NB! Contains spoilers!

This is the last chapter that takes place about three years after Light died in the Yellow box incident. In a special chapter that takes place three years later, Aizawa have been promoted to deputy manager. I thought it would be logical for Mogi, Ide and Matsuda to be promoted as well.

Japanese words/things/customs to look out for:

Studio Ghibli: The movie studio that created 'My neighbor Totoro', 'Princess Mononoke', 'Kiki's delivery service', 'Ponyo' and 'Spirited Away'.

White day: Japanese women give chocolates to guys they love, are friends with or work with on Valentines day. The White day is a bit of the opposite when the men have to give a gift in return. It does not always have to be chocolate; it can be clothes or jewellry too.

Spring picnic: Many families and friends have spring picnics when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Also called 'Hanami'.

Edogawa district: A ward in Tokyo that is mostly a residential area.

Ganguro: Word used on girls who bleaches their hair, use fake tan creams, wears false eyelashes paired with eyeliner, platform shoes and brightly coloured clothes. This is just a generalization though.

Yukata and obi: Summer kimono. Married women or mature women usually wear yukata's with lighter colours (hence why Aizawa's wife has chosen a more neutral colour than her daughter). Obi is the belt for the kimono.

Obon/Bon festival: Big festival that honors one's dead ancestors. Finds place in mid-July or mid-August.

Tanabata: Festival which celebrates the meeting of two deities. Finds place 7th July or 7th August.

Chapter three: Daddy…

It had been a somewhat boring day at the office…most of today's work had consisted of paper work. Time had gone by quite quickly; it had been three years since Light had been killed in the Yellow box. He had been promoted to deputy manager two years ago, which was a position he was very happy with. The work with the task force came quite in handy with the promotion. Mogi had been promoted to inspector last year and had adopted two of his nieces who were fourteen and eleven years old. The reason was that their father had been killed by a thug while their mother (Mogi's younger sister) could not afford to take care of them on a full-time basis. But the burly guy was more than happy to have two girls running around in his apartment. Not to mention that their mother had them at her house every weekend plus the holidays.

Ide had been promoted to inspector six months ago. He had also been in a relationship with a woman for two years. Matsuda had been promoted to assistant police inspector four months ago plus that he had been in a relationship with a former classmate for a year. All in all, life had turned out quite well for the four policemen. A knock broke the silence inside the office.

"Come in" announced the male as he lay down some papers. It turned out to be Yamamoto, who was one of the senior officers at the block. "Hello Aizawa-senpai. I got your mail here" informed the male as he laid some envelopes at the desk. Most of them were reports from the forensic office plus some paychecks; one of them had Ide's name on it. "Thank you Yamamoto-kun. I'll be leaving soon" replied Shuichi with a smile. He had promised his family to come home a bit earlier today since they were going to see the latest Studio Ghibli movie at home. It was a tradition of theirs since they all liked those movies. "OK. Have a nice day Aizawa-senpai" said the senior officer before he left the room.

The cell phone in the guy's bag started to beep. 'New text message from Yumi…let's see what she has to say' thought the deputy chief. 'Hi dad. Mum told me to remind you that today is White Day. PS: Mum has made chicken curry. Yumi-chan'. A smile formed at his face since he found chicken curry quite delicious. He made a mental note to stop at the supermarket while he walked out of the office. It did not take long until he reached the parking house where his car stood; a well-kept Mitsubishi. Not the newest model, but it did its job. A smile formed at his face as he drove out of the parking house since the spring had arrived Tokyo. It was in the end of March and most (if not all) of the cherry blossom trees had started to bloom. The temperature had also taken a turn for the better. 'Perhaps I should take my family out on a spring picnic when the cherry blossoms arrives' thought Shuichi as he drove onto the highway. He had spent a bit more time with his family after the Yellow box incident, which had made his wife quite happy. Especially since she had been promoted in her job last year and was now an executive assistant. This meant that they could now afford to send their kids to university or college later on. Both of them had done well at their last mid-terms; they had not scored anything lower than 68 on their tests.

When the man drove past a poster for the new seasonal Pocky, he remembered the text message that Yumi had sent him. He drove out of the highway when he saw a large super market. 'Hmph…this is a bit annoying' thought the brunett when he saw the lack of parking lots. He eventually found one at the other side of the parking lot. It was not far away from the exit but it would take a minute or two to get to the supermarket. 'What sort of chocolate does Yumi like again?' thought the deputy manager as he entered the shop. His daughter was 14 now, so the most childish ones were out of the question. Brown eyes scanned the shelves…there were so many to choose from. He knew that his wife loved strawberry or orange chocolate, so he decided to give her a bar of Meiji strawberry chocolate. But what should he give Yumi? 'I know that she does not like nuts or coffee tastes at least. I'm quite sure she likes marshmallows...maybe I can try this one' thought the male as he took a bar of chocolate with marshmallows. He paid for his goods right afterwards and drove towards the Edogawa ward.

The traffic was a bit slow since it was Friday after all. Shuichi wondered if he should start taking the subway instead of driving to his job. But being crammed inside a wagon was not something he enjoyed. Particularly if there were weird people there that was talking in their sleep, looking up skirts or ganguros that were speaking with high-pitched voices. The apartment complex he lived in came into view fifteen minutes later and made him sigh in relief. "Finally home" muttered the man as he drove into the parking house. It was relatively dark inside the parking house, which was a bit annoying since he could not see much. At least the sunlight outside provided some light…he would have crashed into the neighbor woman's scooter if not. The parking lot was pretty much empty apart from the guards who were sitting on each end. "Good afternoon Aizawa-san" greeted the guard. "Good afternoon Ito-san" replied the deputy manager with a smile. He took the stairs up to the fifth floor and entered the apartment.

"I'm home!" exclaimed the man after he had taken off his coat. The smell of chicken curry reached his nose. "Welcome home!" yelled his son, who was watching Medabots in the living room. "Welcome home dad" greeted his daughter when she had exited the bathroom. "Oh, I got something for you and mum Yumi-chan" informed the brunett with a smile. "What is it, what is it, what is it!" asked the girl as they walked into the kitchen where her mother was setting the table. "You'll get it after dinner" answered the male with a smile.

He helped Eriko putting on the plates before they started to eat dinner. Meals like these were something that Shuichi enjoyed; the family came together plus that they talked about their day. "I scored a goal during P.E. today" said the 11-year old boy with a grin. "Good to hear that. Did you guys win?" inquired the man. "No…we lost 4-2" muttered his son. "We got to do our English homework in class today at cram school. Our teacher said that we had done quite well on our test, so we deserved it" informed the 14-year old girl with a grin. She had all reason to smile since she had scored 72 on her test. "That is really good Yumi-chan. Keep up the work and I'm sure you'll get into a good high school. How did the yukata shopping go?" asked the deputy manager while he looked at the woman next to him. "I bought a light yellow yukata with a peach obi. Yumi-chan decided to buy a bright orange one with a yellow obi" informed his wife. The two had to buy new yukatas for the spring festival in a couple weeks. Not to mention that the summer had a lot of festivals such as the bon festival or tanabata.

"Thanks for the food. I have something here for you and Yumi-chan" said the man as he reached inside the plastic bag. He gave his wife the strawberry chocolate before he handed the marshmallow one to his child. "Thank you dad!" exclaimed the teen and gave him a hug. "You're welcome Yumi-chan" replied the brunett with a smile. "Thank you" smiled Eriko and gave him a small kiss. "I hope you like it. Let's clean up the table so we can watch the movie. I need to watch something fun after the boring paperwork at the office" muttered the male. Everyone cleaned up the table and went to the living room right afterwards.

'Light…I hope you realize that killing people is not everything. Keep in mind that some of those you killed had children' thought Shuichi. He would have done whatever he could to have saved his daughter or his son. And the man could not imagine a life without them...it would be so empty.