"Renesmee Carlie Cullen!" my mother so rudely yelled at me.
"Uuuh?" I seemed to be answering my mum like that these days.
"Gosh your soo useless!" she yelled at me before walking off.
"Harsh much" I mumbled before slamming the door too my room and jumping on my bed.

I smiled despite being in trouble for something that I may have done. Well that's what she and dad get for sending me to a new school; it wasn't like we were moving houses or something it just took their fancy that hey maybe Nessie our darling child that isn't doing so well in this school might do better in a different high school, but not only a different high school this was the school I absolutely hated, one because Leah Clearwater goes there and hence the fact that when me and Seth were going out Leah now hates me for dumping him. I was going to La Push High.

I sighed lying on my bed, tomorrow will be the day I get to go and visit Leah, yay… maybe we'll become best of friends. I sighed again before I drifted off to sleep.

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