Chapter four: Quidditch and Kisses


Harry dodged the bludger and the crowd cheered him on. "GO, GO GRYFFINDOR! GO, GO GRYFFINDOR!" There was the snitch; a gleaming golden ball with silvery wings hovering at the bottom of the goals hoops. Harry dove towards it and felt his gloved fingers close around the tiny golden ball. As it struggled in his in his palm as he held it up to show the jeering crowds. Suddenly Harry felt a something cold and hard collide with his chest. A bludger! Harry was ripped off his broom and plummeted past his teammates to the ground.

Draco who had been watching from below the stands saw Harry hurtling downwards. No one was rushing to help him, not even Dumbledore. Deciding to risk it all Draco whipped out his wand 'Accio Nimbus two thousand and one!' The broom shot into his hand. Draco swung his leg over and kicked off from the dugout. The wind burnt his silver eyes as he dove downwards towards the grass. Harry was so close to the ground. He outstretched his hand. It was like catching the snitch. His hand grabbed Harry's robes and pulled him upwards. Draco breathed a sigh of relief as he repositioned Harry in his arms and slowly started to descend the rest of the way to the ground. He collapsed on the floor Harry on the ground, nose bleeding and glasses nowhere to be seen. Draco began to cry as a small crowd gathered. He ignored them.

'Harry?' he cupped Harry's cheek and when he got no reaction from the younger boy he sobbed louder 'HARRY? HARRY!'

'Why is Malfoy touching Harry?' Ron sneered lightly.

Hermione slapped him lightly 'oh my god is he…crying?' the pair watched on as Dumbledore and Pomphrey and the rest of the teachers' hurried down on the field to help Harry.


Harry awoke in the hospital wing his chest tightly wrapped in crisp white bandages. 'Evening Harry' Professor Dumbledore walked up to the side of Harry's bed.

'Evening sir' Harry attempted to sit up but his chest was wrapped so tightly it caused him to lose any breath he had. He coughed and spluttered. He wanted to move his aching legs but something heavy rested on his thighs.

'Young Mister Malfoy hasn't left your side for over a month and a half' Dumbledore smiled his pale blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles.

'He didn't have to' Harry choked in pain.

'But Harry I wanted to' Draco mumbled weakly raising his head slightly. Harry smiled, they both turned to see why Dumbledore was being so quiet. He'd vanished. Harry shook his head and relaxed back against the pillows.

'What do you want to do tonight?' Draco asked sounding more alert.


'BUT YOU HAVE THREE BROKEN RIBS!!!' Draco protested.

'And some fresh air will do me good'

'Alright I'll be back in ten minutes' Draco disappeared behind the doors and reappeared sometime later with a spare set of jeans, shirt and jumper. He sat on the end of Harry's bed; Harry sat up and let Draco dress him up like an over-sized Barbie doll. Once dressed Draco led Harry out onto the Quidditch pitch a chilly wind bit through Harry's jumper and he shivered. Draco unwound his scarf from around his neck and wrapped it around Harry's.

'Thanks' Draco hugged Harry as the younger boy shivered. Draco pulled away and looked up at the side, Harry followed his gaze. There was his Firebolt! Hit heart swelled so much he coughed lightly. Harry took hold of Harry's hand and they both sat facing each other astride the broom. As they Firebolt hovered beneath the full moon Draco held Harry's hand and emerald gaze as he leant forward.

'I love you' he whispered into Harry's lips.

Harry eyes brimmed with tears as he hugged Draco's hips closer 'Oh Draco, I love you too'

From the Astronomy tower the full moon and silhouette of the couple dance peacefully within the half-moon spectacles of a old wizard that smiled happily as he looked up at the sky.

The End