Bearer, two ancient books, the sword of the Rave Master, and a message from the second Rave Master. We discovered that the decedents of the Musica clan live in the village, the Uchiha were descended from the Raregroove. And your daughter apparently has the power of Etherion magic with in her. Obviously, this can't all be a coincidence."

Thinking on it, Hiashi nodded his agreement. "So, what now lord Hokage?" Sarutobi looked out the window and then asked "I need to ask if you would have any objections to Hinata being on the same team as Naruto. I've already decided that Tenten Musica will be on his team, seeing as the Musica's and the Rave Master have a good history together. And since Hinata has Etherion, then she would be needed to be stationed by his side as well."

Hiashi shook his head and said "I don't have a problem with it. Naruto's father was my best friend after all." Sarutobi nodded and then asked "Speaking of, did Minato ever say anything to you about that hidden chamber?" Hiashi shook his head and said "Never, just that he knew things about this world he couldn't tell anybody till the time was right."

"Very well then. Hiashi, I would like you to train Hinata as much as possible so she will be ready to assist Naruto and Tenten when the time comes." Hiashi sighed and said "That will be difficult. Hinata is different from other Hyuga as the usual training method's don't work with her. That's the main reason I chose to send her to the academy as apposed to training her myself."

"I see, then I shall assign a special trainer for her instead." He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote some information on it, then handed it to Hiashi. "Go see the woman who lives here. Her name is Kurenai Yuhi, and I believe she will be the best trainer Hinata can ask for." Hiashi nodded, then asked "Isn't Kurenai a Chunin, though?" "She is, but she is amazingly gifted as a shinobi. I can say that she will make Jonin in just a few short years." Nodding again, Hiashi left to go speak with Kurenai about Hinata's training.


Sasuke awoke with a major headache. At first, he was confused as he looked around and saw nothing but an unfamiliar room. He was scared at first till he caught sight of a familiar face. "Oh, Kakahsi-sensei. Where am I and what's going on?" Kakashi gave him a sympathetic look as he said "Your in the village hospital, Sasuke."

Looking around and finally seeing it, Sasuke asked "OK, why am I here? Where's mother and father?" Kakashi sighed and said "Sasuke, I'm afraid i have some bad news for you. Now, I need for you to remain calm OK as this will be hard for you to here." Now Sasuke was really confused as well as very scared as he said "Kakashi, what's going on? Tell me, please."

"Last night, after you went to bed, Itachi returned home and killed everyone except you Sasuke. He even used a jutsu we have never seen before to completely destroy the entire Uchiha compound. You and him are the only ones left of the Uchiha clan now." Sasuke was side eyed for a second before he started to laugh.

Looking concerned, Kakashi stepped towards who suddenly said "You know Kakashi, that's really a bad joke. Come on, tell me the truth, OK." Kakashi looked at him sadly and said "I just did. Here, I suggest you read this." He then pulled out a note and handed it to Sasuke, who quickly opened it up and began to read.

"Sasuke, by now your probably thinking that what you heard is a joke. I can assure you that it isn't. I killed mom and dad and our whole clan, sparing only you. Why did I do it, you ask? To test the limits of my new found powers. You see, I have awakened the power of the Mangekyou Sharigan and wanted to see how much stronger I was now."

"In order to obtain this power, I had to kill the person I was closest to. And as for why I left you alive, the answer is simple. You see, you have the ability to obtain that same power and I want you to as well. Foster your hatred of me and become stronger so that we may one day fight and determine who is the strongest of the Uchiha. I will await that day, little brother."

Sasuke crushed the paper in his hand as he began to cry, hanging his head down low to hide his face. "Sasuke..." said a concerned Kakashi as he reached for the boy. But the moment his hand came into contact with Sasuke, the boy slapped it away with a furious anger. "I swear I will become stronger. And I will kill Itachi for what he has done." Sasuke then screamed out all his rage and anger that had suddenly come bubbling up as Kakashi thought to himself 'Itachi, I hope this was for the best.'

(Uchiha compound)

Two ninja were keeping watch over the area as teams search to find any evidence of what might have really happened here. "Man, ain't this a boring job" said one of the ninja. The other nodded and said "Yeah, I'd think I rather be in a fight with a Sanin that be stuck on guard duty to keep civilians from getting in here."

They both laughed till they heard a scream. Turning to look, they made a run for it till they arrived at the location of the scream. They saw several dead bodies scattered about all over the place. "Hey, what the hell's going on here?" shouted the first ninja. They then heard a noise that made them spin around.

"Huh? Oh, its only you. Wait a minute, shouldn't you be at the URK" said the other till he felt the person's hand ripp into his chest and then pulled his heart out. The other ninja tried to attack, but he missed which allowed the intruder to kick his head clear off his body. The figure then smiled and said "Yes, this will definitely do nicely. Now, lets just drop you off, my friend." And with that, the figure knelled down and buried something in the ground.

"When the time comes, you'll know what to do and who to call out to. Now, it's time to take care of a few matters." And with that, the figure left to begin it's long and much needed work.


Naruto opened his eyes and saw Plue looking at him in a rather close way. "Gah, what the...? Oh Plue, darn it man, don't get so close when I wake up. You almost gave me a heart attack." Plue simply nodded and said "Puun." Well Naruto, are you finally awake?" asked Sarutobi as he entered the room.

Naruto nodded and said "Yep, were am I anyways? Last thing I remember was me and Plue were going to make dinner when everything went black on me." Sarutobi smiled and said "Well, some weird things happened and your at the hospital now, but don't worry about it. Everything is fine now. So you feeling up to beginning your training yet?"

Naruto wanted to ask about what might of happened to him last night, but hearing about his training made his forget right away. "Sure am, after I have breakfast first, of course. So, who's gonna be my first on-the-side sensei?" It was then he felt a cold and terrifying chill run up and down his spine.

'Hey, this feeling? I can't...' He didn't finish his thought as he felt something warm and sticky lick his left whisker marks. He shuddered violently as he realized who it was. "So, you ready to be sent into hell, brat?" came a very familiar voice. "OH NO, IT'S ANKO" shrieked Naruto as he tried to get away from her, but she grabbed him and held on tightly.

Plue looked at Sarutobi who said "Oh don't worry, she won't hurt Naruto, to much anyways." Plue nodded, then turned back and watched as this new arrival continued to send fear and panic rushing across Naruto's face as she started to do some very disturbing things to him while ignoring his plea's for her to stop.


next time on RMN: Three years have passed since the night the Uchiha clan was destroyed. The Genin test has arrived and Naruto hopes he has what it takes to pass. However, someone has other plans for Naruto and intends to remove him from the picture permanently. Will Naruto make it, or will he fail before he can even take his first real step on this journey?

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