"Did you bring it? Did you bring it?" Luna trilled excitedly as Harry entered the shop.

"Yes, I did. Calm down," Harry replied, pulling out the copy of Wizardtainment magazine and unfurling it.

Luna reached out for it, and flicked through the pages quickly before she found the full-page colour advert.

"Oh, it looks great! And free of charge, too! One of the perks of shagging the editor-in-chief, eh?" Luna said, raising an eyebrow at Harry.

"Shut up," Harry muttered, punching her in the arm softly.

"Well, tell Draco thanks. It's perfect," Luna proclaimed.

Harry looked at the ad over her shoulder and studied it. Splashed over a pale pink background was a picture of a bouquet of flowers. Over it was the title in dark green curly writing, In Bloom. At the bottom of the page were the words, Show someone you care. Drop a flower and make someone's day. Luna's Garden, Shop 95, Diagon Alley.

Harry and Luna had expanded their business and started a service inspired by Harry's flower drops. For a small price, customers could pick out a single stalk of flower, which came with a card and ribbon, and write a message. Then they could either choose to drop the flower anywhere they chose, or leave the flower in a basket at the shop, where half would go to sick patients at St. Mungo's and the other half would be dropped randomly around town by Harry and Luna. And since Harry's interview in Wizardtainment magazine, the business was simply booming.

"Okay, I better head off. Draco and I are going out for dinner," Harry said.

"Enjoy yourself," Luna sang as Harry left.


Harry entered the apartment, dropping his coat and bag by the door.

"Hello? Draco, you home?" he called out. The apartment was dark and quiet. Harry flicked on the lights, and found an empty living room.

He glanced at his watch. It was ten past seven, and he was supposed to meet Draco here at seven sharp.

Harry spotted something white on the dining table and headed over, thinking Draco must have left him a note.

What he found was a single, ice-white calla lily, a piece of card attached to the stalk with a silver ribbon. Harry picked it up, smiling, and took hold of the card. It was unmistakably Draco's writing, the neat script in his signature deep green ink read, A business meeting. A first kiss. Lilac.

"What the hell?" Harry muttered. He frowned and read the note again, then spoke up in a loud voice. "Draco, if this is your idea of some kind of joke, get your arse out here so we can celebrate our anniversary properly!"

His announcement was met by silence. Harry sighed and collapsed into one of the dining table chairs.

He read the note over and over again, thinking.

"A first kiss. First kiss. Our first kiss? Lilac...what the fuck?" Harry thought aloud.

He concentrated hard for a few moments in silence.

"Our first kiss, at the Italian restaurant. Where I dropped a lilac. And where we had the business meeting! Of course!" Harry leapt out of the chair, threw on his coat and headed out the door.

He appeared half a minute later in Diagon Alley, and entered the Italian restaurant.

Harry spotted Matteo behind the bar, and headed over. He and Draco had become close friends with Matteo and his boyfriend Luc, and the two couples often went on double dates together.

"Harry, hi! Come, have a seat," Matteo said.

"No, Matt, that's okay. I'm looking for Drac-," Harry started, before he was interrupted.

"Sit, I'll make you a drink," Matteo said, reaching for something under the counter.

"No, no, that's really okay," Harry replied.

"I'll mix you something special."

Harry gave in and nodded, and in a few seconds Matteo placed a tall, slim glass filled with water and ice cubes on the counter. Standing in the glass was a single, white calla lily.

Harry stared at it bewilderedly for a few moments before laughing. "Oh my god."

"Enjoy," Matteo said with a wink.

Still laughing, Harry reached for the attached card and read it quickly.

A little shop in Diagon Alley where it all started.

"Luna," Harry said immediately, and seizing the lily, ran out from the restaurant after bidding Matt a hurried goodbye.

Luna was just packing up for the day, when a slightly breathless Harry threw open the shop door and ran in.

"Harry! Can I help you?" she asked.

"Do you –pant- have something for me?" Harry asked.

Luna looked confused. "No, I was just about to head home. But can you go spray some anti-wilting potion on that vase of lilies?" she asked, handing Harry a bright green plastic spray bottle.

"Sure," Harry replied, taking it. He headed over to the vase of white calla lilies Luna had pointed to when it dawned on him.

"Ohhh," he said, dropping the bottle on a nearby shelf, having spotted a lily with an attached card amongst others in the vase.

He plucked it out and read it. I love you. Three words. Countless stars.

This time, he knew exactly where to go.


They'd been dating for three months. Draco had arrived home after a particularly exhausting day at the magazine office, and was ready to jump into the shower when he heard a knock at the door.

Opening it, he'd found Harry standing there, wearing an excited smile on his face.

"Hi!" Harry had said, stepping forward and greeting Draco with a quick kiss and taking hold of his hand. "Come on, I'm taking you to dinner."

"Oh, Harry, I'm exhausted. Do you think we could just..."

"No. You're coming with me now."

And with that, Harry pulled Draco out of the apartment.

They'd appeared a few moments later in a small grassy meadow at the foot of a low hill. It had been one of those warm, balmy evenings, where the sky was clear, and a pleasant warm breeze broke through the still air every so often. Draco turned to look at Harry, who was spreading a blanket on the grass. He knelt down on it, and took a shrunken picnic basket from his pocket, re-sizing it with his wand.

Draco smiled and joined Harry on the blanket. "What's all this?"

"I just felt like doing this," Harry replied, taking food out from the basket.

"Well. This place is..." Draco trailed off, looking around. Harry reached out and cupped his chin, pulling him in for a long and sweet kiss.


After a long and leisurely dinner, they'd stretched out on the blanket side by side, with their hands entwined between them. Night had fallen, and the clear inky-blue sky glittered with stars.

Draco had his other hand in the air, tracing out constellations when he'd turned over to look at Harry. Harry had propped himself up on an elbow and was staring at Draco intently.

"I love you," Harry had said simply.

Draco dropped his hand and ran his finger down Harry's cheek tenderly.

"I love you too."

It was the first time they'd said it, and nothing had felt more right.


Harry now appeared in the small meadow, expecting to find Draco waiting there. What he found instead was a white calla lily lying on a flat rock on the grass. Half smiling, half exasperated, he picked it up and read the card.

21st floor, Merlin Hotel. Hurry.

Harry turned and disappeared with a loud crack, and appeared in front of the hotel in London. It was well known for its exclusivity and extremely high standards of service. Feeling slightly out of place in his jeans and worn shirt, Harry entered through the glass doors held open by a uniformed man.

He found himself in the lobby, a huge space with an ornately decorated ceiling in gold and teal. There was a fountain in the middle of the lobby, depicting a golden unicorn shooting jets of sparkling water out of its horn.

Harry headed to the glass elevator opposite the reception desk and entered, hitting the gold button that read 21. Almost immediately, he was taken to the 21st floor and stepped out of the lift.

On the floor by his feet was a white calla lily. A few feet away from it was another. And another. There was a trail of calla lilies littered down the teal-carpeted hallway. Harry followed it, and eventually was led to a door at the end of the corridor. The small golden plaque on the door read Penthouse Four, and Harry grinned. Of course. Draco had to have nothing but the best.

Wondering whether to knock or not, Harry just reached for the doorknob and entered the room.

It was a world away from the garishly over-decorated interiors of the rest of the hotel. There was no trace of the signature gold and teal. Instead, the hotel room was furnished in almost nothing but cool, ice white. A white and pale silver damask sofa was seated in the middle of the room, on spotless white carpet. A glass coffee table next to it held a vase of white calla lilies. The wall opposite the door was made up entirely of a huge window framed by sheer white chiffon curtains, the night view of London sparkling beyond it.

Harry dropped the four calla lilies that had led him here on the coffee table by the vase. He looked to the right where a set of French doors led seemingly to another room.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward and slid open the doors. The only light in the room came from the lights outside the window.

Draco was reclining on a huge white four poster bed, wearing nothing but a pair of soft grey cashmere pyjama pants, holding a calla lily between his teeth.

Harry raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"I know, I know. Not as romantic as a rose, is it?" Draco said, dropping the lily.

Harry moved closer and in one swift motion, had Draco straddled and pinned to the bed.

"No. Way more romantic than a rose," he replied, swooping down to Draco's neck and giving him a sharp, quick nip with his teeth.

"Ow! Way to ruin the moment, Potter!" Draco growled.

"That was for leading me on that wild goose chase," Harry said, now kissing Draco's shoulder. He bit him lightly again there. "And for making me wait all night to do this."

Harry now straightened up and stared down at Draco for a moment, then leaned down and kissed him softly but deeply on the lips.

Draco reached up and wrapped his arms around Harry, then swiftly and suddenly, pushed Harry down onto the bed, and sat atop him, switching their positions.

He reached down and pulled off Harry's shirt, throwing it over his shoulder, then resumed the kiss.

Without taking his lips from Draco's, Harry reached up and took the calla lily from where it ended up at the head of the bed. Draco pulled away from the kiss and rolled over, lying on his side and facing Harry. He watched as Harry reached out and took Draco's wand from the bedside table, and waved it around the flower.

The calla lily on Harry's palm shimmered and turned back into a platinum band that was identical to the one Harry wore on his left hand.

Smiling, Harry slid the ring onto Draco's outstretched ring finger. "You realise you've done the transfigure-the-ring-into-a-lily gimmick for every anniversary we've had?"

Draco laughed lightly. "It's tradition," he replied. "Now shut up and give me my present, Potter."

"Malfoy-Potter," Harry corrected, and captured Draco's lips with his own.