'Hey Harry' Harry's head jerked up from the photo album he had been gazing at.

'Oh hey Katelyn'

The small girl closed the door behind her and hipped onto a seat opposite him. She had the same jet-black hair although her eyes were a deep brown 'are you alright?' she asked.

'Just don't want to go back to the Dursley's' Harry admitted scornfully.

'No one would' Katelyn patted his knees affectionately. The compartment door slid open again to reveal Draco Malfoy and a young girl about Katelyns age at his side.

'Hey Potter' Draco slammed the door shut and took a seat beside Harry.

'Wow! You have Lily's eyes!' the girl exclaimed seating herself beside Katelyn. Harry looked at Draco a questioning look on his face, regarding the second eleven-year-old.

'My mentally disabled adopted cousin' Draco smiled.

'I prefer the term "insane adopted cousin" if you don't mind'

'Her name is Siria Black'

'Ah yes Remus and Sirius' daughter' Harry smiled at the memory of his godfather's.

'I'm Katelyn Potter' Katelyn announced cheerfully her shaggy black hair tamed beneath a headband.

'Long lost relative adopted a daughter too' Harry explained to Draco, who nodded in understanding. It wasn't long before Siria and Katelyn fell asleep. Harry propped his feet up on the windowsill and rested his head in Draco's lap, with a slight smile. 'Have you got anywhere to go this summer?'

'No' Draco sulked back in his chair.

'You can stay with me if you want' Harry shrugged 'I don't think the Dursley's would mind' that was a lie in itself and he knew it.

'Alright then' Draco grinned and started to stroke Harry's hair.

Outside the window the villages became towns, the hills became roads and the outdoor smell was replaced with traffic fumes. Harry sighed and dragged his and Draco's off of the suitcase rack and followed Draco off of the train. They waved goodbye to Katelyn and Siria who went off to their adoptive families. Feeling uneasy Harry turned to Draco 'are you sure you're okay with staying with muggles?'

'Yeah I'll be fine' Draco hugged Harry around the shoulders 'and thank you, I owe you for this'

'I'll bear that in mind' Harry grinned as they walked through the barrier to the muggle world. It wasn't long before the Dursley's came into view, all of them looking annoyed and grumpy.

'What have you brought with you this year boy?' Vernon barked jerking a sausage shaped thumb at Draco, talking as if the blonde boy couldn't hear him.

'A friend for the holidays Uncle' Harry grinned evilly back up at Vernon 'I would have sent an owl but you burn them on sight so I didn't bother' Draco blinked in surprise and bit back a grin.

'Fine, he is to stay in your room, got it?' Harry nodded 'and when Marge comes…'

'We'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending that we don't exist' Harry finished in a bored voice. Vernon grumbled and walked towards the exit, Petunia and Dudley in tow.

'What was that about?' Draco asked.

'Oh never mind them' Harry informed lightly pulling his trunk alongside Draco's 'they'll stay on our good side because they don't want a "pig" as a son'

'Looks to me like they wished too late on that one' Draco smirked as they walked into the car park. They slid their trunks into the car boot and squashed into the backseat beside Dudley. Harry propped Hedwigs empty birdcage at his feet as Dudley threw dumb questions at Draco.

'Are you a wizard?'


'Are you rich?'


'Wanna be friends?'


Dudley sulked in the back of the car for the rest of the way home, as Harry and Draco jabbered away about goodness-knows-what. The car screeched to a halt outside number four.

'Since I'm feeling generous' Harry snorted but covered it up with a cough 'we can have McDonalds in honour of our guest' he half spat the word.

Harry led Draco to his bedroom and began to unpack things from their trunks. 'Harry what's McDonalds?'

'It's a type of junk food that muggles, like Dudley, get addicted to' Harry laughed taking Draco's things and dumping them into his dresser. 'It's quite nice actually' Harry grinned.

'Right' Draco said slowly still unsure but gave up on the idea a she didn't really care about it any more.

'You can have my bed'

'Where will you sleep?'

'Vernon will, no doubt, lock me in my "other room"' Harry rolled his eyes.

'Where's that?'

'Come' Harry led Draco back down the stairs and unlocked the smallest cupboard door. Draco expected it to lead down to a basement, and was clearly shocked when he saw the squashed bed inside with a single dying bulb hanging from the sloping ceiling. 'They locked me in here all the time before I went to Hogwarts, then I moved into Dudley's second room'

'Now I realise why you have sympathy for house elves' Draco's face was grim 'it must have been awful'

'Yes a living nightmare' Harry decided to change the subject 'park?'

'What?' Draco seemed distracted.

'Do you want to go to the park?'

'Oh yeah…okay' Draco followed Harry out of the door and down to the local park. Five minutes into the park Draco was swinging from monkey bars, he looked like he was having the time of his life! Harry grinned to himself. 'Wow hey Harry, look at me!' Draco yelled excitedly hanging upside-down from the monkey bars by his knees, his grey hoodie falling around his head, his blonde hair falling towards the floor in all directions like a platinum lions mane.

'HARRY! DINNER!' Dudley screamed across the field before hobbling back towards the house. Harry heard Draco sigh as he dropped off the monkey bars.

'COME ON HURRY UP!' Harry called over his shoulder as they started to run back towards the house 'OR WE'LL GET THEIR LEFTOVERS'!' at the word "leftovers" Draco sprinted past Harry in lightning speed. Harry laughed all the way home to find Draco had outran Dudley, not like that was a challenge, and therefore he wouldn't be getting anyone's leftovers.