"I'm bored," Harry said as way of greeting, stepping into the small, sun-drenched shop.

The flowery fragrance hit him almost immediately, reminding him of a fine spring's day. Harry breathed in deeply and smiled. Luna's shop sold over a hundred different kinds of flowers, and yet their scents complimented each other perfectly.

"Hello, Harry!" Luna sang out from behind a large pot of sunflowers. "Will you help me move some pots outside?"

"Yeah, sure," he answered, setting down his bag and pulling out his wand, levitating the pots outside while Luna arranged them near the front window.

They returned inside and Harry collapsed on a low ottoman by a vase of tulips.

Luna disappeared into the back room and emerged with two mugs of coffee.

"So, what were you saying?" she asked, passing Harry a mug and settling cross-legged on the floor.

"I'm bored," Harry repeated. "There is nothing to do. It's only Wednesday, and I've already cleaned my apartment, gone grocery shopping, went to Gringotts, re-organised my closet and bought and wrapped your birthday present."

Luna beamed. "Oooh! What did you get me?"

Harry glared at her.

"Sorry, sweetie. But you know, you kinda brought this onto yourself. Who asked you to quit your job?" Luna continued in her usual blunt way, raising an eyebrow over her mug.

"It wasn't working out. A little tip - being an Auror? Not so fulfilling once Voldemort is dead."

"I get you. You just need a project or something to keep you occupied. I know! Dad is going Snorkack-hunting next week, why don't you join him?"

Harry didn't bother to hide his distaste as he wrinkled his nose, and Luna giggled.

"Okay, okay. Ooh, customer coming," she said, getting up off the floor.

Harry eyed the customer, a handsome brunette man, interestedly as Luna served him.

After he purchased a bouquet of roses, Luna settled back down on the floor.

"Cute guy. So, business seems good," Harry commented.

"It's fantastic. I'll be able to start paying you back next month."

"Take all the time you need. I'm just glad I was able help you out."

Harry was proud to say he had a role in helping Luna's Garden to open. Now one of the most thriving businesses in Diagon Alley, the little corner shop burst with bright sunshine and colourful flowers.

Harry watched absent-mindedly as Luna wandered outside to water the flowers in the window boxes, then return inside and started rearranging the ribbon drawer.

Harry glanced out the window again and saw the cute brunette man wander past, bouquet of roses in hand.

"Hey, Luna, look," he said, gesturing outside.

Luna joined him on the floor again and they watched together as a pretty girl sauntered up to the man. He handed the bouquet to her with a flourish and she laughed happily and threw her arms around his neck.

"Aww, look how happy she is," Harry said.

"Such a romantic," Luna answered, shaking her head at Harry.

"No, seriously, look at them."

They looked as the couple walked off hand-in-hand.

"I want to make someone happy. Maybe I should do some charity work," Harry said.

"Like at the orphanage?"

"Or not. Ugh...kids." Harry shuddered. He reached out and fingered a tulip.

"Maybe I could just drop a flower somewhere random and watch someone smile when they find it."

Luna smiled. "That's a sweet idea. But it'll be more fun if you don't watch. Then you can just imagine who finds it, what they do with it, how it changes their day..."

"Yeah! And I could attach some sort of message to it...like something inspirational," Harry said, getting in the spirit.

"Yeah, something like...Harry Potter should find a job so he stops coming up with stupid ways to waste my flowers," Luna said.

Harry pouted. "Luna! Come on. I think I'm really going to do this. I'm so bored I'll do anything to entertain myself."

"All right. Have fun."

The next morning, Harry strolled down Diagon Alley, excited about starting his new project. He stopped by Weasley Wizarding Wheezes to say hello to Fred and George, then continued two shops down to Luna's Garden.

"Good Morning!" he called out cheerfully, walking in.

"Someone's in a good mood. Morning! Coffee?"

"I'd love one," Harry said as he wandered around the shop, choosing a flower. Eventually he decided on a single red rose, taking inspiration from the man yesterday. Luna brought out the coffee and placed the mugs on the counter.

"Ah, we're starting with a rose, are we?" she said.

"Yup!" Harry pulled out a Sickle to pay her, but she declined, holding out her hand.

"Sweetie, I think you're forgetting who loaned me my start-up fees. You can take as many flowers as you want, oh and help yourself to the cards and ribbon."

"Thanks, Lune!" Harry said, giving her a kiss on the cheek and bounding behind the counter to a drawer, picking out a piece of white card.

Luna rested her elbows on the counter and watched interestedly as Harry pulled out a bottle of rainbow ink and a quill from his bag. He paused for a while, looking at the rose, then finally wrote something on the card and attached it to the stalk using a piece of black ribbon.

Luna reached out for it and read it out. "Stop and smell the roses. Have a nice day!"

"Aw, how sweet! Where are you going to leave it? Somewhere Muggle?"

"No. None of the flowers are going anywhere Muggle. Magical traces, you know? Umm...I think I'll leave this one in Flourish and Blotts," he said.

Luna convinced Fred to watch the shop for a while and she and Harry set off to the bookshop. They meandered through the towering stacks of books and shelves and found themselves in the cooking section. Harry pulled the rose out from his pocket and placed it on top of a stack of books.

"Yay! Your first flower drop! Oh, I wish I had a camera or something..." Luna said.

She substituted by making a frame out of her hands and making camera clicky noises. Harry jokingly posed for the 'photos', placing his hands on his hips, making exaggerated faces and blowing kisses to the rose. Luna whooped and cheered as if he was on a catwalk.

Just then, an elderly witch walked up to the shelf and Luna and Harry blushed madly and ran away, giggling.

"Oh, that was fun!" Luna sighed as they strolled back to the shop.

"Mmm, it was. But now I'm bored again."

"Aren't you meeting Hermione today?"

Harry glanced at his watch. "Oh, that's right! I still have a couple of hours to kill, though, so I'll just help you in the shop first."

They reached Luna's Garden and found Fred at the counter with a bored expression, lazily waving his wand around. Harry glanced up and saw a daisy floating crazily around near the ceiling.

"Oh, thank god you're back. Selling flowers are boring. What were you two up to anyway?" Fred asked.

"Just wanted some fresh air. Any sales while we were gone?" Luna replied.

Harry smiled gratefully at Luna, glad that she realised the flower drops were their little secret.

"A couple. I'll see you guys later," Fred said, catching the daisy as it fell and tucking it behind his ear.

"You owe me two knuts for that daisy!" Luna called out as Fred exited.

Later that day, Hermione and Harry browsed around Twilfitt and Tattings in Diagon Alley, after having lunch at the Leaky Cauldron.

"So, what have you been up to?" Hermione asked, flicking through a rack of dress robes.

"Oh, you know...stuff. Been helping Luna at the florist," Harry said.

"I hear business is good."

"Yeah, it is. So anyway, Luna's birthday is coming up. What should we do?"

"Ooh, there's a great Italian restaurant in Hogsmeade, I'll make a reservation there."

"Sounds good."

They continued to browse around. Harry picked up a bottle of cologne, spritzing some on his wrist and sniffing it.

Hermione looked up from a pile of cashmere sweaters. "Spoke to Ron lately?"

Harry lowered his wrist. He knew this would come up eventually. Ever since Harry quit his Auror job, and thus leaving Ron without a partner, they have Not Been Speaking.


"You know he'll be at Luna's dinner."

"I know." Harry replied simply.

He'll cross that bridge when it came.