What he loves the most.

In the 'How to read 13' book, it is stated that what Aizawa loves the most is his daughter. I will write 3 chapters where Aizawa and his daughter. This chapter is the first, and takes place in the episode where Aizawa meets his family in the park.

PS: I do not know the name of Aizawas son, but I thought Ichiro would fit (Ichiro means 'first son'). Hint of MatsudaxOC, IdexOC and MogixOC. NB! Their girlfriends are only mentioned, and no, they are not mine or anyone elses OC or OC's.

Chapter one: Daddy!

It was almost summer now; the flowers were almost in full bloom while the sun had started to set. There were many people in the park, most of them adults who were taking a walk, children that played tag, hide and seek or other people that just sat on the benches with something to read.

But one of these people just looked up at the sunset. It was an adult man with a brown afro and clad in a suit. His name was Shuichi Aizawa, current member on the task force that tried to hunt down Kira. It saddened him that Ukita had died a few weeks earlier, especially since the deceased man had been the males junior when he started at the task force last year. His wife Eriko was angry at him because he barely spent any time home anymore. The fact that they had a one-year old son called Ichiro plus a five-year old daughter named Yumi did not make things better.

Aizawa had however managed to make an agreement with L and Chief Yagami. Since his children were still rather young, he had got every weekend off to spend time with his family. Chief Yagami said it would be fair since he had two children himself and knew how it was. The chief had also told the officer that when Sayu had been borne, his chief had given him every weekend off to spend time with his children. It seemed to be a tradition of some sort.

"Look, it is daddy!" said a familiar voice. The brunett looked up and saw his daughter, wife and son walk towards him. Well, not his daughter; she was running. "See? See? It is daddy!" yelled Yumi and embraced his knees. He felt a tug on the corners of his lips before he bent down a little and gave the small brunette a small hug. She was just so much smaller than him, so he had to be careful.

"Honey, what are you doing here...? Why did not you called me if you are coming home? I have not shopped for your dinner" stated his wife with a raised brow in confusion. "Yeah, sorry about that...They gave me some time off for a change" explained the adult. His wife made a small smile that showed both relief and happiness since this meant he could spend more time with his family. "Huh? You mean you have a day off?" inquired Yumi with a mix of excitement as well as confusion all over her face.

"That is right" stated Shuichi with a happy smile on his face. "Hooray!" cheered the girl and hugged him one more time. Her small hands clutched his white shirt while her face was buried somewhere between his stomach and chest. "Guess what? Now, daddy can have weekends off, every weekend" informed the adult before he lifted his daughter a little. "Really? YAAAAY!" exclaimed the small female, her eyes shining with glee. "We can come to this park together...and I will take you to the zoo...even to the theme park..." muttered Aizawa as tears gathered in his eyes. He put the tiny brunette down on the ground and looked down. "Daddy, what is wrong...? Mommy, daddy is crying..." murmured Yumi. Her voice was a little shaky; she sounded a bit confused and upset at the same time. But what 5-year old would not feel like that if they saw their father cry, especially right after he had announced such good news?

"I will be fine Yumi-chan...I'm just so happy that I can spend more time with my family. I know I have spent a lot of time at work lately, so I will make it up to you. What do you want to do tomorrow Yumi-chan?" asked the police officer and dried his tears. He had a genuine smile on his face; he always told the truth to his family. "Hm...can we go to that big playground? Yukiko and Natsumi said they were going there" pondered Yumi. It took a second before the adult remembered that Yukiko and Natsumi were two of his daughters friends.

"Sounds fine with you Eriko? We can go on a family trip tomorrow" suggested Shuichi before he stood up and looked at the woman. She gave him a smile. "Yes we can...after you have helped me to clean up the house and sort the laundry" stated Eriko with a small smirk. The male sweatdropped; this was the pay for spending so much time on the case. "Pretty please daddy!" begged the girl and gave him a puppy face.

He gave a small sigh. "All right Eriko, I will help you" answered Aizawa. Suddenly, he felt someone hug his legs. The adult looked down and saw his daughter hug him like he was a teddybear. "Let us go home. I bet you do not want to miss your TV-show" laughed the female while she looked at Yumi. "Nope!" replied the girl before she grabbed the brunetts hand. It was a lot larger than hers; perhaps three times her size. The big hand squeezed the smaller one gently and the owner of it smiled. This would be a fun weekend, and for once, his main focus would not be on Kira or the case.