Good morning all,

Here is the first of some oneshots involving Lucario and possibly other tenants of the Smash Mansion as well.

I consider the Lucario in SSBB to be the Lucario, or based off the Lucario in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, in which Lucario of the distant past is sealed within his master's staff for a thousand years - but that's another story. Suffice to say that after a thousand years, Lucario will probably be slightly out of touch with the modern world.

It's quite hard to write humorously for Lucario, but I'll try. It will probably be general, with a bit of humour, or perhaps I'll occasionally shift the focus to Mr Game and Watch.

Thank you for reading, all reviews are of course more than welcome.



Pockets and Vegetables

It was another day in the Smash Mansion, as Smashers lolled about the Smash Lounge. Peach had dedicated her time in cooking something (toadstools?) and already the smell of something once-delicious, repugnant and slightly burnt at the same time was wafting through the Lounge. The Ice Climbers paled slightly and proceeded to produce vegetables from their parka sleeves, which they happily bit into while sitting at the edge of the Lounge with the younger Smashers.

Lucario sat on a stool in the corner, forepaws resting behind him on the large stool while his hindpaws dangled slightly above the ground. Observing the rest of the Smashers, Lucario assumed a slightly relaxed position, tilting his head at a tiny angle. His red eyes travelled over the room, passing over the Smashers at play or relaxation, until suddenly Mr Game and Watch appeared directly in front of him, and Lucario suddenly found his apparently blank face staring at his own blue-furred one.

Oh, I – good morning to you, Lucario started backwards slightly, but then composed himself and bowed his head to the monochrome man. Mr Game and Watch beeped once, then produced a small, flat, black apple from thin air. Holding it in one hand, he offered it to Lucario. The surprised Aura Pokémon hesitated, then shook his head slightly, Aura Filters waving behind his head. No thank you, you can have that. Mr Game and Watch beeped once again, and continued on his way, flicking in and out of his walking frame animations.

Lucario paused for a moment and wondered what would happen if he had accepted it. He imagined that he could hold the 2D apple in his paws, but biting into it would be equivalent to biting into paper, and he would probably leave fang marks in it. Lucario amused himself for a while by picturing himself trying to pull the ensnared 2D apple from his fangs while Mr Game and Watch would look on and wonder what was happening.

Still, Mr Game and Watch was right, Lucario wondered to himself. I should get something to eat. Lucario raised his snout slightly and closed his red eyes, trying to discern what kind of food was in the immediate vicinity.

He smelt the icy tang from the Ice Climbers' half-eaten eggplant. Ah, perhaps not.
He smelt the tin can and rations Snake was snacking on at the far end of the Lounge. Perhaps I shall ask him about it some other time.
He smelt the odd mixture from Peach's cooking, two doors down in the Kitchen. Ah -No.

Then, a slight, but distinctive smell crept his way into Lucario's sensory range. As sensitive as he was, the fragrance was very slight, but there. Lucario let out a small, but audible sigh, opening his large red eyes, scratching the top of his head with a black-furred paw.

There it is.


Lucario jumped off the stool, landing lightly on his hindpaws. Padding softly across the Lounge, he exited it, his long snout taking in the strengthening scent. Like a Houndoom following prey, he wryly noted to himself, he himself following the scent across the common corridor to the kitchen.

"Lucario!" The distinctive squeal of Peach broke in on Lucario's thoughts. Lucario stared back at her, tilting his head slightly. Good morning, Princess Peach. "Don't be so formal! Here, have something..." she busied herself in her kitchen, and eventually returned and produced an odd vegetable from her sleeve.

How does everyone do that? wondered Lucario. Clothing must be a magical thing. Even Mr Game and Watch... Aaron-sama, my head hurts...

"Here, take this! Dinner's in half an hour or so –" cooed Peach, ruffling the top of the shorter Lucario's head with her gloved hand, Lucario flattening his ears but otherwise not moving. Thank you, Princess.

A squeal from an oddly shaped pot drew Peach's attention back to her cooking, leaving Lucario staring at the vegetable in his paws. Suddenly reminded of his objective, he continued, holding the vegetable in his left paw, making a mental note to examine the vegetable back in his room.

His questing quickly brought him to a large box, easily twice Lucario's height. Yes, the object definitely was within it, its scent now stronger than Peach's distinctive cooking. The question was therefore how to get to it. Offensive attacks were definitely out of the question, and he doubted Peach wanted it moved. A handle –

Hmm. Lucario slowly grasped the handle with his right paw, and pushed it inwards. Nothing happened. He tried pulling it outwards, and it opened with a little effort.

A gush of cold air rushed at Lucario, gently flattening his fur against him, and a startled Lucario nearly dropped the vegetable he held, ducking instinctively behind the open door of the box. His Aura senses hadn't prepared him for a box holding cold wind. Still, he wasn't going to be stopped. Lucario peered from behind the safety of the door, and was rewarded with the source of the smell.

Hesitating slightly, he stood in front of the box and the source, as if unsure whether to take it or not. The wind swirled about him, and Lucario appreciated his fur's warmth. Still, the object was there, just within reach...

"Either open or close the door, Lucario," Peach cried, suddenly appearing by Lucario's side. "What is it you want?" Lucario looked at Peach, then to the object, then back to Peach. May I, Princess?

"Sure. Here you go..." Peach took the chocolate bar, shut the fridge door, and then handed Lucario the bar. Lucario stared at the bar in his paws for a few seconds, then quickly bowed to Peach and hurriedly padded out of the room.


Back in the Lounge, Lucario was seated back at his stool, staring at the bar in his paws, the soft chocolate smell so alluring to Lucario. Memories rose in Lucario's mind, reminding him of the sweetness of chocolate, unlike the sweetness of the berries or fruits he usually ate.

To your health, Aaron-sama – he silently thought, raising the chocolate bar in his paw. Then he slowly bit into a corner of the bar, feeling the rough texture of the chocolate, its slight metallic taste, the crinkling sound it made between his fangs... Wait, what?


Wait, what? "Foil, Lucario. Foil. You have to take away the foil," explained Pokémon Trainer, peeling away the aluminium foil around Lucario's bar-with-a-bite-in-it. "There," he said triumphantly, handing the de-foiled bar back to Lucario. "Being away for a thousand years, I'm surprised you even knew about chocolate."

Oh. Lucario took the chocolate in his paws, turning it over and staring at it. Interesting. Pokémon Trainer-san? The Trainer turned.

He bent it a little and it snapped into two, offering halfto the Pokémon Trainer. Thanks, he smiled slightly. I may be from a thousand years ago, but I believe this is best shared?

Pokémon Trainer smiled. "Yes... but you eat it all. I've got my own," he added, suddenly producing a small chocolate bar from thin air.

How does everyone do it! whined Lucario, holding his head in his paws, and sinking to the ground slowly. Pokémon Trainer appeared a little frightened by the sudden change in Lucario's behaviour, hesitantly and awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"All I did was to take it from my vest pocket..."